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7:30 AM
Q: Goosebumps book about 2 kids in a haunted school

Agnijo DasI remember reading a book, quite a long time ago, about a guy who is sent to a haunted school, where all the children are ghosts, except for a single girl, who is human like him, and she help in formulating an escape plan, but while they escape the guy notices a grave with the girl's name and it ...

8:29 AM
Q: Meaning of "teen" in Aeschylus's play "The Persians"

EllenI came across the phrase "how shall I bear my teen?" in Aeschylus' play "The Persians". I also saw "the children of teen" in "Seven against Thebes". What does teen mean here?

Quiet in here innit
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2:49 PM
Today's my first PhD application deadline. My paper's not on preprint yet :( two middle authors need to sign off

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