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7:44 AM
Thanks for handling this! I also agree with @MartinSleziak that it might be better not to delete past discussion. Maybe editing a # Resolved on top of them would serve the same purpose.
4 hours later…
11:28 AM
A: Help cleanup tags!

Dan PetersenI suggest deleting the tag "decomposition-theorem". I would guess that the tag was intended to be about the decomposition theorem of Beilinson-Bernstein-Deligne-Gabber. It seems unnecessary to have a whole tag just dedicated to this theorem ("perverse-sheaves" should suffice). What's worse, mos...

AFAICT, the tag was created here by Ben Webster. At least this seems to be case based on this SEDE query.
Q: Explicit Direct Summands in the Decomposition Theorem

Peter McNamaraLet f:X→Y be a semismall resolution of singularities. Then the pushforward of the constant sheaf on X is a semisimple perverse sheaf on Y. Under these conditions, I know how to calculate the direct summands of the pushforward f*ℚX[dim X]. My question is as follows: What more general statements a...

Maybe it would be reasonable to ping him and let him know that the tag he created is being discussed on meta? (It seems that he does not visit meta too much - according to his meta.MO profile he was last seen in August 2017.)
Removal of the tag (decomposition-theorem) was suggested on meta. Since you are probably the creator of this tag, I thought it might be useful to let you know about the post on meta. — Martin Sleziak 32 secs ago
BTW do moderators get notification into the "mod inbox" about every new post on meta, or is it only for questions?
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1:46 PM
This is strange - I thought that synonyms created by mods are approved automatically; only synonyms suggested by regular users need votes.
When I look at the list of tag synonyms I see two synonyms from yesterday where François G. Dorais is listed as creator.
One of them is $\to$ , which already exists.
But the other one, that is $\to$ is shown as pending and it is still waiting for votes from other users to get either approved or removed.
2 hours later…
3:43 PM
Aside from the link mentioned here also links to alpha.math.uga.edu/~pollack are broken. The new website is pollack.uga.edu.
There are 3 hits on Mathematics site. (MO has currently 6 hits.)
4:25 PM
in Homotopy Theory, 45 secs ago, by Martin Sleziak
I guess the tags mentioned in the recent Dan Petersen's post - namely decomposition-theorem and perverse-sheaves - are close to interests of users of this room. The proposal is to remove (decomposition-theorem), since (perverse-sheaves) seems to be sufficient.

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