4:11 PM
I was promised unicorns!
the power of twitter
they say unicorn tastes like chicken
welcome, unicorn chasers
Surely someone on Stack Exchange will appear with a unicorn avatar
4:12 PM
unicorns?? WINNING
i was told there would be Winning Unicorns
Good news this week then, Joel..?
unicorn powered stress test!
looks like Joel has one or two followers on twitter
4:12 PM
Joel, why did you sell out and go for funding? :)
lol @JoelSpolsky's tweets attract far too many users @balpha :P
We enjoyed your updated snack selection in the break room.
I was wondering where the rainbow shit came from.
So what does everyone think of the additional $12 million of the company getting sold?
yes! I would like to point out that my blog post was sufficiently poorly written that perhaps 30% of the people thought that the site name stackoverflow.com would change
4:13 PM
I, for one, welcome our new unicorn overlords
so when are you getting a ping pong table of your own @balpha, so I can come and play ;)
Is this a chat room stress test?
@Blankman they always say you should raise money when you DON'T need it. We don't need it.
another way of putting it... with this much money in the bank, the company is now basically indestructible.
4:14 PM
But it definitely won't...
@Joel hmm...but then aren't you selling a piece of your pie when you don't NEED to? that's twisted logic for me
@IvoFlipse my girlfriend would kill me -- that would mean moving a lot of furniture to the side. our appartment isn't that big :)
Since we didn't need the money, we were able to raise it on verrrrrrrry good terms
@joel yes terms wise it makes sense.
@JoelSpolsky WAY TO JINX IT!
4:14 PM
But you still sold off a piece of the company
other than the slightly larger board of directors (which is a good thing, the old board was small and boring), we have not ceded any control
@joel but then using that logic, fogcreek needed money so therefore didn't try and raise $?
So if control wasn't traded then what was? ...profits? ....ads?
Is Anil planning on using the engine for that .gov project @JoelSpolsky?
i was promised unicorns and you guys are talkin business. ZZZZzzzz....
4:16 PM
@Joel Does the new investment indicate an interest in other regions? New crib for @rockhardawesome?
@joelspolsky Do the industry a favor and start up the podcasting again. :) :) :) :)
would you rather own X% of a company with $4m in the bank, or (a tiny bit less than X)% of a company with $16m in the bank?
@Blankman I think the actual converse would be opposite or equal. So fogcreek needed money, so it could either raise it or not...?
@JoelSpolsky Sounds like a challenge!
I miss the podcast :-(
4:16 PM
I think that the name change is a great move.
I second the resumption of podcast
@ivo I don't really understand the government project that Anil is working on. I'll have to ask him
The board positions are your own business. If you still control the company, it sounds good to me.
@LordTorgamus challenge not accepted!
@JoelSpolsky @joels
4:17 PM
@EndangeredMassa Makes sense!
And if you're not going to podcast, the Spiderman musical could use your talents now that Taymor is fired.
podcast? spiderman?
@JoelSpolsky If the earnings/profits/dividends are the same? I'd rather have a bigger slice of the smaller pie. Money in bank doesn't necessarily mean more money coming in.
The only thing I want to do is sing a duet of "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" from "Annie get your gun" with Jeff Atwood
@JoelSpolsky Do you have any thoughts on the new EU legislation coming up about the use of Cookies?
4:18 PM
I want to hear that!
We need the resumption of the Felix/Oscar dynamic of the podcast
@JoelSpolsky I'd buy that DVD.
@JoelSpolsky - If SE needed the money you should have asked us. We're good for it. =)
@JoelSpolsky How exactly you don't need money when everything on your site is free and ad-free ?
@greg just heard about that today
4:19 PM
@LordTorgamus buy it? It better be hosted on youtube!
But if $4m is working and helping make profit then whats the point? Wouldn't you then have to manage more chiefs?
@drachenstern Silence! We're trying to get them to sell t-shirts, and selling other merchandise would be a step in the right direction!
So when are you going public? :)
Q: Don't you think that it's time for some Stack Exchange shirts?

KronoSThis is for you Jeff. We're asking and begging and pleading (and maybe even willing to pay) for some shirts!!!! We know you've got to have some hiding under your bed on top of your PING PONG TABLE! Don't you think it's time to share with those that deserve it? Perhaps to the newly elected...

there are, actually, ads on two of our sites (StackOverflow and ServerFault), and Careers 2.0 has job listings and resume search features which the employers have to pay for
4:20 PM
Are your new board members even smarter than the present board members?
@nEEbz: SO is definitely not ad free, and (plug!) careers.stackoverflow.com is also not free for employers who wish to post job listings or search our newly awesome candidate database.
@JoelSpolsky Aaand Photoshop go!
You guys did a great job on Careers
@joel if you had gone with the initial stackexchange model of letting others create sites for $119/month, how many paying customers do you think you would have had in 2 years time?
if you had to guess
4:20 PM
@blankman one
@GregB Is this any different than the EU legislation that was passed last year? Google General Counsel figured that the browser settings on cookie control were good enough.
I'm sure they needed 12 million to buy Jon Skeet out of Google
I'd definitely contribute to SO, way before I'd send that stupid college any money that insists on telemarketing me for donations.
@DonnyV: Thanks!
4:21 PM
Hi! :)
OMG so many users in this room?!
@JasonPunyon you guys are earning so much from careers to run the whole exchange network? that's really great.
@joel lol
61 users.
(1) We would love to get set up to sell y'all stack exchange t-shirts. It's actually kind of a high priority feature around here that we haven't had time to do. CafePress et al. make crappy shirts, so we want to do it ourselves, but it takes some work to set up a store and so forth.
@JoelSpolsky What was the primary motivation for switching to the invite-only model for Careers 2.0? Was the original money requirement not enough of a barrier to weed out the cruft?
4:22 PM
I just wanna know what's going on with FogCreek since Joel has decided that the SOIS (er SE) empire is more important :p
@ivo john skeet left goo?
@drachenstern I'm sure Pryor has got that under control.
@Joel Any news about Devdays ?
@EndangeredMassa the original money requirement was... kind of controversial, and only a few thousand developers thought it was worth it. We wanted an order of magnitude more users, without lowering our standards. So after much discussion back and forth we hit upon the invite-only model... use invitations instead of price to maintain quality
@JohnFx :p I know
4:23 PM
@drachenstern it's like pompei down there
So, when does the Unicorn statue arrive in the SO office?
@JoelSpolsky Ah, thanks.
@JoelSpolsky Dude outsource that to an art crew in Bushwick. You'll get some American Apparel (xl and xxl sizes) 100% american soft cotton Stack Exchange Tshirts.. With Street cred.
@nEEbz: I didn't say that :)
@JoelSpolsky so long as I don't lose my kiln or my FogB I'm good.
4:24 PM
I'm not going to worry about SE getting VC until they build a golden statue of Joel and put it in front of the building.
@ShaunF if you know any bushwicky art crews send 'em my way. not kidding
@Joel Can we get someone to comment on Kiln here. In the spirit of completeness :D
@joel kk
@Noctrine did you mean "Kiln"?
4:25 PM
@JohnFx that would freak me out. They once made a baublehead of me at great expense and it spooked me.
@JoelSpolsky I second the "Any news about Devdays" question.
@drachenstern Ack, typed to quickly. Corrected.
@JoelSpolsky Pics or it didn't happen.
devdays - we need a volunteer to organize. The hardest part is finding speakers and topics.
@JoelSpolsky How many times has Jeff asked to go back to subversion? ;-)
4:26 PM
@donny once (this week).
@JoelSpolsky Well, it would probably be less creepy if it wasn't a NUDE bobblehead doll.
@lord I tore it to pieces, and threw all the pieces into a fire
Hey @JoelSpolsky when is that absolutely hilarious intro video from DevDays going up on YouTube ;-)
@JoelSpolsky How about a trip to Norway in May? rootsconf.no
Are you guys hiring anytime soon?...and does it count against you if you live in NJ?
4:28 PM
@Pandincus that, too, was torn to pieces and thrown on a fire
@JoelSpolsky :-(
@donny we are always hiring
@JasonPunyon Most of your ads are for your own exchange networks and then there are sponsored tags. That's all. And revenue from your careers websites. I still don't understand how you guys don't need money with apparently such limited revenue streams.
srsly I'm pretty sure that video was on a laptop that no longer exists
@JoelSpolsky Do you guys just keep fires burning around the office for quick image disposal?
4:29 PM
@DonnyV Even if you're not looking, you should read the position description for Joel's, uh, "assistant."
I live in NJ and was still hired!
this is true, we even have a Philly guy working in our office in NY
Wow this is my first time in the stack chat. This is slick!
Yes, but i'll only be a philly guy for like 3 more weeks
man that commute has gotten rough ! :)
Wait, does Jonathan Coulton stop by to entertain you at office parties? You should play up that as a working-in-NY employee benefit!
4:30 PM
Q: What is Stack Overflow's business model?

George StockerI once answered a question that asked how Stack Overflow makes money, but that was before the time of VC. Now, Stack Overflow has cash, and they have an ever-growing list of employees, but where's the business model? The Experts-Exchange team took the time to answer its own Q&A about its si...

@Zypher dude I gave up a 45 minute drive on the freeway to move a five minute walk away :p
@Zypher need a roommate - i need to get the hell out of Greenpoint.
@MatthewGlidden good catch!
I guess no telecommute jobs
Waitasecond, JoCo? I so need to apply for that overlord underling position ...
@DonnyV yeah, they have a few teleworkers
4:31 PM
@joelspolsky i'm very surprised at two things - #1 that people get so freaked out about this, it's fairly standard, it's not like people go nuts every time fb or twitter take another hojillian in funding and #2 that you're not able to make more money off of ads
About half of the company telecommutes, but we have very limited ability to manage remote people, so we're not hiring additional telecommuters right now. We are happy to hire sales people, marketing people, programmers for New York. And we'd even hire a graphic designer.
@JoelSpolsky I will trade you a Portal 2 shirt for one SE shirt. ^_^
Yeah, how does one go about getting one of the SE shirts?
Bah, I'll trade you my firstborn for a position in SE
4:32 PM
@JoelSpolsky +1 web designer
Speaking of the overlord underling position, @JoelSpolsky, how do you make jokes about Cantor's diagonal proof?
@systempuntoout thanks :)
(protip: I have insider knowledge, like having a purposely severed vas)
@drachenstern: You're in, we need a babysitter for this new baby we got off someone...
What Jin doesn't know is that they're looking for a replacement web guy, not an additional web guy. How will he react to this news? Let's watch.
4:33 PM
lol ^2
Not hiring cheap* Canadian labor right now eh? *(not actually cheap)
lol @LordTorgamus
Wait a second, I thought I already worked for SE. I answer questions all the time. Well, that and it says so on my business card. =)
answering questions on SE is working for THE INTERNET!
@Jin is the man...nice work on the GIS site ;-)
4:34 PM
@MichaelMyers: Q: What's big, grey, and proves the uncountability of the reals?
So I need to print up new business cards? "Internet Help Desk Supervisor"
so INTERNET owes me a couple of beers
@systempuntoout Stop by Nebraska, and I'll make sure the Internet buys you a pint
@JasonPunyon Umm... a very, very smart elephant.
I am so bad at this.
so you still haven't found a sockpuppet @JoelSpolsky? Oh I mean side-kick :P
4:35 PM
@MichaelMyers speaking of the overlord underling position, has it been filled and will they consider a guy? Cos I would so rock at that position, I just doubt that I have the ... requirements ... to fill that position.
@MichaelMyers: Cantor's Diagonal Elephant!
Can non-ivy league graduates work at SE?
@JasonPunyon groan
im so glad you guys beat that sex change site
@DonnyV thanks!
@joslinm Ivy League or Stanford. That's the rule.
@JasonPunyon That makes me feel a lot better about my extremely lame attempt. :P
Sex-change related, I'm digging this plugin quite hard: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/…
@joel 1 customer? c'mon
4:37 PM
I didn't know @balpha studied in the States :P
@joslinm: Don't fret, somehow a state school loser like me was able to sneak in :)
@IvoFlipse so glad you didn't chase @rchern on that one ;)
@JoelSpolsky How about 10+ yrs work experience building web apps. ;-)
chase @RebeccaChernoff on what @drachenstern?
@JasonPunyon state school lucky ... i have a community college degree !
4:38 PM
@IvoFlipse education
@JasonPunyon Thank you. You give me hope!
that would mean you made Geocities @DonnyV :P
@JoelSpolsky so Joel, let's talk about the very real reason of this chat, *cough* the return of the podcast..
I spent 2 years in a state school :-D
@Blankman - seriously - the trouble with the original stackexchange model is that there were three preconditions to success. You had to have (a) an idea (b) an audience (c) the willingness to do it as a commercial venture
4:38 PM
@DonnyV depends on the web apps
@IvoFlipse Some of my websites look like Geocities, does that count for anything?
We eliminated requirements (b) and (c) and got FAR more high-quality sites
@JoelSpolsky sure, but that's like any other community software, people still signup for using it, or for support for their product etc.
@drachenstern pffft no knocking WU! (:
@JoelSpolsky just like you have on fogcreek.
i.e vbulletin, ipv etc.
4:39 PM
You name it I'v built it, GIS map sites, data entry sites, document management systems, etc..
@Blankman no question, that is a great business. It's sort of like Yammer is to Twitter. A great business, but if you're in the Twitter business, the Yammer business seems distracting
@joel ah ok, well said.
@Blankman plus -- there were already two decent open source alternatives... ultimately, software is a commodity (there! i said it!) and what's NOT a commodity is large communities of people who come to your site every day
@JoelSpolsky what are large communities of people, then?
Handy? :-)
@JoelSpolsky I've read somewhere on the internets, that your franchise would hit it big time if you could successfully branch out of computerized professionals ghetto into law and medical professionals. Any thoughts on that?
4:41 PM
WHat's going to happen with the MathOverflow.net people? From what I understand, the SE 1.0 'license' runs out on 1 April.
How do I get my eyes off of this chat? Seems impossible....
@RebeccaChernoff I wasn't. I was casually defending your honor milady
@TJB you wait for Spolsky to leave of course ;)
@GeorgeStocker Ooh, I've got a great idea for an April Fool's joke!
@JoelSpolsky the more time I spend on Stack Exchange, the more it seems like one of the biggest factors -- if not the biggest -- in SO's success was its seed population of Coding Horror/Joel on Software fans. Are you planning on reaching out to other existing expert communities for new SE sites?
@Blankman niche market is pretty much where you can sell software anymore.
4:42 PM
@TJB Or are you one of those that this is your first taste of SEChat?
@Palimondo There are a lot of legal/health themed sites working their way through area51
SEChat is sooo nice. How long did it take?
@TJB in that case you probably want to visit one of the other rooms and get hooked.
@joslinm 6 to 8 weeks <-- joke clarified
@TehShrike Mostly with little support by existing high-rep users, which is a whole other issue.
@Palimondo we don't have an audience of laywers and doctors. Yet. There is not much overlap with programmers. However, as the programmers set up Stacks on topics like Cooking and Photography, they will attract lawyers who cook. And then the second generation of Stacks will contain lawyers and doctors.
4:43 PM
Great programmers. Oh it was a joke, haha.
@MichaelMyers = mmyers? :P
well if anyone knows any dietitians, sent them to Fitness and Nutrition we need them
@JoelSpolsky That's what I thought was the plan... but are there early data to confirm this as credible trend?
@Nyuszika7H yes yes, please do keep up :p that could've been in the tavern ;)
My son's endocrinologist noticed when I was reading serverfault in the hospital last month, and wondered if there was a health-themed version. Guess I should point them @ the area51 sites in progress, then.
4:44 PM
@JoelSpolsky You're going to have to set up meta.meta once the lawyers are involved.
@BillB PLEASE DO!!!!!!!!!!!
@LordTorgamus the Joel on Software mailing list was about 50,000 people. Stack Overflow now grows by 70,000 people a month. So the seed was Joel On Software / Coding Horror, but the number of Joel on Software people who are on Stack Overflow is probably miniscule now.
@JoelSpolsky granted, but the seed guarantees the growth, no?
We just want it to succeed, you understand
we obviously love the community and the stack (no pun intended)
I was never on the mailing list, but JoS is how I found SO in the first place.
@JoelSpolsky Perhaps, but I suspect that they gave it a high-quality start, without which it'd be much harder to have attracted other users. It's part of my theory on why other SE sites continue to lag behind SO in population.
4:46 PM
I have been saying that I (personally) will declare victory when there's a good Stack Exchange for medical research, populated mostly by MD PhD-types
@JoelSpolsky What about fragmentation? My questions are recently getting bumped all over the place. SO -> /* Programmers */... I was puzzled if my other question belonged to English or Writers...
Healthcare IT

Proposed Q&A site for healthcare IT professionals and solution providers. Questions may be related to standards in healthcare IT, commercial and open source products, and development of healthcare IT applications.

Currently in commitment.

no that's still IT @TehShrike
Just a very specific IT, eh?
@Palimondo We're constantly working on features to make fragmentation less of a problem
4:47 PM
still populated by SO users
I suppose this is the one to watch:

Proposed Q&A site for medical students, residents, researchers, and academics

Currently in defintion.

@IvoFlipse but look Ivo, if you can get the IT workers for the doctors to use SE2.0 then they are the perfect group to get the Doctors involved.
@Palimondo for example, just this week we launched a new feature you can see if you go to stackexchange.com and click on your user name in the top bar

Proposed Q&A site for people who run forums, IRC channels, give talks, etc. This is for the squishier questions. Hard questions about moderation software should still be on SO/SU.

Currently in defintion.

Dermatology and Dermatopathology

Proposed Q&A site for expert dermatologist and dermatopathologists, medical students, wound care specialists, nurses, and other skin enthusiasts.

Currently in commitment.

4:48 PM
You can see that we haven't reached Joel's goal yet on Fitness, it's programmers that workout or follow diets answering questions, not kinesiologists and dietitians
@TehShrike That says "defintion."
Any talk of giving more recognition to the long-time editors that keep the sites free from cruft? You've lowered the barrier to entry by allowing everyone to edit; but I still feel like rewarding the votes a good edit receives is missing from the incentives; even when there's empirical evidence that keeping a site free from 'broken windows' enhances its longevity.
@LordTorgamus That one has some Drs behind it, even.
@LordTorgamus Aye, as others have noted, it's not taken off yet
@TehShrike I was pointing out a misspelling.
4:49 PM
In that case @LordTorgamus needs to get some extra stickers and unicorn bills @GeorgeStocker
@LordTorgamus oh, haha
No offense meant!
Darn you SharePoint!!!!
oh ... err, excuse me.
@LordTorgamus that wasn't my misspelling, that's what got displayed automatically :-o
@IvoFlipse For the closed beta that still seems
4:50 PM
@TehShrike I know, I was afraid you'd be confused by that.
I only "replied" to you to highlight where the misspelling was.
@LordTorgamus subtle catch
@LordTorgamus fixed (in the code, not yet published)
@JoelSpolsky any chance you guys would be back to Dublin soon... maybe bringing a Dev Days event here... Unfortunately work got in the way of my attending the FogBugz tour.
@balpha Grazie.
@balpha Nice.
4:51 PM
passing those links along to the dr team at nationwide that we deal with.
i'll go back to dublin when the heroin addicts promise not to yell at me for eating fish and chips in a park.
@BillB again PLEASE DO!!!!!!!!!
@mootinator Area51 needs committees who are part of the network, but that doesn't prohibit MDs from joining
"Get a house!" they said. Imagine.
@JoelSpolsky wait, they don't sell fish and chips in NYC?
4:52 PM
Damn fish and chips shop didn't even have tables.
@JoelSpolsky that actually happened?
what I am saying... of course it did...
@JoelSpolsky Nice. I think I understand the difference in approach: SE is about building focused communities - one per site. Quora does internal segmentation by Topics. What about fragmentation of reputation?
@IvoFlipse No, I know but half of the min 200 have to be existing SE users, which means a high chance close to 50% of your audience is coming from SO in a private beta based on network traffic.
@JoelSpolsky why Stack Exchange and not StackExchange? Why still that error-prone space in the middle?
@EoinCampbell yeah, but I'm told it's par for the course for the park in front of christchurch
4:54 PM
I'm surprised Experts Exchange isn't all up in a tizzy over the change.
Similar products, similar names...
@systempuntoout CamelCase is a trend from the 1980s (WordStar, WordPerfect) that hasn't quite died yet
the term "knowledge exchange" is a reasonably standard way of describing what Q&A sites are supposed to be about
@JoelSpolsky :-\ yeah... I work about 5 minutes walk from there. can seem a bit like bandit-country sometimes, but it's not too bad.
Except Stack Exchange is minus teh suck.
4:54 PM
@GeorgeStocker I never even noticed that. Never used EE.
@JoelSpolsky You mean MicroSoft is still alive?
@mootinator which just means you'll get people who know the network and how to use the site in general. Think mods and editors.
@mootinator as the SE2.0 sites grow, the later generations of SE will have a higher degree of separation from SO.
Hey guys, I know, let's turn this into an argument about the benefits/disadvantages of CamelCase!
@GeorgeStocker That's a good point. Curious how that will turn out.
4:55 PM
@EoinCampbell where the F*&^@ are you supposed to eat your Leo Burdock?
@TehShrike no, for that we goto the tavern
@Joel You shouldn't eat Leo Burdock at all. It's become very very bad.
I had exactly one sick day last year and that was because of food from LB.
@Lord Torgamus I've never used Experts Exchange either, but until recently they were a lot higher in the search results; not easily avoidable when searching before Stack Overflow.
@JoelSpolsky in the back of a taxi on the way to your posh, all-expenses paid hotel ;-)
@GeorgeStocker Well, I mean, I was familiar with the name, I just never made the mental "hey, both of these are in _____ Exchange format!" connection.
4:57 PM
RED ALARM!! He said the EE word!
Another option was ExpertsOverflow.
Naming is hard, so I've heard. (:
My personal favorite, "Knowledge Meet" didn't stand muster. Apparently it sounds too much like "Knowledge Meat", which has its own connotations.
The lack of unicorns here disturbs me.
4:59 PM
@Badp wait until April 1.
There will probably be random prancing unicorns crossing the screen.
(Say that three times, fast).
Watching space shuttle Discovery landing...
Just landed.
@RebeccaChernoff Couldn't you replace all Gravatars in this room with unicorns?
Joel: What is it with TechCrunch and you guys? It seems like TC just does't like SE that much as I saw quite a few entries there trying to undermine SO/SE
@JoelSpolsky while I have an oppurtunity to chat to you, very quick q? I recently stumbled over "The Joel Test" and sent it round to a few friends. Was surprised how poorly some places still score, but have you ever considered updating it ?
5:01 PM
that was some fast landing.
@badp they are using gigabit landing now.
@EoinCampbell can you suggest how to update it? Perhaps an email might be in order? Perhaps a blogpost and a tweet and a link here with a onebox? I wouldn't mind seeing a good quality update.
@eoin the joel test is still a pretty good test; there's not much in there I would change
ok everyone I have to go eat lunch now... thanks for chatting!
5:03 PM
@JoelSpolsky May be we need a new "Joel Test" for teams collaborating on the Internet? Or is the old one valid for that as well?
Bon appetite.
@EoinCampbell poor scores doesn't automatically mean it is out of date.
@JoelSpolsky Thanks for stopping by.
@drachenstern @JoelSpolsky there's actually quite a few blogposts around with people throwing in their two cents... some of the things that flagged with me were
around "unit testing" and "one click deploy"
5:03 PM
@Msk “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
@JoelSpolsky thanks mate. appreciate it.
I came here to look at unicorns and chat with Joel, and we're all out of Joel.
@JoelSpolsky Thank you.
@JoelSpolsky thanks!
5:04 PM
come on, where are my stars? NOT on this, on my unicorn image!
@EoinCampbell so a) there's no links, and b) I don't see how that has anything to do with the shop, just has to do with the product.
@JoelSpolsky Thanks for answering!
@Nyuszika7H asking for stars does not grant you stars.
@drachenstern wait what, you're a mod? (no editing!!)
@Nyuszika7H I am on chat.se yes
5:06 PM
Oh, this is chat.SE… I didn't realize it until now. Anyway, shouldn't it be on the MSO part of chat.SE? :) [No. ~drachenstern]
@Nyuszika7H NO. I DO NOT APPROVE :-)
@Nyuszika7H chat.MSO is still a partially separate system.
@LordTorgamus not chat.MSO, but the MSO part of chat.SE
ok, got it.. Joel has a greasemonkey script that automatically transforms podcasts requests in unicorn images.
@Nyuszika7H What do you see as the division?
5:10 PM
never mind :)
5:21 PM
I also notice a disturbing lack of Joel
@badp Shh, we're trying to absorb the homeopathic chat room memory of Joel.
20 mins ago, by Joel Spolsky
ok everyone I have to go eat lunch now... thanks for chatting!
5:33 PM
Q: My God—it's full of unicorns!

balphaBased on this comment, I have started building a unicorn avatar maker. It's still quite ugly, and the results aren't different enough yet, but this is what it looks like so far: Question list / Joel's profile (removed the images from here to make this thing a little shorter). Is this just way t...

> You have 5 votes left today
> Daily vote limit reached; vote again in 5 hours.
I expected more unicorns
5:51 PM
room mode changed to Gallery: anyone may enter, but only approved users can talk, 'til Joel graces us with his presence again.
I heard that, @badp.
@MichaelMyers I'm fully aware.