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12:54 AM
Q: Help understanding this Arcadia abstract referencing "Ted Chiang’s Story of Your Life (1998) and its filmic adaptation Arrival (2016)"

uhohIsrael Noletto and Sebastião Lopes's June 1, 2019 Heptapod B and the Paradox of Foreknowledge: Confronting Literature and its Filmic Adaptation in Arcadia is already challenging for me to read and understand. I won't have access to the full paper for a while, but in principle I should be able to ...

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8:10 AM
Q: How does soap undermine the church?

Mahesh BansodIn Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court, in the chapter Morgan Le Fay, the main character explains that he makes the knights have signs for Persimmon's Soap on their tabards. And he says, Secondly, these missionaries would gradually, and without creating suspicion or exciting ...

9:02 AM
@GarethRees Congratulations on 40k reputation!
And nice meta post.
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3:03 PM
Q: Which is the role of science in Georg Büchner's "Woyzeck"?

CharoI've been reading the play Woyzeck by Georg Büchner in an Italian translation by Giorgio Dolfini. It's a really disquieting story. An specific character, the Doctor, seems to play an enigmatic obscure role to me. Büchner had himself a degree in medicine. He was a member of the "Société d’histoire...


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