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12:16 AM
Q: What order should I read tales of Mythago Wood?

Canadian Girl ScoutRobert Holdstock thoroughly confused me with his Mythago Wood series, to the point that I gave up trying to understand them. I'm wondering now if I should have read the novels in a different order or if other works have been published (since I abandoned him) that might make it easier for me to ma...

12:35 AM
Per our conversation a few days ago about favorite breakfast foods and the malignment of cilantro, an article on the genetics of hating cilantro: gizmodo.com/5942551/…
1:17 AM
@Xantec What's that about? What kind of SF needs saving?
@TangoOversway The old out of print kind.
@Xantec Oh, gotcha.
@TangoOversway - Hello! :)
1:35 AM
@Slytherincess Who, me?
1:59 AM
@TangoOversway Yep, just saying hi! (Sorry, dozed off)
@Slytherincess Just watching an old Emergency! rerun -- remember that show?
@TangoOversway Heck yeah! Johnny and Roy. Rampart. I loved it. I had the board game :P
My friends and I just loved the show. It's being rerun on MeTV. (Didn't I tell you how much fun the retro TV channels are?)
And now when I watch it, it's neat knowing some of the background of the actors -- like that Julie London is now one of my favorite singers and was the most popular singer in America for a few years in the 1950s. Or that Bobby Troupe wrote, "I Get My Kicks on Route 66."
2:21 AM
@TangoOversway I knew Julie London was one of your favs. I think we have two retro channels that I really should watch more frequently. The retro shows are so great. Not as frenetic and crazed as some of today's TV is. I didn't know that Bobby Troupe wrote Route 66! I know the Depeche Mode version :))
Did you know Bobby Troupe and Julie London were married? (After she was married to Jack Webb.)
I did but only because you told me :D And you said that Jack Webb and Julie London got along well after their divorce, which is unusual.
I don't have a source for that - but if the man is producing a TV show and hires his ex to play a romantic interest (which they dumbed down) and then hires her new husband to be on the same show -- you know they have to get along.
3:01 AM
Q: Were firearms ever used in the Dragonriders of Pern series?

S. AlbanoHaving read the books some time ago, I am under the impression that firearms are never used or mentioned in the Dragonriders of Pern series. In support of this idea, the villains in Dragon's Dawn do not seem to have them handy, nor are they mentioned as being used against hostile creatures that...

3:34 AM
Q: Music brings monsters

Mike BrownThere was an Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, or Night Gallery episode (definitely in color) where a town didn't allow music or singing because they believed it would bring the monsters out. The newcomer to the town asked if anyone had ever seen the monster. To which they all responded no because we...

4:07 AM
Q: In Doctor Who S6, who are The Silence, really?

eidylon===== minor Season Six Spoilers ===== So in the beginning of Season Six of Doctor Who, we meet a species that's been controlling earth's development for centuries... the funny creatures with the big heads, no mouths, who make you forget them as soon as you no longer see them. Later on though, ...

4:40 AM
Q: How powerful are Moranth Cussers?

Kyle SykesIn The Malazan Book of the Fallen, we see the Malazan Army using Moranth munitions at many points throughout the story. I can get a sense of how destructive most of these are (sharpers, crackers, flamers, etc..), but while reading The Bonehunters (specifically the siege of Y'Ghatan) I realize I ...

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5:46 AM
Q: star trek tos-tng crossover novel

mattI have been searching for the title of a tos-tng crossover novel for some time. I believe it was published in the early 1990's, as I do not remember voyager or ds9 being on tv. It was also before st: generations was made. I know it is not the novel star trek: federation, as the two crews actually...

6:46 AM
Seems sincere. I believe him.
7:25 AM
Q: Best movie on science fiction made yet?

AkkiWhich is the best Science Fiction movie made yet . I know there are many on the list but i wanna know users personal experience. Thanks

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9:37 AM
Q: How do you make a combine?

PureferretIn the half-life series, post seven-hour war, earth or at least part of it is beset by the combine, a modified human creature that serves the antagonists of the plot (whose exact nature is slightly nebulous). How aee they made? Bred? Forcibly changed in some kind of factory, or is it more of a c...

Q: Can you identify a story where deep future humans are colonising the galaxy and are about to destroy the home of a reptilian civilisation

al bradyIm fairly sure the story was called Dinosurs, and its main human character was a very tall humanoid called Drill. he lived alone on a ship except for a thing made out of sex organs. he arrives on a world to be terraformed and starts introducing earth lifeforms, such as sharks to the oceans. howev...

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11:55 AM
New, with an improved taste!
@Gilles & @Pureferret, I think the add should lead to the , not to + . There is not enough question in the game specific tags.
Why can't I retag?
Supposed to be able to do it at 500 rep.
@JohnO you passed the 2000 rep barrier, just edit to retag.
1 hour later…
1:29 PM
Q: Space travel & Dreaming in a short story

P. G.I read a short story in a sci-fi anthology over ten years ago about (and here's where the details are fuzzy) space travel to a distant planet that required the passengers to sleep during the voyage. After the trip, the protagonist wakes up and experiences life on the new planet only to find out ...

29 days to go until I get my first gold badge, the Fanatic!
1 hour later…
2:39 PM
@JohnO 29 Day Congratulations!
3:08 PM
Q: Does Krypto have a higher I.Q. than the average Earth human?

Major StackingsDoes Superboy's superdog Krypto have a higher I.Q. than the average Earth human?

is this where I talk and discuss with people I share love for my sci-fi thing with? (eg. I guess there are no dedicated chatting "forum" sites like meta for meta discussion...)
@naxa You're in the right place. It's just a little dead in here this morning.
G'morning naxa.
welcome, welcome.
3:24 PM
So, I'm tinkering with a Chrome extension that adds a few buttons underneath any textarea it finds on a webpage. If you click the button, it modifies the text
Does stuff like add typos, randomly modifies regional specific giveaways (it might go through and replace all $ and "dollars" with euros or rubles).
great! any [thematrix] fan here? :)
But I can't figure out the interface. On SE, it lays the buttons overtop of the expando thingy.
The Matrix? What's that?
It adds typos?
You should give it an always-on option, so you can install it surreptitiously and mess with people.
Yes. To try to defeat text analysis.
If you have 5 or 6 pages of someone's writing, you can compare it to an anonymous text, and with some degree of certainty figure out if the anonymous text was written by that author.
Idiosyncratic phrases, statistical word patterns and all that.
And even if you can't, you can probably determine their country of origin.
3:27 PM
@JohnO I heard Morpheus has been on this board.
With a click of a button, you can maybe defeat that. Like I said it's untested.
Of course, there's a price to pay... people may think you're an idiot.
Right... is it like an anti-plagiarism app?
It also goes through and removes articles (a,an,the), and switches homophones (they're, their, there).
any favourite moments from the Matrix or the Matrix Reloaded?
More like a privacy/anonymity app.
If you have something you really want to say, you can use Tor... and they can't trace it to your real IP. But it might still be possible to figure out who wrote it, just the same.
3:30 PM
@naxa - I admit I have never seen either The Matrix or The Matrix Reloaded.
Think about how many hundreds of thousands of words of yours are out on the internet.
Wouldn't shock me if there were an NSA database, that they could compare anonymously posted writings against.
There's a lot of them (words), yep. Text analysis is interesting. People do have specific styles of writing.
Slytherince: good for you :o if you ever going to do, do yourself a favor and rent a nice movie theather for The Matrix. I missed it in 1999 and I'm so unhappy ever since!
Slytherince: by the way the movie will look very aged :D but it's a correct image of 1999 by the way
s/missed/didn't do that
Very aged?
It wasn't made in 1928.
I suppose if you're 12 years old though, it must seem that way.
@naxa - We actually own both of those movies; I've just never watched them. I haven't seen the Terminator movies either.
3:36 PM
JohnO: you don't have expectations for an 1928 movie to look modern and cool... you do if the movie starts off by looking modern and cool
Slytherince: I only saw terminator 2 the judgement day. actually its a prerequirement for the matrix.
(you could notice the tributes)
JohnO: no I'm twice as that... I like movies from any age so to me it won't ever look "aged". but I must admit one may just feel weird seeing CRTs!
Wow. Your head must explode when you see telephone booths.
That is like watching Star Trek The Next Generation. All the computer interfaces that are supposed to look futuristic (and did in late 80s to early 90s) now look old and dated.
Flat glass panels look dated?
@JohnO Static flat glass panels (blinking lights don't count) and CRTs behind plexiglass look dated.
Find me a screeshot.
I was under the impression they composited the graphics post-production, rather than CRTs under plexiglass.
3:47 PM
@JohnO In the DVDs you can frequently see the curved screen of the CRTs, it looks baaaaad.
@JohnO Can't find any on Google. I'll have to dig out the DVDs when I get home.
@JohnO why of course! I just stand there watching the booths while people are jacking in and out in them!
@JohnO I may seem like a not-so-old-movie hater but I assure you I am not; I'm always happy if I got the time to watch a classic like Metropolis or 2001, or would be happy to watch any not-so-classic movies like ones I cannot really name yet.
@JohnO now back on booths, you can't wonder enough why do you use hardwires to get your <del>brain</del> mind out when you apparently broadcast a wi-fi signal from your hovercraft!
It's a metaphor for a safe software channel from which to exit.
One would think the operator would be able to transfer the user to a local constructed environment and safely disconnect them.
@JohnO There, one from Voyager, which isn't too bad. But you can still see slight curving of the image at the corners.
4:11 PM
@JohnO well a metaphor for a metaphor, no? The safe software channel is a metaphore in itself, since it's a sci-fi story, isn't it.
Xantec, assuming they still have the original graphics, fixing that when they remaster would be no big deal.
Maybe we'll get it on bluray.
See, I seem to remember a "behind the scenes" show, where they talk about (in TNG) adding the graphics in post.
Like, the actors were talking about how they were just pushing on a blank black glass.
Maybe I imagined it.
Une more upvote and I will post GLaDOS on meta.gamming.
I think they do this for projection, but they jsyle use Green screen instead.
Q: Why is the Silence Falling a bad thing?

PyrodanteThe big theme of this season, and last season, is that the Silence will fall when the question is asked. However, the Silence is a religious organization/empire, and generally speaking, when an organization "falls" it means they fail and fall apart. Why is it then assumed that the Silence falling...

@JohnO I once imagined a shot with Trinity at her desk (one of my favourite list of scenes) in the beginning of the matrix, oh I remembered it so well! it was a completely normal shot, could have been real but it was real only in my mind!
Because filming a cathodic screen is bad.
4:18 PM
@DavRob60 When I first read that I thought it said "catholic" screen.
@Slytherincess Those are the holy one, +10 damage on zombies.
@Slytherincess me too!
@DavRob60 True, but then why make it appear as though they are using curved displays?
@Xantec because they had no idea flat screen was the future.
Now, I miss Q*Bert
@Xantec it was supposed to be more realistic this way.
They had devices that synced the CRT's scan to the cameras.
By the late 80s, everyone was using it. The only issue was lighting at that point.
4:27 PM
@DavRob60 Annoying YouTube. Using a portable version of Firefox with no Flash, some YouTube videos will play using HTML5 and others won't because they require Flash. I wish they would make up their mind.
@DavRob60 "no idea flat screen was the future" too true! time to time you see CRT imitations.
there are exceptions, like Children of Man tried to use some innovative future technology for screens...
but it's a very recent movie compared to st
@Xantec I once managed to add flash to my portable firefox... maybe it can be done again!
@naxa I think fhe Total Recall wit Arnold had a flat screen, and it was really futuristic.
@Xantec it's a completly unholy windows .exe sfx archive of some ancient version like 4.x or worse, 3.x
@DavRob60 I was too busy with watching Arnold but then I have to check again!
@naxa Yea. I've tried adding modern flash to this version I have (11.0) and it caused other issues (loading really slow, breaking the proxy connection etc).
@DavRob60 Flat screens were invented in the late 60s weren't they?
4:37 PM
@NominSim but do you remember the poor refresh rate on old laptop? the mouse was leaving a trail... It was not good for video...
LCDs were invented then.
But they were monochrome.
Was considered a doodad for digital watches, not a television replacement.
@JohnO although mplayer can produce ascii art with aalib...
never mind the refresh rate!
youtube is coming to my clock
err... watch
@JohnO Television replacement was supposed to be holographic... sigh...
4:53 PM
It's difficult to make photons spontaneously appear in the middle of thin air.
@DavRob60 I agree, was just saying that they would have had an idea that flat screens were the future.
@NominSim as same as for cell phones.
@DavRob60 I thought it was that brain-plug.
@naxa You don't have one?
@DavRob60 oh...
how do I know?
5:02 PM
Whey protein cake recipe is a lie.
@naxa Think about it.
5:12 PM
@DavRob60 hey! but it sounds like a circular loop...
or a spiralic, maybe...
Q: Why can't Nina push Gary?

Arm0geddonIn the TV show Alphas, Nina's alpha ability is to mentally push people to do whatever she asks of them. How come here ability doesn't work on Gary? Does it have to do with Gary's autism or alpha ability that blocks Nina's push?

5:53 PM
Q: Is the digital series H+ based on any popular fiction work?

RaghuI have been following digital series H+ on youtube. Was wondering if it is loosely based on (or inspired by) any existing Sci-fi work. Any pointers towards similar sci-fi will be appreciated.

6:14 PM
An exercise bike in a hot tub? Who thinks of these things?
6:50 PM
Well that took long enough. Just earned the Electorate badge.
Which one is that?
@Xantec Is it some kind of hydrotherapy? Like trying to run in water? How odd!
Voted on 600 questions and 25% or more of total votes are on questions.
@Xantec I would have tried one when I tore up my knee. Of course, I'd rather not have had torn up my knee.
I'd have to use all my votes every day for something like 3 weeks straight.
And there just aren't enough new questions for that.
6:58 PM
They don't have to be new questions.
Just ones you haven't voted on yet.
@MajorStackings Just seems like an over-complication of a simple device in order to change boats of money for it.
I don't remember if I have that badge or not. I kind of think not. I'm not sure.
It doesn't look like you do.
I do have the first badge related to voting. The bronze one. I know that.
Use maximum of 40 votes in a day?
@Xantec I rehabed in the YMCA hottub, so it was sort of free. Was wishing for a narrow (one legged) slot with water jets on both sides. A water bike is not a bad idea.
7:03 PM
@Xantec Yes, that's the one.
@Slytherincess I've not gotten that one.
@Xantec I did work for that badge, though, counting my votes and all that :))
I posted this when everone was snoozin'. Liked it too much to just leave it sit.
LOL! The Dos Equis guy :))
You should check out the *Bricks of Character" the guy that posted the ad builds. He (ochre_jelly) is amazing.
7:17 PM
Check out the Flickr for LEGO pics you mean?
@Slytherincess Just page forward through his flickr stuff. You'll be intrigued.
7:32 PM
Q: Who played Darth Vader during the Dagobah Dark Side Cave scene

MVPI've read where Bob Anderson played Darth Vader during all the light saber/fight scenes for The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi. Does that include this scene?

Is it encouraged to answer your own question on meta like it is on the site?
@Slytherincess yes, if you know the answer
or, on meta, if it's a and you both want to start the discussion and voice your opinion
Okay, thanks.
or if it's a
@Gilles I threw a flag up earlier for a low rep user who had posted a comment as an answer. Looking back though it was within his own question. I thought you could post comments on your own question?
7:41 PM
@NominSim yes, every user can post comment on their own posts and on answers to their questions
Has anyone here read the Death Star Technical Companion book?
maybe the guy had two accounts?
sometimes new users use a cookie account, wipe the cookie, create another cookie account
@Gilles Not that I saw (I handled that flag)
I recall them both having the same name and rep
then he confused “Answer your own question, Post your answer, Yes I'm sure I want to answer my own question” with “comment on this answer”. Happens all the time
8:03 PM
Portal meets TNG: The cellular peptide cake, with mint frosting, is a lie.
@Gilles I figured it was something like that, thanks
@Xantec How can you go wrong with mint frosting?
Okay, yeah, that's wrong.
It's okay though, because it is a lie.
8:08 PM
Is that Crusher?
really? It really looks like Dr. Crusher from here. Weird angle!
It is from the same episode as this shot:
And just for good measure, here is Worf enjoying some cake.
Those are all disturbing :))
8:17 PM
Q: Where do Community Ads show up?

OghmaOsirisI see that a couple of the ads I made up on a couple of the SE sites got past the threshold to be on the normal cycle. But where do they show up? I thought it was on the main site (scifi.stackexchange.com) but I don't see any community ads at all. And the only ad I see on gaming.se.com is to fo...

8:30 PM
@Thaddeus would you be interested in writing a Dr. Stange (Marvel) vs Dr. Strange (DC) matchup for the blog? meta.scifi.stackexchange.com/a/2272/1148
I see how it is.
Already cheating on me with another writer.
@JohnO You didn't suggest a matchup in the meta post.
People who suggest a matchup get first right of authorship, if it gets a few votes. OghmaOsiris declined his right, and I feel like Thaddeus is mostly likely to be very familar with both characters.
9:07 PM
As always, I have killed the conversation.
9:21 PM
@JackBNimble I don't think you can ping Thaddeus form chat
@Pureferret Why not?
If he's not been in the room, then he can't be pinged
plus he's Thaddeus
I know he came in here at least once, although it was probably a few months ago.
If I don't hear back by tomorrow I'll do something else.
Perhaps when he awakens to find the severed head of his prized racing horse next to him he'll get the message.
I'm always surprised when I get a flag notification.
9:45 PM
@JackBNimble Where can I buy one of those?
Gee, perhaps the clue Kropserkel.com might be a hint! <*McFly*>
@Slytherincess It's anyone's guess.
@Slytherincess Nobody calls me chicken!
Nobody calls me chicken, because my name is Martin.
@Pureferret So noted! I won't call you chicken! Even a fancy chicken.
@JackBNimble You know $45 US is pretty reasonable for a full size stuffed horse's head. I thought it would be way more.
This is my only horse pic.
You guys know that they actually train those horses to trot funny like that, right?
It's not a photoshopped picture.
10:00 PM
I did know that actually, but it's cute I think :)
I have an uncle who says that if chickens were 6ft tall, Homo sapiens would be an endangered species.
@JohnO We'd be eating a lot more chicken.
Hardly. They'll eat anything, and size is about the only advantage we have on them.
Well, that and bazookas.
But you know what I mean.
I introduce to you: Bazooka Kitty
10:06 PM
The only chicken memes/macros I have are NSFW. Who would think chickens could be so salacious?
We used to raise chickens and turkeys. If turkeys were 6ft tall we would be their slaves.
@JackBNimble I've seen a turkey in person, but have never petted one. I do have a turkey gobble ringtone.
@Gilles -- Are you around?
or @Keen ?
@Slytherincess They are mean mean mean.
@JackBNimble Herding around mean fowl would probably break me.
I'm going to the state fair tonight, perhaps there will be a prize winning turkey there.
10:25 PM
@Slytherincess yes
@Gilles In the general feed from SFF, when you change the title of the question, does it force it through the feed again? It does when you're getting an RSS feed on a particular tag, but I wasn't sure about the general RSS feed. Does my question make sense?
@Slytherincess the new question feed picks up each question only once
it generally picks up the original title, unless the question's been edited really fast
Because I have the harry-potter tag on RSS, and if there's a change in the title, the question comes through again.
Or let me put it this way. An ALERT comes through with each change in the title. And the box with the question pops up again.
@Slytherincess I'm not sure exactly how the feeds behaves. I know the tag feeds pick up tag edits, so if a question is initially mistagged then is retagged, the people who subscribe to the new tags get to see the question
I'm sorry I can't explain further, you should ask on Meta Stack Overflow (search first to check if it's already answered)
You can ask on Science Fiction and Fantasy Meta, but the probability that someone here knows isn't as good
@JackBNimble Ya can't win if ya don't play.... :)
10:36 PM
@Gilles Ooo, Meta Stack Overflow ... I don't know if I feel like getting flayed alive :)) But thank you anyhow.
@Slytherincess I know how that is!
@Pureferret I read MSO, and it seems a lot of peoples' goal is to make others feel like morons and how dare they ask a question! I'll go look and see if it's been asked though.
@Slytherincess Mm, even ok but not worth implementing ideas are shot to pieces
10:50 PM
@Gilles - As of a year ago, there did seem to be issues with questions going through the feed upon an edit: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/105516/…
@Slytherincess I've bumped that question and signaled it to an SE dev
@Gilles Thanks! I appreciate it. I'm trying to write a meta post and I don't want to say something that is incorrect about the feeds.
11:06 PM
11:38 PM
A: rss feed issue with edited questions

Shog9The default for the tag feeds is to sort by the last activity date. If you want a different sort order, go to the questions list for the tag, and then use the feed link on that page to get the ordering you're after: Newest - Feed Active - Feed Votes - Feed Featured - Feed ... Finally note t...


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