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so many new questions in the last 12 hours!
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Bounty expires today!
Q: Re-entering Israel as a tourist after student visa expires?

MalissaMy husband and I are British nationals living in Israel with student and spouse visas. Our visas expire on 3rd December 2014, and we have been unable to get an appointment to renew them before January 2015. We want to go home (UK) for Christmas, and return to Israel in January, after which our r...

Bounty expires tomorrow (@GayotFow?) :
Q: Schengen Visa from UK for an Indian working in UK on Tier2 ICT visa

Jatinder AhujaI have an Indian passport and currently I am working in UK on Tier2 ICT visa. I need to go to Switzerland on a business visit. Please advise whether I can get Schengen visa while in UK and do I get some advantage due to UK Tier 2 ICT visa?

new bounty:
Q: I need to book a round-trip ticket and a one-way ticket on the same flight?

jajaI'm trying to book a flight for two people including myself. My partner is flying from Manchester to Boston on the 6 November, and I'm flying back with him to Manchester on the 15 November (this date is flexible, but not any later than 16 November, because of work). Is there a way to do this so t...

(@Doc or @Dirty-flow maybe? @Karlson?)

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