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2:01 AM
Is my point here valid, or we really have to stick spoliers in everything?
@PriestVallon, I do not think the spoilers are that necessary. It answers the question, and if someone reading the question would continue to read the answers, I do not think they would be concerned about it. Besides, if someone is interested in the question, before the trilogy is concluded, who even cares? — theUg yesterday
For the following answer:
A: Existence of Sauron in The Hobbit

theUg In chapter seven of the book — “Queer Lodgings” — Gandalf is about to leave the party, and explains the route the rest must take. When Bilbo inquires if there was some safer indirect way, Gandalf says “There are no safe paths in this part of the world”, and proceeds to enumerate the dangers, on...

The policy is this:
Spoilers are frowned upon
unless they reveal details of a movie/show/written work/etc of something that is not on-topic for the question
as in
revealing star wars spoilers in a LoTR question
far as spoilers for somethin bassed on the simulariciaojfsdjofjsdingdongcron I can't say, tis a bit of a grey area
also seeing as while the Hobbit is in the same series as LoTR, it also makes it a bit of a grey area.
Then comes the point of age of the series and what really constitutes a spoiler for it
@theUg - my opinion is that if you read a question called 'Existence of Sauron in The Hobbit' - and don't want to see spoilers about the story of the Hobbit or TLOTR .... then I would avoid reading the question.
but why would someone read the question, and its answers if they cared about the story being spoiled?
@iandotkelly to be fair, PV prolly saw your spoiler markup and thought it necessary.
What @iandotkelly said.
2:07 AM
That is my point, its clear to me, but a general grey area for policy in general
do we include EVERYTHING based on a series to be fair game, or just that movie?
Besides, Tolkien is like a Bible, we all know what is going to happen. :D
@theUg - yes indeed :-)
One no-no with spoilers however
NEVER, put them in a title.
@TylerShads That makes sense.
2:08 AM
Put as much in the body as you want, but to be fair, Titles are practically unavoidable unless you have the foresight to ignore every tag that you don't want spoiled.
Generally, If I had not seen the film, I would not have a question about it. ;)
I try to avoid using spoiler markup wherever possible - but I did use it in my Hobbit answer, as it might have spoiled details of what is coming up in TH parts 2 and 3.
And if people cannot wait to see the rest of the trilogy, but still want to know? Then WTF? Read the bloody book already. I had not yet. I read LotR like 15 years ago.:)
@TylerShads BTW, would not that be even worse? I mean, you get stuff revealed about things you did not expect?
If I understand it correctly, by spoilers you mean spoilers or spoiler protectors? :)
2:12 AM
He means spoiler protectors / markup
He's saying we avoid spoiler markup unless its going to surprise you
So, would it be cool to roll back? I want mah badge. :D
Its a grey area ..... it references a future movie ....
Or the book from some 70 years ago. :D
some people don't read the books
Their loss, why care about Sauron then?
They can go see Transfomers. No reading or any mental effort required.
2:18 AM
I would leave the spoiler markup in place I think .... all in or all out. If its removed from your answer, we might as well edit everything. It does reference future movies, so I would leave it in.
(this is a rare thing - normally I am arguing to remove markup)
What badge are you referring to?
The one for rollback
I wasn't aware there was one.
Good answer by the way
You has it, by the way, hehe.
So I see ..... he he
You possibly wouldn't get it for your own question....
There are some strange exceptions to the badge rules they don't document
Like edits just of tags don't count towards the edit badges
I think there is separate badge for tag wiki edits.
2:25 AM
Sorry, I mean edits of a question where you only change the tags
Oh, retags?
Yup - they don't count towards Strunk and White, or Copy Editor
You have to edit the actual text of the question.
Oh, by the way, I have another question. That Sauron question, I edited it, and it was put in the queue. Then few minutes later someone else edited it, and my work was wasted (it was better edit too, without typos that had to be corrected again). I thought SE supposed to show if someone else edits something at the same time.
@theUg - you know that happened to me once recently too. I got 'another edit has already been made to this question' or similar message.
I might have a look at meta.stackoverflow to see if there is any explanation for why that might happen on occasions
@iandotkelly Maybe, since mine are in the queue, they do not really exist as an actual edit, until reviewed. I had one wasted like that on another site as well.
2:33 AM
@theUg - You only have to get to 1000 rep here to get past that annoyance
Won't take you long
On SciFi I've only just gained that .... as it is granted at 2,000 on main sites
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3:52 AM
i think its probably related to some race condition mixed with rep totals
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6:34 AM
It is always nice to see when Movie.SE 's chat room remain filled compared to other beta sites. :)
6:57 AM
@Mistu4u don't compare us with other beta. We are better then other beta's ;)
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8:27 AM
Q: Who is the daughter of John Spartan in Demolition Man?

Ankit SharmaIn Demolition Man who is the daughter of John Spartan(Sylvester Stallone). I know his wife gone dead when he is frozen. But what happened to his daughter , is she Lenina Huxley(Sandra Bullock) or someone else? Did i missed something or its kept unrevealed?

9:00 AM
Q: Sherlock: mWho is John Talking About?

MattOn Reichenbach answers John tells Sherlock that everyone gets a tabloid nickname. Then he says "Subo (or Soobo), nasty nick". I assume he's referring to some other tabloid frequenter. Who is Subo?

9:36 AM
Q: How could Mr. Carl run or jump when he is using apparatus for his walking?

Mistu4uIn the movie Up, it is shown that Mr. Carl is using some sort of stick (I don't know the technical name of it) to walk with his legs. But later in the movie, he runs even jump with his legs, but earlier he even could not use stares, so he used an automated chair. So how is it possible for him to ...

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2:07 PM
Q: Has it turned out who is the mother?

palacsintHas it turned out who is the mother in the How I Met Your Mother series?

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3:30 PM
@Nobby You may consider starting your own blog!
@Mistu4u I have a gazillion blogs all over the earthwide interwebz - it's keeping them current that's killing me :)
Now I just don't bother.
You might want to check out some of my reviews that I write on Facebook though - they are brilliant, even if I do say so myself :P
I know, I read them when you post 'em here :p
BDW your answer to my question seems to be the most plausible explanation. But I would wait sometime before accepting it.
For sure. I didn't do much digging - that was just my feeling.
As an aside, I actually find Up to be one of the weaker Pixar films - really didn't like the Muntz character.
Muntz was not really a character to be admired. He was the villanious one.
Pixar made a lot of good films for sure.
@Nobby you have to admit that they can make anything have watery eyes after that montage at the beginning.
3:37 PM
Yes, but as a villain he was not very well fleshed out. Not enough motive for his actions - nor explanation as to how he hadn't aged very much. And yes, that montage at the beginning was masterful.
But really I liked the movie a lot. I also came to know it was the 1st animation film which opened in Cannes festival and 3rd animated film to be nominated for the Oscar for best picture.
For the record, my favorite Pixar films would be Toy Story 2, The Incredibles and Ratatouille, with Ratatouille at the top.
It has a great heart also.
You could say the spring is a Fountain of Youth...actually that poses a great theory to answer the question itself...
@TylerShads Good point
3:39 PM
@Nobby Ratatouille is of course Pixar's no1.
I only saw it once, I don't know if I just didn't pay enough attention but it didn't get the usual marketing lvoe
Brad Bird can do no wrong in my book. Iron Giant, the Pixar flicks, M:I 4 - all amazing
I'm annoyed at iron giant because I had to watch it so much just for school...middle school mind you.
3 years in a row
3:43 PM
Yestarday I was watching MI2. Already seen MI3 and MI4. No doubt MI4 is the best one.
Oh dear. As an animator I would watch it to deconstruct it, not just for storytelling, but for layout. It's a bloody amazing film, but I can see how it would get on your tits if you had to keep watching it.
@Mistu4u M:I 2 is terrible. John Woo really screwed that one up.
@Nobby I agree. M:I 3 was also great, but M:I 4 even surpassed it's predecessor.
@Nobby There was a 2nd one? I just thought they were being funny with the naming scheme, going from 1-3-4
Yeah, it's a great movie,a nd I'm sure I'd enjoy watching it now, after not seeing it for about 5 years, but back then, MAN was I sick of it.
@TylerShads M:I 2, the film with Cruise on a mountain face, long hair, lots of Woo slo-mo shoot-outs, motorbike stunts, Thandie Newton being more wooden than a plank and Dougray Scott playing a crappy baddie (for which he turned down the role of Wolverine in X-Men - slick move, Dougray).
@Nobby uhhh...nopeh, think its wiped from my memory
3:48 PM
@TylerShads You are a lucky, lucky man.
@Nobby That reminds me, I heard Tom is crazy about doing all the stunts himself. So did he do the motor bike stunts on his own?
I only watched it once about 10 years ago
That's why :)
@Mistu4u he certainly is crazy
@TylerShads Handsome as well :)
I don't think he did ALL the motorbike stunts, no insurance company would cover that, but he did do the mountain climbing stunts (as he did with the tower climb in #4)
Yea, I was seeing the tower stunts, man he got some guts.
3:52 PM
Please tell me you've seen the video of him freaking out on Oprah? (the only time i actually watched the show)
No I did not.
crackpot theory posted xD i'm curious to see how the community reacts to that one.
That entire answer was tounge-in-cheek what came out of the top of my head.
@TylerShads I responded in the only way I could (while upvoting it) :)
aahah thanks :)
One thing I love to search for when I can, is crackpot theories that put a new perspective on things.
For example, I loved the show Ed, Edd, and Eddy as a kid. Me and my friends absolutely adored it. And then I found the purgatory theory about the show and it just blew my mind out of the water.
@TylerShads Totally - there have been some awesome examples of this that put a whole new spin on a movie. damned if I can think of one right now though.
4:01 PM
Another one for a more popular franchise, The Matrix's real world. Is actually another layer of hte matrix.
Although the old 'why did the chicken cross the road' theory is a mind-blower.
If you don't know it Mistu4u, the joke goes, "why did the chicken cross the road?"
"To get to the other side"
It's an example of a non-joke and there are many variations - however, if you read 'To get to the other side'" as meaning " to pass into another plane of existence - to die", then the chicken is essentially committing suicide to reach its 'heaven', and the joke becomes the deepest thing you have ever heard in your life ;)
Nah, the chicken is actually being chased by space lasers in an attempt to rid the world of the deadly plague, pestering Europe in it's latest Zombie breakout.
That's another possible theory.
The chicken is crossing the road
to become the Egg
Thus answering
Which came first, the Chicken, or hte Egg
Somedays ago it was posted in an article chicken came first :)
4:06 PM
I thought that question was answered by the chicken and egg sitting up in bed with the chicken smoking and the egg saying "well, that answers THAT question..."
@Nobby In modern retellings of the tale, yes.
BUt I prefer the classic
UGh. Dexter is supposed to be ending this year but they might do another season
They need
to end it
The egg came first. It's called breakfast. Chicken is a lunch/dinner food.
@Donald.McLean Actually, I disagree, One could argue breakfast for dinner, and dinner for breakfast
But Dexter is becoming really well done since it seemed there was an end in sight. If they drag it on, it'll probably go back to the same crap it was during 5/6
@TylerShads I've had breakfast for dinner, but pretty much never the reverse.
Never had cold chicken pizza in the morning? how do you live?
4:21 PM
Dinner for breakfast is awesome. As a student, waking up face down in a cold chicken jalfrezi and eating it for breakfast was the best start to the day ;)
best i could do in college is ramen in the morning.
@Nobby Latest work from Mr. Bird
I'm sold on the cast alone.
4:41 PM
@TylerShads Jeez, 2014? It's been what, 1-2 years since his last movie? I want more frequent Bird.
As a funny twist, speaking of Hugh Laurie, and as a NJ native/resident. There is now really a Princeton-Plainsboro hospital. It opened 12 days after teh show ended.
Yeh, but its prolly animated which means longer to make.
My insanity gets worse as Oliver finds that the Fountain of Youth is actually a dropped subplot of the film
Go me.
5:48 PM
Cold pizza is wrong
end of message
ive had cold pizza a few times, its not terrible
EOF man
its a message. not a file
see you are wrong about EOF and cold pizza
the chat is being logged into A FILE
5:50 PM
Is it?
I assume.
Ultimately I guess - some big SQL-Server distributed blahdy blah replicated db file
btw, you linked your chat profile back to SO again
Mmmm, interesting
I didn't do anything ... again
pinged in TL, you don't even get superpinged
5:51 PM
Hi Anna
remind me that i can fix that
next time it happens
okey dokey
@iandotkelly I reset your parent site back to Movies, so you should be all set.
Thank you
This is awesome ..... @TylerShads sorts it out even before I am aware of the issue
@iandotkelly No, @AnnaLear Fixed it, they reminded me that I can fix it xD
5:54 PM
you notice instantly when your name goes from Blue to Black
@AnnaLear - thank you so much
any time :)
I have no idea what (if anything) I am doing
I don't even use SO chat
I couldn't tell ya
Maybe logging into SO before here?
5:57 PM
I do use SO
Then stop, duh
Q: What does the Flag symbolize?

TylerShadsThe logo for Netflix's House of Cards shows an upside-down & mirrored American Flag with 0 stars on it. What does this logo represent in terms of the show? Is it meant to be symbolism with the themes of the show, or just simple dramatic flair?

Q: What is the main promotional image of House of Cards trying to portray?

TylerShadsThe main promotional image of Netflix's House of Cards shows Kevin Spacy's character of Frank Underwood sitting in place of Lincoln on the Lincoln Monument against a silvery background: What kind of message is this image trying to portray about Underwood and the series as a whole?

@TylerShads - stop trying to keep ahead of me
I really need to watch HoC
6:18 PM
Its really good
the woman and I are almost done, ep 9/13
They did a bit of false advertising though. They claimed its done by Fincher. Only the first two episodes are, the rest have been by Schumacher
A common tactic
I seem to recall I was under the impression that Scorsese did Boardwalk Empire
Then I found he only did the Pilot
One tiny detail I like about it is the realistic use of technology :3
@iandotkelly srsly?
makes me want to watch it even less now
But he is a producer - which on a TV show is probably more important than Director
Oh - cool
Fincher is the producer of HoC so there is that as well
Yeah, they SWIPE their iPHONES...with ACTUAL SCREENS
I like it when technology is real
I hated Swordfish because of the hacking scenes
6:22 PM
@iandotkelly ...that's the only reason you hated it?
ah swordfish
@Keen - you know I can't quite remember
when i want to gouge my eyes out because of stupid technology....yeah
Make's Die Hard 4 believeable
But the 15 screens, all with spinning cubes
And the you have 30 seconds to hack this super secure account whilst being ... distracted
Though, I can see where they got half their money. Can't go a scene without showing an iPhone
6:24 PM
The rest of the movie, is thankfully a distant memory

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