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12:43 AM
@enderland oh, didn't know that
1:10 AM
@Rachel: If it matters to you at all, I really hope that you don't quit the Workplace.SE. I've been trying to fight that "Programmers.SE" mentality since I've been here. I feel like there is hope. @jmort253 is excellent and I think that if you continue to fight the good fight, we might be able to make a decent site.
1:44 AM
@JimG. that question is basically a legal question unless I'm missing something?
@enderland: I slapped the ethics tag on it, and emphasized the ethical side of the issue in my question.
@JimG. I don't see how the answer is anything other than, "well it depends, I (pick either would or wouldn't) if one of my employees did that. might not be legal"
@enderland: For "it depends" questions, the best answers describe a framework for making a decision.
@JimG. meh. Most "it depends" answers for non-closed questions here depend on things other than the whims of the boss
@carson63000 - LOL
2:56 AM
Apparently there is an entire Area51 proposal centered around a single tag we have: career-development
Q: How much overlap is there with The Workplace?

Jacob GProposal: Career Development Seems like the lines between what belongs here versus on The Workplace could be really blurry. Could the unique aspects of this proposal be rolled in there? Or is there enough to necessitate an additional site?

Does it seem like the overlap is enough that this proposal is basically a part of The Workplace?
3:23 AM
Human Resource Management

Proposed Q&A site for human resource professionals, business owners

Currently in definition.

@Jim, here's another one on Area 51. These proposals are a good opportunity to spread word of the site.
10 hours later…
12:56 PM
Q: If an employer discovered that an employee fabricated stories about his/her family, would that be grounds for termination?

Jim G.History is littered with stories about people who falsified resumes and background information. Upon learning about the falsified credentials, many employers chose to terminate these employees. Ethics (if not the law itself) would certainly justify the termination. Most people would agree that th...

Huh, instead of "should I quit" we now have an equally useless "should I be fired" question
1:10 PM
@JimG. I doubt I'll actually quit unless this turns into Programmers with over 50% of the questions being closed and almost no attempts at reopening anything
I was just ranting a bit yesterday :)
@Jim Not sure about that...lots of career development questions we get here are extremely not constructive like "Java or PHP?" or "Accountant or salesman?". But those are the sort of thing that wouldn't be on topic anywhere with SE standards. So what's left probably wouldn't be different from what we allow...I just think we need to be very careful how we encourage career development questions
2 hours later…
3:38 PM
Q: How is "per diem" determined in Australia?

CoomieI'm off on a business trip soon and I've been told I get a per diem. What should I be expecting? Is it a portion of your hourly wage? Is there a standard calculation? I'm located in Australia, if that helps.

I just don't get it this is a good question asked about a standardized and regulated function. But it gets downvoted because people do not understand that.
@Chad Then clarify that somehow? I haven't voted, it seems like the sort of thing that would vary but I don't know enough to decide either way
@BenBrocka Per Deim different than just expense reimbursment. It is compensation for extra expenses that you likely would not be forced incur if you were home. It is all explained in the link. But unlike expense reimbursment it is paid at a standard rate reguardless of what your actual expenses are.
@Chad I DVed that question because there is no answer other than "ask your employer" :\
@enderland Actually that is not true.
but that IS the answer to how that person should find the answer...
whether or not it's calculated as a result of government laws (like how mileage reimbursement works in the USA)
3:44 PM
Paying per deim instead of expenses is a regulated rate. You can not pay more or less than allowed.
@Chad Users learn best from other users.... if they see other questions getting downvoted for not having a clear definitive question defined, or for asking multiple questions, or for being too localized to a specific company policy, they're likely to do the same with other questions that appear to match that criteria
It is a good question. Yes you could ask your employer but you do not have to.
You could also ask your employer about most of the questions on this site that are good questions.
That's why I was getting so frustrated yesterday by seeing an apparently decent question getting closed as too-localized, because to someone that doesn't know any better, that is a perfectly valid question (Referring to this meta conversation)
@Chad Is it a law though that companies MUST provide a certain amount of per diem based on governmental laws? I suspect this is not the case
3:49 PM
(Same goes for some of the other question closures reasons I've seen on here)
@Chad The difference is "you can" vs "you have to". If you can ask your employer but we can answer, that's cool. If you have to ask your employer and that's the best we can give you...that's not an answer, and thus not a question we can answer
@BenBrocka What happens if you don't know if you "can" or "have" to ask your employer, and are trying to find out by asking on Workplace.SE? Or if you don't what your employer will tell you?
@Rachel IMO if you don't know your first step is probably "ask your employer" considering these all seem to be about specific policy things
I'm in that situation many times, and often prefer not to ask if I don't have to. Which is why I think it's perfectly OK to ask the question here regardless of if the answer is "This is different per company, so you will have to ask your employer that question"
But I already made an argument RE: this whole thing
A: Why was this closed?

RarityThis isn't a new category of question. The problem with these questions is that the "answer" boils down to: I don't know, ask your HR/payroll/management/sales/etc department This might seem helpful, but it's not really anything but an admission that you (and likely, no one else on the site...

3:55 PM
@BenBrocka I think you overestimate the average employee's willingness (or awareness) to realize they either 1) can or 2) should ask their employer
@enderland A question on when you should ask would be fine. But the thousands of questions that are no more answerable than "how much vacation time do I have left" don't help anyone but the asker. They're the definition of too localized
Q: Is it ok to use concealed tape recorders at interviews?

Paul BrownI have realized that there could be some real advantages from using a tape recorder in interviews as I look for a new job. Some of the reasons I feel it would be worth recording the interviews are: I can go back after the fact and see where I messed up, both to improve my interviews with other...

this question absolutely fits that problem as well, btw
(even ignoring the fact that it's a 100% legal question)
@enderland I wouldn't consider that one, really. If you're recording, it's probably not for the employer, it's probably to do something like present evidence in the event of a discrimination case
@BenBrocka But the fundamnetal question (outside the legal aspects) is "can I bring a concealed recorder to interviews?" and the only real answer to that, ignornig legal stuff, is "ask"
Eh, not really, it's not a permission thing, or an employee provision thing. It's more of a "should I do this" question
It's a different and unrelated problem, close to the "what should I do".
I mean you wouldn't ask your employer if you should sue them, would you?
4:01 PM
"Could there be any repercussions should the employer somehow find out that I have a concealed recorder on my person? " <--- this is effectively a legal question
unless the asker is asking "will this look bad on me if I get caught?" but this isn't really what they are asking
@enderland If you are going to pay per diem (and want the tax benefits that go along with it) then yes it is a regulated thing
You could choose to pay per diem with out the benefits but your employee and your accountant is going to hate you because you can not deduct what you paid out as an expense and your employee has to claim the income from it.
@Chad This should probably be either part of the question or part of the answer - I suspect most of the DVers don't realize this at all (I didn't, until now...)
@Chad it's been my professional experience that per Deim varies widely depending upon 1) the company, 2) your position/role within the company, and in many cases 3) the relative expense(s) of the geographical location. So other than pointing the OP to the Wikipedia or another definition how can we provide a meaningful answer? — Stephen 18 mins ago
this has been my experience as well, with different rates for "per diem." it might just be that the company has chosen to use that name because people "know what per diem means" and aren't using the government rate necessarily (or are using a different rate for some reason)
4:23 PM
@BenBrocka As it's worded right now the question is not "should/how can I do this" it is "will there be reppercussions?" to which the answer is "maybe"
@jmort253 sorry for the wall of comments. :)
5:31 PM
There is no magical "instant confidence" anyone can give you - well, there is. But showing up to interviews drunk has its own set of associated problems. :-) — Carson63000 15 hours ago
5:42 PM
@enderland Carson has the best avatar on SE ever.
6:00 PM
@enderland The company is following government guidelines(I know they are called guidelines but they are rules) on setting per deim amounts though.
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9:10 PM
@BenBrocka Why is that question still open?
@Chad Because I can't vote to close it again :(
Our close voters are slacking off
@enderland good system
My day would look like 8-959: Stare at the email icon in my tray I am not allowed to clear. 10:30-12:59 Stare at the email icon in my tray I am not allowed to clear..
9:31 PM
A: Is there an effective way of dealing with nepotism at work?

demonz demonzAristotle wrote about this things millenia ago. Read "The republic". Given you are greek your advantage is that you can read the original book untainted by translation.

I'm not in a good mood, it seems...
@YannisRizos but not an incorrect one either
There was another bs comment in that question yesterday...
let's not forget why employers in a country like Greece nowadays feel they can get away with anything: unemployment in Greece is 50%. so unless you can find another job, which i imagine will be really, really hard in that economy, you might just have to suck it up — foampile yesterday
at least that one was a comment, not an answer
26.8%, the actual number, is extremely high (and not exactly accurate), 50% is just plain stupid.
If he doesn't stop posting terrible answers I'm going to get "serial" votes reversed. It's some sort of evil trick
10:03 PM
Q: watching porn at work: how to handle it?

demonz demonzi have this pal who watches porn movies now and then in the office. He is a good worker and has a very easygoing character. I personally don't have anything against his habit. As long as he uses earphones - he does - and doesn't masturbate - thing that thanks to heaven he does not - however my co...

A: Talking about an employee's criminal record at work

demonz demonzCriminal offences are bad things done to society, so as you are part of society, is your right to know about the criminal records of everyone next to you. It is not like sexual preferences or religious beliefs. You surely do not want a wifebeater or a pedo next to you. And... this "man" is it ...

how do I avoid serial downvoting ;_;
oh FFS!
Q: Is it good to work for money?

demonz demonzI mean, once you pass the "live decently-save a little" barrier. The pros: - income The cons: - loss of time for leisure and pointless pondering

I mean that jerk's bio specifically says
"I am a constructive troll, meaning that while the tone used in my posts sounds unprofessional, childish, trollish, even ridicule the watchful eye will find deep, delightful and thoughtful truths about tech and society in every line that usually go over most of people´s headses."
@enderland Better than working for free :p
We need a mod to step up and slap prodigiously
@enderland no, i don't. As i told, besides the pornowatching, the man is quite a catch. — demonz demonz 16 secs ago
A: Is there an effective way of dealing with nepotism at work?

demonz demonzPlato wrote about this things millenia ago. Read "The republic". Given you are greek your advantage is that you can read the original book untainted by translation.

@Chad your quotes make think that you strongly believe the character is actually me in disguise. No such thing. Is an actual person other than myself. And please elaborate bout the help you suggest my friend shoud take. — demonz demonz 30 secs ago
The solutions he is looking for come in various sizes...
at least he's supporting the meta proposal I have about serial downvoting being relevant?
whoa! i'm respectful of sexual dignity, but the "sexual harassment complaint against the company" sounds absurd to me. IS not like he is touching noones private parts or watching porn in front of children (who happen to be the most porn watchers). About firing him, it's unliokely to happen — demonz demonz 1 min ago
10:20 PM
if you look at the active questions list it is all him...
oh lordy it's worse than I even realized.
A: How to tell coworkers not to use local dialects at work

demonz demonzOk, so you went to china and got mad because the chinese want to talk chinese like real chinese people do? i think you should apply the "come to my country, at least learn my language" motto that all white supremacists usually vomit.

A: Coworker doesn't actually work - how to deal with the situation?

demonz demonzif you ask me, i'd say nothing unless it affects me. YOu see, business owners are parasites that drink all the juice you made and leave you with nothing but a tiny drop called wage. These kind of half assed employees are somewhat doing justice.

it's like this guy thought "hey how can I support enderland's meta.so proposal? I know! I'll post like 20 terrible things in short succession!"
A: How to answer critical non technical questions in an interview

demonz demonzseems you've been too close to the tree these years and your forest-vision is underdeveloped. maybe you know how to deal with gizmos (mechanical or logical) and maybe you have it all clear. however, you have little idea of the actual impact of your doings outside your bubble. I'd think your fail...

@enderland So, you're admitting he's your sock puppet?
A: How should I respond to an inappropriate question in a job interview?

demonz demonzface up, make your stand and calmly say: donĀ“t feel comfortable responding that one. sorry, that's private. This is usally followed by new attemps from the HRNazi to make you feel unprofessional, strange, guilty or awkward in order to loot privacy from you, they will even play the "if u dont ...

omg dont put your hand in his sock he uses that while watching porn at work
@YannisRizos lol. you think I could come up with that many terrible posts in one afternoon? I'm not sure how I feel about that... :(
10:24 PM
...and he's now suspended.
I guess that is one advantage of me downvoting nearly everything there
though, interestingly, the porn question IS a good question imo (aside from the obvious origin as a troll Q)
It is not a good question...
@Chad well in terms of a practical workplace problem? I'd say it's decent?
its up there with being slapped by the boss
I love my rep yo-yoing as posts get deleted
can users have names like this?
A: How can I get an idea of the work hours when applying for a job?

fuckoffCheck the website http://www.glassdoor.com to get insider reviews of the company. It also has tips about each company's interview and hiring process.

10:29 PM
Please keep flagging, people. (I went back on my "not doing anything major while in the last throws of my diamond powers" plan, yes. Sorry.)
@jcmeloni I probably just flooded you with flags
can you just delete everything he did today?
@Chad I follow the flags. ...
@enderland greatly appreciated flags
I am alsmot out of flags
@Chad You can vote to delete negatively scored answers...
10:34 PM
Also a big fan of delete votes.
oo oo he updated his profile
I am a constructive troll, meaning that while the tone used in my posts sounds unprofessional, childish, trollish, even ridicule the watchful eye will find deep, delightful and thoughtful truths about tech and society in every line that usually go over most of people´s headses.

Most of time, my typos and constant misuse of grammar and word things is intentional, sometimes is not. Sometimes is plain ignorance, or plaignorance as i like to call it. Most of my material is not fresh or original, but plain plagiarism, plaingiarism as i like to call it, from the good episodes of the simpsons o
fortunately he used lots of words like nazi's and such so using the "not welcome" flag is appropriate... lol
Hi and welcome to The Workplace. I don't see anything in this answer that isn't already covered in others. demonz, this isn't a discussion forum; the emphasis is on providing information. You might find the FAQ helpful. — Monica Cellio 3 mins ago
This is something that always gets me mad, seeing good people wasting their time on obvious trolls...
oh, doesn't auto resolve deleted ones? lame
This isn't the troll I expected to be dealing with today
10:39 PM
Honestly though some of this stuff is pretty funny. Just totally not appropriate at all
"YOu see, business owners are parasites that drink all the juice you made and leave you with nothing but a tiny drop called wage. These kind of half assed employees are somewhat doing justice."
Yeah it varies between absurdity and plain old boring bad advice with no explaination
> Given you are greek your advantage is that you can read the original book untainted by translation.
Yes, because Plato and I speak exactly the same language...
@YannisRizos ... LOL :)
where was that?
2500+ years between us, but the language remains exactly the same...
@YannisRizos idk. it's all Greek to me :\
11:00 PM
You've reached the maximum of 8 Deletion votes per day; come back in 59 minutes
finally a reason to care about rep
11:56 PM
@YannisRizos I ran out of delete votes at 930 am :p[

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