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7:06 AM
Q: Once Upon a Time by Gabriel Okara

Baskaran SoundararajanAre there any poetic devices in the following lines of the poem 'Once Upon a Time by Gabriel Okara? If yes, what are they? 1) But only laugh with their teeth. 2) "Feel at home!", "Come again": 3) I have also learned to say "Goodbye" When I mean"Good-riddance":

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10:06 AM
Q: Trying to remember a book about a kid with powers

Khan PowerA long time ago I remember reading a book about a kid who fights some enemy (aliens I believe) but not much else. The only key fact I remember is that one of these enemies picked up a coin and bent it in half with their eyelid to demonstrate their strength. The enemies had tiers to them as well. ...

10:36 AM
Q: Dark Tower/Gunslinger: Question about Jake (Spoilers)

NewcomerI've just finished reading The Gunslinger and I'm really sad about Jake and how Roland left him behind. I want to know at least if in the other books of the series there's will be some mention that Jake is okay and nothing happened to him, that he has forgiven Roland or anything like that. Or may...

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12:09 PM
@Bookworm Is...this actually on-topic? There's a very easy answer, but...I feel like this is a little bit of an odd question so I'd hesitate to give it even in comments.
12:30 PM
@Mithrandir Is the above a sufficiently okay question?
It seems a bit odd; tempted to close as Unclear or POB.
Well, I've written up the answer anyway. I'll see what happens and post it eventually once the situation gets settled.
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1:51 PM
Q: Book about a kid that encounters a foreign girl during holidays and invents a new language

SarahTI am searching for a book I read around 10 years ago (in French). The story was about a family going on vacation (I remember a sort of camping, near the sea). The protagonist was a young boy (8-12 years old) and his parents wanted him to learn a new language. He encounters a foreigngirl who spea...

2:21 PM
Q: Finding a good monologue

Friccadilliesi am auditioning for a play next week, and we are supposed to bring a 1-3 minute monologue to perform. I have no idea where ro even start looking for one, so i wondered if i could get some suggestions from you guys. I am a male, so if that narrows it down at all, then great. Thanks!

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4:49 PM
Well that was intense.
Just finished "The Famine King".
5:21 PM
I feel like someone could come up with some good questions about an unreliable narrator in that story. I'm just having trouble formulating them.
6:07 PM
Q: Is Irene actually delusional in "The Famine King"?

MithrandirAt the end of "The Famine King", we are given the impression that Irene is delusional and that everything that relates to the windigo is actually just imagined: “Where did that bruise come from?” Az pointed to my throat. A purplish streak marked the curve below my chin. I understood why she w...

6:48 PM
I knew I had created the tag before. It just got autodeleted because it didn't have a tag wiki and only one question. >.<
And I knew the title Black, Their Regalia sounded familiar. Hah!

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