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7:38 AM
Q: Defining properties of categories out of an indicial category

user234212323$\newcommand{\Hom}{\operatorname{Hom}}$Suppose we want to define the category of arrows of $S$. Below are two forms of doing it. Definition 1: If $D$ is of the following type: $\bullet \to \bullet$, then the category $\Diag(D, S)$ is called the category of arrows of $S$, denoted $\Fl(S)$. Defi...

You're using $\Hom(\Delta^1, S)$, $\Diag(D, S)$ and $\Fl(S)$ without defining what those macros should do - that's why they are displayed in red. I have edited your post to show how you can include such definitions - I have added at least definition for Hom, you should probably include the other two as well, so that your post is displayed correctly. — Martin Sleziak 15 hours ago
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11:13 AM
@AlexanderChervov Just in case some of the comments under your recent question on meta get deleted, they are archived in the MathOverflow chatroom, too.
12:00 PM
thank you I removed it now. I was writing a similar answer elsewhere. — Thomas Kojar 3 hours ago
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2:16 PM
@b_jonas I could imagine that some users might object to the tag , since such questions would not be strictly on topic.
Of course, on-topic is very vague notion on this site. MO does not have any clear rules - and even the ones which exists aren't followed.
It is unclear to which extent the MO users agree with the existence of the tag: Currently, is it possible to have relevant question under the latex tag.
Q: Currently, is it possible to have relevant question under the latex tag

Neil HoffmanA question using the latex tag was recently posted, which received a number of down votes and comments which directed to post on tex.stackexchange.com. MO predates tex.stackexchange.com and so at that earlier point the MO community set up a latex tag in order to have some place to get latex hel...

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4:30 PM
@MartinSleziak Well, they'd still have to be typography of mathematical books or something similar, otherwise they'll be off-topic. But we already have and as tags, and those questions have to be related to mathematics too, so I think that's fine.
5:22 PM
@b_jonas The examples you cite are rather different from . They are meta tags.
A tag called would be closer to something like than to tags like .
In any case, if you think creating a tag could be useful, one way to proceed could be to raise this on meta.
And another option would be simply to create the tag - if you're feeling confident that there should be such tag.
Q: The "meta-tags".

Willie WongWhat are the tags reference-request, soft-question, big-list for? When are they used? When should they not be used?

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6:32 PM
I'm not feeling confident in anything, I'm just glad that there are people out there who make fonts for mathematics writing.
It's hard to make a profitable business out of that.

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