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12:58 AM
@JoErNanO, did you find out what we're supposed to do?
2 hours later…
2:36 AM
@NeanDerThal: did windows update overnight turn things off? also i've got a weird problem with vpn not working on just on the slab now but the netbook is still fine.
3:15 AM
VPN back again! (-:
3:29 AM
Q: Why can't my Windows 10 device reach the internet when VPN is connected but my Windows 7 one can?

hippietrailI'm in China with an old Win7 netbook and a new Win10 tablet. Formerly, either device would work on Wi-Fi with or without VPN but of course I needed VPN for Google, Facebook, etc. Recenently the Win10 tablet's Wi-Fi goes to "limited" each time I connect to VPN and returns to normal each time I ...

4:05 AM
@GayotFow Haven't had the chance to look at the features properly. I was at the seaside. :) Will give a look tomorrow and I'll get back to you.
4:27 AM
@hippietrail Did you just ask a question, them 3 minutes later mark it as a duplicate of a question also asked (and answered) by yourself? o.0
4:46 AM
@drat: indeed i did. it seems the algo for spotting dupe questions as you type them is not as good as the algo that finds related questions after you finish asking your new one then reload it
there's at least 18 months between them too. i knew i'd asked something similar a few times but didn't think i'd asked about china to korea
haha, yes, I figured it must be something like that. I thought it's quite funny
well there's now two ways for google to index the questions and answers so no problemo
i also thought we must've had this asked before but can't find a dupe:
Q: Can a foreigner get a visa for China in Taiwan?

hippietrailI'm in China and thinking of taking a ferry to Taiwan. I'm an Australian citizen and I've been to Taiwan before and know I get visa-free entry. But I'm wondering about getting a new visa for China when I'm in Taiwan. I know China considers Taiwan a part of it so doesn't have embassies or consula...

looks like it's not just similar to in hong kong but like it will actually be sent to hong kong so probably another fee on top and thus more expensive
Q: Can I get a Taiwan visa from China

Ayesh KI am a Sri Lankan citizen currently living in Sri Lanka. I'm planning a short trip to Taiwan this October, and they require us to get visa in advance to enter the country. To make the matter worse, there is no Taiwan embassy in Sri Lanka. There is a Chinese embassy that issue Chinese visas. I h...

this one?
oh, no, it's the other way around
5:14 AM
8 hours later…
1:06 PM
@MarkMayo, at 9, this may be the highest number of concurrent open bounties in history. Certainly within my own experience I have never seen so many. Tomorrow with the opening of the competition, there is a chance to make it 10 depending upon their expiries.
we've had double figures in the past
but I believe like 11-13 only, not anything huge
@GayotFow I have no idea what the cooling off period for Aus/NZ is
@Dirty-flow chance for...?
2:01 PM
@MarkMayo look at the referred message - there was a qustion in the reopen queue

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