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3:30 AM
Q: What would be the economic impact of implementing a flat profit sharing policy across all US businesses as opposed to raising minimum wage?

user6048918I'm not a political expert, Ive just recently gotten interested in the political discussion around the current US election, and one interesting and popular topic is a raise in minimum wage. Again, not an expert in this area by any means, but it seems to me that the obvious issue with raising mi...

4:14 AM
Q: Would would be the economic implications of a government offering to invest $10,000 in every citizen's professional venture?

user6048918I'm not experienced in politics, but I've been curious about a conceptual policy I've considered (again, just as a citizen, with no formal education or experience in politics). Hopefully this is on topic for this site. Id like to know what the economic pros and cons of this conceptual policy woul...

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5:56 AM
Q: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton - who will be the next POTUS?

koolanandaNow that the nomination smoke is clearing, it's clear that Trump and Clinton will face off each other for the November 2016 elections. Prediction time now. Based on your analysis of their relative strengths and weaknesses, who do you think will become the next US president?

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10:34 AM
Q: Is there an American counterpart of ”Euroscepticism”; in other words, is the states' rights movement associated with reduced chauvinism?

gerritIn Europe, people opposed to specific policies of the European Union, expansion of the European Union, or transfer of powers from member states to the European Union, are often described by the media as eurosceptics. For example, consider BBC News reporting on the Dutch rejection of the EU-Ukrai...

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2:47 PM
Q: Which U.S. political party supports the Free Trade Act?

8protons Expect Trump to hammer Clinton every day until November for her husband's decision to sign the North American Free Trade Agreement into law -- as if Republicans haven't been the party that staunchly supports free trade deals like NAFTA. This quote from CNN exemplifies why there's confusion. ...

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5:49 PM
Q: how do democracies make sure products from foreign nations will meet the national security/health/environment protection standards?

toogleyA democratic state (e.g. the USA) trades of course products from foreign nations (e.g. China). Furhtermoore those democratic states have of course security/health/environment protection standards, which should ensure that the products the nation's citizen use are not damaging. My question doesn'...

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7:50 PM
Q: What is the difference between Individual Defection and Group Defection?

SHAMWhat is the difference between INDIVIDUAL & GROUP DEFECTIONS . Can a rebel legislator ( AGAINST PARTY) be still continue as MP/MLA even if the party dismisses him

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8:53 PM
Q: What happens with current delegate count

D Allen ParkerNow that both Kasich and Cruz have left the race and trump is still shy in the delegate count and their are still states to vote does the delegate count still apply?


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