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7:37 AM
Is another example of a tag that is used in several unrelated meaning? Some of those questions seem to be about subgroup growth, but many are from entirely different areas.
This was the question that reminded me of the existence of (growth-rate) tag: Abou the growth rate of a group
Q: Abou the growth rate of a group

Meisam Soleimani MalekanLet $G$ be a f.g. group and $d$ be a word metric w.r.t. a symmetric generating set. For $g\in G$, define $|g|:=d(g,e)$, where $e$ is the group identity. For $k\in\mathbb N$, put $$n_k:=\#\{g\in G: |g|\leq k\}\quad\text{and}\quad m_k:=\#\{g\in G: |g|=k\}$$ In which groups $\lim_k\frac{m_k}{n_k}=0$?

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10:01 AM
I see that the tag (lean-theorem-prover) was created in this question. Maybe it could be useful to create also tag-info for this tag. One advantage is that tag-wiki might be a good place where to include some basic information and links to further resources. Another reason is that if a tag has only one question for a long time, it is automatically removed by the system unless it has tag-wiki, so the likelihood of the removal of this new tag would be lower. — Martin Sleziak 2 mins ago
Since I do not want to leave here many comments that are related more to tagging than to the topic of the question, things related the the new tag and the tag-info can be discussed further in chat if needed. — Martin Sleziak 2 mins ago
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12:35 PM
By mistake I bumped Help Help cleanup tags! which also contains suggestion to removed .
A: Help cleanup tags!

Dan PetersenI suggest deleting the tag decomposition-theorem. I would guess that the tag was intended to be about the decomposition theorem of Beilinson-Bernstein-Deligne-Gabber. It seems unnecessary to have a whole tag just dedicated to this theorem (perverse-sheaves should suffice). What's worse, most po...

This has been around for some time, in fact, also one of the moderators mentioned his support for this: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/10243/2018/8/23
@ToddTrimble Are there any plans to do something with the tag? (I am sorry for bothering you once again with the same issue - but it's been some time since you mentioned this tag here in chat.
@MartinSleziak Thanks for the reminder, and for your patience. Tuesdays are always busy for me, but I should be able to look into the matter this evening my time (US East Coast).
Of course, it is definitely not urgent - it has been around for some time.
Just the fact that I bumped that thread (by mistake - only to find out that the proposed synonym already exists) reminded me of this.
But perhaps the bumps is not that bad - it seems that more people visit meta at the moment, maybe other suggestions in that thread will get some attention from MO users after it has been bumped.

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