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12:01 AM
@Tsundoku What’s the difference? Both are essentially “I found this answer useful”.
@Alex The difference is that the accepted answer has a big green checkmark next to it. And it currently gets pinned at the top.
You can accept only one answer to your question, but you can upvote as many answers as you like.
@Tsundoku That just happens to be the way it currently displays. The Meta discussion is precisely about whether it should work that way.
@Alex As far as I can tell, the discussion is only about the accepted answer being pinned, not about getting rid of the feature or about allowing more than one answer to be accepted. So the difference between upvoting and accepting is currently not being discussed.
12:24 AM
@Tsundoku Right. And I’m saying that there is no benefit conferred by allowing it to be pinned. If you want a way for the questioner to express the usefulness of an answer, we already have a privilege based system for that.
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1:29 AM
By the way, we haven't used the Twitter Control Room for several months. Are there any questions that are worth posting to our Twitter account?
Q: What was the first Belarusian novel?

TsundokuWhile reading the Wikipedia article about Belarusian literature and the articles about individual authors who were active before World War II, it struck me that most authors were poets, with some of them also producing drama or translations. The main article doesn't mention novels until after Wor...

12 hours later…
1:30 PM
Q: What is the opposite of deus ex machina?

SlowMagicDeus ex machina is a plot device in which a seemingly unsolvable problem is resolved by a sudden and unexpected external event. For example: "The villain has our hero backed in a corner with no way out. He's finished for sure! Just then, a car swerves out of nowhere and hits the villain." I'm...

2:26 PM
@Bookworm Not deus in machinam?
3 hours later…
5:28 PM
Anicham XE sued.
1 hour later…
6:58 PM
Re. previous discussion on the number of votes on topic challenge suggestions: we now have two suggestions that have reached 4 votes: Maltese literature and the Decameron, both suggested by Random Aleatory Thorium.
2 hours later…
9:24 PM
@Bookworm Hotus Nex Questina.

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