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12:03 AM
Man, now he's refusing to let me make him an ugly sweater. It was going to be so ugly, too. sigh
@Izkata Those are indeed a lot of indeeds O_O
@Slytherincess Yep, there is a reason this question exists, after all...
@bitmask What is she, a house-elf?
The YouTube clip is STILL saying Indeed. :))
@DVK No, but obviously the knitting-elf of SFF.
@DVK There is a plot! </Dobby>
12:10 AM
@Slytherincess Hahaha
@Slytherincess Indeed
@DVK Indeed, yes.
What show is that even from?
The original Stargate -- SG1
@yentup Stargate-SG1
12:15 AM
I feel like i've heard of it before..
@yentup You may have heard of it, yeah -- it ran for like 10 seasons, but it is an older show by now.
I put Stargate Atlantis on my Christmas list. The entire show on BluRay is on sale for $75 right now. Down from like $199.
Oh, and if anyone's interested, Game of Thrones S1 on BluRay is available now, but apparently is out of production? I know there have been issues with that show. Anyhow, it's available on Amazon for a reasonable price.
SG-1 ran for 10 seasons, and Teal'c was a main cast member throughout the entire series
Atlantis ran for 5, and Teal'c made guest appearances
Stargate Universe ran for 2, but I don't think Teal'c made any appearances
12:37 AM
@Izkata I vaguely remember he did.
But it could've been Atlantis.
Q: Looking for a book about RPG players which get pulled into their game?

DavidI read a book as a teenager and I am searching for it. (from around the 90's) THINGS I REMEMBER: I remember that one of the players was in a wheelchair and he played a dwarf, Also remember when the wizard woke up in the game world, he set off a lightning bolt and exploded most of their gear. ...

@Izkata Oh, I'm sorry, he was the only SG-1 member that did not have a guest appearance.
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1:53 AM
@Slytherincess It's been out since early this year. They recently did a sort of re-release with more stuff, like DVDs and more extras.
2:14 AM
Q: Book-Identify: darker short-story anthology featuring Whelan-like art, beach campfire on cover?

SolemnityThis one's somewhat vague, and I apologize- I'm trying to remember a hard-cover anthology of Grimm-like tales, a bit more 'grown-up' than popular views of Grimm; and, it featured what I remember as the art of Michael Whelan, or someone of similar style, on the covers and for each story. The cover...

2:44 AM
Q: The Jesus Incident: Is there a reason Herbert used the name "Jesus Lewis"?

SteveEDIn the (lesser known, non-Dune) novel "The Jesus Incident" one of the character's name is "Jesus Lewis". We learn in an important scene that it's normally pronounced in the Spanish style (i.e. "Haysoos") when Ship pronounces it in the English style (i.e. "Geezus") and this surprises a character....

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3:50 AM
Q: Can one's House change?

commandoIn Harry Potter, when a witch or a wizard is 11 they go to Hogwarts and their first major experience is their own Sorting. In front of the Great Hall, each new student goes to the stool, sits down, and puts on ye olde Sorting Hat. After anywhere from just a moment to over five minutes, the hat ye...

@ScienceFiction&Fantasy And, on a related topic... SOME people clearly need to get a life:
"You are not even a real hat!!!"
Overheard at my son's orchestra/band concert tonight (from woman sitting behind me): "So when Lauren came to me and said she wanted to play cello, I told her 'Oh, no, honey, you don't want to play cello ... you're a lacrosse player!" facedesk
@Keen I'm kind of bummed because I just checked again and it's up to $109. I'm not paying that for one season of TV that I don't even know that I'll like.
@Slytherincess - Just got back from New York. We saw the Harry Potter exhibition at the Discovery museum in Times Square.
4:07 AM
@Donald.McLean Oh nice! How was it? Did you take pictures? What kind of items were there?
@Slytherincess If you don't care about the extras, the regular blu-ray set is only $45.
Not bad. First week, I paid like $37 for that.
I hope nobody spoils the middle of the Hobbit movie for me.
@Keen Oh thank you! I didn't know there was a regular version. $45 is fine. Thanks for pointing me to it.
@MajorStackings Picard kills Dumbledore.
@MajorStackings I won't because I'm waiting to see it :D
4:17 AM
I would totally be seing the midnight premier of the Hobbit if it weren't for exams..
I'm so jazzed for the Hobbit. I'm excited to see it in 48 fps 3D. (for science)
@yentup Yes, exams have to come first (unfortunately, right?!)
@Keen Aren't they only showing the 48 fps version in certain theaters?
@MajorStackings - The hobbit survives. So does Count Dooku, unfortunately.
@Slytherincess Yes, exams are never fun. They always seem to show up when i least want to take them
:P lol
4:22 AM
I am the wielder of the sacred Lightsaber of Anor!
And I hold the Flame of Dooku ...
As always, I am obligated to recommend dooku.net.
@Slytherincess XD hahaha that's awesome
@yentup Isn't it ridiculous? I love it :))
@Slytherincess - am I missing some deeper meaning cleverly hidden in the flash design?
@DVK Nope. There is no deep meaning.
4:27 AM
@Slytherincess Where did you ever find this?!
When you click the bar (button) the music changes.
@Slytherincess - Ah. First, I had to realize the truth.
@yentup I think my husband showed me this one.
@DVK The absurdity is strong with this one ...
@DVK - If you don't like what I added to your answer, feel free to delete it.
Would you say that immortality for the Elves in LOTR is a matter-of-fact thing about their race, or is it a source of pride? (Anyone, please feel free to chime in)
4:40 AM
@Slytherincess most elves dont seem very prideful of their immortality
usually they just go with it, and dont really question it or anything, so i'd say to the elves themselves it's more of an accepted quality of their race
but i guess it depends on the elf
For anyone who's on Mac or Linux, go to your terminal and type this in:
cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.lotr
it's a brief listing of events in LOTR, randomly in the /usr/share/ folder lol
Q: Did the Harry Potter movies influence JKR's later HP books?

Silver FoxHarry Potter books were published in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005 and 2007. Harry Potter movies were released 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011. As can be seen, the last 3 books were written after 2 movies came out; the last 2, after Movie #3, and Deathly Hallows after 5 movi...

4:55 AM
@yentup Heh, interesting, never saw that before... Although I personally think calendar.discordian is more amusing
@Izkata Huh mine doesnt have that one
* Discordian Holidays as outlined in the Principia Discordia
* Prepared by Nick Rusnov <nick@grawk.net>


Jan 05 Mungday (5th of the Season of Chaos) Festival of Hung Mung
Feb 19 Chaoflux (50th of the Season of Chaos)
Feb 29 St. Tibb's Day
Mar 19 Mojoday (5th of the Season of Discord) Festival of Dr. Van Van Mojo
May 03 Discoflux (50th of the Season of Discord)
May 31 Syaday (5th of the Season of Confusion) Festival of Sri Syadasti
Jul 15 Confuflux (50th of the Season of Confusion)
(I once tried to read some of the Principia Discordia)
@Slytherincess - If only we had a place where we could ask questions about fantasy books...
@Izkata Haha well that's a weird calendar
@yentup - Why people put things in specific places on a Unix filesystem is a bigger mystery than a mortal can decipher.
5:07 AM
@DVK Hahaha yeah it's so funny
@DVK There are rules, but each package (program/set of programs) is free to do what they want (within limits)
Granted, they change from distro to distro, and the same package is often used across distros...
5:23 AM
distro to distro? I had to work on DEC Alpha, Solaris 2.3+, SunOS (before Solaris), Slackware, RedHat, and IIRC once HP-UX and Irix. The only consistent thing is the inconsistency. It's as if a bunch of monkeys randomly went flinging files all over the place,
Q: Did Rowling ever explain her last sentence in Deathly Hallows?

Silver Fox The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well. Did J.K. Rowling ever explain the meaning behind that sentence? On one hand, it sounds like "... but then... in a sequel designed to make me even MORE money"... But I seem to recall that JKR has explicitly ruled out writing an...

5:34 AM
@DVK I mean to ask a question, actually, but I needed to ask that bit first.
Well, if anyone thinks they are ... I never guess right on duplicate questions.
They dont look like duplicates, just similar
5:53 AM
@Slytherincess - Don't seem even remotely like duplicates to me
one asks about influence of what she saw in the movies
one asks about influence of what the fans asked her to do
This is why I asked! :D Thanks, guys...
Remember, the rule of thumb on a duplicate is "does there exist an answer to Q1 that ALSO answers Q2". What do you think such an answer could be for those 2 questions?
@Slytherincess - yeah, you keep threatening to ask a question for 2 days now :)
@DVK I knoooow! I've been so swamped with IRL stuff ... tomorrow should be easier. The boy has two doctor appts at 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. but other than that I'm free. So I can type up my THREE questions!
Snort I guess I gave an answer to your "fan influence" question that I linked to 17 minutes ago because I got a downvote on it after linking to it. DB.
6:31 AM
I have a Hobbit chained up in my basement. He has never revealed me to the location of his hidden gold or how to get to Hogwarts.
6:57 AM
@Slytherincess Don't stick out. Nerd school rule #1
@DVK That's, uh, not my style :>
3 hours later…
10:09 AM
Also, it looks like Prisoner of Azkaban will be hitting Pottermore soonishly -- they put up tea leaves for people to read. (I did not go and try and read them :P )
1 hour later…
11:28 AM
@Keen - what does this mean: "Notice added Insufficient explanation by Keen♦" here?
3 hours later…
1:58 PM
@DVK - Remind me to tell you the very weird and rather sordid story of the guy who ran the HP Lexicon.
@Slytherincess Photography was not allowed (because there's a $20 guide for sale in the gift shop). It was many of the props, costumes and creatures from the movies. For many of the items, the props people made multiple copies - 6 of each wand, for example, and dozens of the Marauder's Map. The collection included one of the wands for most of the major characters, all of the horcruxes, all of the Deathly Hallows, a collection of stuff from many significant characters including Ron's and Harry's beds.
@Slytherincess - After McAfee, I'm hard to shock :)
Q: Are there canon examples of students permanently transfering from one school to another in Potterverse?

DVKAre there either examples, or a mention of this having happened, of students permanently transfering from one magical school to another in Potterverse? Canon only please (books/JKR/Pottermore). Please note that I am only asking about transfers, eg you must already be studying in one school. The...

2:38 PM
Did any of the midnight opening Hobbit watchers see the movie in HFR-3D? I've heard mixed reviews on the higher def version, with some people thinking it looks too fake.
@Xantec "Too fake". About a movie featuring a hobbit, a wizard, and a dragon.
@DVK Ha, well... yea.
For Sriracha fans, I give you Sriracha Lip Balm.
2:58 PM
@Wikis Means I added the post notice. See it below the comments on that question?
@yentup Yup. Luckily, my favorite local theater is one of them.
3:34 PM
Q: Why does Princess Bubblegum remember time differently at different ages?

KasuchikoIn the season three episode, "Too Young," Princess Bubblegum has de-aged herself to being 13 again. In her de-aged form, she seems to have all her memories and knowledge from her 18-year-old self, but she is the same age as Finn and displays similar levels of maturity and, well, behavior. Howev...

Did anyone here see the Hobbit last night? How was it? (no spoilers!)
@JeffAtwood WELL SAID SIR. Also, hats arrive in 5 days. Five UTC days. — Aarthi 11 hours ago
The Hobbit? The Hobbit? The Hobbit? The Hobbit? To Isengard, to Isengard!
@Donald.McLean - Is this kind of like the wands they had? I don't know where I found this -- somewhere in Google images. I've had it for a while.
@Slytherincess - - Couldn't the damn ollievander just settle on unified handle design?
3:49 PM
@DVK The wand chooses the wizard. Also inconsistency is an indicator of lack of quality control. Ollevander was peddling his second rate wands for years.
@DVK That would be boring! Everyone is different! We all need our own handle.
@JackBNimble - Inconsistency is a sign of hobgoblin meddling.
@Slytherincess - I'm NOT like everyone. I don't wanna be different!
@Keen: nope, don't understand - can you please explain?
@Slytherincess In the exhibit, they had the actual wands used in the movie. In the gift store, they had replicas of the actual wands. That picture is from the "complete set" of wands of the main DA members ($199).
Anyone else notice the sleigh on the right of the chat room? :)
3:52 PM
@Wikis Sleigh? I have no idea what you are referring to.
@Donald.McLean - It boggles the mind that people would be willing to pay so much for a couple of pieces of meaningless wood.
> We're looking for long answers that provide some explanation and context. Don't just give a one-line answer: please explain why you're recommending it as a solution. Answers that don't explain anything will be deleted. See Good Subjective, Bad Subjective for more information.
^ That's a post notice.
@DVK Well, that set is actually six pieces of wood. "Meaningless" is a person valuation and many would disagree with you. Though, truth be told, I think one wand would be sufficient for me. My favorites were Snape's, Ginny's and Severus'.
@Donald.McLean I like Draco's wand. It's sleek and I like black accessories.
@DVK Just another brick in the wall ;)
They should make some wand replicas / arc welders. Then you could feel like you were performing magic.
3:57 PM
Those are pretty neat.
Someone could sure conduct a really nice symphony with one.
@Donald.McLean That's really lovely. The wands are very cool.
This is a pic of one of the Hogwarts scale models used in some of the movies (I'm not sure which movies).
@Slytherincess I think my favorites are all dark.
Let me correct that list. I like Snape's, Ginny's and Sirius' (Snape and Severus being the same person)
@Donald.McLean - There's a fanfic begging to be written there...
4:31 PM
Fanfic is never begged of.
@DVK What @JohnO said.
@JohnO - You're right. Rule 34F
If my job title is "Programmer Analyst", why does more than half the work I do something other than writing lines of code, compiling it, or other reasonably-related activities?
I do a surprising amount of emailing, meeting, making lists of things to do (whether or not I do them) and making lists of things I have already done (most of the items of which are of the aforementioned things).
@JohnO - it's called having a white collar job
4:47 PM
@JohnO My husband could have said this exact thing. It frustrates him to no end.
@JohnO Because you are an Analyst and not an Engineer?
@JackBNimble I am so not an engineer, it's not funny.
@JackBNimble - If you think engineers don't get to attend meetings, write emails and make lists, you haven't been in large companies :)
@DVK I'm actually titled as "Engineer" at my company and I get dragged into meetings all the time. And actually there is no difference in work between a Software Analyst and Software Engineer at this company, although both titles exist.
@JackBNimble Some of the titles are almost funny. Mine is "Senior Software Systems Engineer"
5:02 PM
@Donald.McLean Damn. I don't think I even have a job title. Just a rank.
@Donald I'm a 'consultant' not only must I code, but I have to think as well....
My boss actually has a software engineering degree.
@DVK I worked a job where I had a rank. It was "sergeant".
But he's Programmer Analyst IV...
...a new hope
5:04 PM
@JohnO my job title is also "Programmer Analyst", but I'm a one man Army. I almost don't spent time in meeting...
In fact, it's me that call meeting when I need to gathers requirements.
@johno I only have a degree in physics, one in comp-sci would be handy
I only have degrees in Political Science and Finance.
Q: What's the range of Magneto's powers?

Chetter HumminAs the summary says, is the range of Magneto's powers mentioned anywhere?

I've got the classic geek double major: comp sci and math.
I've go a degree comp-sci.
By the way, @JohnO, don't take it personal, but I really thing rehabilitating list is not a good idea.
5:12 PM
Psychology degree here. Looking to start my masters program soon. </only non-programmer in the room>
how do your office look like?
@Donald.McLean - Any formal hierarchy has ranks, usually :)
@JackBNimble - why aren't ypou on Politics.SE?
@Donald.McLean - welcome to the club.
@Slytherincess - Psychologists are evil </battlefield_earth>
@DavRob60'sHolidaySeasonUser Who, everyone?
@DVK What would I do there?
5:15 PM
here's mine
@DVK Oh, yes, and scientology is so grounded. Eyeroll :P
@JackBNimble - Ideally, post interesting questions and provide insightful answers. Optionally, obtain useful and/or interesting information
@Slytherincess anyone!
... and yes, I actually read entire "Battlefield Earth". I must admit it wasn't as bad as I expected. Not at all.
@DVK I've read it through a few times. I actually reread it earlier this year.
5:18 PM
@davrob id love to but I'm not allowed cameras in the office
@Pureferret so, no phone also...
@Slytherincess - After those esteemed thinkers decided to declare that evangelical Christians speecifically are crazy (as opposed to, for example, typical Islamists; or fanatical marxists whose worldview is no less theological than any born-agains), I'm starting to warm up to Scientology.
@Donald.McLean - You forgot to white-out the post it note with your passwords ...
@Donald.McLean nice pig!
hey, when user goes offline, they got a slay!
5:21 PM
@DVK Don't write passwords down on paper.
@DavRob60'sHolidaySeasonUser Which one. There are three pigs in that picture.
@Donald.McLean the dark one.
@DavRob60'sHolidaySeasonUser The rest of the pigs:
@Donald.McLean is the visual studio box a pig?
@DavRob60'sHolidaySeasonUser No, nor is the Little Ceaser's pizza guy.
5:29 PM
@Pureferret You could get the second degree easy enough. It'd only be 25 or so credits in math. You probably already even have a few of them.
You guys all get windows. That doesn't seem fair.
@JackBNimble I have a window overlooking a park no less.
@DavRob60'sHolidaySeasonUser Yeh, I kind of got that impression. We're getting less than a dozen questions per day that don't end up closed/deleted. Maybe we could be a bit more inclusive, especially considering that the questions in question are within the subject of our SE.
@JackBNimble nothing to help, I even got a waterview.
5:31 PM
@JackBNimble Hah! Mine doesn't have any windows near by.
@JackBNimble No window here.
Even my boss's boss doesn't have a window. None on the first floor in this building.
I do get 4 monitors though, woohoo! 21ers too.
@JohnO I've got a 30" and a 23".
This is the only pic I can find of my office. I know I have better shots, but I can't find them!
@Slytherincess A proper code monkey drink right there.
5:34 PM
They still make Tab?
@Xantec LOL, too bad I'm not a code monkey. Does Mt Dew count too?
@Slytherincess Yes. Code Monkey likes Fritos, Tab and Mountain Dew.
@Slytherincess look at @Donald.McLean's pic.
Because I consume insane amounts of Diet Mtn Dew. I know it's wrong and bad. Diet Mtn Dew, I just can't quit you!
I'll have a Pepsi free. If you want a Pepsi pal you're going to pay for it. I'll just have TAB. You can't have a tab until you order something. Just give me something without any sugar okay?
5:35 PM
@Donald.McLean Ooo, a window!
@JackBNimble I was thinking the exact same thing.
@slytherincess you have an inner coder
Someone teach her python will they?
@JackBNimble Windows? I'll settle for a cubicle. Heck, I'll settle for Harry Potter's room under the stairs :(
@davrob nope, nor internet
@Xantec Why is that second monitor so small?
5:37 PM
@johno wrong university system
@dvk 'islamists' ?
Also, train coffee is awful
This pretty much sums up my clientele.
@Pureferret - Are you implying she's a parseltongue?
@Slytherincess The view isn't so great this time of year. The trees in the park are all bare. When spring gets here though, it becomes nothing but green leaves.
5:39 PM
atwitsendcomics.com/comics/index/736/Pickup-Lines If you were a phasor you would set on 'stunning.'
@JackBNimble Because my employer is cheap. I have a 21" wide and 19" square.
@Xantec same setup for me.
@Pureferret - Al Zawahiri and co. Basically, any movement that considers that $area should be governed 100% by Sharia law from legal and political standpoint; and typically also free of "western" influence/presence.
@dvk, heh
@Xantec and I got the 21 because the other 19 didn't plug into the new computer.
5:40 PM
Sigh. People walk by and destroy my Buckyball art in the dead of night. I think it is because they hate America.
@DavRob60'sHolidaySeasonUser An upgrade of consequence. Sounds about right.
@JackBNimble - Everybody's a critic these days :(
@JackBNimble They only hate that you have such dangerous toys.
These snowmen are all gone now.
@JackBNimble are you sure they don't just melt?
5:43 PM
@JackBNimble Oh. That was just the Peoples Movement For Snowmen Freedom
@DavRob60'sHolidaySeasonUser Unlikely, I had them frozen in carbonite.
@DVK I'm an equal opportunity snowman employer.
@JackBNimble then it was their lady lovers dressed up as a bounty hunter.
@DavRob60'sHolidaySeasonUser Technically speaking, Han and Leia weren't lovers yet.
@Pureferret It doesn't work similarly there?
5:50 PM
@johno nope. A university course has units and modules, but they are seldom interchangeable.
I can't cash in a previous study for instance for 'credits'
Really, so you have to take all the general studies courses again, if you were to get a second degree?
That's sort of screwed up.
Over here, whatever units or modules overlapped between the two degree programs, you wouldn't have to do those the second time through.
@Pureferret I was able to do that, but it was a while ago.
Google maps puts Apple to shame -- Not that this is anything new or revealing, but I guess with the new Google Maps app, it's official!
6:19 PM
I like the new Maps app. I didn't even upgrade to ios6, apparently it still runs on 5.
@Keen, ah thanks. Guess it is a mod thing.
@JackBNimble: I saw it when logged in on a Windows pc. Or maybe I hallucinated it and need to regenerate.
@johno what are 'general studies' courses?
@Pureferret Before I can get a degree in anything, I have to take a few math classes, or a few history classes, etc.
Math, English, history, political science, a public speaking course, an art course, etc.
A few others.
They amount to 30 or 40 credits, which is a full year's worth, at least.
6:35 PM
@JohnO ouch!
My degree was physics from day one!
@Pureferret Seriously, you never took anything other than a physics course?
@JohnO Nope
No math courses, no calculus, nada?
the closest to 'not physics' was computational physics
@JohnO the Physics Dept. had it's own physics based maths courses
6:40 PM
How is that handled then, all that is finished in our equivalent of highschool then?
@Pureferret - Does steak and kidney pie really have kidneys in it?
@Slytherincess I wouldn't know, but I would imagine so. Unless the pie seller is being stingy
@Slytherincess Traditionally, no clue what people put in now. But they'd be minced.
@JohnO then that is a shame
next time I go to a butchers I must remember to get some kidney/liver
@Slytherincess Madness.
Thanks guys. I was just curious. Does not eat organ meat
6:42 PM
Over here, if you tried to enroll in a US college, the physics and math courses would probably transfer to equivalent courses... but they'd definitely want you to take those others I spoke of.
@Slytherincess muscles are an organ, and the heart is a muscle....
I don't eat heart.
Aside from muscles, I don't eat organ meat :D
@JohnO so I could do a maths course their and just take history lessons?
@Slytherincess ...or hearts which are both....
Kidneys aren't "bad" in that they have the consistency and taste of muscle/meat... but they're very bitter even after having been prepared. I think you're supposed to boil them.
@JohnO O_o
6:43 PM
Heart and beef tongue are ok.
Boil them?!
@JohnO VOM!
I don't think I'd try anything else though.
6:43 PM
Fry it man!
with some nice onions
Think about what's in kidneys for a moment.
@Pureferret I eat muscle, excluding the heart muscle, and I do not eat organ meat. Yes?
@Slytherincess yes :p
Slyth, do you eat sausage? You know what casing is, right?
@JohnO I know that
6:44 PM
@JohnO I'm never eating again -.-
But......boil!? I still can't imagine anyone boiling kidneys
@Pureferret Anyone wanting a 4 year undergrad degree here (where I work) would have to take 2-3 English courses, 2 history courses, 2 political science courses, a public speaking course, and 8 hours of lab science (chemistry, biology, doesn't matter), an applied science course, an art course, a humanities course, a year of foreign language, a multicultural course, and a sociology course.
You'd not need to take the lab science, surely.
Or the math, since the comp physics stuff was calculus heavy.
@JohnO Hmm, maybe. I skipped out to do programming in lieu of IRL labs
@JohnO Not overally, though we did cover enough
Maybe not the foreign language either... you guys over in Europe all do that in highschool, don't you? That might count.
The rest, though, you'd need before they'd award you a Bachelors.
@JohnO Yup, Je sui parle francais
how long does a course take?
6:49 PM
Depends on the college, some have 4 terms a year. Here? From Aug 27 til Dec 14th in fall, and Jan 17 to May 15 in spring.
Usually about 3 hours of lectures per week, another 2 of lab if it's a lab course.
@JohnO for a year?
Less than half a year.
4 months and change.
Are you ignorant, or just apathetic? I don't know, and I don't care.
7:14 PM
@JackBNimble Definitely one of those. And as soon as I care enough to look up their meaning I'll let you know.
I am trying to draft a question in which I ask why some comic book villians are motivated by money, when they have absolutely no need for it. I'm not sure if it is a good question, and I may just drop it.
For example, why is Metallo motivated by money, when he is basically an immortal android that requires nothing to sustain himself. What is he going to buy?
@JackBNimble Fem-bots?
@Xantec I am fairly certain when he stopped needing food, sleep, and oxygen he also stopped having carnal desires.
He always has the most impressive bling anyone could want. A kryptonite heart.
7:24 PM
How about just a Scrooge McDuck style pool of money to swim in?
@Xantec Maybe I guess. I wonder why Superman doesn't dump someone like Metallo on the moon. Metallo wouldn't be able to get back. It's the more localized phantom zone.
@JackBNimble It wouldn't be beyond reach for another mega-rich villain to go to the moon and retrieve him. I'd either drop them into the sun or Jupiter.
Superman should dump all his enemies in the Phantom Zone. It is his non-lethal storage facility for people he doesn't like.
I'd rather be a antihero, than a hero like Superman. Then I wouldn't need to use non-lethal means to remove the weekly antagonist.
@Slytherincess It does not require sense to remove the life of another person.
More stunning is how the media will blow a single incident like this into a storm of activity, when every day people are killing other people all across the globe.
@Xantec I think it's newsworthy myself.
7:39 PM
To each their own. Stories like that are why I avoid news outlets.
@JohnO same thing here, no general studies courses at the university, but I had to get some in College (I made 3 years Comp sci in College instead of 2 year gen) more info here
Q: Short story about alien military telepathy?

IucounuI am trying to find a short story that I read in my youth. I unfortunately can't remember anything of the title. I thought it had been written by Arthur C. Clarke, but a search of his short stories turns up nothing for me so far. What I remember: At least the first part of the story involves ...

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Today's Japanese lesson is that ロンド means Rondo.
@Keen That's how it is pronounced / written with katakana. Is Rondo not a native Japanese word?
I dunno, but since it's a proper noun, you'd use katakana anyway.
8:28 PM
@JohnO mind if I quote you on this?
@Keen where did he strike?
8:41 PM
@Pureferret Sure, go ahead. But the boiling part is half-speculation, half-poorly remembered cooking show.
@Pureferret He asked a crap Robocop question. 'Tis already closed and deleted.
your field of expertise; any idea what principles they mean?
@Pureferret At a guess, they mean that human attention works in a way that is at odds with Powerpoint, making it difficult to focus or learn what is being presented.
@JohnO I gathered, but they speak of it as though it's some closely guarded company secret
It's a journal, of course it's closely guarded.
8:55 PM
Q: Has the human race gone vegetarian in Star Trek?

KeithSIn Voyager, we primarily see various gourds and other alien vegetables in Neelix's kitchen, and most of the food we see replicated is vegetarian, like an instance of Paris ordering tomato soup, though Paris also does at one point express a craving for pepperoni pizza, and Neelix in another episod...

Q: Prometheus questions

Iucounu(I'm sorry if these questions have been answered before, but I can't find the answers if they have. I will grow in my knowledge and ability to use the site as I go.) How did Shaw's offspring, which she ripped from her body just in time using the autosurgery equipment, grow to such tremendous si...

I actually have a few candidates for the gold Populist badge, by that I mean the accepted answer is at 11+, and I've got a fairly high-scoring answer of my own.
But nowhere near the 23 I'd need.
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