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12:51 AM
We're today's featured site - see right column
I think that's the first time I've ever been to the stackexchange homepage
@mts but the OP asked about a NZ passport ;)
more canonical now though, I might update the question
@ZachLipton looks kinda empty eh!
1:32 AM
@Ulkoma still waiting for you to link that behaviour you were complaining about? you've claimed multiple things both in chat and meta, but haven't linked to any of them.
Q: Is Housesitting Or Petsitting Working?

Christopher WrightI have registered with the company at www.trustedhousesitters.com . I could in the future either be doing house sitting or pet sitting or both, at people's homes. Often, the locations are in various foreign countries to mine. My question is: Is doing the above classed as doing work? Or in ot...

TSE Standard OP 101...
I'm know I'm right, please agree with me
or else I'll argue about it
I disagree, only because I hope to do it myself ;)
But can totally see how it's a grey area
it's not working, in the same way that uber "isn't" a taxi service
@MarkMayo But it happens that our rules are made by Parliament, not a trustedhomesitters web site :(
@MarkMayo Is it providing a service?
There's an easy 10 points if you write an answer telling the OP that it's all fine and dandy.
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6:19 AM
maybe this evening :)
in the meantime, if anyone else wants to weigh in:
Q: Can I ask travel related questions about where I live?

UlkomaIt seems SE travel has it's own non-SE regulations and the asker has to justify him/herself to the rest of the users including his motives in asking the question, so I was wondering if it's against the site spiritual rituals to ask questions about a place where you actually live and very familiar...

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7:36 AM
(two users with identical names, editing the answer to add and remove the spam link)
@ZachLipton thanks, deleted
8:42 AM
@Relaxed I don't think that downvoting answers to disengage with the OP is a valid solution. If the OP is doing something illegal per Travel.SE rules then they should be dealt with by the moderators and higher-ups. If not then they are allowed to stay here. That also means that you are allowed to engage with them or not. But downvoting other people's answers doesn't seem to be a constructive attitude to me.

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