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12:05 AM
@snailboat Super-duper!
Wow! I don't know how they did it, but it looks really nice!
Right now, ELU gets 51 questions/day. ELL gets 31 questions/day.
ELL's low was around 10/day, I believe.
English Language Learnersell.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for speakers of other languages learning English.

Currently in public beta.

Unfortunately, the answer rate dropped to 97%!
I guess we should close more questions.
227 questions with no upvoted answers
12:17 AM
Umm... That was said only half jokingly.
Oh, I didn't mean that as a direct response
Hehe :-)
I was just looking
Because we'd better not feed the bears, I think I shouldn't upvote answers to those would've-been-better questions.
There are times that I've downvoted an answer because I felt it shouldn't have been answered
Having an upvoted answer prevents an off-topic question from being automatically deleted at a later date
I know it's kind of harsh, but...
We shouldn't encourage very off-topic questions
12:22 AM
nods -- Talking about off-topic...
Q: What do "M", "G" and "B" buttons mean in an elevator?

TimWhat do "M", "G" and "B" buttons mean in an elevator, besides "1", "2", ...? Confusing. Thanks.

If a question is only arguably off-topic I'd never do that
I'm not sure if this is on-topic. I think it's marginal. :-)
I've never found an elevator that got M, G, B all at once!
I can't remember one
I might have been in one before, though
I don't remember an M button in any elevator!
I wouldn't be able to answer that question...
I can recall only one, in Bangkok!
The M floor actually deserves to be called the second floor, imo.
But the front part of it is voided, so the building has a really, really large front hall.
I guess that's why they use M.
In Chicago, I mostly remember elevators having B buttons, maybe sometimes both G and B
It could just be my faulty memory :-)
12:28 AM
I think it's rare to see B and G together, I can't remember I found one.
Wait, M above 3?!
Upper level, mezzanine, lower level?
Maybe Upper Lobby?
Starred Mezzanine, and Lower Lobby?
Now there I can imagine the L being Lobby
Uh, radio frequency? Player one?
This elevator is a mystery to me. :-)
Parking one to three, I guess.
12:30 AM
Hehe! I guess just R would make sense. :-)
Oh, roof!
See how slow I am? :-)
I think that every time you get into an elevator, it can have new button labels and you have to figure them out from context
Hey, they have 13th floor!
Now here's an enigmatic elevator:
Oh, it's a hospital elevator.
Why is D starred? Is that the ground floor, and B and C are below it?
If so, what happened to A?
12:31 AM
It reminds me of Michale Crichton's novel.
Those five colors!
C and B!
All personnel must be decontaminated appropriately before they're allowed to get to the next level!
I guess it's like, {C B A} and {1 2 3}, and the overlapping A=1 floor was replaced with ☆L
@DamkerngT. Hehe!
I suppose the PH button takes you to Phuket
Are those Braille letters?
Looks like. I can't read Braille so I can't tell for sure without looking it up
But I think Braille like that is somewhat common in elevators
12:34 AM
@snailboat Or maybe the Philippines!
I guess ★ST is short for STAR!
It's the ★STAR floor!
Wow! What's there on that floor!?
I thought for a moment it could be thirty-seven ("sirty theven")
Our elevators are becoming more and more complex!
They have a lot of roofs on that building!
12:36 AM
I can't figure out those buttons.
Okay, we've got the Mezzanine, which you helpfully explained to me as being a quasi-second floor
Me either!
☆L is the lobby
B is . . . basement?
I would guess that too.
I'm not sure about F|▷ or F|◁
Or R|▷ or R|◁
12:38 AM
Oh, maybe it's a special kind of elevator!
Those elevators that can open on two sides, but not at the same time.
That's a nice interface! It tells you entire names!
I like #9!
Here's another one with a Lower Level button
> How often have you been in an elevator and seen someone trying to catch it as the doors close? It happens a lot, and if you’re like me that person sometimes misses the elevator simply because the ‘door open’ button was too hard to find in a hurry.
Mezzanine and . . . cezzanine?
12:41 AM
A lot! -- pointing to self
@snailboat I can't guess C!
What is this mysterious ☆C?
The star must be important 'cause it has its own Braille letter!
Well, now we can ask on ELL: What do C, LL, UL, RF, G, M, B, LR, BR, MR, F, ST, ☆, ★, B through K, L1 and L2, and R1 through R8 mean?
Oh, there are even more!
I looked for "elevator buttons" on Google Images and found C, LL, UL, RF, G, M, B, LR, BR, MR, E, F, P, ST, ☆, ★, B through K, ↑, ↓, G1 and G2, LR, ☎, ▷|◁, ◁|▷, F|▷, F◁|, R|▷, R◁|, T, L1 and L2, 1R through 3R, and R1 through R8. I guess it would probably be off-topic if I asked what those all meant . . . :-) — snailboat just now
12:51 AM
Oh, star is for "street level"!
@Tim No, it would usually be the letter and a star, like M*. — DCShannon 2 hours ago
F|▷, F◁|, R|▷, R◁| are perhaps left and right forward and rear doors...?
Oh! So the elevator can open four ways!?
I, um, don't know . . . :-)
I was guessing after you suggested the left and right doors could be controlled individually
> Those elevators that can open on two sides, but not at the same time.
But maybe you meant two sides as in forward and back
12:55 AM
But then why do they have left and right buttons? :-)
Maybe one is open and one is close
When I found one, both doors usually open at the same time, but I remember a few of them are exceptions!
F|▷, F◁|, R|▷, R◁| ← Forward open, forward close, rear open, rear close?
And they don't have a very complicated UI. They just have two separate sets of control panels.
@snailboat Oh, possibly makes sense. Hmm...
Now, what was T... :-)
12:57 AM
I wish I wouldn't be trapped in one like that!
Is this one a joke?
@snailboat This is hard. I'm quite sure that it doesn't mean Thailand, though. :D
@DamkerngT. That's right, we've already determined that buttons are specific to provinces
@snailboat I guess Harry Potter must be living there! :-)
12:59 AM
@snailboat Maybe Top! I remember a book titled See You at the Top!
I can't read the upper right button
Looks vaguely like TEXAS
I guess so. Not sure!
In this one, T is probably Theater!
Or um, something else!
Lobby... roof?
And what's the difference between ◁▷ and ◁|▷, or between ▷◁ and ▷|◁?
In case you want to go to the Elevator
1:02 AM
1U = First Floor, Upper Portion?
They have a Π button!
@snailboat I guess they simply call 2nd floor 1U, so they can get rid of the 13th floor!
Ha, good call!
Is this one in Italy? Do they have "A" there, and negative floors?
@snailboat I see the same thing!
A Japanese restaurant in Italy?
1:05 AM
A for atrium?
Ooh, good call
This one must be a joke:
I sure won't get into that elevator!
Maybe it's a sample to show off types of buttons you can buy
I guess you're right!
One of my friends used to live in a building with a way old elevator that had one of those foldy things that goes in front of it
You had to shut it yourself
1:08 AM
@snailboat It's interesting that they write Parking, but Salones.
I like the sound of Solarium, anyway.
@DamkerngT. Maybe parking is one of those loan words that's made its way into a zillion languages
@snailboat I've only seen such things in movies!
It's used verbatim in Japanese
Lower level and . . . elder level
Lobby lounge and elevator lounge
Electric llama?
1:10 AM
If only they had added one more L to the topmost button...
We can make a portmanteau: ELL
I wonder why they pointed the arrow to that button.
Here's another elevator to take you to PH:
@DamkerngT. Maybe someone was writing an online instruction manual for that elevator
Hmm... Curiouser and curiouser, this PH!
"Press this button if you need to visit the vertical bar placed between a pair of symmetrical triangles floor"
1:12 AM
Oh, PH means Penthouse!
Ooh, I didn't think of that!
I should have waited to leave my message so I could add all the other buttons I found :-)
That was fun, but I ran out of images!
1:17 AM
Is there a quota on images uploaded a day?
My image search ran out.
I got to the bottom and Google stopped giving me images!
I could keep going by searching for other things or using another image search service, but I figured that was a good place to stop! :-)
I've been going through a book I bought about Japanese maybe eight years ago but never read
About onomatopoeia!
I like your TEXAS button (or whatever that is); it gives me a similar feeling of language learners trying to listen to native speakers. We kind of hear it, yet not really hear it. :-)
I think that a lot of Japanese learners learn a bunch of vocabulary with kanji, but onomatopoeia don't have kanji, and I think they get neglected sometimes
1:20 AM
@snailboat Oh, an onomatopoeia encyclopedia!
@DamkerngT. Hehe!
@DamkerngT. Each entry gives a list of uses, and then natural-sounding example sentences from conversations
Although onomatopoeia isn't actually restricted to conversational Japanese, that's where it's most prevalent
It also talks about the symbolism of various sounds that make up onomatopoeia
Neat! What's fascinating is that we have a whole book dedicated to that!
It gives English examples to introduce the concept of sound symbolism, like gl symbolizing light: glance, glint, glimmer, glisten, glow, gleam, glitz
Oh, I like these words!
glitz is new to me.
1:24 AM
A lot of words begin with gl.
It's true.
Many are unrelated to the light symbolism, like glue
Oh, I don't know its origin.
Oh, gluten, that is!
But glue does sound like a "sticky" word, doesn't it?
Think of words like gloopy
They seem to be in the same family
In terms of sound-meaning correspondence
I'm not sure, maybe because I learned glue when I was rather young. So it's just glue to me.
Well, to me too, but I think it sounds gluey
1:29 AM
(So instead of it's glue because it's gluten, to me it's more like it's gluten because it's glue.)
I never realized there was any connection until I looked it up
Cognate with clay!
Gloopy clay is gooey!
What's the subject of the verb asking? — Araucaria Oct 19 at 19:50
> The client sent me a letter asking if we could change the information for them.

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