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Q: When to say LeDovid HaShem Ori in a minyan with different nusach

Avrohom YitzchokI daven Nusach Ashkenaz saying “LeDovid HaShem Ori” at Shacharis and Maariv. Q1 If I daven Mincha with a Minyan which says “LeDovid HaShem Ori” at Mincha, should I say it with them? (I assume yes, in order not to separate myself from the Tzibbur). Q2 If I then daven Maariv in the same Minyan (...

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Q: Why is Shmoneh Esreh referred to as 18 blessings when there are actually 19?

RCWOriginally Shmoneh Esreh only had 18 blessings, thus the name "Shemoneh Esreh." However, subsequently a 19th blessing was added of Velamalshinim regarding the heretics. If there are 19 blessings now, why do we not refer to it as Tisha Esreh (19 Berachot)? Why did we retain the original name of ...

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Q: Are women forbidden from Teaching Gemara\Talmud?

Shmuel LAssuming that women are allowed to learn Gemara\Talmud\Torah she-Ba'al Peh, are they still forbidden from teaching it to others (either men or women)? Textual sources for (either references or links) would be greatly appreciated. Sources explicitly stating that they are permitted would also be ...

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Q: Avot keeping Mitzvot

SamHow are we to understand the tradition that the patriarchs kept all of the mitzvot in the Torah (see for example the last mishna in Kidushin, Rashi Bereshit 32:5, etc.) in light of the many obvious logical contradictions that this would seem to imply? For examples of such logical contradictions ...

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Q: Translation to Greek

rayI just read in parashat ki tavo that the torah was translated into 70 languages and written on giant stones, yet the talmud says the translation of the torah to Greek many years later was considered a tragedy. Why was it considered a tragedy if it was already translated into 70 languages?

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