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2:00 AM
@Fluttershy is that Ballmer's face?
@Jin Reggie Fils-Aime
@Wipqozn Catherine!!! she's my civ-nemesis.
I never trust a damn word she says
@agent86 I bet you would.
2:07 AM
@Wipqozn indeed.
@agent86 Oh my.
Badass Nomads are stupid.
2:23 AM
2:34 AM
Q: Should I read Oryx and Crake before The Year of the Flood?

Yi JiangI recently got my hands on a copy of The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. Reading its description on Wikipedia, I realized that it's set in the same universe as one of her previous novel, Oryx and Crake. Would I miss anything important if I don't read the latter novel first?

Anyone who read the book(s) want to answer this?
@Wipqozn I heard about that. Too bad its Mojang
2:47 AM
@spugsley Hello.
@Wipqozn DENIED
Good timing on that edit, @spugsley.
@spugsley Such language
@YiJiang'sEvilClone She's always like this. She's completely out of control.
She's also scary.
2:50 AM
@Wipqozn and your face is full of butt toots but no one ever calls you out on it.
With her army of tree-eating humming birds.
@Wipqozn tell me that image isn't scary as fuck
@spugsley You could ride them into battle.
@Wipqozn and I would. With fervor.
I don't want to go to bed, but both my body and clock tell me I should. Later all.
2:53 AM
So is there a good summary of the PS4 press conference?
@MBraedley GOOD. NIGHT.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Rev3Games youtube channel (though I haven't watched any of their videos)
Looks like Windows might be moving to a yearly release cycle arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/02/…
I should go to bed too.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Activision must've bought Windows.
2:55 AM
@Fluttershy I lol'd
@Wipqozn psssh. As if giant poop faces need sleep
(technically speaking Fluttershy's line in that scene is "Oh my goodness", but, eh, use your imagination)
The PS4 specs mentions a 1.84TFlops GPU
So I guess this is the time everybody goes to sleep and I go to the library to pick up a copy of Oryx and Crake
3:15 AM
I'm watching Doctor Who
@SaintWacko Allons-y!
For the last time GoodReads I do not want to read The Female Man
@YiJiang'sEvilClone O_o
I'm sure it'll be as interesting as its title suggests
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Hm, that actually sounds kind of intriguing.
3:28 AM
The Female Man is a feminist science fiction novel written by Joanna Russ. It was originally written in 1970 and first published in 1975. Russ was an avid feminist and challenged sexist views during the 1970s with her novels, short stories, and nonfiction works. These works include We Who Are About To, "When It Changed", and What Are We Fighting For?: Sex, Race, Class, and the Future of Feminism. The novel follows the lives of four women living in parallel worlds that differ in time and place. When they cross over to each other's worlds, their different views on gender roles startle each ...
Further details on PS4 hardware specs. It does indeed still have a blu-ray drive.
Q: How do I view my profile?

UllallullooTo view someone else's profile, I can click their name and select "View Dota 2 Profile". My own profile doesn't show up in my friend's list though so I can't find a way to view it. I've tried clicking my name up above that, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Is there a way to view my own?

Q: Far Cry 3 - High Tide DLC Trophies

SSH ThisI finally got 100% complete on Far Cry 3, with the multiplayer levels being the most painful to get through. I want to know if I download the High Tide DLC and install it, will new trophies get added that I will need to complete, taking away my 100% completion? I want to check the levels out, but...

3:51 AM
@Fluttershy Have you seen The End of Time?
@SaintWacko I have. Try to avoid spoilers though. For other people. =P
@Fluttershy Right. I'm at the end of it now
@SaintWacko Ah. =(
@Fluttershy Yeah. I'm trying not to tear up
It's not easy
@SaintWacko As soon as I heard the knock on the glass, I was biting my knuckle. x_x
3:54 AM
@Fluttershy Me too
The end of time...
Oh, that ep.
It made me curl up in a ball of sad aftrt
.... I hate typing on my phone.
That's how I looked after watching that episode.
Oh god yes
@Fluttershy A blee blah bloo bloo
Anyone else think that the Unreal Engine 4 doesn't look that good on the PS4 demo?
4:01 AM
Cheap Alternatives

Proposed Q&A site for people who want to share or learn tips on using money wisely, including little known product and service alternatives, cheap ways to "accomplish the same thing," and effective DIY strategies to get around hiring someone or buying something.

Currently in definition.

"What's a cheap alternative to a quality Q&A site?"
@FAE Hm, left out at least two bits I'd like to know: Ethernet Y/N and HDCP or no
@Ktash If KH3 ends up on PS4, I will cry.
@FAE ... It will. Sad but it will.
just one more console to add to KH's ridiculous list
@Ktash T_T
4:04 AM
@FAE Well, no way is it going to end up on current gen consoles at this rate
@FAE Our only hope is that it will end up on at least one current gen as well :/
@Ktash KH3 was one of the original reasons I got a Playstation 3.
It's not even in development yet, that we know of. It's years off at best
Haven't they realized multiple spin-off KH games though?
Not quite spin offs, but subtitled ones
@AshleyNunn I don't know what aftrt is, but I'm going to guess it's something sad, and will go on to say that I am also a ball of sad aftrt
@BenBrocka Yes.
4:06 AM
@Fluttershy Yep, that sounds right
Are the subtitled ones just garbage or is the 3 that important?
@FAE Same :(
Now I need to watch the next season so I can see Amy Pond, which will make me feel better
@BenBrocka Birth By Sleep was good, the others are... hit or miss
4:08 AM
@BenBrocka The 3 is the continuation of the story.
Or should be, rather.
@Ktash have you played 3D yet? I own it, but I'm not done with BBS yet, so I can't play it yet.
Was wondering how it was.
... well, technically, Dream drop distance continued the main story as well
@FAE Played it a bit. Like it so far, but BBS is a lot better
3D doesn't have a story that has hooked me yet
@Ktash Yeah, I've started BBS, but haven't finished yet.
Too many gaaaaaaames.
@Fluttershy Are the others not?
@BenBrocka Prologues and in-between stuff.
4:10 AM
@BenBrocka They're prequels and sidestories.
@FAE BBS is good
Prequels... That's the one I was looking for.
@Ktash Yeah, everything I've heard is good.
@BenBrocka FAE had a good answer she linked to which gives general timeline breakdown
Dammit they still can't make Gushers that don't get all stuck together into one blob. What is wrong with this country
4:11 AM
@BenBrocka Gushers still exist?!
@FAE It is good. I bought my PSP for it, and I don't regret it. It was a good purchase
@BenBrocka I was always too lazy to break them apart. I'd just throw the whole blob in.
Gushers are delicious
@BenBrocka I fail to see the problem here.
Yes, though not many varieties it seems. Also fruit roll ups. I bought a bunch since I happened to notice they, well, existed
I like to eat them one color at a time, if not one "gem" at a time
4:12 AM
@Ktash My PSP was a surprise Christmas gift from one of my b/fs a few years ago. He handed me Crisis Core and I was like "Thank you, but I don't own a---" and then he pulled out a PSP to give me. I squeed.
Two yellows stuck together, that's fine. One of each color? Hold your horses
I can't say anything, I sort all my candy by color
@BenBrocka Fruit roll-ups still exist too?!
@FAE That is a good gift surprise... really good
@FAE and fruit by the foot
4:14 AM
@Ktash It was great, because I hadn't planned on buying a PSP for myself at that point, but it was one of those "I'd like one, but there's not enough incentive yet to buy for myself" type things. Then, boom, gift!
@SaintWacko Amy Pond has nothing on Souffle Girl. sigh
@BenBrocka You're blowing my mind with candy-based nostalgia.
They were all on the same shelf going "hey, remember when you were like 8?"
I just finished Season 4
@BenBrocka hahaha
4:14 AM
@OrigamiRobot I never liked those that much
@OrigamiRobot Haha. Those were the worst to eat as intended.
Your fingers would always end up sticky.
I've seen season 5 before, but since I'm about to watch it again, I forgot it
@BenBrocka Me neither.
@FAE Best kind of gift really
4:15 AM
@FAE Bite the base until it breaks off
@Ktash Yus. :D
^Banned from my house.
@BenBrocka I've never liked biting suckers.
@OrigamiRobot @Fluttershy had some of that lately!
@FAE So how many licks DOES it take?
@OrigamiRobot ur a fun dip
4:16 AM
@BenBrocka Do you remember those commercials with the owl?
@OrigamiRobot I usually just eat the stick and then dump the powder in my mouth later.
@Fluttershy I mixed all the powder in a bowl. The sticks were so good.
Q: How many rats does it take to get to the center of a corpse-pop?

Ben BrockaI'm starting a ghost/non-lethal run of Dishonored and I know I need to avoid rats eating my victims. I've noticed that single rats do not appear to go after corpses, but big swarms definitely do. So how many rats is enough to start eating corpses? I've noticed they only seem to eat corpses in "sw...

@OrigamiRobot The sticks are the best part!
@BenBrocka ...lol
4:17 AM
@Fluttershy We are soul mates!
@OrigamiRobot Squee. <3
@OrigamiRobot Been tryin' to tell ya that for months.
@OrigamiRobot doesn't care about star people!
@Fluttershy A test: What is the best color Spree?
4:19 AM
@OrigamiRobot Green.
Also purple.
It's kind of a tie
It's like we're the same person! Nope, you ruined it.
@OrigamiRobot I'm sorry for having better taste buds than you.
Don't talk about my taste buds like you know them!
@BenBrocka I'm... I'm kinda jealous.
Dammit, now I have a Gushers craving. :(
4:24 AM
@BenBrocka Dood... You really like Prinnies.
@Fluttershy Prinnies solve everything.
If a problem hasn't been solved, you haven't thrown enough Prinnies at it.
Also, do you ever just wad the fruit roll-ups up and eat the big ball of fruity goodness?
@BenBrocka haha wow
Also there really has to be a better way to go from phone camera -> image link
4:27 AM
@BenBrocka ... Nice.
Oh, I should have included my Prinny fuzzy dice, PSP case and Fuka figurine (she's kinda prinnyish)
@badp Why are you awake? o_O
Price: $92
Why limited production runs why :c
Sleeptimes, g'night Bridge.
Love how Chrono Cross lets you rename people when they join you. "Yeah, you're welcome along, but… I'm going to need you to be called Greg."
Bye bridge
5:10 AM
gaming.stackexchange.com/q/106193/18146 reopen or is there still a reason its no bueno?
Why does Steam want me to reenter all my cc info -.-
they got hacked and lost the last one you entered
@Brian This is Valve we're talking about, not Sony
haha :P just give it time
5:45 AM
Hey I've got a question
about asking certain types of questions
flops into the Bridge Things I never want to do on a first date - pick the onions out of my date's food. Have my date not talk for pretty much the entire night. Listen to hour long explanations of technical stuff that I don't know anything about. Listen to detailed explanations of all the foods you cannot eat because of your bowel disorder..
Ohyeah, question.
Can I ask big questions
I'm planning to ask something about borderlands 2
and it's going to need a lot of images
Is it asking for a list
@Retrosaur The answer needs a lot of images?
Well, I was going to ask
@Retrosaur That already sounds bad
5:47 AM
what gun scopes are linked to what manufactuer
Because I've been using Gibbed's editor for BL2
And the problem is, I have no way of knowing what the scope will look like on a pistol, launcher, assault rifle, etc.
And I don't know what the scope look is going to be. I can only know what the manufactuer is
You know what, I'll ask anyways. It's a legitimate questin I've had for a while
but it's going to need a shitton of pitures
@Retrosaur So you want a picture of a scope for every combination of manufacturer and weapon type?
That sounds like a bad question
I can't find anything online
there's what, 7 manufactuer's
and like 6 differnt weapon types
43 images
to reopen gibbed's everytime I figure out what it looks like
@AshleyNunn That sounds terrible :(
5:50 AM
I'm just saying, a question that's just asking for 42 images sounds like a terrible one
@Ktash It was less than impressive
I am self medicating with Timbits and cartoons
it's such a fucking hassle
Murgatroid, it's possible you could make it community wiki
@Decency Still not appropriate for the site
@Retrosaur Community wiki does not make a bad question good
@murgatroid99 Why's that?
5:53 AM
@AshleyNunn Sounds bad. Self medication with cartoons sounds like a good thing... I don't know what Timbits are though
Phew... Code Academy lessons, and Duolingo lessons done for tonight.
It's not a bad question.
@murgatroid99 this, this this this
@Ktash Donut holes?
@Fluttershy Go you!
@AshleyNunn Ooooh, good choice!
It's a legitimate gaming question
Okay, look at this for reference
Q: Terminology index

Dan McClainIt would be helpful to have a common place to list terminology, I'll start it off Some Rules Make sure you only put one term per answer! Try to include an image if applicable Include sources that contain detailed information Also, I made this a community wiki, so that anyone will be able to ...

5:54 AM
@Retrosaur "I want 42 pictures; someone else take them for me" is not a good question
Is it a bad question?
Tell me, is that a bad question?
@Ktash It is going a long way to make me happier.
@Retrosaur It sounds like your question would be a good fit for an entire site's worth of content
@AshleyNunn Did you really have to pick the onions out of his food?
not a question
5:55 AM
@Retrosaur Frankly, I don't think I'd want a question like that on this site
Then why is it on that site
@Retrosaur Different site, different standards/rules
@Fluttershy Yep.
@MarkIngram: useful things that aren't atually questions are what community wikis are for. – freiheit♦
@Retrosaur Yes. Very much so. It is a terrible fit for the SE model
Just read this
@MarkIngram: useful things that aren't atually questions are what community wikis are for. – freiheit♦
5:56 AM
@Retrosaur I disagree
@Retrosaur Again, this depends on the site. Considering the mod, it wasn't here
Different sites have different ideas
It's a useful gaming question
For others who are creating guns themselves
I don't see how it constitutes a bad question
@Retrosaur False
@Retrosaur It's not a bad question. It is just a bad question for this site
5:57 AM
@Decency I don't think that question is good for the site because it doesn't solve any practical problem anyone is facing and it would be difficult to verify
@Fluttershy Nope. :P
@murgatroid99 This.
Q: Can I play Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt without the 'Bee nerf' update?

pandorymI stopped playing Borderlands 2 on-line after downloading and installing Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage; last I played my game version was still pre-'bee nerf' patch. I haven't played on-line since then as I cannot get internet on my PS3 in my dorm room. As I have the Borderlands 2 Season Pass,...

Q: What gun scopes correlate to their Manufacturer?

RetrosaurI've been tweaking with Gibbed's BL2 Save editor for a bit now, and I'm having a little trouble with one aspect, gun scopes. In the editor you can create guns using whatever parts you want in that. THe problem is, you can't preview it, so if you want to see what the scope looks like, you'll hav...

Okay then, what about this
Q: Where are all of the hidden vault symbols for the "Cult of the Vault" challenges?

SeanThere are a few "hidden Vault Symbols" in each area. Where exactly are all of them, and are there any telling signs when you're close by?

Should this legitimately good question be closed because it's asking for a list?
@Retrosaur it isn't that you are asking for a list of things. It is that you are asking for a giant list of things that is too broad for the scope of a single answer

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