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11:08 PM
Q: How to I ask someone if thier name represents a singular entity or a collective entity?

Jason SperskeIn a website I am programming I present the user with the option to name their website site, which can be a singular entity "Mel Tormé" which would present the menu options "About me", "Contact me" or a collective entity like "The Velvet Fog" which would logically change the menu to "About us", "...

! Burn in hell! rips eyes out GAAAAAAHHHH
Feel free to delete my answer.
2 days ago, by RegDwight Ѭſ道
If you gonna upvote a question, at least fix the blatant misspellings.
I fix spellings but not tags. Tags are not in my domain.
11:10 PM
@Vitaly Yeah. Instead I am fixing the misspelling while ripping my eyes out. This world sucks or something.
I also fix awkward sentences. I can spend half an hour on one edit.
@WillHunting I can spend over 9000 half an hours on none.
@RegDwightѬſ道 You already have I think.
I wonder who actually uses tags for searching.
I do.
11:14 PM
It's quite hard to decide what to tag something with.
Step 1: don't tag it [grammar]
Step 2: profit!
Oh, and the OED does list an entry and a few examples for problematics. And so does the Chambers Dictionary. I'd be willing to wager that problematics is less common in English than проблематика in Russian though.
> 1977 R. H. Brown in Douglas & Johnson Existential Sociol. ii. 77 A humanistic sociology investigates the problematics of feeling and meaning.
> 1957 R. K. Merton Social Theory (rev. ed.) ii. 127 Working out its problematics, i.e., the principal problems (conceptual, substantive and procedural).
In fact if the question had not been asked I would assume that problem is only noun and problematic adjective.
That is why this site is messing up my English.
@Vitaly you should be posting that on the question. Even if just as a comment.
Perhaps emphasize the plural.
11:17 PM
May 14 '11 at 13:56, by RegDwight
You're so repophobe, Vitaly, that's really something.
I promise not to give you any reps for your comment.
OH! And… Dig this:
@Vitaly Even the ODE lists problematic as noun.
And I mean ODE, not OED.
Problematique. Not problematic.
And if anyone is willing to actually post an explanatory answer, here's the entry from OED Online for problematic n. (my two earlier quotations were taken from the OED CD):
11:20 PM
@Vitaly You post it then.
3 mins ago, by Vitaly
May 14 '11 at 13:56, by RegDwight
You're so repophobe, Vitaly, that's really something.
I am again the victim of the mysterious accept without upvote.
Okay, new rules. You post it and I promise to downvote you. How's that?
Please upvote my answer on the latest question.
11:34 PM
@WillHunting Well, yeah, using tags for searching only works because there are people like @Reg who tag all the questions properly.
You misspelled JSBangs.
But yeah, I use tags for searching, too.
@RegDwightѬſ道 My trying to answer the -ise/-ify question was a traumatic experience. I am not getting into it again!
But this question is different.
It doesn't have a single ify in it.
Thank you, but I'll let someone else write an answer that is far from complete, does not cite academic papers, and may mislead a pineapple. :P
11:38 PM
How much of that comes from French quotations in English books?
You know my answer to that. Between seven and over 9000 percent.
Q: How to obtain "diligence" from crossword clue "horse-drawn vehicle industry"

JoseKCryptic clue: Horse-drawn vehicle industry Answer: Diligence How do we figure this one out?

Wait, is that on-topic?
Because then I'll post a few hundred questions like that.
Of course not. Not in this form and shape.
I am disappoint.
Besides, the answer is wrong. The correct answer is, "by knowing the Russian дилижанс".
11:47 PM
Теперь посвюду дилижансы летят, пропеллером ворча.
Да-да. А ещё клюя салфеткой бесконечность.
Mar 5 at 5:58, by simchona
@brill and @vit please keep to English.

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