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12:36 AM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Well, it's not so surprising that Cruz would be a seditionist; it runs in the family. Remember, his father murdered JFK.
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2:04 AM
@bobble In her analysis of the Ring cycle, Anna Russell has a great bit on the Valkyries: "And it says in the libretto that they all are, all of them, virgins. [beat.] I'm not the least bit surprised."
@Randal'Thor I live in California 🤷🏽‍♂️ anything goes. My late husband's ex-wife is still very active in the Wiccan community as a priestess. (She's actually a good friend. People find that weird, then I explain that she's the only other person in the world who knows what it was like to be married to that dude.)
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4:16 AM
How is it that I often see a red circle over the Review Queues icon, but when I actually click on that icon, there's nothing to review? Am I misunderstanding what that icon means?
4:29 AM
It means there's something to review that you can't access, usually
Let me pull up the relevant meta post(s)
Q: Please don't show the red dot indicator for review items I can't do

hatThis is not a duplicate of Please don't red alert me for queues I've handled, because this reports different things from that question. That question is specifically about the case where the user has run out of daily reviews; this question reports different problems outlined in the below bullets....

here's one, asking for it to be turned off
Q: Top bar "review needed red dot" showing, but no red dot in review queues

LundinAfter clicking on the review icon on the top bar when the red dot is showing, there is sometimes no red dot for any of the review queues. This happens frequently. I suspect that this could be because I finished my daily low-quality and suggested-edit review quota, but these are in need of revi...

maybe not useful, seems like an issue with a too-full queue
I can't seem to find the exact post, but the gist is that they show the dot if there are any reviews to do, regardless if you can't do them. Reviews you can't do come from two main sources: things you skipped, and things you reviewed that need more reviews to be completed.
They don't personalize that dot because of (and this is where my memory gets fuzzy) it would be too database-intensive to lookup for each user if they can do any of the available tasks, every page load. Something like that. Or caching.
Thanks, @bobble. The first question you linked above was on point for me. Basically it's a UI bug they haven't fixed yet.
4:51 AM
@Spagirl I'm not sure. That could be a separate history-of-literature question, perhaps, although it might end up being answered by some obscure 17th-century story which included pronunciation notes, rather than popular fantasy novels :-) — Rand al'Thor ♦ Dec 28 '20 at 20:35
@Randal'Thor, would you mind terribly if I wrote that ^ up as a question?
5:06 AM
@verbose, it was a typo... oopsie
@bobble ah
my parents may be slightly confused as to why I got up in the middle of a movie to reference a book
'sok, offspring have the obligation to befuddle the 'rents
5:45 AM
Q: Book about a mentally retarded girl being sexually assaulted by boys at her school, and one of them coming to grips with what he's done

Sean DugganThis was one of those things that popped into my head earlier today, and I keep flashing back to it. I read this as a library book when I was in Ashland, KY, probably around the mid-90s. I think it was a paperback whose cover was primarily blue, with the girl depicted on the front, staring off to...

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8:18 AM
Q: Is Ant-Man a Myrmidon?

verboseThe Myrmidons, the soldiers from Achilles's homeland of Thessaly who are under his command in the Iliad, get their name from myrmex or ants. Achilles himself is the arch-Myrmidon. In Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, Ulysses refers to him as:           the great Myrmidon, who broils in loud ap...

8:35 AM
@Bookworm Heh, I've finally asked this question, which I've been meaning to do since 2017.
Mar 1 '17 at 21:10, by verbose
À propos of nothing, and just for the hell of it I'm thinking of asking a question about whether Ant-man is a myrmidon. But I can't decide whether it belongs on Literature, Mythology, Movies, or SFF.
@PrinceNorthLæraðr lots and lots of new tags for you!
9:09 AM
Q: comparison between Chekhovian and Hitchcockian

Seulgi So“Perpendicular lines,” she suggests, “are Chekhovian; the introduced gun goes off. Parallel lines are Hitchcockian; the present bomb is enough.” I'm reading Heather Christle's The Crying Book. Since I know well about neither Chekhov or Hitchcock, I can't understand what does this comparison mean....

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12:29 PM
@verbose That discssion reminds me of an earlier discussion I had with the same user...
12:40 PM
Hey people!
I want to contact the OP who answered my question. I tried commenting on the post but the OP didn't respond.
Can you people suggest me what to do next?
1:00 PM
Q: What is the meaning of "They talked of love and preached of love, But did not act so lovingly" in 'Childhood'?

Random PersonThe second stanza of the poem Childhood, written by Markus Natten: When did my childhood go? Was it the time I realised that adults were not all they seemed to be, They talked of love and preached of love, But did not act so lovingly, Was that the day! Source (Page 58) What is the poet trying t...

@bobble Sure, go ahead. It might be quite tricky to frame the question in a way to get the type of answers you're looking for, but if you can manage it, great!
@RandomPerson If someone doesn't want to respond, there's no way to force them to. SE doesn't have a private messaging system, and comments are meant to be pertinent to the post they're on. If the user is active in chat, though, you could try pinging them here (type @ then start typing their username; if an autocomplete shows up, that means they're recently enough active in chat to be pingable).
I'm not intending to force anyone. Maybe the OP might have missed the notification of the comment. @Randal'Thor
Unfortunately, the user is not active in this chatroom :(
If your comment is about clarifying the answer or suggesting improvements, then you might try deleting and reposting your comment, to notify the answerer again. (That's not a trick to be used too much, but if it's been a long time and the comment clearly wants a response, it can be OK to do.)
Thanks for the suggestion @Randal'Thor !
1:51 PM
Q: To what "they" refer here?

Ahmed SamirIn In the Midst of Alarms (1894) by Robert Barr, someone was talking about a man who doesn't like attending protracted meetings for converting the sinners: He never wants to go to a protracted meeting, yet he can’t keep away. He’s like a drunkard and the corner tavern. He can’t pass it, and he k...

2:46 PM
^ just wanted to picture this for posterity before accepting one of @verbose's answers :-)
3:13 PM
@Randal'Thor And the same number of silver badges.
3:34 PM
Q: Impatience of the Heart by Stefan Zweig

Terry BunnI am reading the Penguin Edition of the above title - also known as Beware of Pity in other translations. The reverse of the title page states that the book was first published in "Germany as Ungehuld des Herzens by S Fischer Verlag 1939". Why would one of Germany's leading publishers be publishi...

Q: A question about a poem of RABINDRANATH TAGORE

user37920Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where knowledge is free; Where the world has not been broken into fragments by narrow domestic walls; Where words come out from the depth of truth; Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection; Where the clear str...

3:59 PM
Q: "How say you then? Would heart of man once think it?" Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5

apkgAfter Hamlet returns from speaking with the Ghost, we resists inquisition about it, then suggests he will reveal what it said if the others can keep a secret, "How say you then? Would heart of man once think it?" Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5 Would does this mean? I have read that one can translate it as "

4:51 PM
Q: Stories where a character changes negative views about someone after spending time with them?

flavoredRocksinTheGardenI feel like this is a common story element. Someone has a negative view about a person/group of people, and their worldview is changed after they are forced to spend time with that person/group. This happens in Disney's Pocahontas (and by extension, Avatar), and I have seen a webcomic where it is...

in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, 2 mins ago, by Babel fish
Q: Identify a poem entitled Mock Song, written in middle English in 13th-15th centuries

HeyJudeI'm looking for a middle English poem, written in 13th-15th centuries, which I only have in translation (to Hebrew). The translated poem is found in a chapter that contains three additional poems, and one of them is Adam lay ybounden. Translated back to modern English (by me, pardon the style a...

Tut tut, the feed of Lit questions to SFF chat is faster than our own feed here.
> Could you also provide the Hebrew translation? It might help. Also, you note that the translation was found in a "chapter". Was that a chapter of a book? If so, information about the book may be helpful.
I'm now debating with myself whether this comment would actually be helpful
5:06 PM
I'm pretty sure that at least one of our active users speaks Hebrew, so they might be able to search in Hebrew and find the translation somewhere with a source provided.
Q: Identify a poem entitled Mock Song, written in middle English in 13th-15th centuries

HeyJudeI'm looking for a middle English poem, written in 13th-15th centuries, which I only have in translation (to Hebrew). The translated poem is found in a chapter that contains three additional poems, and one of them is Adam lay ybounden. Translated back to modern English (by me, pardon the style a...

6:08 PM
Congrats @Tsundoku on 25k reputation! That would be the highest rep-based privilege level, were this a graduated site.
Whereas I'm still barely above 1k ><
And taking full advantage of the edit powers that accompany that 1k threshold ;-)
@verbose Ahhhh okay
6:32 PM
Did that white withered question go HNQ or something?
Q: Why is the country conjuror referred to as a "white wizard"?

Rand al'ThorIn Thomas Hardy's short story "The Withered Arm" (freely available to read online), Gertrude Lodge and Rhona Brook go together to see a man named Trendle, often called Conjuror Trendle, who is reputed to have some knowledge or ability with magic. He's the one who tells Gertrude that her afflictio...

@verbose I think I remember seeing it there
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7:42 PM
@verbose Urm, I'm not sure if it needs all those sub-tags. Especially since it could use and instead
Like, I don't think or should be used, because we normally don't tag things by like characters
Though one could plausibly argue the Avengers tag for the comic book series by Marvel, but I'm more inclined against it
I just grinded through 12 tags -.-;
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9:07 PM
@Bookworm I think the tags and on that question about a passage from Heather Christie are redundant. The question is about what the author means; tags aren't based on answer content.
9:22 PM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Feel free to edit
9:44 PM
@verbose Yep, that's why we got such a surprising number of votes. (And my first downvote for a while.)
@PrinceNorthLæraðr It's not really about Latin or Greek literature as such, though, is it? AIUI, it's more a question about Marvel's Ant-Man and whether he was inspired by some older works of fiction.
I'd probably tag it with some kind of series/universe tag (Marvel? Avengers? I don't know this topic well enough), an author tag for whoever first wrote Ant-Man (if possible - there are three possible authors mentioned in the question?), , and maybe Latin-lit or Greek-lit tags if they fit.
@Tsundoku Agreed.

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