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7:00 PM
My little brother once wanted to be an Ultraman, then a masked rider, among other things. :-)
So we're poor devils of the same root!
Ngrams, Google books' comparisons and simply Googling them is my method. — MARamezani 1 min ago
Anything you think is better that I might add?
@MARamezani Yeah, sometimes I was zapped by his Storium Ray. Whatever that is!
@MARamezani I wanted to suggest COCA, but I tried searching for his such as on COCA and found no results.
Did that look anything like this?
How did you not die?
7:04 PM
Teach me teach me teach me!
Maybe because I was from the planet M88!
@DamkerngT. COCA is a contemporary corpus.
Law Area wants to find examples of archaic usage that is no longer part of English
That sort of thing only shows up in COCA in quotations or occasionally as deliberate archaisms in fiction, etc.
@snailboat Digs into the base, I'd say.
In any case, rarely
7:04 PM
But trying to find that such as on Google Books is challenging, I think.
I just threw something there! ;)
But a historical dictionary like the OED is a good place to start.
@snailboat A question has bothered me for some time.
To what extent should I know archaic English?
Well, you need to know the few things people use as deliberate archaisms, things like thee and thou or verbal postnegation
7:06 PM
That sort of thing just doesn't happen to come in normal speech.
Verbal postnegation: "I know not." (for standard I don't know)
Yep. Those.
But most English speakers don't know much archaic English
But not digging as hard as Law, probably?
But if, for example, you'd like to read Shakespeare
You'll find that there are things you don't understand, or things that you think you can understand but had a different meaning back then
Of course, in the case of Shakespeare you can pick up a copy with annotations
But it's really up to you if you'd like to read older English
How much you want to learn
7:12 PM
Thee, thy, thou etc. I read the holy Quran's English translation and I saw a lot of them "amongst" the verses. That was when I did a search on what they meant.
Not the best use of amongst there, though.
Oh, right, sometimes when people translate stuff like that they deliberately use archaic-sounding language to make it sound old
And "Goddish".
You'd generally double that consonant in spelling, so you'd write Goddish
Yes. I didn't remember that. Because of fatigue, I guess.
Fun fact: You remember @Majid?
The other day he told me he wanted to change his user name.
He said: I came up with Dan. It's a cool name. And then guessed it would be better if I added an "e". It just came out of nowhere. Now I'm Dane!
Btw, are you familiar with academia.SE?
It just seems like a chat for me!
Martin is used to complaining about their jibber-jabbers!
Wait a sec: Am I earning another "alone"?!
7:39 PM
I'm still here
Badge blocked!
I already got three!
Let me gaze at the "newest" questions' tab, see if I find anything worth nagging about.
@MARamezani :)
@MARamezani I can, actually.
It's broken by design.
See, it used to be a real-time indicator of the number of suggested edits for all users.
But right now, for you, that indicator shows every type of review task you can do.
7:45 PM
@snailboat ...before the dark times...
And they decided it'd be too much to update that in real time for every user
That is, it'd take too much processing power to make it accurate. They say.
Instead you see a number which represents the total number of tasks that need handling, even if they aren't available to you specifically
For example, if you've already reviewed something, but it still needs reviews from other people, it'll still show up in the brown number.
But the brown number is also cached (remains perpetually out-of-date)
Wow, I realize today we had less than 10 questions on ELL.
And is also hidden if it's below a certain threshold
Less than
So the result is, the brown number isn't particularly meaningful. I ignore it entirely.
I believe low-reputation users are still presented with the old suggested edit indicator. I miss that indicator
Let's do the right thing: Screw reviewing!
I do reviews, but I just click the review link by hand every now and then instead of using the numeric indicator :-)
7:49 PM
A: What does "a cotton candy view" mean in this sentence?

bcristStoneyB explains what cotton-candy is quite well, and this interpretation makes a lot of sense, but the metaphor "cotton-candy view" can be interpreted in another way as well. Cotton-candy is mostly consumed only by young children. Therefore it is sometimes associated with childishness or naïve...

Not bad.
Not bad!
Also, I remember that when I first saw naive, I thought it had two "I"s, like naiive.
Yawning I guess I should go to sleep. Bye! And, don't harvest all those alones without me!
Naiive looks like a typo
The usual spelling is naive, though naïve is occasionally used
4 hours later…
11:42 PM
It would be considered an error if you inconsistently used the spellings.
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