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9:01 AM
It is approximately one month since I have posted this:

How fast are deprecated tags getting removed?

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Q: The existing deprecated tags should be blacklisted

Martin SleziakTL;DR: I suggest to blacklist the deprecated tags that still exist on some questions, in order to prevent them from being added to new questions. There are a few tags which are deprecated and should not be used at all, but still exist on the site.1 Ideally such tags should be completely removed,...

During the last month I have not edited away any of the deprecated tags. It seem that the numbers did not change too much anyway.
There are 906 questions with deprecated tags.
has 329 questions, 193 after removing the most frequent related top-level tags, 113 not having any top-level tag at all.
has 176 questions, 86 without co.combinatorics, 47 with no top-level tag.
has 402 questions, 249 with no geometry-related top-level tag, 150 with no top-level tag at all.
As one can see in using queries like this one or this one, there are several users which actively edit posts with deprecated tags and remove/replace them.
9:19 AM
It is also possible to check the edits where the word deprecated is mentioned in the edit summary.
Just a random sample from some stuff that I've seen among relatively recent edits:
And as I have mentioned a few times, François G. Dorais removed (geometry) tag from a bunch of questions during the last year. I'd guess that getting from 475 questions in August close to 400 is largely thanks to his edits.

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