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4:55 AM
I waited a bit whether the OP or somebody else replaced the deprecated (discrete-geometry) tag. Eventually, I've edited the tags myself, if somebody can suggest more suitable tags, I'll be grateful for your help. I suppose that also the title of the question could be edited to something more descriptive: Which values can be achieved?
The (discrete-mathematics) tag is deprecated, see the tag-info. So it would be nice to choose some other tags, if possible. — Martin Sleziak yesterday
Q: Which values can be achieved?

Pierre Humbert LeblancSuppose a segment is divided into $n$ smaller segments with each breaking point chosen and broken independently and randomly along the length. If we have $n$ segments what is the probability that $m$ triangles can be formed? Any ideas or questions would be welcomed. Thanks!

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10:33 AM
Since this post was bumped, I have removed (discrete-mathematics): Has any attempt been made to classify finite groupoids? I would be tempted to add also [ra.rings-and-algebras] or [gr.group-theory] (or even both), but I'll rather ask more experienced users whether those tags are suitable here.
Q: Has any attempt been made to classify finite groupoids?

tempI recently stumbled upon the Mathieu groupoid and I found them fascinating. It appears as a subset of $S_{13}$ which is not closed under multiplication, but it turns out to be a groupoid with 13 objects. The "first" sporadic finite simple group $M_{12}$ appear as the Automorphism of a point. One...

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2:28 PM
@MartinSleziak The rings-and-algebras tag would not be appropriate in my opinion. The group-theory tag is defensible.
Thanks for the response. (I am glad that I am not the only person talking here :-)
As mentioned above, I considered those tags but decided to leave it to more experienced users.
Currently the only top-level tag is , so if you consider a reasonable fit for that question, you might add it. (Although the words defensible does not suggest too strong conviction that the tag would be really suitable there.)

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