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4:20 AM
Would be a good fit for Journals and other sources with “easy reading” papers? The question explicitly mentions: "Or may be there are some collections somewhere else on web?"
Q: Journals and other sources with "easy reading" papers?

Alexander ChervovSome time ago the journal "Algebra and Analysis" (English translation is published in "St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal") had a special section which was called "easy readings for professional mathematicians", which tried to present in accessible and interesting way some ideas. It seems now t...

Is the recently created tag going to be a useful tag? i can imagine this tag to be used in many unrelated maenings.
Q: length of a module and Frobenius map

CuspLet $(R,m)$ be a Regular local ring of dimension $d$ and char $p>0.$ Let $F^e:R\longrightarrow R$ defined by $r\longrightarrow r^{p^e}$be the Frobenius map. How to compute $l(R/m^{[p^e]})?.$ I know the answer is $p^{ed}$ but I do not know how to prove it.

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12:27 PM
Oct 20 at 15:06, by Martin Sleziak
Over at meta.math.SE we have a tag called . (And other similar tags , and . Each of them is occasionally used, for example here are the questions tagged specific-user.
Basically continuation of the above. Since these tags proved to be useful on Mathematics Meta and seemed suitable for a question posted today - namely Why was my answer deleted? Cause? - I have created both and .
I guess they might be useful - but I'll wait a bit to see whether I'll get some feedback here in chat or whether somebody removes the new tags. (Which I'll take as a signal that they are probably not considered useful.)
I suppose the tag-wikis can be mostly copied from the corresponding tags on Mathematics Meta. (Which I can do - but I'll wait first a bit to see whether the new tags are not going to be removed.)

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