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4:45 AM
This is a bit of contrast between two posts by the same user: Restriction on Number of edits and Thanks to Martin Sleziak, YCor and others who edit posts.
Q: Restriction on Number of edits

Praphulla KoushikBook about fluid dynamics asked Apr 13 '10 edited 1 hour ago Are there examples of conjectures supported by heuristic arguments that have been finally disproved? asked 21 hours ago edited 2 hours ago Division ring on a field asked Jun 14 '16 edited 2 hours ago Halin Graphs with Highest ...

Q: Thanks to Martin Sleziak, YCor and others who edit posts

Praphulla KoushikThis is not a question. This is a thank you post for people who edit the posts, in particular Martin Sleziak, YCor. Today I realized how much it is necessary to have posts with no typos. For example, I frequently do this typo "algebriac". So, when I searched for posts that has the term "alge...

Thank you for sharing your appreciation. In the future, could you please limit your typo-fixing to a small number of questions in a day? That way, the front page doesn't get filled with minor edits. — S. Carnahan ♦ 19 mins ago
I do not whether this post stays or it will be removed as off-topic. In any case, I guess the tag (editing) would be suitable for this post. In connection with S. Carnahan's point about bumping, I'll add a link to this: Do we have an unofficial quota on how many old questions one should bump for minor edits in a single day? (This link was mentioned also in your previous post related to editing: Restriction on Number of edits.) — Martin Sleziak 17 secs ago
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6:07 AM
There are now 700 posts with deprecated tags.
There were 750 such posts on March 5, 800 on February 1, 900 in June 2018, 1000 in August 2017.
Now there are 100 questions tagged if we do not count the most frequent algebra-related top-level tags. There were 150 such questions in January 2020, 200 in December 2017.
The tag now has 189 question in total, 45 with no top-level tags.
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7:36 AM
It seems that many posts have links to front.math.ucdavis.edu - which is not working at the moment: What to do with links to links to arXiv front end?
Q: What to do with links to links to arXiv front end?

Martin SleziakThere are quite a few posts which link to some paper at http://front.math.ucdavis.edu/ rather than directly at https://arxiv.org/ The front for arXiv at UC Davis seems to be down for some time. (I have noticed this on March 28.) You can find some such posts using search for url:"*front.math.ucda...

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8:42 AM
@PraphullaKoushik (a) that this is not a question makes it off-topic, but it would be easy to fix by changing into some improvement of "blah blah, what do you think?" (b) the issue is really the number of bumped post per day, not the number of digits. Typically, if a post is bumped and has typos, it's the right opportunity to check typos on it, as this can be edited without making a additional bumping (i.e., just bumping a few lines). — YCor 1 hour ago
I certainly agree with the suggestion that if a post was bumped for some other reason, that is a good time to check whether there is also something else to be edited. (And I try to do so.)
One additional concern though: If a post was bumped by a new answer, I try to leave some time before editing the question or other answers. So that people notice the most recent answer if they click on the last activity of the post. (For example, by clicking on the timestamp.)
8:59 AM
Here is an example of a (recently bumped) post with dead springerlink link: Good user manuals for technical topics? I guess that many of the posts returned by this search have the same problem.
Since, the question has been bumped, I will mentioned that the link to "this paper by Kurano is no longer working - perhaps somebody can find out which paper was intended. — Martin Sleziak 1 min ago
I suppose that for springerlink links it is less likely that some automated way of correcting them would be possible.

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