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8:38 AM
Q: Use of "Poke" as Victorian slang in Fingersmith

Matt ThrowerSarah Waters' award-winning Victorian crime novel Fingersmith makes liberal use of period underworld slang. Indeed the title is such slang for a petty thief. Most of it is unfamiliar to the modern reader but easy to understand from the context. My curiosity was piqued by the unfamiliar language ...

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3:38 PM
Q: Children's book(s) with animal stories

LevI am trying to find a children's book(s) that I read as a kid. I read it around 1991-2000 so it could only be sooner than that, no later. I am saying books because they might be 2, although I think it was just 1. All the characters in the books were animals that could talk and there were differe...

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5:17 PM
@Bookworm HNQ.
And here I thought the punchline would be that having read a ton of books doesn't automagically make you intelligent. ;-)
6:33 PM
We haven't had any French topic challenges so far, and the two proposals for French topics that are currently available have only received two (net) upvotes at the moment. So I'm wondering if I should propose Guy de Maupassant, who wrote many short stories, many of which are available in English translation. See for example Guy de Maupassant on Wikisource.
Can't hurt to try.
I guess I'll have to do that later. I currently can't add any other answers, only edit those that I posted earlier ...
I currently have 10 proposals for reading challenges on that page ...

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