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1:58 PM
Wow! Four new tags created in the same question: , , , .
Q: Example of idempotent left quasigroups which are right-distributive but not left-distributive

Marius BuligaI am looking for examples of the following algebraic structure: a set (X,.) which satisfy the axioms (idempotent) x.x = x (left quasigroup) the equation a.x = b has a unique solution denoted by x = a*b (right distributive) (x ? y) ! z = (x ! z) ? (y ! z) , where ? and ! are any of the operati...

2:19 PM
So I was curious to see instances where several tags were created in the same question.
If we add no restrictions, the list will be dominated by early questions - which seems quite logical: data.stackexchange.com/mathoverflow/query/1332430/…
Here is the list with such questions since 2010: data.stackexchange.com/mathoverflow/query/1332430/…
The usual caveat applies - the result of this query can be only considered approximate. (For example, the question where the tag was actually created might have been deleted in the meantime.)
4 hours later…
5:51 PM
@MartinSleziak thanks, I replaced with existing tags. By the way, I realize that and coexist (for unrelated meanings), which is perfectly fine, but you once told me that it's impossible? I was indeed tempted to still keep
6:11 PM
A screenshot showing what happens if we attempt to create .
I do not know where this is actually documented, but as far as I can tell, adding is impossible, if already exists.
As in the above screenshot with [tag;quasigroup] and .
It is quite difficult to find where exactly and were created. AFAICT mods are not limited by this rule. And I am not sure how this worked on the olde version of SE software, before MO joined the Stack Exchange network.
Speaking of and similar tags:
A: Help cleanup tags!

YCorI propose to systematically rename each tag xxx reduced to the name of a software, adding "-software" to make the tag (thus xxx-software) more understandable, and, furthermore, to allow to gather such tags when typing "software". This applies to sage, gap, magma, coq, etc (this list is not compr...

I hear that and it makes sense to me. I'm inclined to go ahead but I'll let is sit for a few days in case a counterargument comes up. — François G. Dorais ♦ Mar 7 '19 at 0:56
2 hours later…
8:10 PM
Q: How to tell who created a tag?

Noah SchweberThe "stats" section of a tag's page says how long the tag has existed, and the tag description history says who created the tag description. However, I don't see how to find who created the tag itself. Is there a way to do this? (I might just be missing something totally obvious, that wouldn't be...


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