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Some of our users are misusing their close votes more and more. This is not acceptable anymore.
11:22 AM
what are they doing?
To whomever voted to close this as primarily opinion-based: Please read the question before you cast a vote. — toscho ♦ 12 mins ago
Latest example. I lost my temper.
Going through the close vote queue shows much more of this.
12:04 PM
That question should be closed
@anu why?
How is "Is a Javascript API planned" a good question for here?
how is it not? make arguments what about it isn't in line scope or rules
Um, ok
it is development, it is factual, it is specific to WordPress.
12:22 PM
I think all you need to do is look at the answers that question has received to determine if it's a question that should stay open. But, as always, if the community decides it's a valid question, that's absolutely fine.
you are still not saying what is actual issue with the question
@anu You have to know this if you want write your own replacement or if you want to contribute to core development and are not familiar with the Trac. Or if there is one and you couldn’t find it.
Is there … is probably not a good way to express that question, because it needs a longer answer than yes or no.
It's an open ended question inviting people to speculate on something that may or may not happen, and it's quite unclear. 2 people have decided it means the JSON API. one person has decided it means something completely different.
Anyway, if you all think it's ok, I'm happy with that. This is just my personal, subjective opinion
12:39 PM
Q: Is there a JavaScript API? How to access public and private data in JS?

Macrow WillsonAccording to this post there is no built-in JavaScript API for Wordpress. Therefore developers who want to build on AJAX seem to come up all with their own solution which doesn't seem right to me. What I really miss apart from fetching posts or whatever data with a built-in API is a small set o...

Reworked slightly to make it more focused. Imo, it was mainly a problem with a vague the title @anu
To me it sounded more like "I'm confused from looking at crappy AJAX implementation examples"
Also, "future-core" is in scope. And that is what the JSON API is. And that API will be what replaces much of the workflow. So no, my answer isn't different, it's just focused on the now, not on the "next version feat" part.
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Q: Downvoting of WooCommerce related questions

Christine CooperI have noticed that pretty much any questions tagged with woocommerce receives downvotes, most of the time instantly. The current tag page of it looks insane. Basically, what is going on? I saw some threads about the official site linking WPSE for support but that does not seem to be the case a...

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@toscho, when asked what will be in the future the only possible answers are speculations. If you are involved with core development you might have some idea of what might happen in the next half year, but AFAIK no one of the regulars here is involved with core development. therefor that JS API question is opinion based
In addition it is totaly not clear wtf is JS API. Some of the things he asked for can be easily acheived with DOM and HTML5 API, is he talking about some node.js binding?
@MarkKaplun Questions on our site are not written for the regulars only. Many regulars tend to forget that …
A question with a very similar scope: Why are there updates for obsolete WordPress versions?
it is a matter of how bad a question is. I think the original version was extremely bad and it was a question of why it should be closed, not if. From what I understand @kaiser, decided to take it to the AJAX direction but even now 3 of the 4 items listed can be done today and are pure client side and the group item.... how knows what it means.
Besides that, it doesn’t matter how many people can answer a question. If an answer is possible and the question is about WordPress development, it is on topic.
he asked for speculation. nacin spexulated that future development of core will be in JS and look where we are today. I can even find a proper documentation on how to use the media dialog, and not even talking about how to extend them
3:44 PM
If I were to close that question it would be because it's very broad
having said that, the obvious answer is Ryan McCues REST API
and the WP AJAX API
at which point an answer can be a list of current standardised and active APIs
so it stays
4:14 PM
@MarkKaplun I understand your close vote and your point of view there. It's as valid as the question itself. But there's always a chance to make a question better. That's why we got community edits on questions and answers. Please read this Meta question:
Q: Should one answer a (borderline) off-topic question?

Johannes PilleConsider the following scenario: A (new) user asks a question that is related to a specific plugin. It may or may not employ core functionality, but is at least borderline, if not entirely, off-topic. It however is not badly phrased and does show some research effort (apart from having ignored th...

@MarkKaplun WP roadmap is not a secret sauce, the development happens in public, so does planning. the declared JS dev goals for core might not happen, but the fact is that they are work in progress and declared as goals right now is factual information
A: Should one answer a (borderline) off-topic question?

JJ RohrerI feel strongly that border-line scope questions should be answered. This is clearly an unpopular answer by high-rep users, but as someone slight more representative of the masses, I can tell you it is insanely frustrating to see so many questions closed as off-topic. I would guess 15% of the q...

User refers to off topic question, which are open. Crazy, right?
4:31 PM
I'd like to note the REST API is planned
when it will be merged is the question, not if
4:46 PM
I don't take to heart that @toscho got upset about that close vote. But no edit could have saved that question, as the author clearly doesn't understand enough what can be done today in JS and he is basing his question on an unofficial speculation. There is no reason to supply an API to check if the user is logged in when all you need to do is check the existence of the authorization cookie. The menu state can be retrieved from DOM, browser info you can get with the HTML5 JS API.
wordpress doesn't need to do any explicit thing to support those requested use cases
that's precisely the difference between API and DIY, which is also why we have WordPress in first place and not hacking it together with raw PHP :)
But the things he asked about are going to be no more then wrappers if anyone will bother to implement them at all
wrappers are like the most important thing there is. managing abstraction makes it or breaks it.
wordpress dosen't have $_WP_SERVER constant to wrap $_SERVER just to get the wp prefix there
but you use conditional tags rather than scrape URL out of $_SERVER and make sense of it
4:49 PM
yes, but only when there is a point to the abstraction
what would be a point to an abstraction around the browser user agent?
who knows? but APIs are necessary overall, there is no denying that
conditional tags are set after the parsing stage and therefor has more information then there is in the $_SERVER variable
"Who know", that is why I call it a speculation. If the question was more focues maybe there was a possibility to give a less speculative answers
and see above — roadmap for JS dev in core is not speculation, it is public factual info
yes, but almost for sure it will not include API for the items asked in the question
well now you are guessing :)
4:54 PM
I said "almost" so I think my statement is future proof :)
5:26 PM
This weekend, catch a dozen 10uppers at @WordCampSF, including 5 speakers! http://10up.com/blog/2014/wordcamp-san-francisco-2014/ #wcsf14 http://t.co/NIrtVtWGXN
5 speakers of a single company on a WordCamp...
exactly my thought
5:47 PM
@10up @jakemgold @WordCampSF .company.employee { visibility: inherit; overflow: visible; }
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Q: Admin approval for editing user profile

twentyI was looking for a plugin but to no avail. Anyway, I'm building a custom Wordpress theme using ACF Pro (which works perfectly) and have added a lot of different custom fields for each user (like price, location, skills, etc.) What I'd like to do is control the prices or at least get an email as...

And again a waste of time on trying to answer a plugin specific question. Turns out the OP wants to run stuff when a user updates his profile. facepalm
posted on October 24, 2014 by Nikolay Bachiyski

WordCamp San Francisco is the official annual WordPress conference, gathering the community every year since 2006. This is the time when Matt Mullenweg addresses the community in his annual State of the Word presentation – a recap of  the year in WordPress and giving us a glimpse into its future. This year the speaker lineup is stellar. There will be talks by […]

9:19 PM
Q: How do I taxonomy terms based on terms they are used alongside?

PeteHow do I get all of a single taxonomies terms that have one or more particular sibling terms? For example, let's say I have the following taxonomies. Terms are listed underneath the taxonomies, and the parenthesis indicates have many posts the terms are used on. age taxonomy sixteen (used on ...

This guy put a bounty looking for someone that edit this mess...
maybe for 500 points :)
9:36 PM
@G.M. Oh wow, a NPath complexity of 12227604480. Very wordpressy.
Yep :) that was written for something like sport: write something WordPress way
10:10 PM
that would make a pretty sweet background pattern on a blog
10:35 PM
anyone knows what the damn .semver file spec is?
there is apparently bunch of utilities for managing .semver file, but no explanation (that I can find) what the file is...
and of course every search engine sucks horribly at just searching for literal string with dot at start
10:59 PM
@Rarst seems it is machine readable file to know which semver compatible version a package has. I found it used only by Ruby dependency management tools.
yeah, I got as far as "blame ruby"...
but what it is? it doesn't look yaml, I think...
:major: 3
:minor: 0
:patch: 1
:special: "beta.2"
looking at a file like that a package manager can know wich version a package has... in PHP we have composer.json :)
but composer.json doesn't do versions (well, it can but shouldn't)
I need/want version updates for stupid WP plugin headers in robo
it got semver task, so I was looking and what does it do
11:16 PM
it's definetevely yaml used in ruby config files, where :string indicates array keys, object properties or variable names. Using ruby you can convert the code I posted above in a plain object with 4 properties: major, minor, patch and special. I assume that semver task do the same...
yaml arrays don't start with : ?..
well, this does?
--- # Indented Block
   name: John Smith
   age: 33
if you use : before array keys yaml consider it as a literal string that starts with :
after that ruby convert that to a variable in ruby style
SomeLibrary.config = {:foo => :bar}
wait, where does "literal string" part comes from?
11:24 PM
if I am not wrong you can use :name: John Smith in YAML where the key will be :name
ah, gotcha... why the heck start key with colon?..
because ruby does
why ruby does?
ah, because. right.
I don't know really :D
but everywhree I see ruby config I see colon before keys
they probably just wanted it to look pretty
11:56 PM
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