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1:40 AM
yo! now that we're shifting our focus from q&a to forum we're getting more views (-:
4 hours later…
5:33 AM
Wait, what, we become a forum?
@AdityaSomani You happen to have a beard?
7 hours later…
12:27 PM
@Bernhard I used to, and I suspected that was an issue, so I shaved it off, but to no avail. :(
2 hours later…
2:26 PM
Joe Blow seems to have a bit of an agenda going on subjective questions ;)
That's a creative way to put it :)
Fair enough - "it's your site" applies, so just flag it for closure. Yo have to wonder though if a site like this, which is not "taking off" (airline joke :) ), can afford to be so obtuse. — Joe Blow 1 hour ago
wait, we're not taking off??
23k visitors a day... I thought that was pretty good :/
I was pretty happy with the way Travel.SE was "taking off"
Another ten-vote question with 200 views, closed because it does not contain one or two "objective" words - what a loss. How embarrassing. — Joe Blow 20 mins ago
Although Joe Blow may have made me question that... but not for the reasons he thinks :P
2:30 PM
um, yes, that'd be because it's asking for recommendations...
well the bigger the site gets, the more times you're going to have people questioning it, or having discussions/arguments
> It would be not extreme to describe the site "as a joke" traffic wise
Q: Another scenic pass, near the Stelvio pass

Joe BlowDrivers, the Stelvio pass is a well-known terrific pass to drive on for the scenery and the driving. What's another notable pass within a couple hours? The only obvious ones to me are the Hahntennjoch and the San Bernadino pass, which are a couple hrs within. Perhaps locals would know other ...

28th highest on the SE network
and all the ones higher than Travel are older
we're beating a lot of older ones like game dev and photography as well
@Flimzy I originally agreed with GCCampbell's edit to reopen, thinking it was the OP, but yeah, now it's a lot of questions :/ One or two criteria would be better.
I rejected the edit, but it already had a single approval vote by then.... then it got another one shortly after.
Do OP edits ever require approval anyway?
2:39 PM
good point
Expat traffic is increasing slowly but surely
faster than travel was at the same time, if my memory serves me
I keep poking in on expats...
Right now I'm in travel mode, so my expat questions aren't on my mind
I'm mod there but compared with when I modded travel, there's nowhere near as much to do
What made you decide not to run for mod elections here?
Ugh... it already has 3 reopen votes.
was happy to take a break :)
I found I had too many late nights stressing over some of the things happening
had to start stopping myself reading travel.se before bed
Hmm... I wish I wanted a break as mod on Spanish.SE :)
2:43 PM
and that was upsetting
now I just flag stuff for the mods and move on :D
There's not enough traffic there for me to want a break... and that's bad
I recently applied for the bilingual English/Spanish CM position.... but haven't heard anything, so I'm guessing they aren't interested :)
And my Spanish isn't strong enough that I'm really surprised
you're American, no?
so maybe it's your English that was lacking ;)
har har har
2:47 PM
I moved to Sydney today, btw @hippietrail and @AndrewGrimm - may have to say hi at some point :)
@Flimzy have you contacted Tim Post or Shog or someone to check? They may just be taking their time
@MarkMayo No, I haven't. I applied just a week and a half ago. I don't know how long these things take.
ah ok, that's not long
is there an advert online for it? Link?
Not that my Spanish is anywhere near good enough
I'm also quite happy with my current job... and would only consider a change if I could continue traveling.
I know it's advertised as a Remote job, but I'm not sure if that means "feel free to change timezones every 2 months"
why is it not on stackoverflow careers??
I don't know.
Maybe because it's not an IT job?
2:53 PM
Nah, looks like all their jobs link out to jobvite
no wiat, you're right
ITish ones are on stackoverflow
If I haven't heard in a week or so, I'llprobably ping shog or Tim Post on the teacher's lounge, just to know if I should expect a rejection letter if they don't want me, or what
26 of our top 40 tags now have 200+ questions. We're getting there!
@Flimzy well let us know if you hear anything! Good luck!
@MarkMayo Thanks :)
3:20 PM
@MarkMayo ha nice. i'm doing lots of double shifts at the moment, especially on the weekends. other days i don't start work until 9pm though
if I'm in Bondi I'll drop in and see :)
well it's godawful weather last week and this week so very un bondi
yeah, just started raining here in Lane Cove
mmmmm... rain! I want rain. It's hot here in Madrid.
Q: Can Somebody travel with their gun internationally?

happybuddhaIf somebody is a US Resident, owns a Semi auto Glock. Has local Permit to carry a concealed weapon. What if this person wanted to fly with this hand gun internationally with him for his personal safety. The destination is Dhaka,Bangladesh and the layover is in Dubai and Kolkata, India. This page...

I feel this question should have received more attention
it's a valid, if unusual question
wow - has +5/-5
4:06 PM
It is a pretty broad question...
If it was asking about taking a gun from X country to Y country, I think it would earn my upvote.
It might earn my sarcastic comments, if it's about transporting weapons inside of animals, too. :P
2 hours later…
6:26 PM
That question apparently has my downvote
@Flimzy: without going into specifics, traffic-wise average views per day are almost doubled compared to May this year, though post frequency is about the same for the last six months -- which means Travel-SE attracts a lot of outside traffic from search engines
one can probably see this for themselves with the amount of views for some recent questions
@mindcorrosive That's interesting to know
absolute numbers are probably not that impressive, but the trend is very clear
I did have some concerns previously about the health of the site, but it seems we have a lot of new and knowledgeable contributors
man, who keeps flagging stuff?!
@mindcorrosive Guilty :/
nah, it's okay, I'm a bit behind on my quota during the vacation :)
6:40 PM
If new users wouldn't keep posting non-answers!
flag volume has also increased noticeably
2 hours later…
8:13 PM
@MarkMayo I think it was much worse initially, it has even been closed because of it.
I flagged it to be reopened earlier today.
The downvotes might be leftovers from its past.

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