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5:38 AM
Q: Are there any Atheist Republicans?

Brian TurnerWhy are these people rarer than unicorns? Is it a preset qualification for conservatives to be religious?

6:21 AM
Q: Did Turkey take revenge of Russian attacks on ISIS by downing the plane?

Registered UserIs it possible that Turkey downed the Russian jet because they did not want Russia to be attacking ISIS (and maybe the Syrian Rebels)? It is quite clear that Turkey is the one who buys Oil from ISIS and it is also clear that Turkish border is freely used for movement in and out of Syria(and thus...

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3:36 PM
Q: Can I ask the following question

Moudizcan I ask this short question ? is it neccessary to provide details or is it enough?: Why russia 90% of its attacks are on syria opposition? and not on ISIS especially both of them cause threat tho syria

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5:48 PM
Q: Are there constituencies for Russia to destroy and annex Israel?

bytebusterRecently, The grand mufti of Russia (the topmost Muslim cleric) has suggested to Putin of Russia to annex Israel and Mecca: I suggested to Vladimir Putin to deal with Israel as the Crimea. Suppose that Mecca will be Russian, it is the will of Allah to live together in peace, love and harmony ...

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7:02 PM
Q: Is Hilary Clinton on the hook for the 30m$ debt of her campaign?

cnstIn Why do US politicians spend so much on campaigns when the salary is not high enough to justify the expenditure?, it is mentioned that Hilary Clinton has 30m$ of debt from her 2008 campaign. One shall assume that 30m$ in debt means campaign spending that wasn't covered by donations. Where do ...


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