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5:38 AM
Q: Apologies re image links update => bumping

Joseph O'RourkeIn the days before StackExchange used i.stack.imgur.com for images, I had linked quite a few images to my college's web server. Now all those links are broken, and I will eventually move them to i.stack.imgur.com. But the consequence is: the old posts get bumped to the frontpage. To turn this pos...

> I believe I have now updated all the lost images and broken links in my postings
(triggered by an email/username change from **orourke** to **jorourke**)—approximately 200 postings.
So this source of bumped posts, where tag could be removed, has probably dried out.
It's a pity that I did not think of the possibility to use this also for retagging sooner - this was already going on for about a month when I started retagging those post.
8 hours later…
1:16 PM
Q: Where to find Asterisque online?

AnonymousIs there a place online where one can download papers that have appeared in the Asterisque if "your institution subscribes"? I am especially interested in back issues: Asterisque series published a lot of interesting papers which I would like to read, yet it seems to me the only way to access the...

I have added here, although I am not 100% sure to which extent the tag fits there.
The question has been bumped recently due to reopening. It seems that most votes to reopen came from the review queue.
1 hour later…
2:22 PM
Other than that it's not that terrible, but I am surprised that I managed to write posed instead of poset] in the lattice-theory tag-wiki. Sometimes I do really strange mistakes.

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