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4:00 PM
The 30+ questions in the search below can probably be fixed my removing and adding : mathoverflow.net/questions/tagged/…
Thanks for retagging some questions in geometry tag.
@FrançoisG.Dorais I have noticed that the synonym $\to$ has been created. Perhaps it should be in some way marked in the relevant post that this is the way mods decided to go.
I will also point out that quid argued against this synonym. (In fact, based on they suggestion the analogous synonym was removed on math.SE.)

Reappearance of (topology) tag

Jun 20 '16 at 13:55, 4 days total – 83 messages, 3 users, 2 stars

Bookmarked Jun 25 '16 at 9:09 by Martin Sleziak

Martin, I had read the discussion you and quid were having. I am fine with the idea of just killing off the tag if and when it appears. — Todd Trimble ♦ Jul 2 '16 at 11:30
@MartinSleziak It's a test. We'll see if problems arise.
I see.
So we will see what happens.
Since it is not a definitive decision, I take back my suggestion that it should be mentioned in the question about this on meta.
After your edits now there are only 1005 questions with deprecated tags. :-)
And questions with geometry tag without other geometry-related tag are now under 300: mathoverflow.net/questions/tagged/…
I had an idea to prevent reappearance of deprecated tags merge into and create a synonym. Thoughts?
4:19 PM
Maybe people would notice that the tag is deprecated in such case.
We will also see whether somebody will comment on the suggestion of tag-warning for geometry (and other deprecated tags).

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