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1:04 AM
Q: Is there any deep connection between hyperion (sci-fi novel) and hyperion (poem)?

lpozziHyperion is a sci-fi classic from Dan Simmons which takes its name from the poem by John Keats of the same name. The novel makes multiple references to the poem by Keats and actually Keats is even a character in the story and Hyperion also happens to be name of the planet where portion of the s...

1:19 AM
> Korra, too. Many of its subversions were progressive, especially for the time: Korra isn’t just female, she also has a deeper skin tone and, most famously, is bisexual. The moral ambiguity of the semi-sympathetic villains also feels like welcome complexity in a show that had already adopted a darker, more adult tone. Changes like these are an important part of why Korra’s most outspoken fans, many of whom are women and members of the LGBTQ+ community, relate to the show so strongly.
Q: What was the point of making those mega-budget movies of The Lord of the Rings when they were nothing at all like the books?

Miles G.Note: This is neither a "rant" nor a review. I'm trying to give some context for my question. I first read the books in the later part of the 1990s, beginning as a pre-teen who had no idea what LOTR was. I just saw and picked out the first book from the bookshelf at home and was instantly hooked,...

1:36 AM
> Germany, unsurprisingly given the darker chapters of its history—Nazi eugenics; Namibian genocide—is extremely squeamish about the topic of race. People even steer clear of the German word for race (Rasse) because of its connotations as a biological rather than social construct; the word also refers to animal breeds.
> According to Bernhard Franke, the head of the Federal Antidiscrimination Agency, 23% of those with a statistical “migration background” say they have experienced discrimination of some sort in the past two years.

“Complaints about racial discrimination have doubled in the past five years, and most of them concern experiences in the workplace or while seeking jobs. Still, we believe that our numbers reveal just a fraction of the discrimination that likely occurs,” Franke says.

He puts the increase down to both “a harsher political and social climate where unabashed racism has become more
> Germany has no race-based quota systems, but it has for the past four years had a 30% quota for women on large companies’ supervisory boards. As a result, just over 35% of those supervisory board positions at the country’s biggest 100 companies are now filled by women.
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Q: What errand did Gollum think that the hobbits have in Mordor with the Ring?

AvierSince he doesn't suspect that they are going to destroy it, just like the Dark Lord doesn't suspect this, what did he think? Why else would these mysterious hobbits be traveling to such a place, with the Preciousss, if not to destroy it? Gollum is very anxious about Sauron getting it back, but do...

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@Bookworm Just a picknick.
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@Bookworm Possible duplicate? I'm not sure enough to close it, but left a comment.
@Bookworm It's so satisfying to answer a nicely detailed story-ID question. The correct answer confirms itself beautifully, and you actually make a difference to someone's life by enabling them to re-discover an old favourite.
Also, I wonder if Chingiz Aitmatov could make a good topic challenge.
9:48 AM
@Randal'Thor You can almost see the stars shine in their eyes when they finally find the book after 10 years and remember all the lovely memories they connect to it. You know their life will never be the same from now.
@Randal'Thor It seams pretty much the exact same question really.
Of course now my automated comment looks rather annoying. In the past the system didn't actually post it when there already was a comment with the duplicate link.
10:13 AM
Urgh, the tag wiki could do with an edit.
Tolkien has now overtaken Rand (not me, Ayn) as our 2nd author tag.
Will soon be caught by Mr. Chesterton.
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@Randal'Thor And , too.
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12:44 PM
Q: Can someone compare these 2 extracts and find the differences and similarities they have please?

Bethany"In this single story, there was no possibility of Africans being similar to her in any way, no possibility of feelings more complex than pity, no possibility of a connection as human equals." - From the Danger of a Single Story by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie "When I was 8, I was confused for being ...

1:31 PM
@Bookworm Homework?
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Q: Are names J. Alfred Prufrock and Hugh Selwyn Mauberley completely arbitrary?

KnightT.S. Eliot's first professionally published poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, in this poem Eliot narrates the experience of a character named J. Alfred Prufrock. Similarly, Ezra Pound's Hugh Selwyn Mauberley is about the Mauberley's failure (actually Pound's own self) as a poet. Are the n...

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8:18 PM
Q: Julia Wong Kcomt, "The Red Rooster"

Rand al'ThorThe Chinese-Peruvian poet Julia Wong Kcomt wrote two poems for Words Without Borders about her experiences as a product of two different cultures. I'm particularly interested in the first of them, entitled "The Red Rooster", which begins and ends with the following two verses: Peru dies. Like ga...

@Bookworm I was going to ask simply "why is Peru dying", but there's plenty of other things that puzzle me particularly around the beginning and end of the poem, so I made it a full-blown question.
The only interpretation that came to mind for "Peru is dying" was something like "immigration from other cultures is diluting Peruvian culture to non-existence", but that's rhetoric I'd expect to hear from a racist or a right-wing politician rather than from someone who came from an immigrant family herself. I expect there's something more nuanced going on, and probably a lot of cultural cues in all the other things referred to that seem like non-sequiturs to me.
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@Tsundoku I'm going to get started on editing out all the "tags using X author's works should be tagged appropriately" or whatever else generic usage guidance
Maybe make it more specific if it calls for it
Like questions about his/her/their novels should be tagged with the full title or smthing

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