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@MartinSleziak The question was deleted (and reposted) with somewhat different set of tags: Two convex sets' intersection in a discrete domain.
Q: Two convex sets' intersection in a discrete domain

SatoLet me repost the question since no answer has been seen. I'm considering a set which is described by the intersection of two convex sets in a discrete domain. We assume that the sum of elements of each vector is the same. For instance, $S = \{(2, 2, 2, 2), (3, 2, 2, 1), (2, 3, 2, 1), (2, 2, 3, ...

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8:29 AM
Repost from where? Could you provide a link? — András Bátkai 2 hours ago
@AndrásBátkai I suppose, it was repost from here (10k+ users should be able to see the question): mathoverflow.net/questions/341625/…Martin Sleziak 27 secs ago
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12:32 PM
Only two questions with the tag remain:
Q: Differential Geometry applied to biology

ArgentSo this was originally a question posted here https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/3333252/differential-geometry-applied-to-biology. But I'll ask again here to see if I can get some different answers. I'm looking for current areas of research which apply techniques from differential geometr...

Q: Applications of mathematics in clinical setting

PaichuWhat are some examples of successful mathematical attempts in clinical setting, specifically at the patient-disease-drug level? To clarify, by patient-disease-drug level, I mean the mathematical work is approved to be used as part of a decision making process to prescribe a specific treatment fo...

These are the questions with the tag:
Q: Life. Intermediate stages

Włodzimierz HolsztyńskiMy question is pure mathematics when restricted to the cellular automata theory. John von Neumann got the grasp of and defined life. Many years later biologists supported von Neumann's definition of life by discovering DNA and modern genetics. Life is possible and is based on the following prem...

Q: Purpose of using a saturable logistic like term

clarksonI would like to know what is the purpose of using the term $P\over (k+P)$ in the following. I found it when reading the article found here but it was commonly used in few other related articles . Is this similar to a logistic function? What is the advantage of using this instead of a logist...

Q: Why did Voevodsky abandon his work on "singletons"?

user514014In an interview (I link the Google translation), Voevodsky talks about how, in the late 2000s, he worked on the problem of "restoring the history of populations according to their modern genetic composition". Some of his unpublished papers on this topic are now available online. For example, a pa...

Q: How to study the global stability for this 3D system?

PaichuI am studying a biological system (HIV) and arrived at this simplified dynamical system: \begin{align} x_1' &= a_1 + a_2x_2 - a_1x_2 - a_4x_1 - a_5\frac{1+a_6x_3}{1+a_7x_3}x_1\\ x_2' &= a_5\frac{1+a_6x_3}{1+a_7x_3}x_1 - a_2x_2\\ x_3' &= a_8x_1 - a_9x_3 \end{align} Where as the context and notati...

Q: conditions for asymptotic comparison to hold

PaichuI have the following simple dynamical system: \begin{align} x_1' &= a - f(x_2)x_1\\ x_2' &= bx_1 - cx_2, \end{align} where all parameters and initial conditions are positive. $f(x_2)$ is a positive and increasing function with respect to $x_2$. Suppose I want to study the asymptotic behavior of t...

1:02 PM
I will also add some SEDE queries - although they will only show relevant results next wee (after the database update): data.stackexchange.com/mathoverflow/revision/927958/1368668/… data.stackexchange.com/mathoverflow/query/883845/…
Here is the latter query for mathematical-biology.

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