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4:29 AM
convexity is perplexing since it's almost a meta-tag. My preference would be to have these questions remapped to convex-analysis, convex-geometry, and similar. However, this seems very implausible at the moment. — François G. Dorais ♦ 5 hours ago
currently have 362 questions, so that really would take quite a lot of retagging.
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10:00 AM
Q: Is there any analogous to Levy characterization theorem for purely discontinuous martingales?

Erfan SalavatiLet $M_t$ and $N_t$ be two purely discontinuous martingales such that $[M]_t=[N]_t $ almost surely. Can one conclude that $M$ and $N$ have the same law?

I have removed the only occurrence of the tag - in my opinion it is very likely a typo.
I have asked about this tag here in chat before - chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/10243/2017/4/3 and chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/37130888#37130888 - but I got no feedback on this.
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11:33 AM
Quite a long time ago, renaming to was suggested and also implemented.
A: Help improve tagging!

Ricardo Andrade Resolved: There is no longer kahler tag and we have kahler-manifolds tag. The new name for differential-graded-lie-a is now differential-graded-lie-algebras. (After the limit for tag names was increased to 35 characters.) Tag 'kahler': I was wondering if the tag 'kahler' should be renamed 'k...

I wonder whether the recently created tag should be treated similarly.
Q: Do these definitions of integrable quaternionic structure agree?

MtheoristI have found two different definitions for integrable quaternionic structure in the literature, and I need to know if they agree with one another. One definition that I have found (from Differential Geometry of Lightlike Submanifolds - Duggal, Sahin) is that for an almost quaternion manifold, in...

I should add that I know nothing about this area. (But I see on WP that Hyperkähler manifold is a thing.)
BTW in the comments to the above post, creation of this chat room was mentioned:
Once this one becomes too crowed with answers likely a new one could be good. Not sure if this is yet the case. But it seems good it was reactivated by a new answer. What I thought about recently was to create a chat-room for editing/tagging related issues. — user9072 Aug 20 '13 at 12:43

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