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6:34 AM
Is there actually any difference between the tags and ?
The tag has empty tag-info and AFAICT it only appeared in 5 questions: data.stackexchange.com/mathoverflow/query/851136/…
Q: Entire composite square roots of functions of finite order

james.nixonA composite square root of a function $g$ is a function $f$ such that $f(f(z)) = g(z)$. Not surprisingly, for arbitrary $g$ a function like this is hard to find. Specifically I am looking at functions $g$ such that $g$ has finite nonzero order, so that $$0 < \limsup_{r\to\infty} \dfrac{\log\log ...

Q: Solving the difference equation in exotic scenarios

james.nixonThe difference equation, as referenced in the title, is a very specific object I'm referring to. If you have a holomorphic function $\phi$ on a domain $G$, then a solution $F$ to the difference equation of $\phi$ is a function holomorphic on $G'$ (for some domain $G'$) such that $$F(z+1) - F(z) ...

Q: The continuous Taylor series; are they just Taylor series?

james.nixonI first posed this question when I was a first year student. I came up with some ad hoc arguments as to why the result is true (a bit of numerical experimentation), but never had a proof. I forgot about it until the other day, and thought it was still an interesting question. First, some motivati...

Q: Is $\lim_{z\to0} \exp_{\sqrt{2}}^{\circ z}(\xi)$ continuous?

james.nixonThis question has arisen in a bunch of my research, to the side of my research actually, I keep on getting curious about how it should be answered. I'll frame it in an anachronistic sense, but the question is more general. I'm a firm believer that most general problems are solved by solving speci...

Q: A first order ODE problem

Jackie LuFix $a>0$ and $b>0$. Does the following ODE \begin{equation} G(x)^2+2axG(x)G'(x)+2aG'(x)(x-b)=0 \tag{*} \end{equation} have a solution, say, $F(x)$, that satisfies $F(x)>0$ and $F'(x)<0$ on $(b,\infty)$? I tried to solve it by Mathematica, and it gives $G$ as solution to \begin{equation} x=e^{-...

In connection with this - should there be a separate tag for ODEs. (To be able to distinguish them from other topics in ca.classical-analysis-and-odes.)
> Special functions, orthogonal polynomials, harmonic analysis, ordinary differential equations (ODE's), differential relations, calculus of variations, approximations, expansions, asymptotics.
Several of the topics listed there have a separate tag: , , , , ...
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8:56 AM
I should have noticed that there is also the which is for both ODEs and PDEs (and more). The tag-excerpt:
> Ordinary or partial differential equations. Delay differential equations, neutral equations, integro-differential equations. Well-posedness, asymptotic behavior, and related questions.

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