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2:00 PM
@GustavoBandeira Telling someone to shut up is pretty offensive unless it is in a joking context.
@JayeshBadwaik I think that is not entirely correct.
@JayeshBadwaik I guess it was a joking context.
@WillHunting Okay.
Well, maybe if John Junior comes we can ask him if he knows anything about this.
Well he did say this.
May be its a joke after all though.
2:02 PM
@JayeshBadwaik That might just be a casual remark.
Yeah, probably.
We had agreed to stop with the gay jokes. Particularily Mariano had suggested it. We all agreed.
Anyway, no point speculating. Maybe I should email Bro Jonas...
We should do that.
He must have bad feelings about this, we should give him a warm "get back to the chat"
But I wonder if it was Junior who flagged him.
2:04 PM
I don't think so.
@PeterTamaroff Yup, we all agreed.
I always felt that Junior was in a kind of love with Jonas.
Always thought Junior admires Jonas.
@GustavoBandeira Just like you and ...
@WillHunting And...?
@GustavoBandeira Intentionally left blank.
2:06 PM
And..... (notice no question marks in my sentence.)
@JayeshBadwaik You are very naughty.
@WillHunting :P :P
Well, I guess that if I could replace the ..., it would be will and meandmath.
@JayeshBadwaik Who would think a bunch of nerds like us could be so naughty?
Then who flagged Jonas? Was it some random stranger again?
2:08 PM
@WillHunting Ahh, they have overworking brains. :P :P
I know I got flagged twice in this room by I don't know who.
@GustavoBandeira Do not shift the focus. There are many people, but that does not mean, we mean all of them in the blanks. :P
But I like/admire you guys a lot. When I earn my fields medal, I'll use the money to visit you guys in your conutries.
@GustavoBandeira There is not much money in it.
1 million, isn't it?
2:09 PM
@GustavoBandeira No, that is the Millennium Problems.
@WillHunting Why do you think I wont solve these problems?!
Anyway it is good for Jonas to be out too. He needs to spend more time on his studies!
Dude, in 5 years, I'll eat millennium problems for breakfast.
@GustavoBandeira It is spelled "millennium".
@WillHunting In 5 years I'll also learn to spell it right.
Why two letters?
I never understood, If there's only one letter, it's gonna be pronounced the same way.
2:12 PM
@GustavoBandeira Its "Mil-len-nium"
I know, but if you write milenium, it's gonna have the same sound.
At least in my naive gustavian linguistic approach.
No, Then it is "Mil - enium"
@JayeshBadwaik In portuguese, G and J share one sound.
Then you must have in mind a list of exceptions for it.
CH, X also share one similar sound.
Z , X also share one similar sound.
@GustavoBandeira Hmm. while speaking "Bengali", a language of Bangladesh and West Bengal (a state in India), they interchange the pronunciation of "b" and "v". Major headache.
2:16 PM
So what we write as "Vinay", they read as "Binay" and when we write as "Binay" they read as "Vinay". :P :P And whenever they do so, I ask them "why?"
It reminds me of spanish.
Viño - You read the V as B.
Actually, if you hear one spanish speaker, you're gonna notice they speak it as if they were mixed. It's not a V or B, it's a kind of VB - at the same time.
Fuck you that why =)
@WillHunting We can say that an function algebra is just a ring but without the identity and the inverse clause. Am I correct?
@GustavoBandeira That's what I told myself 7 years ago.
Very observant, @Will
2:25 PM
@anon Well, I wrote a music which is called Utopiocrata - Utopiocrat, someone who lives in utopy.
Wait, I still see the Einstein.
sounds cool. not sure why it's called utopia though.
Different areas where the gravatar show up may take slightly different times for the change to propogate.
I see, what do you see, Anon?
@ParthKohli Have you signed out of Gravatar.com? That seems to start the propagation of the gravatars.
@PeterTamaroff Play nice...
I, to experiment, removed my Gravatar an hour back.
What exactly do you mean by "propogation," @robjohn?
2:31 PM
@robjohn I said something similar sometime ago, you said me ahem. I thought: Well, now I'm gonna die.
Such a state of panic.
3. To spread from person to person; to extend the knowledge
of; to originate and spread; to carry from place to place;
to disseminate; as, to propagate a story or report; to
propagate the Christian religion.
[1913 Webster]
Well, what do you mean by that word here?
On the net, certain things like gravatars have existences in multiple places. When information propogates, it goes from place to place via automated processes designed to keep everything up-to-date.
@ParthKohli the spreading of the icon from place to place.
Oh, that? Yes.
2:34 PM
@ParthKohli Also, what's the your main account on SE?
@GustavoBandeira I'd guess math.SE from their profile...
You can go to my profile, and click on "parent account," but for lazy people, my main account is Math.SE.
I log in with facebook acc, but my main acc is from Mathematica.SE and my first login there was with google acc.
I remember of trying to change my pic on gravatar and it simply didn't change, someday I switched my google acc pic and it was done.
@robjohn Nope, it's not this. You can login with a SE acc or with a google acc or with facebook, etc.
@GustavoBandeira I was saying that looking at Parth's profile, they have the most rep and badges on math.SE, so I would guess that that was the main account.
Yes, that is.
Let's check out fast Gravatar is... and the timer starts NOW!
2:39 PM
@robjohn I know, but I was refeering to the login account.
@ParthKohli You have two logins. Did you give the right one to gravatar.com?
Two logins? I have only one I know of.
@ParthKohli I think that SE only looks at the one for the email address you've registered with.
@ParthKohli Look in your profile under "my logins"
This is weird: I have a different picture in my profile, and different picture on this chat.
If you hover your mouse over my name, you'd see that I have a different picture(the one I uploaded to Gravatar).
@ParthKohli the two sites (chat and math) refresh at different times.
@ParthKohli You may need to refresh your browser.
2:44 PM
Actually, my profile on Chat Exchange has the new picture as well.
This is the first time I refreshed and it worked. Thank you @robjohn!
@ParthKohli Yeah, your browser caches these icons and sometimes needs a kick to know to look for an update.
@robjohn actually, I had been refreshing it again and again.
@ParthKohli The gravatar just got here then.
@robjohn I think I ken lee without him.
@ParthKohli your gravatar on your chat account should be the same as that on the chat account's parent account
@Matt That is funny!
2:54 PM
: )
@Matt She was singing about a brother of Jet Li.
Who knows : )
I wrote an e-mail to Jonas, a warm "get back to the chat as soon as you can".
It's the second I do such an altruistic gesture, the first one got me locked until now. One classmate was sick, I printed a card: "I hope you get good soon" - he acted coldly. I was like: What happened?!
I was like 8 years old.
3:29 PM
I hope that this comment does not spark a flame war.
I don't feel any heat emanating from that.
@anon I tried to be as cool as possible, but I have seen flames rise from the most stonelike places.
4:19 PM
SE's facebook app posted my question. :) :) :)
Q: What are the dangers of visual exposition of mathematics?

Gustavo BandeiraI've heard several times (such as this one) that it's dangerous to learn/prove/teach mathematics through images. I've also read somewhere that showing mathematics through images helps one's intuition because we understand better through images, due to our long date use of the vision sense. I can...

4:53 PM
I need this game :-D
5:03 PM
@robjohn This looks like a "we didn't start the flame war" kind of situation ;-)
5:26 PM
hi @MarianoSuárez-Alvarez
Could you please look into why Jonas Tweuwen's account was "automatically suspended"?
/many thanks :)
he is not suspended in the main site
where did he get this notification?
@MarianoSuárez-Alvarez The 7 star message on the right panel ---->
but in what way does this suspension manifest itself? can he log into the main site?
there is no record in his user sheet of being suspended
5:37 PM
That is all I know :(
ok. I 'll write to him
5:59 PM
@WillHunting I sent him the e-mail.
@JohnJunior My guess is that certain words trigger an autoflag. Maybe I should experiment now.
The following is a test.
Shut up.
OK, I think chances are someone flagged him and many people agreed on the flag so when it reaches a certain number of agreements suspension from chat takes place automatically.
6:03 PM
But it is only for half an hour from chat in most cases and the main accounts can still be used.
Hey flaggers, have the guts to own up when you flag someone. Jonas is a good guy.
If you don't like something someone says, you can always tell the person directly. It shows me your character when you do such things.
Hello @meandmath!
@WillHunting Hi willie B!
@anon Soon, you will solve one.
6:12 PM
@GustavoBandeira hi hi!!
@MeAndMath Hello. =)
@GustavoBandeira in my uni there was several speeches about the millenium problems....DAMN IT !!!IT'S FUCKING HARD!!!!
@MeAndMath Yep. Where are these problems enlisted? Do you know?
@GustavoBandeira facebook.com/…
Wasn't Poincaré's conjecture solved by Grigory Perelmann?
6:18 PM
@GustavoBandeira yeah...
parece que tem estudo ao redor ainda
não sei..
Actually, I did all the work while Perelmann was eating donuts.
mas honestly,these speeches wasn't elucidative...
@GustavoBandeira rsrsrrsrsrs
@MeAndMath Mathematics Elucidative?!?! lol
@GustavoBandeira um professor me disse que essas palestras são estúpidas porque não mostram o que um matemático faz...um matemático não fica trabalhando nisso....
Como assim?
6:22 PM
ah,um matemático não vai trabalhar dia-a-dia na hipótese de yang mills....é assim:você é especialista nm assunto e calha de você estar próximo doproblema e v~e que TALVEZ valha a pena trabalhar no problema...
foi o que o wiles fez
Depois que eu vi a história do cara dos quaterniões, eu meio que fiquei pensando que cê olha o problema e dá um flash na mente.
mesmo assim a prova tinha um ERRO que ele demorou quase 2 anos pra arrumar mais a ajuda de um amigo...
@GustavoBandeira né assim não...é muito trabalho
um pouco de insight e muito suor..
esse prof me diz isso:esses negócio de ter um insight mágico é extremamente raro e ilusão...
O que eu quiz dizer foi: Insight depois de 300 anos lendo coisa.
@GustavoBandeira vai saber...
Porque a coisa do insight do nada, é ilusão sim.
6:25 PM
@GustavoBandeira sim,sim
Eu li um texto do Terrance Tao - acho que é esse o nome dele.
@GustavoBandeira que tem?
Ele falava isso.
The return of the non-English strikes again.
oh will...
@WillHunting I wanna make you a proposal
6:28 PM
@MeAndMath Yes?
@MeAndMath Marília M Janizelli?
@WillHunting When I write my comment I will put in parentheses a W which means that I am not sure if what I'm writing is correct and I want youo to correct.
if I don't put (W) then you warn me :there's something wrong,then I will try to correct it myself.Then it is more interesting and fun!what you think?
@GustavoBandeira quê?
@MeAndMath É você?
@GustavoBandeira é...por quê?
6:32 PM
@GustavoBandeira que foi?
@EdGorcenski afternoon
Is it me, or is this answer just straight up incorrect
Cê tinha me falado o primeiro nome, agora me mostrou o evento. Eu fui stalkear pra ver se tinha alguma marília, ache esse nome. Quando abri o perfil, parecia MUITO similar a projeção que eu tenho de ti.
A: Fractional calculus in complex analysis

mickIts easy. Just do the integral and then just replace your real x with complex z.

@MeAndMath Hmm OK, if I remember. Anyway that took me a while to understand.
6:34 PM
@EdGorcenski Hmm, don't even know what that means.
@WillHunting EX: I am Marylin (W)
@GustavoBandeira mas nem tem foto minha...
@MeAndMath What's the problem?
@GustavoBandeira well....what image you had about me?
@MeAndMath Not image: Projection.
With this, I mean how your personality should be. I know nothing about your form.
@GustavoBandeira hmmm
6:38 PM
@MeAndMath It's exactly as the projection I had of you. =)
I've read the posts now.
@GustavoBandeira Erm...
@GustavoBandeira and?
@GustavoBandeira yes and
@GustavoBandeira what does that mean?
6:45 PM
come on
Suppose - I feel there's a spelling error.
send me an invitation
Eu não ia fazer por ter achado na base do stalking, exceto com convite, claro. Eu ia ficar me sentindo invasivo.
6:52 PM
@GustavoBandeira Looks like what I eat every day.
@WillHunting I like eggplant.
Eggplant's juice is amazing!!!!
It is eggplant in US, aubergine in UK and brinjal in Asia.
Similarly, it is cellphone in US, mobile phone in UK and handphone in Asia.
@GustavoBandeira o.o
6:56 PM
@GustavoBandeira Sounds terrible to me.
It's beringela in Brazil, similar to Brinjal.
It's really cool!
@GustavoBandeira disgusting
Similarly, it is okra in US and ladies' fingers in UK.
I've been vegetarian for some time.
@MeAndMath Same!
6:59 PM
However note that ladyfinger is a kind of cake, not a vegetable.
@GustavoBandeira Any reason?
@WillHunting Nope, only for fun.
@MeAndMath Foi?
@GustavoBandeira sim
just a sec BRB
7:16 PM
7:33 PM
Look at my refubrished apóstol guys
@PeterTamaroff You split it up?
I have to upload thdpic, wait
@PeterTamaroff Don't bother.
7:51 PM
@PeterTamaroff It's quiet in chat here. Only four avatars!
Did you see the pic?
@PeterTamaroff Yes, looks lovely just like you!
Hahaha Ok
@PeterTamaroff It's nice. =)
@Bronas You leaving chat now too, like teh tedddy?
8:04 PM
@MeAndMath What languages do the people there speak?
@WillHunting there where?
@MeAndMath Where you live?
@WillHunting brazil
@MeAndMath No, I mean the languages there, haha.
8:06 PM
@WillHunting ?????
@MeAndMath OK, maybe this sounds stupid, but I am asking what they speak in Brazil!
@WillHunting portuguese...
Hey @rob! Don't see Jonas around. :-(
@WillHunting Perhaps he is not here.
c'mon...everyone is leaving MSE?
8:14 PM
@WillHunting I don't see any messages that he is going away.
@GustavoBandeira are you there?
@robjohn hi
@JohnJunior hey there. It is certainly quiet
@robjohn Indeed.
Let's make some noise:AAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!111
8:20 PM
What we need is an old fashion flame war ...
Shhh... both owners are here ;-)
@Gustavo seu filho da p*ta cadê você?
Que pasa
@JohnJunior Evidently, I almost started one
@MeAndMath ???
8:24 PM
@GustavoBandeira oh,you are here!
@robjohn I left you a video link a few hours ago about that.
@GustavoBandeira What do you wanna talk about?
@MeAndMath Sim. =)
what are you studying?
say something !
Wait a little.
8:26 PM
3 hours ago, by John Junior
@robjohn This looks like a "we didn't start the flame war" kind of situation ;-)
@GustavoBandeira yay
@MeAndMath Cê quer ir pra bananoteca não?
ce que sabe
8:29 PM
Se não vão a gente que vai tomar ban.
@JohnJunior yes, I found it.
@WillHunting: did you see any message about why Jonas is not here?
@robjohn MarianoSuárez-Alvarez is going to write to him.
3 hours ago, by John Junior
Could you please look into why Jonas Tweuwen's account was "automatically suspended"?
@JohnJunior about what? I don't see anything other than a comment he posted regarding being suspended, and he is not suspended now.
@robjohn Just to ask what happened, I guess.
I got the impression that Jonas will not be back.
8:37 PM
@JohnJunior because he got automatically suspended?
@robjohn Yes.
@JohnJunior so there were some angry people in the room at the time, I guess.
@robjohn " sour people"
"Who are these sour people in this room?"
If people are sensitive for one reason or another, something like foul language might cause them to flag. I will have to look back around then to see if there was a lot going on then.
hi @Jackson
8:56 PM
@robjohn Not necessarily. It takes only one flag and all 10k users can see it. Then if they validate it it will lead to an autosuspension if there are enough validations.
My thinking is this. If someone hurts you, does flagging solve the problem?
Isn't it better to confront the person directly for emotional health?
@WillHunting one sensitive person flags the others validate. Same thing.
Of course, I understand why one may not be able to confront the person. There are many reasons for that too.
@WillHunting I would think so, but you know how children are on the playground.
8:58 PM
Well, I am actually thinking of my own life experiences now. :-)
@robjohn Hehe, you are a child too! All young in the heart.
@WillHunting Did you get a chance to watch that movie?
@JohnJunior Not yet. But I have seen his lecture video. I can't remember which one.
@WillHunting It's available on Youtube and it's more about his battle with his health than Physics.
I really have only one word to describe it and that would be "inspirational."
@JohnJunior I prefer watching "A beautiful mind" though the movie is different from the real story. The movie is inspirational +++!
9:31 PM
@WillHunting Black swan $=$ A beautiful mind, but Nash dances ballet on this one.
@PeterTamaroff Where did you refurbish the book?
@GustavoBandeira There are stores which do this kind of thing.
@WillHunting GTK
10:17 PM
@GustavoBandeira A lady at the public library does that.
10:29 PM
how can I go on from day to day?who can make me strong in every way?where can I belong ?Where can I be safe,in this great big World of sadness?
@MeAndMath So emo.
this is QUEEN
@MeAndMath No, this is dog.
@MeAndMath I know Queen! =)
Sopranos usually give me the friggin' creeps.
Now, this seems more like it
10:35 PM
I'm thinking on sending this to Peter.
With the purpose of cheering him up. Maybe he's bad with all this.
@GustavoBandeira Bad with what?
@PeterTamaroff WTF!
@PeterTamaroff Suspension.
10:40 PM
@GustavoBandeira Jonas you mean.
@GustavoBandeira Suspension? Is JT still suspended?
@GustavoBandeira It is not a big deal, seriously. I was suspended from chat too. It is just half an hour.
WTF Peter. This is your fault.
@WillHunting Serious?! Why?!
@PeterTamaroff Now I know why you call me Dawg.
10:41 PM
@GustavoBandeira NVM.
@MeAndMath I recognize her! Always with Carerras!
Coursera says there's no limit of courses I can enroll in.
But I can't enroll in more than two.
when I was a child I tried to understand this
Em óptica, uma cáustica é a superfície dos raios de luz refletidos ou refratados por uma superfície curva ao objeto, ou a projeção dessa superfície de raios em outra superfície. O termo cáustica pode também referir-se à curva na qual os raios de luz são tangentes, determinando uma fronteira da superfície de raios como uma curva de luz concentrada. Portanto na imagem da direita, as cáusticas podem ser os traços de luz ou suas bordas brilhantes. Estas formas normalmente têm pontos singulares cúspide. Estas concentrações de luz, especialmente de luz solar, podem chegar a queimar. A palavra ...
excuse me gentlemen,gotta go
@JonasTeuwen Hey.
Hello. Sir.
10:52 PM
@JonasTeuwen How are you, Sire?
I don't know.
I went to the chess club this evening.
They have really cheap beer.
And if there is something I like, it must be cheap beer.
@JonasTeuwen Well, that's great. I had an exhausting day today.
I was in the university more than 8 hours.
@JonasTeuwen So I'll have to drink to that.
@MeAndMath By burning ants?
@PeterTamaroff Haha. Good luck.
I have to teach tomorrow, but I don't know what...
@JonasTeuwen Haha really?
10:55 PM
@PeterTamaroff Yes.
That's not funny.
@JonasTeuwen It is funny because it is not happening to me.
Yeah. I would laugh too.
If it were not me but you. For example! Not really, you know. I would not laugh at you... yes?
@jonas You came back to chat!
Yes. I've got a couple of e-mails :-). Very nice.
@JonasTeuwen I'm sure you can manage. Else, I would be worried.
10:57 PM
@PeterTamaroff "Hi guys! Did someone bring a print out of the course content? Would be A+!"
@JonasTeuwen Hahaha. You won't do worse than Jack Black.
@peter can teach a course in topology using Mendelson.
@PeterTamaroff He would beat the shit out of them?
@JonasTeuwen He would make up a new course altogether.
Then beat the shit out of silly people that complain.
I must remember not to use @pedro.
10:59 PM
@WillHunting I'll teach a friend of mine some Set Theory and Algebra in some days,

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