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12:10 AM
I used a VPN to get iPlayer for some of the Olympics, since I can't stand the US broadcast
@ZachLipton British voices are soothing sometimes :)
I watch lots of stuff on DVD
I watch stuff on VHS. (No, not really.)
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5:17 AM
@Fiksdal: Hi. Regarding the question being over your head posted a self answered question consolidating inputs to hopefully make it easier
3 hours later…
7:59 AM
@MarkMayo why would you put a bounty on this question??? travel.stackexchange.com/q/73886/32134 That is the guy who wanted to overland a fire truck from Sweden to Japan via North Korea, along with several similar mildly realistic questions.
I forgot about that guy
to the extent I wrote him a lengthy answer on travel.stackexchange.com/questions/79355/…, though that's only a moderately odd one (who takes their 37cm television with them?)
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11:51 AM
@Fiksdal you're welcome :)
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1:19 PM
@mts I've been bountying old questions for ages
it's similar to a question a friend had when I first started on Travel.SE as well - he was riding a scooter from London to Mongolia
so it was interesting
we'd originally considered the Turkey->Iraq route
too hard.
No probs and sure is, but the OP seems more of a troll to me.
I read that as "more of a troll than me" and was confused ;)
In other news the BBC just called me about a question on this site
well they messaged me yesterday, then called tonight
Q: Tactics to avoid getting harassed by corrupt police?

Mark MayoIn Uzbekistan I was stopped, searched and questioned six times in one day. At the border with Tajikistan, one official tried hiding my paperwork to elicit something from me. In Kyrgyzstan, I was physically harassed and detained by the police, and about US$30 taken while they searched everything...

doing a story on corruption, finding sources at present
Ahaha I am sure I'm somewhat of a troll at times ;)
anyway, that was new!
1:21 PM
Will you or Travel SE be mentioned?
I doubt it at this stage, it was just fact finding. Initially it was going to be about travellers experiencing corruption, now it sounds like the editor wants him to pivot to locals experiencing it, so I put him on to some contacts I have who have friends in Kyrgyzstan.
I see
anyway still a great story :)
they should make a documentary about all of our greatest questions travel.stackexchange.com/questions
I'm still considering a podcast where I interview people on here about their questions/answers :)
that would be awesome
I'll keep you posted ;)
1:28 PM
your blog would need an update anyway ;)
it'd be a new site, I suspect
yes, but the old one was always interesting to read
@JonathanReez @pnuts you're both pretty good at reducing unanswered questions ;) Any chance you could go on expats and do some close voting on stuff that seems vague or unanswered?
or anyone else for that matter

Beta Q&A site for people living abroad on a long-term basis.

Currently in public beta.

it has decent traffic and experienced users, but the answer rate is too low
@GayotFow maybe you too, since you're answering questions there in the last few minutes ;)
2:10 PM
@MarkMayo I did what I could on Expats by answering Czech Republic tagged questions (my only area of expertise), but there aren't a lot of them
I will try to go through
@JonathanReez yeah even if you get to the close vote queue, @JoErNanO has just done a few as well
2:33 PM
@MarkMayo this question has a self-answer that does actually answer the question but was deleted by a moderator. I don't quite understand why; the answer is simple, but so was the question: expatriates.stackexchange.com/questions/2767/…
@MarkMayo This is, with only 500 rep I can't do much.
2:57 PM
Where could they possibly squeeze in a new runway at Heathrow?!
I went through Expats Unanswered queue and most of the questions are impossible to answer without intimate knowledge of the local system
and the questions are often extremely dumb
I don't think that site will ever be a success
3:16 PM
@MichaelHampton The M4 is wide enough. And absolutely useless. Don't you know?
@JonathanReez Don't tell @MarkMayo that. You'll crush him. :P
Travel SE and Expatriates SE should be merged anyway
@RoflcoptrException No NO No! Please no! Take that back.
@RoflcoptrException oh god, no
I see, not a very popular opinion :)
3:22 PM
@RoflcoptrException See how you killed the chatroom?
@RoflcoptrException Do you want to kill the site?
@RoflcoptrException go figure, I was thinking (REALLY!) in the last weeks how Travel and should be simply renamed "The World Exchange" and be about the world itself, not just traveling :-)
@motoDrizzt Then why not name it "The Exchange" so that it can be about just everthing
@motoDrizzt How about The Exchange?
@JoErNanO I'll quietly find more supporters for my idea and the I'll be back!
well, it's already about the world, with the excuse "it may happens during a travel"
sometime questions are even tweaked so to say "In case I travel, I was thinking what if..." :-D
and it's been done by mods and high rep users :D
Now, I'm not going to propose it, but actually we reply to tons of questions about the world itself, not just traveling :-)
4:06 PM
@motoDrizzt Shhhhh.... Get out of here with your logical arguments.. You are undermining our whole right to exist!
4:18 PM
@MichaelHampton did they finally manage to tell of the NIMBYs?

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