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6:28 AM
A: Which popular games are the most mathematical?

Nate EldredgeMore puzzles than games, but many of the number puzzles published by Nikoli are quite mathematical in nature. They tend to involve an interplay between local and global conditions that have to be satisfied simultaneously, and one can glimpse geometric and graph-theoretic properties lurking. The...

It seems that the "Nikoli" website no longer works. — Martin Sleziak 45 mins ago
@MartinSleziak: Looks like it just needed https instead of http. Should be fixed now. — Nate Eldredge 3 mins ago
A: What are the applications of hypergraphs?

Dave PritchardHypergraphs have been very useful algorithmically for the following "Steiner tree problem:" given a graph (V, E) with a specified "required/terminal" vertex subset R of V and a cost for each edge, find a minimum-cost set of edges which connects all the terminals (and includes whatever subset of V...

The link in the post is dead - but I'd guess that the text in question is Linear Programming Tools and Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization - available on the author's website or at the university repository. — Martin Sleziak May 18 at 8:31
Thanks! Updated the link. — Dave Pritchard 8 hours ago
@MartinSleziak I haven't seen something like that before - the http link returns 404 and changing the URL to https is enough to make it work.

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