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8:13 AM
I left a comment unter the above question:
Some discussion related to the choice of tags in chat: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/10243/2020/11/15 (As the OP, you're probably in the best position to judge which of those suggestions seem reasonable.) — Martin Sleziak 19 secs ago
Q: How to show this series converges $\sum\limits_{n=1}^\infty n^{-1/2}\sin(n)\sin(n^2)$

ursuv2I want to see if this series converges or not: $$ \sum_{n=1}^\infty n^{-1/2}\sin(n)\sin(n^2). $$ I tried comparison tests but nothing. I saw that integral criteria works but I don't know how to show that. Thank you

Thanks. I added combinatorial designs without being sure it fits (symmetry plays no role here, and designs have usually much more edges than vertices, but maybe this can still leads to interesting examples by some duality and more importantly it should attract the people with the right knowledge and skills. — Benoît Kloeckner 1 min ago
Q: What are efficient pooling designs for RT-PCR tests?

Benoît KloecknerI realize this is long, but hopefully I think it may be worth the reading for people interested in combinatorics and it might prove important to Covid-19 testing. Slightly reduced in edit. 0. Introduction The starting point of this question is this important article by Mutesa et al. where a hyper...

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12:37 PM
A new tag was created. (And added to 9 questions so far.)
Q: How to interpret Gauss's late fragments on conformal mapping of the interior of an ellipse (to the unit disk) in modern mathematical terms?

user2554My question refers to some not very well known (and unpublished) fragments of Gauss that treat the problem of finding a conformal mapping (angle-preserving mapping) in the complex plane from the interior of the ellipse to the interior of the unit circle. These fragments date from 1839, much later...

Q: How to find a conformal map of the unit disk on a given simply-connected domain

Taras BanakhBy the classical Riemann Theorem, each bounded simply-connected domain in the complex plane is the image of the unit disk under a conformal transformation, which can be illustrated drawing images of circles and radii around the center of the disk, like on this image taken from this site: I am ...

Q: Non-bijective conformal maps between annuli

Xin NieI need to answer the following question, hopefully in the negative. Question: Does there exist a conformal map $f$ of degree $1$ from the annulus $\{1<|z|<R\}$ to the punctured disk $\{0<|z|<r\}$, such that $f$ extends to a continuous map $\{1\leq|z|<R\}\rightarrow\{|z|<r\}$ sending the inner...

Q: Conformal maps of doubly connected regions to annuli.

GMRAIn another question here on MO, Anweshi asks if any doubly connected region in the complex plane can be conformally mapped to some annulus. The answer to this is yes. But the fact is that two annuli are conformally equivalent iff the ratio of the outer radius and the inner radius is the same for ...

Q: Riemann mapping for doubly connected regions

AnweshiRemove the closure of simply connected region from the interior of a simply connected region. Is it true that the resulting domain can be mapped conformally to some annulus?

Q: Riemann mapping

GeorgeLet in the complex plane be a bounded Jordan region T (that is a bounded and simply connected set with the boundary a Jordan curve), containing the origin, with its Riemann mapping onto the open unit disk, having in its Taylor expansion all the coefficients as real numbers. Question : There exis...

Q: Is there a manifold structure on a space of conformal maps?

Thomas KI would be very grateful for any information or pointers for the following: 1) Fix an open subset $U$ of $\mathbb{CP}^1$. a) Does the set of all holomorphic maps from $U$ to $\mathbb{C}$ (with the compact-open topology) have the structure of a manifold in any sense? b) Is there even a notion of ...

Q: Factorization of conformal maps between annuli

Stéphane BenoistConsider two doubly-connected open subsets $A$ and $A'$ of the Riemann sphere. We assume these two domains to be of same modulus (the moduli space being one real parameter), i.e. we assume that there exists a holomorphic bijection $\phi:A\rightarrow A'$. Note that the map $\phi$ is then unique up...

Q: Reference on boundary behavior of conformal maps

Luis Giraldo GonzalezI am looking for some results on the boundary behavior of conformal maps between simply connected domains. In particular I am interested in conformal maps between $\mathbb{C}-\Delta$, where $\Delta$ is an interval (in general, $\mathbb{C}-\Gamma$, where $\Gamma$ is a Jordan arc) onto the exterior...

Hmm. It was not my intent to bump all of those posts to the top. Is there a way to edit tags without bumping the post?
Hi, I was about to point out the post about bumping: Do we have an unofficial quota on how many old questions one should bump for minor edits in a single day? (And there are other related discussions on .) But I see that you have stoped for now.
@SamNead There is an argument to be made in favor of bumping - otherwise other users might miss changes somebody makes and problematic edits might go undetected.
However, there were several discussions and feature requests related to this.
As a side note, if some posts have been bumped with creation of a new tag, it is worth checking whether there are also some other possible improvements. (It is better when a post is edited now - as opposed to being bumped again a few months later.)
Ok, I see that the "rule" is "two or three retags a day".
Some of the feature requests which I mentioned: Minor edits, subject to review (on MO.meta) and Allow non-bumping minor edits, but review them on /review (on Meta Stack Exchange).
Q: Minor edits, subject to review

Scott MorrisonNow that MathOverflow has moved to 2.0, there is a potential solution to the long-standing tension between people wanting to make minor improvements to old posts, and others not wanting the 'active questions' list being cluttered by these minor edits. A "minor edit" feature has been proposed pre...

I was not intending to edit the posts... ha!
12:45 PM
A: Big list of feature requests and suggestions for a fantasy MO 3.0

Sebastien PalcouxMinor edits See this post of Scott Morrison : << Can we have a "minor edit" checkbox in the edit interface, along with the parenthetical text "minor edits do not bump posts on the list of active questions, but are subject to review but another user"? >>

Q: Allow non-bumping minor edits, but review them on /review

Mad ScientistEvery edit, no matter how minor, bumps a question to the frontpage of an SE site. This behaviour is important to allow the community to review edits, but it also creates significant problems when a lot of edits are performed at once. What I propose is to allow minor edits that are not bumped to t...

@SamNead Hm, I see you're making fun of me, while I am trying to collect useful advice ... :-(
I am all in favour of a "minor-edit" feature.
What? No.
I meant the "ha!".
Well, if you're in favor, I suppose you have upvoted the feature requests.
Ok, yes, adding a tag is editing. But it is very very minor editing.
I will go up-vote the relevant feature requests now.
@SamNead My impression is that it is more like: "Three edits on old posts per day."
And I would add that if some questions have been already bumped for some other reason, I'd consider further edits on those posts fine.
Ok, back from voting. Hmmm. I feel that tag management is a bit different from editing. But it makes sense that there should be some oversight - bumping is a very simple way to ensure that happens.
12:54 PM
Yes, that is exactly the rationale behind bumping.
For example, some people might disagree that the tag somebody created is actually useful. In this way, they are more likely to notice that and respond in some way.
On MO, some users are strongly against bumping old questions. But since the recommendation in the post that I've linked comes from a moderator, there is at least some authority behind it.
In any case, thanks for you effort to improve tags on MathOverflow. See you later!
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8:43 PM
Thank you for pointing me to the relevant advice. Talk to you later.
Today reminded me of an older discussion related to this issue:
Jun 14 '18 at 13:39, by Turion
Still, with that restriction in place I feel de-incentivised to "batch-tag" questions

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