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7:32 PM
@JonEricson are you around?
Q: Let's give thanks

Jon EricsonIf you are reading this, there's a good chance that you are among the most fortunate human beings to walk the earth today. So for the next two weeks (see below), let's ask questions around the theme of giving thanks. Questions might touch on people who are thankful or on blessings and promises ...

I want to exchange thoughts about your Genesis question
7:57 PM
Q: Challenge ideas

Jon EricsonWell, I certainly enjoy issuing challenges and trying to ask questions to answer that call, but so far participation has been somewhat limited. Part of the reason might be that I'm coming up with the ideas myself, promoting the challenge myself, and I'm the only person who really has any ownersh...

8:20 PM
@JackDouglas I'm here. What's up?
Hi Jon
You are doing a great job with the challanges - I hope you are not tiring of the effort :)
about the Genesis question tho...
Thank you. It keeps me interested.
I'd been thinking we should explore the idea with you of closing it as off-topic
it seems too doctriny
how would you feel about that?
I would be ok with that. I have an answer started based on the Christopher Wright book I read, but I haven't been able to finish it. His answer is that there is no answer. That Genesis doesn't say.
I don't want to waste anyones effort though - would it fit on C.SE do you think (I've never been there so I don't know)
8:23 PM
But it's hard to get that from the text. "Absence of evidence..." and all that.
@JonEricson It seems likely that God created the serpent to me - I mean from Genesis 1 :)
I think the question itself would fit on either C.SE or J.SE, but I wouldn't much be interested in answers from either place. I agree with Wright on a doctrinal level, but I can't justify it on a textual level (yet).
@JackDouglas I tend to agree. But the serpent is the conduit of evil, not evil itself.
it is certainly a very interesting question
I take the view it is addressed by Romans 9
How about if we close the question and I edit it to point people to where they could ask if they wanted more information? I've struggled with the answer long enough.
and Proverbs 16:4
@JonEricson yes - I'd be very happy with that
8:29 PM
@JackDouglas Let's do it!
I'll add a comment linking to this chat :)
@JonEricson Take care and keep up the good work :)
@JackDouglas And to you as well. ;-)

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