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12:14 AM
Looks like @JoErNanO is making an effort with hats as well :D
1 hour later…
1:39 AM
Go @JoErNanO go, you can make it.
@MarkMayo you are right, didn't notice the other hat.
1 hour later…
2:59 AM
3:22 AM
@MarkMayo If you're referring to downvoting of noobs I'm not doing it
ummmmmmm/ Yo
4:22 AM
@MarkMayo kathmandu pasupathinath temple. I also want to do some outdoor activity like trekking and so. I would be travelling solo. For that do I need plan before hand?
5:15 AM
I hate it when I don't know if the person I am talking to is a male or a female.. Always embarrassing.. Good thing we were talking in bahasa which has no feminine and masculine forms.. Only one form. It would have been a disaster if we were speaking in Arabic or any other language that has forms depending on the gender..
5 hours later…
10:27 AM
Got my gold, good idea on the tag @MeNoTalk
and now I have super powers for that tag :D
@markmayo I am the lead in hats in travel.se
#6 network wide
@MarkMayo what's with the cheating on the VW rental question? Hahahahahahahaha
@geeo we need you
I summon you
10:50 AM
looks like we're the same in travel
both on 23, no? @MeNoTalk
vw question? I even tweeted two rental companies about it :/
in fact, scratch that, I just moved to 24 :D
11:12 AM
@MarkMayo damn it, it is like an hour only.. killjoy
well I only added one, so we must have been equal before that
been on 23 most of the day
they're getting hard to get now though
Well, I will downvote.. that will add me two more hats
And I need an ios
Which one you just got @mark?
breaking bad
11:19 AM
I think the red baron hat is impossible
Unless we fake it
very, very hard to get
would require some very unusual circumstances
4 people, one ask, the rest downvote and answer, then edit it and upvote..
@MeNoTalk It's doable but only as a sneaky trick
what I mean by that is:
I'm up for it :-)
@RoryAlsop you are a good man, I am up for it as well
@MarkMayo ?
U have 90k rep, so don't try to tell me u r not ok with this 😁
@MarkMayo I think the most I have on any one site is 17 - ie all the easy ones that come with generally doing normal stuff
11:26 AM
@RoryAlsop found a candidate question:
Q: Schengen Visa Validity

RobinI have a multiple entry 90 days Schengen visa (category C) from 15 March 2014 till 21 Dec 2014. With this visa I entered in the Netherlands on 4 April 2014 and left the Netherlands on 13 April 2014. I am planning to enter the Netherlands again on 19 Dec 2014 and leave on 21 Dec 2014 in the mornin...

what's rep got to do with it? :)
@MarkMayo all us high rep folks are fun loving folks
who want hats
and rep
Wealth always comes with cold blood..
and stuff
I do like hats...
11:27 AM
I downvote the question...
Waiting for two more downvote
No need to say its u. We can't tell 😁
it appears to now be on -3. Dunno how that happened
Wow magic
does everyone need to edit it?
Wait 5 minutes just to make sure system does its background processes.. meanwhile will research that
11:29 AM
it just says to answer it, not edit
To be able to undo the downvote... yes
for red baron
oh but yes, edit to undo downvote
so give it 5 first
I hope the programmer was sleepy when he did this part..
My answer is ready, but few more minutes to be sure..
looks like each answer needs to be upvoted 5 times to get the badge as well... so we may need to rope in 2 more people once we have posted...
11:35 AM
seems fine
3 answers might actually get it hot...
as it's not that old.
10 minutes passed.. posting my answer..
don't you need to edit?
the edit is to chang ethe vote after
11:37 AM
ah true
ok all posted
upvotes on
who's the jerk who didn't upvote? :)
Done edit, upvote answers and the question.
they need 5 upvotes each
yes but you both have two, and I have one
ah there we go
11:39 AM
Guys edit the question and upvote it..
we did (well I did)
once it's edited I could change my vote, and have
the hat page says: answer +5 a -3 question that goes to +3
does this mean it can then go to +5?
still waiting on Rory to change his
the question is now at +3
"answer a -3 question; later +3"
11:40 AM
Crossing fingers and waiting...
but our answers need to get to +5
I like the fact we were all consistent
Yes true.. I missed that part..
where does it say it needs to get to +5?
is that on meta.se somewhere?
@MarkMayo ahh - but in the drop down it says anser +5
11:41 AM
on the winterbash page
We need to lick some .... to get some votes or what?
Q: Schengen Visa Validity

RobinI have a multiple entry 90 days Schengen visa (category C) from 15 March 2014 till 21 Dec 2014. With this visa I entered in the Netherlands on 4 April 2014 and left the Netherlands on 13 April 2014. I am planning to enter the Netherlands again on 19 Dec 2014 and leave on 21 Dec 2014 in the mornin...

well if it goes hot that'll be easy
@JoErNanO @Gagravarr @GayotFow @pnuts and others who appear to be going for hats, you've not got the Gelt hat yet, all you need to do is start a bounty :)
@MarkMayo I have gelt elsewhere, but I could bounty to add interest as well :-)
you bountied a question yesterday
but hey, more is good
you bountied the teletext one, no?
@MarkMayo oh - did I? shows how my brain works
11:45 AM
Q: Teletext Subtitles on Romanian Television

AlexThere is a teletext feature on the televisions in the hotel rooms. In England there was a way to get subtitles to appear by going to the teletext interface and entering 888. As far as I know this is no longer available. In Romania, is there a special code you can enter into the teletext interfac...

oh yeah, that one
We can't add bounty, its new question
oh, this one isn't bountiable yet
I tried already
snap :-)
11:46 AM
@Dirty-flow you know I love you.
We all love you
If there was a secret hat for cheating, we would get a dozen each..
@gagravarr we missed you around here mate πŸ˜‰
was helping my parents move house
and the internet got disconnected
You can always make it up
So we can forgive you
Q: Schengen Visa Validity

RobinI have a multiple entry 90 days Schengen visa (category C) from 15 March 2014 till 21 Dec 2014. With this visa I entered in the Netherlands on 4 April 2014 and left the Netherlands on 13 April 2014. I am planning to enter the Netherlands again on 19 Dec 2014 and leave on 21 Dec 2014 in the mornin...

One vote for each answer
Please 😍
@gagravarr .... 😍😍😍😍
was that question asked by your sock puppet account? ;-)
It was there, do u think we cheat? No way man
11:58 AM
@MeNoTalk :-)
I'd expect you to give it a more comedy name ;-)
@markmayo, @rory its your turn now to get one more vote
South Africa just passed 500 runs in the first innings! I'm a little distracted by that and The Newsroom ;)
@MarkMayo Noted, but I am very content with last year's hat.
@MeNoTalk working on it :-)
12:01 PM
@pnuts you can keep last year's hat, but you can have this TOO :D
One more run...
5's ... let's wait and see
c'mon hat...
did a mystery account upvote you then? ;-)
@Gagravarr I asked one of my friends to pop on over from another site :-)
12:04 PM
Yes. It must be very good answers we had
@MeNoTalk lol
I got it
I am officially a red baron owner
@MeNoTalk hmmm - not here for me yet
oh - there it is
update lag maybe
12:06 PM
batch processing
Or just unlucky...
doesn't show it for me yet, but on the ladder I've got 25
including a red baron :D
there it is!
@RoryAlsop, @MarkMayo does the sentence"30 minutes or less" ring a bell for you?
@MeNoTalk you have a hat somewhere else that you don't have on travel??
25 on travel, 26 overall
12:09 PM
Red tshirt
Or is it red shirt..
sorry 24 on travel, 26 overall
The downvote one
Or two
Pizza delivery?
Try again... πŸ˜‰
@MarkMayo I find some of the behaviour in response to hats on TSE mildly distasteful (though some just fun). I have seen criticism (eg to a Q of mine) of "artificial" questions, as hats seems to encourage and in years to come some of those asked recently might embarrass the poster, IMO.
12:11 PM
@pnuts I am sure you are referring to the drunk question 😊
what bugs me is the alignment of hats
there should be more to improve the site
like editing tag wikis
or cleaning up old comments that might be redundant
a hat for downvoting a bad question just sends people to the bottom of the pile to hammer stuff more
I'm glad there's hats for bounties
@MeNoTalk Was not but, yes, that is in the general 'category'. The one that first sprung to my mind was "cold towels" (I'm afraid!)
and there should be some hats for answering unanswered questions >7 days old
Cold towels is not bad. Its true and I asked here and no one knew.
@pnuts I will do a cleanup in a while, to be honest I couldn't agree more with you.. u r totally right.
@MeNoTalk IMO would have been "more excusable" had the Q and A not come from the same person.
12:16 PM
/psst - he means you ;)
Not sure if that's good or bad..
Anyone else watching the cricket??? @Gagravarr? It's an incredible innings
@pnuts hat lust can do more... the sad truth
mark - we've not yet unpacked the tv...
12:17 PM
I think I saw the box somewhere...
@matk no one watches cricket..
you're not still in Brissy around Aussie day are you?
but I ache too much to get up to look...
I'll likely be flying up that weekend
nope, cairns in 1.5 weeks, back in europe by the 5th jan
12:18 PM
I've now met 5 of the top 8 users (by rep) including myself
who are you still missing?
@Doc, which should be simple - Doc, let me know when you're in SYdney next if you'd like to say hi :)
@MeNoTalk but apparently he lives in Antarctica these days..
That chameleon hat made me live in Antarctica...
kate's in Canada, you not heading back that way any time soon?
I am in Jakarta till the end of December.. most welcome
12:20 PM
maybe via the middle east to see me no talk? ;-)
I was in the same city as @VMAtm about 2 weeks before the Travel.SE beta started :(
@Gagravarr anytime you are around let me know mate.
I'm likely to head back to Portland for WDS in July, maybe I can work something out
I'm set to be in Dubai or Abu Dhabi in about July, when it's really hot and consequently cheap
was in Doha a few weeks ago
Dubai is doable, lets do a skydiver when u r there..
12:22 PM
only if it's at night
I hope you just mean a 'skydive'
with my ginger hair, in dubai in the summer I'll do a good impression of a vampire..
@MarkMayo I'm trying to avoid getting personal, but I happen not to think "list of words" is stellar also.
12:24 PM
@pnuts fair enough. it was something that came up at the airport on Monday, in Sydney. Given the heightened security, I was talking to someone about it on the phone and started saying certain words, and then decided it wasn't the best idea to say those words in the airport. It led to thinking.
@Gagravarr in July even a brown Arab like me barely survive in Dubai..
and wondering if there was guidelines for on a plane.
I'll be bringing some people over from south india, I think they'll be fine
the north indians may struggle
Also goes to a joke I read a while back about always saying 'hello' to airport employees named Jack, never 'Hi'.
@MeNoTalk @Gagravarr in 2007 I went from a NZ winter in July to 4 days in Dubai. Mistake.
Did you melt?
12:26 PM
I went from a UK winter to a doha winter to brisbane, I really struggled
today was tough :/
Winter in Doha, lol
i spent the last day just sitting in the ocean. that was the best :D
you went in the ocean in dubai?
@MarkMayo Well, I did appreciate it led me to the "macadamia NUTS" article!
and didn't come out with 4 arms and a superpower? or dead? ;-)
12:27 PM
yeah I liked that too :)
@Gagravarr no, despite my best efforts. Didn't happen when I went to Chernobyl either :(
I have only once ever worked in Dubai in the summer, and I couldn't do it again. I did enjoy a wedding anniversary out there one July, but we enjoyed outside after dark more than day time
most of my team is in india, so rather than me fly out there so much, we're thinking of meeting in the middle
due to limited budgets, that means the cheapest time of year, which I'm told is late July when glass starts melting...
Middle from?
12:28 PM
Is the sea in Dubai polluted? We went for a paddle off the beach between the Madinat Jumeirah and the sail
UK and India
I didn't think so. Just really salty.
@RoryAlsop According to people I know who've lived there a bit, huge quantities or raw sewage get dumped straight into it
The middle would be Venice, be nice to your team
visas are a pain there
uk visas are hard
schengen really hard
so dubai looks good as vaguely middle, easy for them to get a visa, and somewhere several of them fancy going
12:32 PM
answered a question on Dubai :)
Q: Hostels in Dubai

MajedI'm searching for hostels in Dubai. And I only can find one hostel: β€œEasyFlat 12 Dubai Hostelβ€œ. Are there any other hostels in Dubai? I will travel solo so I don't want to stay in a hotel.

for subjective stuff, I just use flyertalk, eg flyertalk.com/forum/middle-east/…
well this isn't subjective, he's just asking if there are any others
any thoughts on the WDS code questions? Are they travel questions, or software questions?
@Gagravarr ah
(note to self - wash feet more often)
Nice question @Gagravarr
answered :D
hi @jAce
up to 5 hats, I see
thanks mark! I can get to the airport after all then :)
12:46 PM
no worries
I was just going to get the airport train, then my parents inconventiently moved north...
feel free to accept the latest one too, if it helps ;)
man, why couldn't this be Saturday, I've answered like 7 today
I'd have the Bill Lumbergh hat
I'm sure we can come up with some good ones on Saturday too
I'm bound to have more sunshine coast questions by then!
hopefully I'll tackle some of the unanswered legacy ones
I'd like to see them under 100 by New Years
I'd almost like a review team of a few people to go through them (it'd only take 30 min) and vote to put on hold any that, say, the OP hasn't come back to clarify, so can't be answered properly
1:25 PM
Q: Cheap and convenient way to travel with kids around US

rafekI'm planning a family trip to US (from Europe) and although we're going to stay in NY most of the time, I'd like to go to Washington DC and around for couple of days for example. I assume renting a car is the most suitable option here, but when I sum up all the costs (car, gps, 2x child safety se...

1:48 PM
@MarkMayo someone just upvote the VW answers, I was planning on talking to @geeo to accept both answers with 10 minutes apart.. for that naruto hat
2:33 PM
LOL I was surprised to see sniping on such a give away...
A: Schengen Visa Validity

Gayot FowThe Schengen visa expires at midnight, 23:59, on the expiration date. In your case this would be 21 Dec 2014. The precise definition for this regulation is Regulation (EU) No 610/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 June 2013 amending Regulation (EC) No 562/2006 of ...

Hats work in mysterious ways! LOL
2:57 PM
@GayotFow Multiple answers (all saying much the same) is no mystery however in that case. Not a hat intention I suspect.

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