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1:05 AM
Q: What does Saki mean by "the Fiscal Question"?

TomDot ComIn Reginald on Tariffs, Saki writes: [Reginald]: I’m not going to discuss the Fiscal Question (said Reginald); I wish to be original. At the same time, I think one suffers more than one realises from the system of free imports. I should like, for instance, a really prohibitive duty put upon th...

Q: What does it mean to declare "on a weak red suit"?

TomDot ComIn Reginald on Tariffs, Saki writes: [Reginald]: I should like, for instance, a really prohibitive duty put upon the partner who declares on a weak red suit and hopes for the best. What does it mean to declare "on a weak red suit"? Would "suit" refer to a piece of clothing or a playing card su...

Q: Why is it that Hohenzollerns "can't help taking life seriously"?

TomDot ComIn Reginald on Tariffs, Saki writes: [Reginald]: And I think there should be a sort of bounty-fed export (is that the right expression?) of the people who impress on you that you ought to take life seriously. There are only two classes that really can’t help taking life seriously—schoolgirls o...

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11:40 AM
@GarethRees Did you remove your answer from this question?
2 hours later…
2:07 PM
Virtual Event. Tynianov Today: A Discussion, Friday, 30 October 2020, 6:00pm EDT (via Zoom and YouTube Live).
@Knight Apparently, yes.
2:18 PM
"Jayne Eyre suggests the existence of Jane Watyr, Jane Erthe, and Jane Fyre" (on Twitter.)
Learn how to perform literary theory: Exercices de théorie littéraire. And learning it in French is definitely more chic ;-)
2:46 PM
@Bookworm "The only resolution of the enigma which presents itself to our mind is to suppose Intent and Ambition are represented in Macbeth’s disordered imagination by two steeds, the one lacking all incentive to motion, the other so impulsive that it overreaches itself and falls on its companion." ⟵ not Howard Staunton's best piece of cricitism
2:56 PM
@GarethRees I suppose he was better as a chess player ;-)
(I was familiar with his name as a chess player before I started reading Shakespeare.)
3:14 PM
@Tsundoku Staunton's edition of Shakespeare was his excuse for not playing a chess match against Paul Morphy
3:28 PM
Q: In what order should I read and watch the Harry Potter series that makes the most sense?

alicia hernandezAs said I have never read the Harry Potter books but in the case that I do in what order should I read them in? And for the movies as well.

4:11 PM
@GarethRees In the chessbooks I have read (mostly books published before Wikipedia came into existence), Staunton is criticised for being insufficiently clear; he should have said straight away that he was busy doing other things (e.g. editing Shakespeare) instead of wasting Morphy's time with vague answers.
4:41 PM
America's Most Widely Misread Literary Work, Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken" (The Atlantic, March 2018).
4:59 PM
@Tsundoku Oh good there is a moderator. But I don't see no flag button on the page, otherwise I'd flag for moderator attention
It is Serguei Oushakine, not "Sergei Oushakine".
It is a perfectly understandable mistake though
Hi Eddie
@Knight hello!
What was your fav poem before you read The Waste Land?
@Knight I can't remember. A long time ago. Probably Yeats. Yeats' language is beautiful and lyrical and could easily enamor a young mind.
yeah, that's true.
Seems like you're very much into the elections, :) ?
5:06 PM
You mean the US presidential election? I really don't want to think about it, but I am forced to confront the bleak reality on a daily basis
Have you read something interesting lately?
@Tsundoku This seems like it's gonna be a really interesting talk
I am not familiar with some of these names, but several of them apparently grew up in the USSR, if not everybody
I'd say Oushakine is the most interesting panelist in this lot
@EddieKal Gitanjali
5:20 PM
@Knight Oh Tagore. How do you like his work?
@EddieKal Extremely pure and influencing.
That's good. I look forward to reading him once I have more time.
It will be good.
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6:45 PM
Q: Does "the new man" have a certain meaning in the world of gangsters and thieves?

Ahmed SamirIn chapter 10 of The Just Men of Cordova (1917) by Edgar Wallace, the author was describing a thief, Wellie, who returned to stealing after his master, Black, had stopped sending him money, that he was sending to keep him silent. Willie, furious and hurt at the base ingratitude and duplicity of ...

@Tsundoku Misread or read differently? ;-)
7:34 PM
Q: In which poem(s) in Day by Day does Robert Lowell describe erectile dysfunction?

Tom HoskerRobert Lowell's Wikipedia page states that Helen Vendler, in contrast to certain other critics, praised Lowell's final publication, Day by Day, especially because of: his descriptions of impotence, depression, and old age. Of course, the word impotence can mean several things, but the context s...

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10:02 PM
Q: What happened with the Fem-Ents?

BeardtreeWhile reading the third book, I was waiting constantly for the moment when the Ents would show up on the final battlefield, together with their newly found Fem-Ents, combining their powers into one fierce force of nature, far more powerful than when they tore down Isengard ("off-camera"). That ne...


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