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2:30 PM
Q: What did Charles Dickens say about genius and pain?

user59While reading Somerset Maugham's Cakes and Ale, I came across this quote (emphasis mine): ...Charles Dickens in an after-dinner speech had stated that genius was an infinite capacity for taking pains. [Emphasis mine] Did he actually make this statement, or is it an example of an "unreliabl...

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4:08 PM
Q: What caused the mass blindness in The Day of the Triffids?

Rand al'ThorIn John Wyndham's classic apocalyptic novel The Day of the Triffids, events are put into motion by a double catastrophe: the mass blindness of nearly everyone on Earth coincides with the appearance of carnivorous plants which can kill people and which proceed, in the near absence of sighted peopl...

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6:58 PM
Q: How to write word 'One' in Old Sumerian language?

Vaibhav GuptaI am looking to learn how to read and write in Sumerian language. I couldn't find any information about it. If you know any better way to learn please do let me know. Thanks

7:13 PM
@Bookworm I don't think this is on-topic here ... @Tsundoku would it work at Language Learning SE?

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