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BTW one of recently created tags is . The tag-creator also created a tag-excerpt: "This tag is used when one needs help locating a source for a (published or unpublished) paper"
Q: Locate the paper "Extensions of general algebras" by Eilenberg

Jose BroxI'm looking for the paper Extensions of general algebras, S. Eilenberg, Ann. Soc. Polon. Math. 21, (1948). 125–134 (MR0026647 in Mathscinet) It is supposedly hosted at the Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes (RCIN) here, but I cannot access it, although I have registered in the site...

8:08 AM
Somewhat related older discussion on meta:
Q: Paper request(s)

Alexander ChervovCan we have a thread here where one might ask for help accessing to some papers ? E.g. If someone has access to https://projecteuclid.org/euclid.dmj/1077468920 Pairs of commuting matrices over a finite field Walter Feit and N. J. Fine Can one share it with me ? E.g. e-mail al. mysurname @gmai...

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@MartinSleziak In this answer, there's an $i$ missing in the definitions of the maps $f$ and $g$, they ought to have $\exp(\pm 4\pi ix)$ rather than $\exp(\pm 4\pi x)$. Since I can't suggest a two-character edit, and you have edit privileges on MO, would you make the edit?
Or anybody having edit privileges and seeing the above.
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@DanielFischer Edited

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