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5:31 AM
A new tag was created.
Q: SnapPy isometry routine

SashaKolpakovDear Colleagues and Friends, Here's a question that I hope some of you, more experienced in programming, can answer. Once SnapPy is used to compute the symmetry group of a hyperbolic manifold by way of, say, K = Manifold('4_1'); S = K.symmetry_group(); it outputs the action of the ...

This also reminded me of the tags and .
A: Help improve tagging!

Martin SleziakWe have two tags called mathematical-software and software. The latter has currently empty tag-info and the tag-excerpt for mathematical-software currently says: Mathematical questions related to mathematical software systems such as Sage, Mathematica, Maple, Pari/GP, and GAP. Note that troub...

6:32 AM
Since I've mention the two tags - the question "How to draw tropical curves?" would belong under or ? Or should we synonymize them, as I suggested in the above post?
Q: How to draw tropical curves?

Licheng WangIn paper arXiv:1311.2360v3, there are a lot of tropical curves. I want to know how to draw them by using some softwares/algorithms?

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10:07 AM
in Geometry+physics, 24 secs ago, by Martin Sleziak
Since the users of this room might be close to various questions related to some branches of geometry, I'll just remind that the tag is deprecated on MO. So replacing it by more suitable tags helps improving the tag-system of this site - of course, in some cases it's not clear which tags should be chosen, so knowledge of the relevant area definitely helps.

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