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8:31 AM
"as cold as july"... a south african way of saying things..
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9:32 AM
How'd you link a tag in text again>
you put [tag: nameoftag] without the space between : and nameoftag.
Yeah, found the instructions for myself quickly enough
@CMaster I'm proud of you. :P
@JoErNanO going to submit a community ad for the bonanaza to Academia?
(although my attempt at The Workplace seems to have fallen flat)
@CMaster I'll try but I wanted to ask StrongBad first.
Or mods in general but StrongBad is also a mod on expats so not exactly a stranger.
9:42 AM
Your call
I'm asking on chat as of now. :)
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11:11 AM
hey guys
finally back from a long journey :)
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12:45 PM
@CMaster @GayotFow Posted meta ad on Academia.
@GayotFow We have to make a Meta post in which we allow users to keep track of their progress in the competition.
And then make the ads link to that.
1:18 PM
@JoErNanO Which progress? I will be fairly aggressive in this event. As long as the morons and trolls keep their distance.
@GayotFow I'd say that each user posts the questions on which they had bounties so that we know who is doing what.
going inside wooden RO churches

Sometimes travelling about the Russian countryside you might come across ancient Russian Orthodox churches that recall the works of pioneering photographer, [Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergey_Prokudin-Gorsky). For example...


Source: [Pinterest](https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/372602569147295386/)

These are small, dilapidated wooden structures that seem barely large enough to hold more than 3 people. From my own collection...
It's my sample
Hmm, that question with the photos/paintings of churches seems to have been removed
i haven't posted it yet
No, there was one earlier
Where someone was asking where these delapidated "temples" were
but the "photos" looked more like paintings
They took them from this site:blic.rs/slobodno-vreme/zanimljivosti/…
1:49 PM
My photos are real places
Yeah, I was just wondering what happened to the question
I can't remember who posted it now
I took one test question down owing to silly comments by @JonathanReez amd a trolling attempt from a different member.
It's something to be careful about when the actual event arrives
2:28 PM
Who is, coincidentally, trolling me now
2:41 PM
@MarkMayo it's unnecessary to be that trigger happy, you deleted valuable information
2:59 PM
Is there a website somewhere with a databse of luggage storage facilities
seems like it would help quite a few people
@GayotFow it's unnecessary to respond to people you think are trolls, and clutter up what might have been valuable information :( It's not deleted, it's linked to in that chat.
if you think someone is trolling you, PLEASE don't reply to them. especially not in comments.
@MarkMayo Why not? If I can't feed trolls how else am I supposed to have fun on Travel? :D
sigh... ;)
@MarkMayo I had to replace what you deleted, it left me with the impression that your zeal for moderation has unbalanced you
It's well known that particular user trolls me any time he can
@GayotFow Flag it for the mods then. Much more effective than fighting in the mud with trolls. ;)
3:04 PM
@JoErNanO at which point should it have been flagged?
Have I missed something popcorn worthy?
@CMaster Same troll up to his tricks
@GayotFow I'd say ASAP. Or as soon as you think the trolling starts. Then, you add as much information as possible in the flagging textbox.
@JoErNanO yeah, but in THIS particular case?
@GayotFow I haven't seen the particular case. Could you link it?
3:12 PM
@JoErNanO it was unjustly snipped by @MarkMayo and moved to a chat room here chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/40175/…
A: Review marker not resetting

JoErNanOThis is a feature and not a bug. The review counter shows every pending review, regardless of whether you completed it already or not. Say for example you just voted to close a question and that question still has close votes missing. The item is still pending review by others and will therefore ...

@GayotFow IMHO much ado for nothing.
Clarify what "does not affect the clock" means and go to the next question. :)
Unbalanced? Really? I expect better :/ You're an experienced user who knows better than to argue in comments. So the outcome is that now only valuable comments remain? Great, that's the goal of the site.
@JoErNanO no it's not. Not when he has already established himself as a troll
@GayotFow - I'd agree with JoE and Mark. If it was me I'd assume user was trolling and move on
@GayotFow You explained it here:
Entering Andorra, or any of the other micro states, does not stop the accrual of Schengen day counting. Each day you spend in one of the micro-states depletes your 90 days in the same way as if you were in any of the Schengen members. — Gayot Fow 37 mins ago
Awesome. Clear. Spot on.
3:14 PM
yep - done
I think the meaning of the phrase flagged up is ambigous
Now move on and save yourself from the stress. :)
I don't see why the immediate presumption it was a personal attack
@JoErNanO I had to replace that after it cut cut
He does it all the time
I certainly don't think treating requests for clarification as trolling is a constructive attitude
3:16 PM
@GayotFow I saw that one. I would take it as a joke and let it go.
Once a person trolls, everything is then suspect
@Cmaster totally agree. It's also become a weird trend recently that 'arguing' seems to be labelled as 'trolling'. That was clarification, not trolling.
I'd share @joernano's view on the image shared, and say I'd beleive that was intended as a lighthearted joke
not as a personal insult
of course, if you feel it was, then perfectly entitled to flag
I wouldn't consider myself as some elevated arbited of intent and meaning
@GayotFow Oh and by the way if you don't hurry up answering that microstate question I'm going to steal your comment and make it an answer. rep rep I need rep :D
@JoErNanO It's supposed to be there for a NOOB to get some rep!!!
3:19 PM
I wonder if I could ride JoErNanO around Europe using an up arrow on a stick
could be a good answer for all those "what is the cheapest way to get from X to Y" questions
The cheapest places to stay in Paris..........
Anyone got any good maps of the "catacombs"?
@GayotFow Hey hey I'm a noob. A slightly experience noob who's got to catch up with @hippietrail and you! :)
@CMaster Which? The Parisian or the Roman?
@JoErNanO I think he means like this:
but like, with an upvote instead of a carrot
3:21 PM
@CMaster I'd happily take you for a ride. wink wink
@CMaster yeah
@JoErNanO Parisian, was thining if you know the right people there are probably a few warm and dry places you could be shown
Aaaaand here is how You Are Here degenerates.
@MarkMayo Thats the idea
Next time somebody asks for the cheapest place to stay in Paris.......
I will say "The crack houses off Rue Saint-Vincent"
Q: Visas uk stay 6 months and 17 days

BatalMy visas had not expired it remains more a year to me but i havé to exceed 17 days 6 months with it noticing stupidly there is no solution

yet another moron --- this is bad day on TSE
It was closed last week, so he asks again and provides LESS info
@JoErNanO you can snipe that one out, no problem, I'll upvote it too
or @CMaster can give it a lash
3:26 PM
I don't really understand what they've done
At a guess - they have a multiple-entry standard visitor visa and have now been in the country more than 6 months?
@CMaster come along, you're a clever lad; he f*cked up big time
That's why he's in the manic panic
Hmm, does that trigger one of the automatic bans
@CMaster he has a two year visa. He can visit for up to 180 days each time and then he has to channel hop.
Hmm not as long as they leave soo
He can stay 180 days max on each visit
and the OP stayed for 197 days
He is totally f*cked! LOL
@JoErNanO @CMaster it's an easy 10 points to tell him he f*cked up and there's no silver bullet :)
3:34 PM
@GayotFow Naa man it's your rep. For now. Mhuwahuwahuawhuawuhawuhaw!
@JoErNanO put in your answer dude, I'll edit it to be sure it's right
This guy tells it straight up!
I can't see that
but I presume it's the "I'm a creepy stalker" answer
To be fair, it's now a perfectly reasonable question after the edits
Although I have to admit I imagine @sarahsarah to resemble a panicked rabbit
muttering "safe, safe, is it safe"
Q: Does time spent in non-Schengen European microstates count against the available 90-day Schengen time?

unknownprotocolSo the Schengen Area wikipedia says three European microstates – Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican City – can be considered de facto participants. Thus, for citizens of countries that can enter the Schengen area visa-free for up to 90 days,(i.e US, Canada), would time spent in these count...

Let me ask you guys something....... How long has TSE been around, 5 years right?
you guys have the question, now you need to get it up voted.
@StrongBad don't necessarily want to be "brigading" other site's metas
3:51 PM
@CMaster I say go for it (at least to get it running). All it needs is 6 votes (3 more) which is not abusive (at least to me).
@GayotFow 5 Years in June.
@JoErNanO Right. With 1.4k questions tagged Schengen, right?
@CMaster Plenty of videos on youtube showing entries into the catacombs. Maps is a different story.
Yes, it's one thing to know how to get in
another to know ehere (if anywhere) would make for a sufficently safe and comfortable night's sleep
@CMaster Are you suggesting someone can sleep in the catacombs?
4:04 PM
Well, in the extended series of underground chambers in Paris
Not necesssarily in an ossorary
Is there an ErbEx SE?
Apparently not
Why did you guys bottle out on the moron who overstayed???
@CMaster I'd say more or less anywhere which shows traces of human passage/furbishing. Just keep your valuables safe and a long bowie knife at hand.
4:23 PM
plus an air filtre mask
2 hours later…
6:47 PM
@GayotFow No intention of trolling there, Gayot. I was merely trying to offer some out-of-the-box solutions

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