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@DanPantry Yikes, do you have any additional details you can share?
Q: Array based Queue Implementation using Templates

zorroThis is my first code using templates and I wanted to know if the code looks good? I have some doubts like what's the best way to report error to user (queue full/empty), I checked a link online http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial/computersciencetheory/queuecode.html where they use assert() so ...

12:29 AM
Huh. I found a question on the Music.SE site that I asked over 2 years ago and still hasn't been answered...
TIL you can download your personalized prediction data for all Stack Exchange sites, very neat.
It has tons of tag-related information, including weighted ratings for all tags on all sites you have an account for
   "codereview.stackexchange.com": {
    "sql": 0.547659575939178,
    "sql-server": 0.273829787969589,
    "php": 0.266331315040588,
    "mysql": 0.181148931384087,
    "performance": 0.153976902365685,
is my top 3 favorite tag according to Providence ._.
Yet I've never written one line of PHP code lol.
12:45 AM
Q: The ubiquitous blink program on ATmega328P

Shift_LeftAlthough there is a blinking LED, the way this comes about is quite a bit different. This could be called a dead man's switch because as long as your holding the button down, the blinking doesn't start until the button is released. It is connected as follows; /* Blink 2017-Mar-26 by Peter ...

Q: Laravel 5.4: Authentication System

BeefoI have recently coded my own authentication system and wondered if there was any way I could make it better? I coded it with Laravel 5.4. getView is called on Route::get and onPost is called on Route::post use Auth; use App\User; use App\Http\Controllers\Controller; use Validator; use Redir...

1:25 AM
Q: AABB Intersections with Space Partitions, A Sample Code Performance and Reliability

DeveloperI have originally written the following Matlab code to find intersection between a set of Axes Aligned Bounding Boxes (AABB) and space partitions (here 8 partitions). I believe it is readable by itself, moreover, I have added some comments for even more clarity. function [A,B] = AABBPart(bbx,it)...

1:44 AM
@CaptainObvious Is Matlab always this ugly?
2:15 AM
Q: Simple Minesweeper

MORTALI'm trying to make minesweeper similar to windows 3.1 minesweeper by using OpenGL / GLUT. The game still in early stage but playable. I would like to know, how can I improve it. #include <cstdlib> #include <gl/glut.h> #include <ctime> enum { MINE = 9 }; enum { TILE_SIZE = 20 }; enum { BOARD_SIZ...


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