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5:58 AM
@RoflcoptrException Are you doing it at ETH?
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10:46 AM
@DJClayworth, thanks given here travel.stackexchange.com/questions/59260/…
@CMaster, where? I did grad school in the US and here, with a bit on the side in Heidelberg. I always like it when people have advanced degrees... So call me a snob, but I still like it. where did you study?
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12:17 PM
@Relaxed No, but Switzerland is correct
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1:36 PM
I thought you said you lived in Zurich once
Reason I asked is that I smiled thinking about “acceptable wage” and ETHZ
Switzerland is expensive but I was once told ETHZ is the institution paying PhD candidates the most in Europe
(I did mine at TU Delft, supposedly the second-best or so I was told.)
Lord Nelson ship from 22nd - 29th December
@RoflcoptrException Forgot to ping you!
Q: UK visa: unsigned application form

makI just submitted my UK tourist visa application. However I forgot to sign the printed online form although I made an e-signature after my fingerprints registration. Does this lead to a refusal?

This is low-hanging fruit for anybody who wants rep. The comment IS the right answer
@GayotFow Doesn't it need authoritative references to be complete?
2:20 PM
@relaxed, yes, but it's not ETH but the university. By acceptable, I'm referring to around 70k - 75k a year
before taxes
@RoflcoptrException Yeah good luck getting that on a PhD.
@JoErNanO I'm talking about actual PhD wages in Switzerland. You know, it's an expensive country
So you're telling me you are currently getting 70+k per year before taxes as a PhD scholarship?
I'm not talking about my wage :)
but yes that's what you get here
2:38 PM
I remember reading 51k for epfl: phd.epfl.ch/salary and I thought that was reasonable compared to the standard of living in switzerland.
it depends on the field. e.g. when studying science you could earn a lot of money in inudstry. so they pay quite a lot of money to phd students, because otherwise, no one would do it
Ah yes. So we are talking about an industry-funded phd then.
but if you don't pay at least half or 2/3 what industry pays, no one would do a phd here
You got me thinking. :)
yes, in the US and other countries, academia seems to think that phd students are modern slaves. but i think also phd students should get the money they deserve
2:48 PM
That's because you are a phd student. :D
Look at this smart user: travel.stackexchange.com/users/37569/carmen-blandish With a link to their website in the profile, answering schengen visa questions.
I wonder if those answers are actually useful.
Sorry I changed the topic. :)
Even that is unusual, in many places the pay is the same for everybody
And you would still find many foreigners to do a PhD for less ;)
Actually, I don't use the word “PhD student” for that reason
(the fact they desserve a fair wage)
3:26 PM
@JoErNanO Why? Those portions of the operations manual are not publically available........ Don't understand why?
@GayotFow Just asking. I think that if you answer it'll be considered an authoritative answer. If I do it won't. Simply because you can back that up with personal experience. I can't.
@JoErNanO Yeah, but if I upvote and add a +1 comment, then what???
Still seems weak. You don't think so?
3:46 PM
Nah, people shoot from the hip on TSE all the time
Tomorrow I am taking a helicopter for 12 miles. Is that sad or what?
Sad or posh. Depends. :)
Where and why?
4:35 PM
@GayotFow Leeds (both degrees) in some ways should have gone elsewhere, but at the time was enjoying the city and University, and didn't have many contacts elsewhere
4:54 PM
I got a downvote here:
A: Can I have a Geiger counter in my hand luggage?

JoErNanOThis Has Been Done Before Setting aside my personal opinion on the reason motivating you to carry a Geiger counter on a plane, you'll be happy to know that this has been done before. Indeed people have carried Geiger counters in hand luggage, according to a quick google search. Some had problems...

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6:32 PM
We do not like/close double Q, but how about an answer that is used twice? travel.stackexchange.com/a/59287/27650 and travel.stackexchange.com/a/59231/27650
@Willeke Self-plagiarism exists, and that user should disclose the fact that they are quoting their own answer verbatim.
6:49 PM
@JoErNanO did you notice my photo in that Paris/not look like a tourist Q?
(my answer to it, I mean.)
7:25 PM
I found a way to spend more time in TSE
I deactivated my facebook account...
found out that i got nothing to do online..
it is like an addiction..
it is 24 hours... Let's see how long I can live without facebook..
I have been able to do without facebook all along. I do not trust them, I do not see any reason to share my whole life with the rest of the world.
8:03 PM
@Willeke I do not share my life.. it is mainly work related.. since my work is all about socializing..
my personal life is out of facebook, totally..
I leave my work at work, I do not even want my picture on the company website. Lucky me does not have to socialize.
@Willeke different types of work..

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