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10:00 AM
(I think "year 2000" without the got stuck in my head.)
In the year 2000!
Thanks for the correction, btw!
I mean it wasn't even supposed to be written as 2000, it was Y2K.
I think I must have lost the article before year back then. :-)
Now I got it back. Yay!
Y2K is pronounced like why two kay
IPA is beyond me on my phone
Most people around me saying it as "year 2000" back then, I think.
(I've never had any chance to work with real native speakers.)
Oh, I've never heard anyone pronounce Y2K that way
10:04 AM
The same went to salary.
10k, 15k, etc.
I mean what they wrote and what they spoke were not always strictly related.
I wouldn't be surprised if I heard 10k pronounced like ten thousand, though ten kay would be fine too
I do that (10k = ten kay)
It's also possible I'm suffering from selective memory and people did pronounce Y2K the way you said
Though people would never say "in year 2000" regardless
I don't think so. I believe that it's likely that people around me back then pronounced it incorrectly.
Just like what Maulik and I did today.
I never saw that show I linked to a picture of, but my friends went around quoting it
10:13 AM
I didn't know it was from a show!
And if I jokingly said "in the year 2000", they took it as a reference to that show
Although it wasn't exactly a phrase he invented
That's Conan
Oh, Conan O'Brian?
I never watched his show, but
Me either.
I did see the Simpsons, which he worked on at one point
The monorail episode
10:15 AM
I don't watch Simpsons that often, I think.
(Not sure which tense I should use.)
That tense is fine. I always say the though
Oh, it's The Simpsons!
You could also use the past tense if you wanted. Then it would be a statement about back when the episode(s) we're talking about aired, I guess
Or that general era, whenever it was.
I haven't watched it for a while, so I thought of the past tense first; then I changed my mind, since I might watch it again if I run into it.
And I wasn't sure how to classify that thought into which English tense.
I found this sentence on Wikipedia:
> She is the Miss Globe Venezuela titleholder for 2006, and was the official winner of the Miss Globe International pageant held in Saranda, Albania on October 1, 2006.
Oh, the "Miss Asia for 2006" led me to this very cute page! books.google.com/books?id=KT7VVxJHcOYC&pg=PA108
I'd love to buy that book!
It's written in Japanese but I think I have no problem reading it.
That sentence seems okay
10:29 AM
sobbing -- The book is not on Amazon.com.
It looks like only the introduction is in Japanese
I really like the way they demonstrate the usages.
I wonder how effective learning that way is
I would say "very".
It lets you ignore your L1
10:31 AM
I really want to buy that book!
2,052円 on Rakuten.co.jp.
Have you ever bought anything from there?
I hope that Kinokuniya sells it.
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