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7:31 AM
I have recently added $\to$ , $\to$ to the suggested expansions:
A: Help cleanup tags!

Martin Sleziak As of August 8, 2017, the length limit for tags went from 25 characters to 35 characters. So now is a great time to allow inconveniently compressed tag names to stretch out a bit... Perhaps we could collect here list of tags which now, after the character limit for length of tag name has bee...

Only later I've noticed that the already exists.
Still, there should probably be a synonym between and (in one direction or another). And since it is rather similar to other tags mentioned in that post, it's probably not worth making a separate answer with this synonym.
Q: Is there a notion of injective, projective, flat, dimension for a differential graded algebra?

54321userGiven a differential graded algebra $(A_\bullet,d)$, is there a well-defined notion of a K-injective, K-projective, K-flat dimension of a differential graded module, or even of the category of differential graded modules? Moreover, if there is a well-defined notion, when are each of them finite?...

8:16 AM
@MartinSleziak I think the consensus that the non-ring stuff (2) is removed is a necessary first step, and that breaking the "rule" of top-level tags is less a problem than the current problem. A second step is a serious thinking on the use of tags related to (2). It requires discussion, but especially a serious work of detecting what is the state of art (what are the relevant tags, what are obvious merge - the most obvious example at this level would be semigroups/monoids); I'll be happy to spend hours on this at some point. — YCor 49 secs ago
I will add that I have asked about semigroups a few times in this room.
2 hours later…
10:37 AM
YCor brought up several tag-related issues on meta recently. He also edited the tag-excerpt for ra.ring-and-algebras and created the tag-excerpt for noncommutative-algebra.
The addition to ra.ring-and-algebras tag-excerpt was: "For questions specific to commutative algebra (that is, rings that are assumed both associative and commutative), rather use the tag ac.commutative-algebra."

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