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1:30 AM
A: Is it possible to buy the ticket on board in German train?

Aditya SomaniShort Answer Yes! Typically you will find a ticket conductor on-board who will check tickets in the start. Try to contact him beforehand in order to ensure risk free travel. The ticket conductor can help you purchase a ticket on-board the train. The ticket will be a little bit more expensive, bu...

I have never ever worked so hard on an answer. Phew! I didn't know Stack Exchange was about so much pedantism. I love you the second most upvoted answer was apparently never criticized about any of the information which he didn't provide.
For the first time in my life, providing a link and references have worked against me rather than for me. This makes me feel that as long as the answer is correct in it's essence and completely vague without references, it will be supported.
As soon as you start becoming a little specific and choose to provide a reference from German National Railways! You're told that they're not the ONLY people operating in Germany.
1:48 AM
Q: Train from Vancouver to Seattle -- NEXUS/GE terminal?

chxIs there a GE/NEXUS machine at the Pacific Central Station?

What is a NEXUS/GE terminal? Google has failed me.
Nevermind, got it
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4:57 AM
Anyone else getting Viator ads on YouTube?
5:25 AM
@AndrewGrimm Sometimes the ads depend on the country/place in which you are. I just get Japanese tags, which I don't understand. :(
6:16 AM
@TRiG Maybe they only show trains which aren't fully booked yet?
6:41 AM
A bunch of kids stopped me next to a store in England, asking me to buy them alcohol, of course I said no, they offered money for that! I told them to leave.. Anyway what one should do in such a situation? I told the store keeper to keep an eye. Anything else I should do, not familiar with this since no alcohol in my country..
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7:42 AM
@AdityaSomani Sometimes it is just best to ignore the comments
especially if it is stockpile of comments
@MeNoTalk I think you did best. The kids are asking this, because it is illegal for shopkeepers to sell to minors
@MeNoTalk You did the best my friend! Certainly for kids. Limits are made for a reason! It's common for younger teens to pry on shopkeepers coaxing them into giving them alcohol. Sometimes the shopkeepers also give it to them (either to get rid of them, or on a slow business day)
@andra True, but I would try to revise whenever there's something wrong, or it could be made better. But the commenter should understand that it's wrong to over analyze free advice gathered from the internet! I visit this site in good spirit, just like the others. I do it to share my knowledge and learn more about what others know, not to be coaxed on the occasional grammatical errors.
7:58 AM
@AdityaSomani I know, I am fully on your site. There are quite some pedantics overhere. Not as bad as the community english.se, those are the worst. The least pedantic community, in my opinion, is on latex.se
8:09 AM
@adityaSomani and now I am going pedantic you on language ;)
@andra :) Haha. English.SE c'mon! That's like you're asking for it! I haven't tried out Latex.SE ;)
I was refereing to my comment about australians not being understood in the us
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9:23 AM
@andra If you are looking for strange fringe political movements, there is also this: rwf.be
@AdityaSomani Yes, I have made the same experience
Well, following your link, I noticed that I have had the same experience with the same contributor
Once he has made an objection, he tends to construe the rest of the answer in uncharitable ways to cling to his criticism even if it does not even make sense
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10:49 AM
@relaxed louis theroux should make an episode on these groups.
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12:52 PM
"Still" is a fairly popular word for questions on this site.

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