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5:46 AM
I wonder why this shows up as a linked question to this, though I see no apparent link between these two questions
6:14 AM
Q: Is there a Marpa port for Node.js or other Earley parser with full abstract syntax forest support?

hippietrailMarpa is an implementation of an Earley parser for Perl. Earley parsers are parsers which can handle very ambiguous grammars in cubic time in the general case - O(n3). There are some Earley parsers or recognizers which are not fully usable tools missing vital aspects such as being able to itera...

6:31 AM
@hippietrail Are you the new @StackExchange?
7:02 AM
@damryfbfnetsi I didn't know there was an old @StackExchange (-:
Q: How to set the programming language for syntax highlighting etc in Adobe Brackets editor?

hippietrailI was looking for a code editor that uses a browser rendering engine for its GUI so I can work on code that handles various foreign languages in their native scripts. I'm trying out Adobe Brackets but when I create a new file I can't find a way to set the programming language to get the syntax h...

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12:05 PM
Wow a Lot of your questions are about Visa's?!
12:15 PM
yeah, no mastercard questions at all ;)
2 hours later…
2:09 PM
toilet questions....and now Does Venice smell? is on the hot list...
2:52 PM
@MarkMayo Stack Exchange - keeping it classy
3:27 PM
@MarkMayo I actually wanted to know this.... I've been told this loads and loads of times and I guessed it was probably a myth!
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5:31 PM
12 hours ago, by damryfbfnetsi
I wonder why this shows up as a linked question to this, though I see no apparent link between these two questions
Anyway, where is the link between those two questions?
@mindcorrosive Do you know why?
Is the world map really supposed to zoom out when I scroll this page?
@damryfbfnetsi: another question linked to the aircraft lavatory one appeared in a comment on a deleted answer on the other one
@mindcorrosive So it's caching?
more like a bug, to me
I might raise this on MSE tonight, time permitting
5:57 PM
@MarkMayo And no American Express questions (what about "Indian Express"?)
@mindcorrosive Please link it when you do
1 hour later…
7:12 PM
Would the following question be on topic here?
Q: Any road trip destinations near N. IL for 4 days with a 3 year old

buck54321I am trying to plan a road trip for 4 days at the end of September. It will just be me(dad) and my 3 year old daughter. We live in north-central Illinois, but am willing to travel anywhere within a few hundred miles. I would like to go to one or two places a day. She travels well and I will be pr...

7:43 PM
@KarlBielefeldt: this will probably get closed if migrated -- recommendations, particularly as broad as this, are off-topic on Travel-SE
@mindcorrosive Thanks. We wlll close it where it is.

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