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6:00 PM
Hmm, good point
rock 'n roll

rock n' roll <---looks strange to me
Probably because you are used to seeing apostrophes behind a single letter in contractions.
Couldn't Shouldn't, etc
They all have apostrophes behind the single letter.
But it's not "rock an roll" nor is it "rock n roll"; it's "rock and roll" and the proper contraction, given the dropped letters, would be 'n'. QED
Ngram time :-)
WHats that?
6:03 PM
Right, like NGrams can handle apostrophes intelligently.
Sounds familiar... What is it though?
I'm not intelligent, remember?
@skullpatrol Don't say that.
@skullpatrol I don't keep track.
not even smarter than a 5th grader
6:04 PM
@Robusto why is your name slanted?
@skullpatrol Never say that. On the other note, that brings a tv show to mind.
Because my gravatar is Asian.
Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
Depends on the 5th grader.
@Robusto No, like, your literal name is slanted compared to everyone else.
@Mitch yo
Well, in fact, it's not my literal name. It's my user name.
6:05 PM
@PhonicsTheHedgehog he's this room's co-owner
@skullpatrol Whoa.
I didn't know! cool!
@PhonicsTheHedgehog I know a fifth grader. Does that count?
Can you completely change the room?
@Mitch We all knew a 5th grader once ;)
@PhonicsTheHedgehog Oh. Well, I don't know him that well. Actually, I've never met him, but I've heard about him.
@PhonicsTheHedgehog What if you skipped 5th grade?
@Mitch That brings up a interesting question. In terms of english language, what constitutes "knowing" someone?
6:07 PM
Ha! Gotcha!
Carnal knowledge. Absolutely.
@Mitch then you would be smarter than all the 5th graders
@Robusto so meeting them in person?
@PhonicsTheHedgehog You've met them. more than once. And they've met you. Also more than once. And you both know that the other one knows that.
Also, not an aquaintance.
I see
6:09 PM
Imma go all Beowulf on you guys
2 mins ago, by Mitch
@PhonicsTheHedgehog What if you skipped 5th grade?
Wqho are you calling a 5ifth grader?
1 min ago, by skullpatrol
@Mitch then you would be smarter than all the 5th graders
@PhonicsTheHedgehog pre-medieval
what no, that's exactly as medieval as you can get.
6:09 PM
@Mitch Pre-pre medieval. :P
@skullpatrol What if all the other fifth graders skipped 6th and 7th? Ha! try to beat that!
switch schools
go to Roxbury Latin
Guard your male essences, guys. A succubus has invaded chat.
@Robusto Primevil - there's was an episode where one of the henchmen - wait... spoiler alert -...
6:12 PM
@Robusto Thought you enjoyed essence interaction?
one of the evil henchmen is searching for the main character...
and the shocking scene at the end of the episode ....
@Robusto not enough rep to chat, yet ;-)
@PhonicsTheHedgehog Quintessential interaction.
has like a hundred versions of the same evil henchman...
and they didn't do it by cloning but by...
... time travel.
@Robusto Ah, quality over quantity.
6:15 PM
So basically the guy is going to die a hundred days earlier than he'd expect because he had to keep going back in time to meet up with his band of himself. He basically just kept in line at the time-travel drive thru and kept coming back for seconds.
@Mitch nods hmm, yes, of course. has no idea what he is talking about
@Mitch What, he couldn't trouble himself to find unemployed musicians in the current time? What a slacker.
@Robusto Clearly anyone making that kind of mistake while time traveling must be a noob.
"making that kind of mistaking" Not grammatical, I assume?
"making that kind of mistake"
Mistaking doesn't work? :P
6:21 PM
It works in other contexts.
"You are mistaking me for someone else."
@PhonicsTheHedgehog what is "making a mistaking"?
Cole Porter could have got away with "making a mistaking"; but you can't.
@JohanLarsson: Just curious why you would bring up that issue out of the blue, after no evidence of what you mentioned has been seen here in weeks. Is there some back-channel communication going on?
@Robusto There is always back-channeling going on. :P
@skullpatrol Making a mistake, but at the exact moment of the mistake occurring I suppose.
hmm...good point
6:41 PM
@Robusto Stop making me watch David Mitchell again!
@PhonicsTheHedgehog Are you a dyslexic hedgehog?
@Robusto What issue?
A: is 'do we actually know where we are going any more' a question?

user2370114Yes, it's a question. It begins with a word that can either be a question or an imperative/command, but the context of the statement, there is no action to take: "Do this task." versus "Do we do this task?"

Wondering if I should edit or downvote.
Will go with an edit, but its mom won't recognize it afterwards.
@Robusto yep, there is a backchannel that I created. Do you want to read it?
6:49 PM
@JohanLarsson Now I'm curious...
Haha right!
@Cerberus @Robusto and here it is :)
Actually, no, I can't be arsed. Went with a comment instead. Let him fix it himself.
@JohanLarsson huh how is that tricky, @Matt? Level 27 is precisely where I got on first try before getting bored to death.
I think it briefly got interesting around level 17 and 23, but that's about it.
I will read all that when I get back! Have to go now.
6:53 PM
I must get to drinking.
I liked the game but quit cos time sink.
@JohanLarsson Alot of people are feeling like Matt...
why on earth does flash player still exist
this is from the middle ages
makes an irrational and inane fuss about flash player
7:07 PM
@kwak I'm pretty sure I am not a dyslexic :P
@GeorgePompidou why the fuss?
cause they don't support it for linux, which is fine because it's on its way out
but as a result it keeps crashing
in this stupid web app
@RegDwigнt so you haven't solved 29? 27 was tricky, but I got there eventually. I guess you probably won't go back, though, if you're bored of it
@JohanLarsson Not particularly. If you wish to think ill of me, that is your right. But I just want to put the unpleasantness behind me.
@RegDwigнt Drinking by the barrel. That's the German way. Also the Russian. Etc.
@MattЭллен At a certain point the puzzles aren't interesting enough to devote the time needed to solve them.
@Robusto fair enough
7:11 PM
I get enough puzzles in my work. And those are interesting.
@Robusto hey, best friend on the internet. Thinking good here.
@JohanLarsson Ask @Reg or @Matt for my email and we can chat offline if you want.
@Robusto Do you use skype?
Yes. But that's a dog with different fleas.
what doe sit mean?
7:15 PM
Still a dog.
no skype then?
Mainly I only use skype for work or gaming, and I don't remember my password for the gaming one. Would have to go through that hassle.
@PhonicsTheHedgehog phonic/sonic
Got it.
I can also read deleted messages, don't forget.
ah, forgot about that
7:17 PM
I can read your mind
@skullpatrol I was ordering a penis enlargement. Want one that works this time.
I need to go out before rush hour, but I'll be back later.
@JohanLarsson I hope that works out for you.
T. M. I.
I want a brain enlargment
what for?
7:22 PM
for having better concentration
deeper knowledge and memory
practice makes perfect
but my head is naturally small
So, it's the density of the brain that counts.
like processors, miniatured chips
Not the volume.
7:25 PM
I want a i7 xeon under my skull
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 hours ago, by skullpatrol
@JohanLarsson Interesting...
brain sucks energy
7:41 PM
no multitasking
@MattЭллен I actually don't remember whether I got bored at 27, or 26, or 29. It's in my browser at work. I think here at home I only re-played it till 22 or something.
So do I email @Johan with @Rob's email, or has @Matt already done so?
Johan has saved us the trouble
OIC, he already posted it.
That explains why the chat is dead.
Well, I shall contribute drink to that!
no mails are being sent at the moment
23 mins ago, by kwak
for having better concentration
7:53 PM
I'm reading some answers/comments by a guy who I think may have been molested by the past perfect at some point
he hates it
I think he did a search for all past perfect related questions just to scream at people about it
Q: Write the whole of the holed using the unholed

Calvin's HobbiesThe ASCII characters from decimal code 33 to 126 are: !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|} Notice that in most fonts, 25 of these characters have "holes" in them: (a genus greater than 0 you might say) #$%&04689@ABDOPQRabdegopq The ot...


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