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12:08 AM
Q: Finally I beat Final Fantasy VII after about 45 hours....

TheXbut the end video leaves more questions then answers... and my question is, did the gang die or did they survive the accident??/ What do you think?

12:41 AM
@GraceNote I'm around @grace
but I'm also pretty useless.
1:33 AM
I'd hardly call yourself useless, @Less
Nor redundant, for that matter, considering you usually pre-empt my messages.
Hi again, @TheX
@GraceNote do I know you?
if not nice to meet you :-D
We met. Tangentially. Once. At some point.
Cool :-D
hard to keep all my peeps straight :-D
1:45 AM
@GraceNote I am most certainly redundant if I am nothing else, I am absolutely redundant.
I take pride in my redundancy is something I take pride in.
1:59 AM
I cannot stop watching chinese hurdle guy
Just general gaming chat?
Pretty much
talk about games, give recommendations, quip at each other, repost funny you tube videos apparently ...
I still MUD, so I've lost my place in the gaming world.
whatever you do, don't be like me...
multi user dungeons?
I have not heard that term in years....
I'm lame.
But I have one hell of a grammar etiquette.
2:07 AM
@Lynne which site(s)?
how do muds work?
Usually they don't.
@TheX You type commands
I play the same MUD I have since I was 10.
It's totally dead
2:07 AM
if i want to type commands I will use linux :P
But I play with the code now and make it awesome.
Yeah mostly that's why MUDs are dead.
@Lynne what mud is that?
@TheX Using Linux and patronizing MUDs are not mutually exclusive.
exodus.dyndns.org 9000
fantasy, scifi, what?
2:08 AM
@LessPopMoreFizz that was a joke.... I actually do use linux :-P
pardon the terribad design.
I would say it's set up as a fantasy MUD.
@Lynne how does one get started with the mud?
@TheX Normally you pour a bunch of water onto the dirt.
You download a client first unless you want to deal with telnet
@TheX Download a proper client if you like your sanity
2:09 AM
or wait for it to rain heavily.
where do i download a client
Yeah you have to download a client unless you want to use Telnet.
smacks @LessPopMoreFizz
Google gmud. It is the quickest download and simplest client.
I've got gmud
2:10 AM
I put up detailed directions on our site www.exodusmud.com
@Lynne Stop stealing my thoughts
is gmud for windows?
I'm trying to remember the X client I use
You using linux?
2:12 AM
then how do I start it? all i see are a bunch of wierd file types?
Kitara or something
no now I am on windows
There should be no odd file types. You should just be able to unzip it and click the G icon.
you downloaded the source
2:14 AM
click the gmud.zip link. A little bit down the page.
I used to play Abandoned Realms quite a bit
Never really strayed from mine
okay I am in now
2:16 AM
It's always been small, but homey.
In fact, I met my husband on it.
Yeah I'm a nerd.
you're in good company
now what?
Find a mud to play
click file -> connect -> add new -> -> type in name -> type in host -> type in port -> click connect.
The above is a game. Try to find the extra arrow.
@Lynne have you checked out the actual site that this chat is supposedly about? :-)
No. I don't know. Came here from WP Stackexchange.
2:18 AM
well, browse a bit, you might like it
I can't help with those gaming Q's.
do you do table top RPGs?
I play MUDs, little WoW, and enough EQ II to have your average lvl 90 Warden.
Well you know, those were popular when I was 5
I sort of missed the boat.
But I've done it a couple times yeah. Hard to get a group together.
I am tryng to connect to the mud you pointed to me... but it won't let me
maybe I typed the host wrong
do exodusmud.dyndns.org port 9000
wtf there's a stackexchange for EVERYTHING.
@Lynne even cooking
Yes! And if there isn't one for your favorite topic, you can get together with your friends and create on at Area51
I am officially a fan
I'm a website designer and am doing a WP site for a client and somehow.. I got landed with all the PHP scripting. I'm not a programmer... stackexchange saved my life and made me 5500 dollars. Now THERE'S an infomercial.
2:23 AM
yeah, SO (StackOverflow) has pulled my fat out of the frier more than once
Okay I have no idea why he cant connect
I can just fine..
can you try C.?
@TheX looks like you have a dns issue. I can ping it
a dns issue?
ooooh, @TheX I think you have a space before the url
ahh your a genious @CRoss
2:26 AM
You're not gonna like it TheX
there's no point without players and there are no players on MUDs anymore
oh well if I hate it then oh well
shrugs I get paid to solve computer problems, I hope I can get it right once in a while
I just like playing with the code
@Lynne There are a few sites with a player base. Some still have 100+ active players
Which means it's both barren and unstable
2:27 AM
not the 100's it used to be though ... :-/
Yeah shitty ones.
sorry, my opinion.
well, later
I don't know how those muds get so many players, while we just drown.
hmm what race do i want to be
Exodus is really the most developed and interactive mud I've EVER seen and I've been mudding for......... god damnit. 13 years.
2:28 AM
better be a human since i know what that is
does it matter where i go?
It appears to be a chat room o.0
You should read up on the website TheX. It will help you with navigating.
I gotta go deal with my 2yr old.
@Lynne That was a link :P
1 hour later…
3:37 AM
"This is the worst review of anything I've ever read anywhere."
(He set the friction value on all of the cars to some absurd negative value)
@LessPop_MoreFizz That brings to mind the "Evil Cars" cheat in Saints Row 2
Except much worse. o.o
@GnomeSlice What was that about?
@YiJiang No idea. That's all he said.
zhangyijiang.github.com/StackExchangeScripts Holding page for the new StackExchangeScript homepage
in The Tavern (General) on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 10 hours ago, by Tim Stone
@YiJiang Just slap a huge OY on there and we'll call it a day.
Tim was very helpful here
3:50 AM
@YiJiang Maybe this?
Also, hooray for me being ever so helpful.
:P That's hilarious.
More oy! We need more oy! More!
I'll leave you to that. I'm making quite a bit of headway with my optimizations, and I've decided to go play Forza as a result :P
4:04 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh man, that made me laugh hard.
4:40 AM
Q: What happens to the essence?

bronzebeardIn Ninja Gaiden Sigma2, when you use the ultimate technique and absorb the surrounding essence, does it heal/give ki/money or is it just consumed towards the speed charging of UT?

4:58 AM
I love concerts. They are seriously the best thing.
@mana I think you mean oh maaaaaaaaaaan
much better
Thanks for the suggestion
Q: ION Drum Set Pedal Compatibility

eldarerathisI currently have a RB1 set that I got way back when it originally came out, but I've been considering getting a new set so that I can start playing pro drums on RB3. I figure that if I'm going to get a new set, I might as well splurge a little and get an ION set for myself. My hangup is this: Af...

1 hour later…
6:16 AM
Posted by Jeff Atwood on January 15th, 2011

The latest version of the Stack Exchange Creative Commons Data Dump is now available. This reflects all public data in …

… up to Jan 2011.

This month’s Stack Exchange data dump, as always, is hosted at ClearBits! You can subscribe via RSS to be notified every time a new dump is available.

Please read, this is not the usual yadda yadda! Three things:

If you’d prefer not to download the torrent and would rather play with this month’s data dump in your web browser right now, check out our open source Stack Exchange Data Explorer. Please note that it may take a few days for the SEDE to be updated with the latest dump. …

Guys...our data dump is smaller than Mathematics'.
I'm disappointed in all of you.
6:50 AM
Q: Minecraft - Massive Hole In The Ground

Keaanu This has happened in a couple of different places on my server. Does anyone have any idea what causes it to happen? Some facts about the phenomenon: other players on the server can't see them, only I can other players can walk out onto the ground that's supposed to be there animals can also...

7:29 AM
Q: Minecraft still Crashing Since 1.2_01 patch

Raven DreamerMinecraft 1.2 came out earlier this week, and soon after was followed by another bugfix patch, putting us at 1.2_01. However, the game is still quite unstable for me: I am unable to go more than 10 minutes without minecraft crashing to a black screen. The program becomes unresponsive, and needs...

7:59 AM
Q: How do I join a 100+ soul die2nite village?

F OakI spent long hours, terrified days and zombie infested nights working simply for a single goal: 100 soul. I have toiled hard, and I have finally made it. I now come with a simple question. How do I join a 100+ soul town? I am not a hero. I have +100 soul points. I am dead.

8:45 AM
Gaming is now 4.50 MB
and Maths doesn't compress as nicely as we do :P
9:07 AM
nevermind the picture is outdated
Gaming is now 6.03 MB
Maths is now 10 MB however.
and Programmers is 17 MB
and AskUbuntu is 9 MB.
MSO: 35 MB
Meta Maths: 1005 kB
Meta SU: 955 kB
Meta Gaming: 949 kB
Meta Programmers: 709 kB
9:32 AM
Q: How Do I Find My MInecraft Save without going on Minecraft

BenOn minecraft i am stuck really far down (see other question) and cant get out.Someone suggested WebChest it says choose file then upload.When i search for my save i cant find it. I am on a Macbook

9:59 AM
@badp We are not done until we beat SO.
Not so sure, SO has a broken data dump this bi-month
10:18 AM
@Mana gaming.se never excelled in size - there are many SE-2.0 sites that have more users, questions and answers. It's traffic where we're ranked comparatively high.
10:39 AM
@Oak I wasn't being serious, but thanks for the reminder.
I doubt Math will ever surpass us in traffic. You don't need to have studied for three years to understand a question about minecraft.
Except possibly when @tzenes answers it.
@ArdaXi However, a lot of people are subjected to entry-level maths.
Maths.SE was supposed to cater to those people too
I've been subjected to quite a bit of post-entry-level maths, but that doesn't mean I understand any of those questions.
I said, supposed. All three moderators come from MathOverflow, IIRC.
Well, that doesn't disprove my point. Our site caters to more users. Caters to even more users than SO, theoretically.
You know, I liked mathematics when it was all about numbers. The Latin alphabet complicated things, but it was still doable. But when they threw the Greek alphabet in there, I kinda lost track. Things like these:
10:51 AM
phi of lambda is e over pi lambda times Imaginary part of the exponential of minus fourth square root of omega of lambda minus one
easy as cake
Well, yeah, of course. Anyone can see that.
Alright, I know Phi, but the others?
although it could also be read as «phi of lambda is e over pi lambda times Imaginary part of the exponential of minus omega of fourth square root of lambda minus one»
Well, omega should be a periodic function I think?
so even without knowing what phi, omega and pi are, I can downvote it :P
@YiJiang See, that's where I'm lost.
10:54 AM
I guess context is important
Also, what's that 1 doing over the 4? It's not 1/4... right?
The question is about computing an integral using complex analysis techniques
@YiJiang It is. Blame Google.
Those brackets are too small though.
@ArdaXi I knew the end result had to be a downvote for you, good sir
You wrote that ambiguous equation
and I said whoever wrote it should've been downvoted
10:57 AM
No I didn't
without knowing that isn't a screenshot, but your rendering of an equation!
I copied the equation from math.SE
A question you conveniently haven't linked!
hence, I can only blame you
Q: Compute an integral using complex analysis techniques

GabrioHere's my problem: I have this function $\psi(\lambda)=\frac{e}{\pi\lambda}Im(e^{-\omega(\lambda-1)^{\frac{1}{4}}})$ defined on the interval $[1,\infty]$ and want to compute its integral (it should be 1). I've been suggested to consider the complex function $e^{-\omega(z-1)^{\frac{1}{4}}}$ (cutti...

It is defined on the interval 1, infty
I guess that means omega only wants to mess with strictly positive stuff.
11:00 AM
So omega is a hippie?
But this is about the psi of lambda
Also it isn't periodic (@yij)
Omega just happens to be in the psi of lambda.
@badp Right, well that was only a guess
11:01 AM
eh, psi of lambda is just the function he has to integrate with fancy letters
@YiJiang Thing is, that was my guess too
Why can't it just be the f of x like I'm used to :(
@ArdaXi Get 2k rep and edit it.
Me? 2k rep? On math.SE?
or upvote me 180 times.
Then hope I bother to consider your corrections.
Anyway, I commented.
NO! NO! I WAS OUT! I WAS OUT! Now I have to get reps again.
(On Gaming this time)
((cookie if you get the reference))
11:06 AM
@ArdaXi I also was deprived of a +15 rep checkmark because the asker found his answer on Yahoo Answers by the time I posted mine.
Hang on. He found his answer on Yahoo Answers?
You're kidding, right?
A: How Do I Find My MInecraft Save without going on Minecraft

badpAs the Minepedia mentions, your save files are in: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/ If you were running Linux, it'd just be: ~/.minecraft/saves If you were running Windows, instead, it'd be: %APPDATA%\.minecraft\saves\ In all cases, you can reach the correct folder easily...

> I didn't use that i used this uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100921121600AAQkoTy (the first one you said)
hence, +0
laughs maniacally
1 hour later…
12:15 PM
Q: Should I be hit/expertise capped before going to raids?

ZizzencsOn my protection warrior I'm getting to the status where all my gear are either from heroic instances or are crafted epics. I'd like to begin raiding, but I'm not sure how to gem/enchant/reforge for that. The options I can see: get hit and expertise (soft) capped then focus on survivability ge...

1 hour later…
1:40 PM
Q: Spacechem - No Need for Introductions

Aaron SmithDoes anyone know how to beat this level? I tried my own solution and it didn't work, then I found an online guide and copied it exactly and I still can't beat it. This needs to be tagged "spacechem" but I'm not allowed to create new tags.

2:24 PM
Where Have All The Horror Games Gone? http://bit.ly/fghU9C
Q: Is there a fighter pilot/flight simulator game for Android?

FitriCan you recommend a fighter pilot/flight simulator game for Android (like Top Gun)? Free or paid is not important, the quality of the gameplay matters.

Game-rec! KILL IT WITH FI- Oh, not our site. Never mind.
A: What happens after the end of FF VII?

FractalI wonder if they had Advent Children in mind when making the game they end up weakened by a epic battle, in the worst spot of enemies imaginable I'm a positive thinker, but odds are against them :(

2:40 PM
Q: How can I produce livestock in Illyriad?

C. RossI've begun playing Illyriad, and I'd like to produce some livestock for leather. The obvious place to produce this would be the Common Ground. The Common Ground is an ancestral right for your citizens to graze their cattle inside the city walls, producing livestock for your City's Sa...

2:55 PM
<yi-jiang>erm... erm... erm...</yi-jiang>
@badp Sounds about right. Erm...
@LessPop_MoreFizz rofl
3:10 PM
34 messages moved to Mathematics
@badp Hey, you moved my XML comment
@YiJiang Whoops, sorry. I can't do anything about it now.
Ah well...
@badp Hey you moved me explaining why that advent children answer is bad.
in Mathematics, 7 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
@badp Anyway, I don't think hyphens are valid in XML tag names.
3:11 PM
Fine, fine, I'll be more careful next time.
Well, all, you've been great - I'm off to sulk about my percentage subtracting mess!
Thanks :)
Also, thanks for restoring my sanity
oh shit he finished it:
The cow in the machine is pretty awesome.
@LessPop_MoreFizz and while you're MOO I will be still alive
@ArdaXi Forty.
Should've been 25 but oh well
3:25 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Music and cake! Perfection.
@TimStone And Cow!
  / |    ||
 *  /\---/\
    ~~   ~~
...."Have you mooed today?"...
@YiJiang -1, not enough cowbell
3:46 PM
@badp sudo apt-get install cowbells
4:29 PM
Q: How to maximize research in Illyriad

C. RossHow can I maximize my research in Illyriad? I've noticed that I can't build but one library (presumably per city), and upgrading it is slow. Is there anything else that effects research produced?

Q: How does "Dead Money" interact with Veronica?

John RudyThis is a multi-part question, which I know is generally frowned upon, but please hear me out on this. If you have Veronica as your companion (assuming you can even take companions to The Sierra Madre), does it impact your interactions with Elijah? Otherwise, do your interactions with Elijah im...

4:46 PM
@LessPop That FF7 answer is poetry. How could anyone not upvote it?
@Mana To be fair, having smilies in your poetry probably isn't the best form of literary expression
@YiJiang Avant-garde.
@Mana removing the pointless linebreaks doesn't really fix anything
@LessPop of course it doesn't, but that answer isn't really one that can be fixed beyond that
it's a silly answer
I don't even think it's correct
it can be 'fixed' in much the same way as a dogs reproductive capacity.
4:50 PM
shrug Edit it then bro
I was just fixing up the lines
@Mana Edit != Delete. I flagged it.
Why? He answered the question, just very poorly. I think it should be downvoted, not deleted.
@Mana He didn't answer the question though.
4:53 PM
...he didn't? Oh.
oh wait
I see
@Mana Read it. It's basically half wild speculation, half repetition of the question, with a dash of incoherence thrown in.
you removed the "What do you think?" part
@Mana Yes, because it had no place here, and was tainting an otherwise straightforward question.
yeah in that case it should be killed since it no longer yeah
well okay cool
and thanks @LessPop
5:06 PM
user image
5:29 PM
Q: Summarize the plot of Final Fantasy Tactics

FractalI've been playing FFT for some years, passing through over and over again, but I can't seem to understand perfectly what's happening in fact. I was wondering if it would be possible to summarize the different chapters, and finally be able to get an overview of the story, of who's using who throu...

5:51 PM
I am proud to announce you the birth of the hosting-rec tag:
Q: Free dedicated server for Minecraft?

pootzkoDoes anyone know of some free dedicated server service that would be good enough to host Minecraft so that 5-7 people could play at the same time without problems (enough bandwidth, strong enough CPU)? Or at least cheap enough... Thank you

@badp Hahaha
I'm not sure I've ever heard a CPU referred to as "strong"
I guess it has to lift all those bits
Depends on the speed at which it relays SoIP packets
(Stab over IP)
fucking minecraft.
5:55 PM
@sjohnston Mine can withstand several kilogram of weights, can yours do that!!?
Only thing this one needs is a little pit full of creepers jumping up and down to dance to the music.
@LessPop_MoreFizz There was a pig, does it count?
@badp No, because it's not a 8x8 pit with 60 of them jumping up and down.
which is what I'm envisioning.
http://t.co/Jy8jUxa Minecraft players fascinate, terrify, and humble me. Though this one really needs a pit of jumping creepers as dancers.
With the addition of music blocks, I might have to seriously consider getting MineCraft now.
Just gonna leave that here.
6:00 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm not entirely sure what to say to that.
@GnomeSlice It helps if you know what it's playing off of.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I certainly hope so.
One more close vote for Minecraft
@LessPop_MoreFizz What on Earth possessed someone to do that??
6:05 PM
Somehow the original is more disturbing >_>
@LessPopMoreFizz SSssSSsSsSs ( That's Racist were not all dancer you know )
The two of them make about the same amount of sense.
8 Modern Video Game Faults That You Never Cared About http://bit.ly/ekCss7
I don't think spilt is actually a word.
@LessPop_MoreFizz For a second there, I thought it might be kittenbot
But then I realized that kittenbot doesn't balance parenthesis properly
@LessPop_MoreFizz This painting has a lot going on.
6:33 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I will say the page is technically nice; I like that way of exploring a painting.
the content has quite some bullshit going on, but the implementation is nice.
@badp That's what I was trying to say, but more eloquently. :P
The original is kind of weird, till you read the painters words. Then it's ... worse than weird
I'm pretty sure some of the people in that picture would be trying to kill each other
No kidding.
Or trying to kill the painter.
anyway, anyone ever heard of Illyriad?
Q: Does race choice really matter in Illyriad?

C. RossDoes race choice really matter in Illyriad? It seems like all the races have more or less the same unit types, and they all have the same buildings. Is there a race bonus that I'm missing somewhere?

6:38 PM
I've heard of the Iliad?
it's a f2p fantasy strategy mmo
I've been toying with it during sleepless times
I asked a couple of questions and random people from the internet pounced on them?
@GnomeSlice Spilt is a past tense of the verb "to spill"
@GraceNote spilled ?
I just didn't think spilt was actually a word.
@GnomeSlice No, Spilt is the proper past tense.
Spilled is a foul abomination that must be banished from the lexicon.
Spilled is more common in the US. Not that I'm happy with that, either...
It's hard to argue our honor when we have things like spilled.
6:51 PM
Isn't that kind of like spelled vs. spelt ?
I used to always use spelt.
Weep with me for our future.
It is somewhat, except spelled is apparently less of an egregious offense
Commenced weeping
I thought spilt and spelt were more 'old english'.
6:54 PM
No, they're more 'English' as opposed to 'American'
The common adage, as it were, is "no use crying over spilt milk"
@feeds Game rec kill it with fire!
Why does StackOverflow Inc. make so much awesome stuff which could be applied so much more than it is.
What does it make besides one thing?
They have the engine itself.
They have this awesome chat.
They have the data explorer.
6:57 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well here's part of the problem. (Does it make any sense? No, but I'm going to roll with it.)
Data Explorer was originally 3rd party, and is still open source
@GraceNote They make dreams come true. That's the most awesomest of all.
@TimStone That's PD :-)
@GraceNote Oh, right, it is.
Of course I'm right. ~
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