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1:07 AM
@GnomeSlice I am now.
@snailboat Ah OK, so that is a different issue.
No law's availability should be restricted in any way, nor any other legally binding text of any kind.
Bioshock Infinite for € 7,50
XCOM: Enemy Unknown for € 5
East Slavic languages, for example, use in in both cases. "In Tuesday in four o'clock". Why? There is no why. They just do. And at the same time, they use different prepositions where English uses just one. So you are married on your wife, but your wife is married behind you. Why? There is no why. Yes, you can try and come up with a justification, but any justification will be justification in hindsight. As soon as you look at a different language, you will have to admit your justification is completely made up. — RegDwigнt ♦ 3 mins ago
I keep repeating that like a mantra.
I should found a religion.
The First Church Of, By, and Between Prepositions.
In unrelated news, now that I'm back home, that's my current record, from yesterday.
1:23 AM
Wow! Congrats.
I haven't been able to get there again at work today.
So you almost got to...whatever the next tile is.
@Cerberus thank you. Beginner's luck.
Haha. Lies.
@Cerberus something something. That's the term you're looking for.
@Cerberus well no, apparently it really was.
1:24 AM
So you have just got home?
I was here earlier today, but then left again to visit a friend who came for a short visit from Teneriffa, where he's teaching at a German school.
It was fun. I'm drunk and drinking on.
Speaking of which, excuse me while I leave you...
Be excused.
@RegDwigнt I think most people agree it's arbitrary to some extent, although there are cognitive linguists trying to make some sense of them and come up with new ways to teach prepositions besides "just memorize them"
Sometimes they just seem inexplicable…
2:01 AM
@KitFox How're things?
Is that good?
2:21 AM
@snailboat well, they should totally go explain why I am married on my wife but she's married behind me. I'm being honest here, it actually applies to myself and I am actually waiting for an explanation.
You can figure out some general rule X for situation Y in language Z, but all things considered it's just a lost cause. Too many off-by-one situations, everywhere, all over the place.
@GnomeSlice How are you?
@RegDwigнt All in the place.
Ceci n'est pas une place.
What are you two doing up!?
I am one and I not doing up but down. Vodka is like that.
But it’s biphasic.
2:25 AM
I just got off the phone with my brother.
Ceci n'est pas une phase.
TIL Kit has a bro.
Two, in fact.
Or perhaps I learned it much earlier but the ethylalcohol has done its job at erasing.
You probably know at least one of them.
@KitFox whoa gal hold the horses.
@KitFox hold more horses still pretty please.
I am busy here, don't you see.
2:28 AM
@KitFox Alcohols or bros?
Aug 2 at 10:00, by RegDwigнt
Ah, a cold Bitburger early in the morning, tis heaven.
Jeesiz Kryst, it really is the morning. Half past four.
@Kit, I’ve pung you about something unsettling. We can talk later if you prefer. I’m kinda falling-over tired.
I must be off doing things.
@tchrist Bros.
@KitFox I'm good, I guess.
I start my training for my new job next monday
I hope I can do the work
2:40 AM
You'll be great at security. You get to get paid for being belligerent.
I don't get paid when I belliger. :-(
Think of it as a privilege. You get to be belligerent
also an honor
@snailboat *beleaguer
3:09 AM
@tchrist Oh, nice. I couldn't think of the actual verb :-)
Thank you!
3:51 AM
room topic changed to English Language & Usage: lions and tigers and bears (no tags)
Lions and tigers and bears, no tags!
@KitFox Do you think I'm belligerent?
Not really.
2 hours later…
6:05 AM
6:19 AM
Haha nice.
6:30 AM
Thanks :-)
7:28 AM
good morning
do we have a dupe of this question?
Q: "Share me" or "Share with me"?

user88886I heard people saying: Can you please share me the slides? or Can you share me the note, etc.? I think it should be: Can you please share the slides with me? or Can you share the notes with me? which one is correct?

I feel like I have read something similar before
would you like to share with us where?
Q: Which one is correct? "Explain me" or "Explain to me"?

Mehper C. PalavuzlarWhich of the following expressions is correct? -Explain me. -Explain to me. I know "Explain it to me" is correct, but I want to know which one of the above is valid.

I think that's what I was thinking of. not a dupe, though :(
I have heard "explain me" toooo many times :(
"to" is such an important preposition
in spoken English
it gets used a lot
"to" is one of the top ones
Dare I say, the most important in spoken English?
Everyday language, of course :)
Hi @OliverSalzburg
7:45 AM
@skullpatrol Hi

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