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Q: What would be a procedure (or legislative steps) that have to be taken for removing reservations for ST/SC/OBC in India?

foxtrot9Suppose that people of India (in future) wants to get rid of reservations for ST/SC/OBC which collectively accounts to 49%. What are the legislative steps that have to be taken for the same? OR Is it a legislative nightmare for removing the reservations?

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3:02 PM
Q: What if the Presidency is to be decided by the US House, but the House refuses?

Stephen CollingsIf the electoral college fails to select a majority candidate for President, the US House decides who becomes President, voting by state blocks. But what if the House simply... doesn't? If the Senate can refuse to fill a seat on the Supreme Court, can the House refuse to fill the Presidency? In...

Q: Which to believe: FiveThirtyEight or Predictwise?

MowzerHere are the U.S. presidential election forecasts from Predictwise and FiveThirtyEight. There is a 15 point gap between the two. This represents a factor of three times the difference in the closer estimate. i.e., There is a 5 point gap between the candidates in the FiveThirtyEight poll. (So alt...

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7:37 PM
Q: Was there ever racists that believes another race than theirs was superior?

BregaladAs far as I know, racist people who thinks people are superior or inferior based on their race, for some reason always assume they are the superior race, and the other inferior race. Was there ever documented racism where people thought another race was superior than theirs?

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8:37 PM
Q: Is Africa the only continent where chattel slavery still exists?

user1086516The only two places on earth I can find that still have chattel slavery are Sudan and Mauritania. I have read reports that it still occurs in the Sahel region in general but I can't find any concrete evidence of it in other specific countries. Regardless of how abhorrent I am not asking about bo...

8:48 PM
Q: Percentage of European terrorists who are refugees

Eugene OsovetskyWhat percentage of terrorists in the recent attacks in Europe have ever held the refugee immigration status in any EU country? I am primarily interested in the data for the last 3 years or so. Any reasonable definition of "terrorist" will do (perpetrator of an actually carried-out attack, arres...

9:39 PM
Q: Is a question about the effectiveness of a law on topic?

TomI'm an SE addict, but haven't been on politics or law SE before. I posted this question about how effective regulations are over on law.se. It's soon to be closed as off-topic over there. Would it fit here in politics.se?


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