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4:47 PM
I thought that warning when a new tag is created exists on all sites.
Q: Warning or confirmation on new tag creation

MPelletierIn retrospect of this massive cleanup operation, I would like to ask the community how they feel about a warning or confirmation (or just special highlighting) on new tag creation. Everybody hates stock "are you sure?" confirmation, but a lot of tags get created by mistake (and then used ad naus...

It seems that it has to be enabled on each separate site which wants it.
A: Warning for new tags

Adam LearSorry about the insane delay here. I wasn't aware of this post when the new tag creation warning was implemented. It is on for Math.SE now. Let me know if you see any weird behaviour.

@MartinSleziak The answer Anna links seems to say that the warning, when enabled on a site, is shown to »moderators and users with the "create new tags" privilege«. Indeed, I just tested it, and it was shown to me. — arjafi ♦ Oct 19 '15 at 17:08
Would it be reasonable to request such thing for MO? (Maybe I should bring this up on meta rather than here? But if I should post on meta, maybe I'll wait a bit - as not to have two feature requests too close after each other.)
I only noticed it because I created new tag in this question without even knowing it. (It was a typo.)

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