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9:00 PM
My brother, though, still does low-level stuff, even in 2015.
There's still a market for those skills!
Maybe not for drawing lines on Hercules graphics, but . . . :-)
Like, for example, working on virtualization software
I daresay that most programmers today don't care much about the optimality.
I think that's been true for a while.
@snailboat Hey, that's really, really cool!
9:01 PM
That's what my brother does.
We talk about it sometimes, but there's a lot of stuff I don't really know about modern hardware
I think the set of people who can keep up with the low-level details on a lot of modern hardware is actually fairly small
I think the hardware in server farms will allow more possibilities.
Virtualization is very useful, in many ways.
He works with all sorts of hardware
Like, boxes with terabytes of memory and hundreds of cores
Eww... That's ridiculously awesome!
I'm still amazed I have 8GB of memory in my own computer :-)
I still find 8GB DDR too expensive!
Oh, I remember that Clarke mentioned something about petabyte.
(Or it was Asimov. Now I'm not sure.)
I think it was about human brain's capacity.
9:15 PM
This probably wasn't actually very fun to type on, but it looks so neat! :-)
I've never seen one of those
I think that people growing up in the UK had them.
Good morning!
@snailboat Oh, you have that?! Cool!
It was something I could only see in books.
Morning @Farooq!
@DamkerngT. Noo, I just saw it on Wikipedia and thought it looked neat :-)
I think they had them in the UK
9:18 PM
One of our ELL questions pointed me to that article.
@snailboat Oh, it's new!?
This is what we had when I was little.
That's what I wanted to have when I was young. :D
My brother doesn't ever get rid of anything, so he still has my family's C64.
We had this, too:
9:20 PM
Oh, I can't remember where my first PC is.
Ah, that user image won't display!
@DamkerngT. I don't entirely understand the point of that sort of watch
Oh, no!
They were a C64 and a C128.
I assume that for most people who wear watches, they're more of a fashion statement than something useful
@snailboat Me either! For me, a cool watch is a watch that works without battery. Just walk around, and it will work!
But keeping track of your heart rate while you exercise is neat.
9:21 PM
I know watches can, in theory, be status symbols
But I never really understood that sort of thing.
I don't wear any :-)
@snailboat I used to wear one to show my status, too.
I don't like to show status :-)
I know. I was young and foolish. :-)
9:25 PM
So sometimes asking time can be a good conversation starter too for some folks.
It looks weird though.
Oh, it didn't matter whether someone would ask the time or not. I could just move my hand around and people could see my wristwatch under my sleeve.
Oh man, I came at a time when other chats are inactive (ELU).
Carrying around anything unusual is a conversation starter.
Like, a musical instrument.
@DamkerngT. Oh yeah, that must feel good eh? :-)
@snailboat Funny :)
9:30 PM
@Farooq Kind of. :-)
@snailboat So do you carry your musical instrument sometimes?
@Farooq I have carried lots of instruments around over the years.
For the sake of my old memory, that's my good old watch. :-)
@snailboat You mean outside home?
9:32 PM
@snailboat Oh, must be a good topic for conversation.
@DamkerngT. Nice watch dude.
That does look super fancy.
@Farooq Not the most expensive watch people used, but looked great enough when I was young.
@snailboat So why carry them outside home? To play in a park or something?
9:33 PM
@snailboat Indeed!
What I really like it personally is that it runs on shaking!
@DamkerngT. Yes, it looks fancy.
There's a million reasons you might take an instrument somewhere. And I don't have a car :-)
One of those reasons: to play music with other people!
@snailboat That's a really good reason!
Yeah, I don't drive as well. I see.
As for me, I used to carry lots of badminton rackets around in my big bag. :-)
9:34 PM
If you know you'll be waiting at a bus stop, you can take your cheapest guitar with you and practice scale fingerings and such
In public? Nice!
It's not like playing guitar is something you need to be embarrassed about.
@snailboat Hah! Too bad I can't do that with my rackets. Or people would think I'm crazy!
@DamkerngT. Hee.
Some drummers carry sticks with them everywhere.
Some drummers will treat practically any solid object as drums to hit :-)
Oh, that's cool. I always want to know how to play drums.
9:37 PM
@snailboat Yeah, I know. Like a tree bark etc. :-)
It's fun. And it's one of the few instruments you can play that'll work up a sweat
You learn to coordinate all four limbs!
So, nice discussions going on today!
A real set of drums was hard to find for me, and the courses were quite expensive.
I always like talking about music :-)
I am into electronic music these days.
9:40 PM
@DamkerngT. Drums can definitely be expensive. You can get a starter set to learn on for a few hundred, though.
These days, electronic drums are a great option. You can practice without driving the people around you crazy :-)
So, the only kind of drum I only know how to play is that drum.
@snailboat Oh, but it would feel different, I guess. From sitting behind the real set!
I don't know how to play a klong yao
9:42 PM
Oh, you know klong yao!
@DamkerngT. They do feel kind of different
It's definitely unlike typical drums.
And we play it with our bare hands. No sticks.
Like conga drums!
I like electronic music
9:45 PM
I'm kinda a little excited, knowing that you know it's a klong yao. :D
Do you have one?
@snailboat I like almost all kinds of music.
Me too.
I'll probably be doing some electronic music later this year for a soundtrack
@snailboat No, but I did a lot of volunteer summer camps, and that was what we would have in our camps.
@snailboat Oh, nice. Can we hear it snail? :-)
9:46 PM
@DamkerngT. Ohh, I see
I like all sorts of instruments.
looking forward to hearing the soundtrack. :-)
My Nord Lead 3 has been feeling neglected lately.
Nord Lead 3... looking it up...
It's my favorite synthesizer. :-)
9:49 PM
Wow! It's 5 stars on Amazon!
Oh, it's expensive!
@snailboat What a cool instrument you have!
Of course, any instrument is all about the sound, but
If you look, one of the neatest things is the ring of LEDs around each knob
See, on most synthesizers, you have a physical knob that points in a specific direction.
But if you load a patch from memory, then the knobs no longer reflect the current state of the machine.
Oh, these knobs are LEDs!
With this, since the direction of the knob is indicated with an LED,
When you load a patch, all of the knobs automatically change to point to the correct direction :-)
9:52 PM
They do other neat things, too, like you can see both ends of a range at the same time on the knobs
Oh, that's impossible with physical knobs.
I like Nord's entire line.
If I were to replace my stage piano, I think I'd get a Nord Piano―but it's very expensive
They make pianos too?
Their flagship keyboard is the Nord Stage 2
Which is similar, but with multiple synthesizer modules incorporated
Stage 2, Lead 3. That sounds like a product line.
9:55 PM

Representing a stunning new take on the famous Stage series, the Nord Stage 2 HA88 is the company's flagship instrument line. Utilizing Nord's very latest sound generation technology in the three categories of Piano, Organ and Synthesizer combined with a well thought-out, user friendly interface, a choice of premium keybeds and an almost obsessive level of quality control, the Stage 2 truly sets itself apart as an instrument for the professional performing musician. The Nord Stage 2 is compatible with the Nord Sample Library and also the Nord Sample Editor software that lets you create your own sample instruments, for infinite possibilities. Combined with Nord Piano Library compatibility the Nord Stage 2 is an instrument that offers huge expandability. The Stage 2 features Nord's new top-of-the-line fully weighted Hammer Action keyboard. It has three sound generating sections, Piano, Organ and Synthesizer, all of which can be used simultaneously. Furthermore, up to two sounds from each section can be combined in a single program for massive sonic flexibility. All this with an amazingly user-friendly interface where all vital functions are only button away. The Nord Stage 2 has been given the "MusicTech Excellence" award and "Future Music Platinum Award". It was also awarded the MIPA award for "Best Stage Piano" at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in April 2011.
See, it's expensive …
nords... Oops, nods
But if I got that, I could probably sell my Nord Electro 2
So it wouldn't cost quite as much
@snailboat Oh, that piece is even more expensive!
It's their most expensive keyboard.
But it incorporates all sorts of stuff.
The organ section in it, as I understand it, is similar to the Nord Electro 2 that I have, but more advanced
And my stage piano is now 20 years old
So it's tempting … :-)
9:59 PM
It's covered with scratches.
And stickers.
So Amazon sells pianos now as well? I didn't know.
And they are damn expensive!
Wow! They're up to Nord Electro 5 now. My Electro 2 is ancient! :-)
@Farooq Amazon sells everything, more or less.
Oh, they keep inventing!
I still like my Electro 2, though.
Nords are great, though.
They're this really brilliant red color.
See how pretty this is? :-)
10:05 PM
@snailboat It's stunning!
When I first started chatting here, I used to ask grammar questions and then immediately say "Okay, TTFN :-)" It looks weird I guess.
Now I talk anything but grammar :-)
@Farooq Anything is fine. Grammar is fine, too. :-)
@DamkerngT. Hehe!
I'm usually happy to talk about any of my interests. I have several of those.
One of those is syntax! :-)
inspecting the Nord...
10:09 PM
Yeah, you guys know how to discuss grammar. I know that much :-)
@Farooq snailboats really knows; I just go intuitively. :D
I just wing it.
"Hmm? Verbs? Let's see, I know something about those..."
But learners always seem to ask difficult questions.
Sometimes people in here ask stuff, and I just don't answer because I have no clue!
We are keen to ask about marginal sentences. :-)
Yes I know. I asked many conditional questions here :-)
10:12 PM
I'm always happy when people bring up a topic I actually do know something about :-)
The worst is when we start talking about modal auxiliaries.
I'm always happy to leave that stuff to other people.
(I'm always happy because I'm always happy to do so many things!)
@snailboat That makes you a happy person. :-)
On the other hand, I'm always sad when I get a comment which indicates to me that the OP didn't understand my answer
I like to have many different interests as well. It keeps a person busy and happy.
I just got one of those.
That's the main reason I avoid giving answers on the main site nowadays.
I hate bummer moments :-)
10:17 PM
@snailboat Oh, no!
But the downside is that I have not many points here.
There's not really much downside to that.
Points don't buy you anything except downvotes and bounties.
Well, you need a certain minimum to do things like comment.
@snailboat I second that. Woo hoo!
@snailboat And a misdirection that our answers are correct ones. :-)
But you have a lot more than you need to do that.
10:20 PM
Yeah, I know.
@DamkerngT. Yeah, people probably do unfortunately consider high reputation a sign of authority
That's the problem. (IMO)
But you can get a lot of reputation points simply by participating a lot
You don't have to write good answers
@snailboat Um...like?
@Farooq Are you asking me for examples of users with high reputation won from bad answers?
Because if so, I'd rather not name names.
10:23 PM
No, I mean how to gain points apart from making good answers?
@Farooq By answering a lot of questions.
Because even editing stuff only gets you so far as a 1000 points iirc.
@DamkerngT. Yeah, that's the only way I can think of.
So I'll start giving answers once I am though with my studies. But that will take years :-)
@Farooq By getting upvotes for bad answers.
Bad answers tend to get less upvotes.
But you can make up for that by writing more of them.
@snailboat Ahh
Questions work too, but that's slower
Plus, people who get downvoted below 0 tend to get pity upvotes
Which works out to a net gain
10:28 PM
Oh, that, too!
So even if you end up averaging around a zero score on your answers, you can slowly build reputation
If an answer is +3 / -3, resulting in a score of 0, that person gets +24 reputation
And when things went south, you could delete your answers any time.
Even users whose output is bad enough to get them suspended tend to build up in reputation over time.
Since I'm a moderator on Japanese.SE, I have to make decisions about suspending people for consistently low quality contributions
And I notice these people rising in reputation even when their scores average zero (or less!)
So the way I see it, reputation is mainly a sign that you've participated in the site.
10:31 PM
But learners wouldn't know that.
I've tried Japanese.SE for a bit, and it gave me an entirely different experience.
I mean, I read answers in a language I know about the language I don't know.
So I really have no idea which answer is the correct one.
And those answers are written in a language I know!
Imagine if those answers were written entirely in Japanese
I think I would be even more clueless!
So, naturally, I would tend to trust the answers from high rep. users.
It helps that there are native speakers and linguists who comment or downvote when things are wrong, but this behavior isn't entirely welcome—people don't want criticism
Japanese.SE isn't a perfect site
I think it tends to have a more academic tone than 知恵袋 though, which I like
"Pearls of wisdom" huh? :-)
@snailboat I can't tell much but I can feel that its answers seem to be better than ELL's.
Literally it means "wisdom bag"
Bad Google translator, bad.
10:40 PM
But it sounds funny if you put it that way in English... :-)
It's the name of Yahoo! Answers in Japan
I keep the sections there on English and Japanese questions bookmarked
Lots of these questions would get closed on ELL...
A lot of them are just straight-up zero effort translation requests
On the other hand, ELL has lots of bad questions.
Q: Usage Of "Fall"

meatieI have a question about the usage of the verb "fall". According to this dictionary definition and example usages for "fall": 7a: to happen at a specified time ex: Christmas falls on a Friday this year. ex: The worst weather of the year fell during his vacation. The firs...

> Could the second usage example sentence in the dictionary be wrong?
11:28 PM
It's a pity you can't just write "No" in a comment
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