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12:18 PM
Need not to forget that
10:00pm my time :D
5 hours later…
5:29 PM
They should start the podcast early if we post X times on Y Stack Exchange sites
5:42 PM
1 hour later…
7:05 PM
hum ping pong time???
It seems all time is ping pong time over there.
pretty much, yeah
7:21 PM
so is Marco going to be in studio?
@Paperjam I was wondering about that; half of @StackHQ's tweets are about ping pong
lol @ Punyon Dew
I tweeted about Punyon Cola last week and two people asked me what it was
Now you'll have to introduce them to Punyon Dew too.
7:32 PM
next week Dr. Punyon?
Does it keep cutting out, or is my connection terrible?
fine for me -- and my connection has been terrible all day
I got rid of my proxy and switched browsers and it's still doing it. About once every 30 seconds it switches to the loading spinny graphic for a few seconds
You should stop making it hate you.
Seems fine to me too.
if (user==users.MichaelMrozek) { ... }
7:38 PM
The Mouth of Brooklyn has arrived :)
That must be a video loop of Jeff on the wall.
Hey rchern, which of the SE team is likely to be at the devdays confs?
The chat does it too, it's like it just loses the connection completely
@jcolebrand no idea
Yop here
7:41 PM
@ChrisF It is. Why would you spend lots of money on a video wall if you don't put tons of useless stuff on there?
too many blue names in here.
Join me @mootinator! We shall start a club :P
Suddenly I feel the urge to buy whole crates of apples
@balpha I think that would creep me out, especially if it was only just in my field of view
7:42 PM
I'm curious when @TimStone is going to turn blue ... hold your breath Tim!
I imagine I'd have to do something to warrant that first, so I doubt holding my breath until that happens is a good idea. :P
pfffft, details
how do you think the smurfs all turned blue?
begs to be put in a special mod hellban where he appears to be blue to himself but none of his actions affect anything.
welcome Jin!
7:45 PM
Hi @jin
Evening @jin
Hoy @jin
@mootinator Reddit did that for April Fools
@jin Nice looking business cards BTW
7:46 PM
@ChrisF thanks!
yeah, shame we can't get them for non-trilogy sites :p
(and yes, I know that my site is likely to be forever doomed to being a public beta)
Q: Gaming Moderator Cards

JinWe recently printed some business cards for our Stack Exchange employees and they turned out great. It got us thinking: our sites' moderators have been working hard to keep our sites high quality for the past few years. They may not be employees, per se, but great community moderators are why ou...

@jcolebrand which site?
@jcolebrand They are being rolled out for mods on SE 2.0 sites
it took way too much effort for me to find this place
i'm assuming i need to pay more attention
7:48 PM
ya ya ya but I'm a pro-tem
i've posted the cards for webapps, gaming, programmers 'n the trilogy sites so far. will slowly to roll out cards for the other SE graduated sites.
@AgentConundrum There's a link in the "about this channel" box on livestream
that's what i meant though, i didn't even realize where the podcast was
@Jin Yeah, which means my site has to gradurate first ;)
Also, I take it you decided no on the QR codes for now?
in place of the heart logo on the backside of the gaming card, you could have a QR code there
@jcolebrand to be frank, no one uses QR.
7:50 PM
@Jin <sob />
I've been barraged with QR codes lately.
I've started seeing the likes of my bank using QR codes, and I'm with a shitty bank
"Oh! Look, a square!"
I just figure they're starting to come into their own now
@jcolebrand i think it's a nice geeky novelty.
7:50 PM
Marco is not happy that i loaded windows on my iMac
they're huge in japan though..
@Jin like over 9000? :p
@AlexMiller is that what you're using to power the big tv screens?
@AlexMiller It was the right decision.
Is that Jeff on the video wall?
7:51 PM
@no, my desktop is the imac
@jjnguy A video of Jeff - not actually Jeff
but we're building a PC rig to drive the video wall
@ChrisF ah, ok.
i see marco
Ceci n'est pas un Jeff.
7:52 PM
Do they have a video of Jeff playing 24/7 booming out motivational phrases?
there's not supposed to be sound yet, right?
or is that just me
@mootinator Magritte-like?
i'm gonna make some popcorn before the show starts
I'm going to punch livestream in the face
No sound yet
7:53 PM
I wish livestream had an audio-only channel.
@Mvy Oui.
I wish livestream was like a shoutcast stream I could play on <device> while doing stuff
@BilltheLizard hear hear
@AlexMiller will the video be recorded?
7:55 PM
@BilltheLizard In Chrome it keeps playing even when the tab doesn't have focus so you can do other stuff while still listening
here we go
Too much Apple stuff on show - now we know where the VC money's going
@ChrisF I think I'm being rate limited. The video only updates at about 1 frame / 5 seconds, and I'm not getting any audio.
Audio is not active @BilltheLizard
@BilltheLizard Ah - that would be the fatal flaw in my scheme.
7:56 PM
for the moment
or just sometimes :P
@Mvy He wants just audio - no pictures
oh sound's back
Snapping into a mic is kinda irritating =)
That camera needs a shock absorber. What surface is it on that's making it rattle so much?
@Mvy No, but I was getting the same thing last week. The audio won't come through once it starts.
7:57 PM
So you guys will have to transcribe this for me, m'kay?
@Shog9 I wish there was a feedback mechanism where we could talk to the studio :p
@JonathanSampson - it's a globe view of hits to our network over the past n minutes
So now we need some cool enhanced reality with names and so :D
@BilltheLizard Producer Alex should be signing the entire conversation into the camera for our deaf users anyway.
7:59 PM
@Nick That. is. sick.
@KyleCronin no
@BilltheLizard I'll tweet-cast it for you in real time ;)
you should put ads for stack exchange sites on that bar and randomly rotate through them during the show
"can you see this bar? then come visit skeptics.stackexchange.com"
@NickCraver I would love to know how you guys did that
@jcolebrand Figured I'd see you here.
8:01 PM
@Paperjam I think Google has something just like it in their lobby. Wondering if there's some type of fancy globe app with an api :)
Chat twitter widget:
> Access your direct messages until June 30th, 2011.
Feed it some JSON and a spin-velocity and whammo, you're done.
@Paperjam that is Jarrod's baby, but basically we record traffic from HAProxy to a database nearly real-time, allowing us to query for problem routes, slow pages, etc
So ummm. Anyone know why I could hear Alex but can't hear Joel / Marco?
@Cade that depends, do I have you on my facebook?
8:01 PM
should I hear sound?
still no sound?
You shouldn't hear sound while we're getting ready
@NickCraver this would be soooo cool as a page on the site, maybe preload it with delayed display JSON data as an animation sort of how the weather channel does a radar loop
One of the TVs on the wall should just say "SOUND: OFF" in the largest font they can fit
8:02 PM
I think you mean right.
I figured that was obvious at this point.
The ON AIR sign is misleading, clearly. It should read ON AIR, BUT MUTE.
Yeah... the "on air" sign is deceptive.
The other left ;)
Hi hi sir!
8:03 PM
@jcolebrand maybe, it's just dataporn for now
So either, I'm dumb, or it doesn't say anything about the lack of audio for pre-show.
@NickCraver that's all it would be on the page anyways
@VxJasonxV it says "don't keep bitching about the audio, we know"
And having said that, just because I'm curious, why is there no audio during the pre-show?
hey, if they didn't want people to keep posting the "where's the audio message", they should have the comment box search for similar comments and ask if you were looking for that comment
@VxJasonxV There was audio earlier; I assume there isn't now because he's trying to get it right for the actual podcast
8:04 PM
1 min ago, by Joel Spolsky
You shouldn't hear sound while we're getting ready
@VxJasonxV because they have private talks?
@VxJasonxV that's when joel 'n marco curse like a sailor.
is that jeff in the background?
Oh yeah!
8:04 PM
@Jin Surely this is a big kids show.
@AgentConundrum It's a video - not the real deal
Jeff, the over-lord looks over us from above.
Time-delayed? What is this crap; I was promised live
Can you turn the sound up please
alex looks like a bar with hair
8:05 PM
Alex is getting beamed
@MichaelMrozek Exactly; by-pass my sense of sound and go straight to my brain! I want absolutely no latency whatsoever.
neat :D
Is today's product placement sponsor Mountain Dew?
@random Punyon Dew. Far superior
Let's start flooding the SE server through Brazilian proxies to light up South America on the spinning globe!
8:06 PM
Marco, New York, NY
3.3k 1 11 21
Marco: How do you feel about being on the SE podcast?
That's not fair, he's the only one without chat access :P
The Stack Echange Live?
Yeah, that just changed I think
8:08 PM
I don't think Marco ever was on the podcast
It would be nice to get Jeff's video switching in. Right now with Joel and Marco occupying 100% of the screen, it seems like all of Jeff's contributions will be viewed as butting-in to a conversation between two people.
They need to get the octobox they have on the 24-hour news channels
well, it usually is jeff butting into joels conversation. zing
Marco, what were your primary sources of inspiration for Instapapr?
8:11 PM
@random or what twit.tv does. sorry for the repings random
Marco is "The Mouth of Brooklyn"
Made in Westchester stamp
Do I actually need the app to enjoy Instapaper on the iPad?
bookmarklets work on the ipad, so i'm sure it'd work well enough
@Paperjam I meant for reading them, rather than adding stuff
8:15 PM
@jcolebrand Leo Laporte looks like he has a pipe and smoking jacket
@random if he doesn't he should :p
@IvoFlipse ah, I see. sorry, probably should keep quiet since i haven't really used instapaper ;)
Hey, step back away from that mic, I was trying not to listen.
Livestream hates me, so I guess I'm just going to listen to the final version
8:19 PM
@Michael Me too, I hope in the future they'll have an audio-only option for the bandwidth impaired :)
i think i've used the windows zip stuff like... twice?
am i weird?
Aren't we all on the WinRAR bandwagon wheel?
7zip > *
infozip FTW
8:20 PM
@Hogan You're RIGHT! How could I have been so silly. $12,000 sounds like a MUCH better deal than $1,500 ... wtf was I thinking? (how could you suggest something like that when they need something flexible and easy to use and reconfigure at any point in time, and that they can do in about 2 hours one day since they already have a blueprint for the model?)
SU seems to be on and on and on about 7zip
i use winrar, yeah
@Hogan this doesn't seem to be skype compatible
@random 7zip trumps all, so that's probably why
@AgentConundrum I think Microsoft licensed their zip implementation from SlowZip™.
8:20 PM
@AgentConundrum you should totally drop that and try jQuery 7zip
@jcolebrand see 2nd link... that is the cheap option but requires mac -- for both you need external skype or other feeds
Is Jeff actually looking at Marco or does he have a tennis ball to focus on?
@jcolebrand I've been meaning to, but... inertia
@Hogan see :1152422
@AgentConundrum it unrars just fine, and zips to a tighter format.
what is Joel's question?
@AgentConundrum I tend to avoid it.
8:22 PM
PointCast was a company founded in 1992 by Christopher R. Hassett in Sunnyvale, California. PointCast Network The company's initial product amounted to a screensaver that displayed news and other information, delivered live over the Internet. The PointCast Network used push technology, which was a hot concept at the time, and received enormous press coverage when it launched in beta form on February 13, 1996. The product did not perform as well as expected, in part because its traffic burdened corporate networks with excessive bandwidth use, and was banned in many places. It demanded mor...
@JoelSpolsky what is your question?
Jeff is being awful quiet today...
@JoelSpolsky you can use Instacast to download podcasts over 3G
Wasn't it, "Was there a Read Later type function in a browser/program before InstaPaper?"?
@JeffAtwood has been video looped and the crims are breaking into the warehouse.
8:25 PM
clusty the crown
wow that's a lot of video lag
15-20 seconds
Heh, I was thinking the same thing.
Gotcha @AlexMiller!
@random I wasn't 100% that was it
i'm sure it's an intentional delay
for a bleep button or something
8:26 PM
@random It is called bookmarks
@Hogan you don't use any read later apps do you?
I don't
I just see our corporate logo on fogbugz. Should make the kiwi mandatory.
8:27 PM
oh that kind of Kiwi :D
@mootinator "Every time you claim that something that's by design is a bug, a kiwi dies. Please, save the kiwis."
i had to swap out the kiwi logo with my company logo because i kept wondering where its arms were
@random all I can think of anyways is delicious or something similar with bookmark saving services
Hi Jeff!
8:29 PM
oh god today is the 15th!
I've moved from Readability to Readable bookmarklet - readable.tastefulwords.com (not for later reading, just for removing cruft)
Marco, any plan to add a feature like a weekly digest of what's waiting to be read in my instapaper?
Do you time sheet
@DannyMiller the worst part is, i only got up because water went down the wrong pipe and i started choking
but ocngratulations sir, well played
8:30 PM
I think it's because Jeff works at home.
oh yes, Marco said it too :)
Working at home solves so many tech challenges. :-)
@AlexMiller I was so hoping to do it on camera, but figured it was a bit inappropriate
@DannyMiller you can't really have done it on camera - since by definition i would have seen it
@JonGalloway except how to get better playing ping pong
@JonGalloway ... but creates social challenges though
8:31 PM
Instapaper feature request: tldr.it like summarization
@Paperjam Kinect!
I'm back to complain about sudden fluctuations in sound, even though I'm certain they're on my end.
@mootinator no problem on my side
Ok here too.
@mootinator they're on your end.
stop asking about the sound problems
queuing things up to "read later" is the reason why i have 110 tabs open right now.. i never end up reading later, but i totally intend to..
8:32 PM
@JonGalloway feature request: summarize TL;DRs with reddit faces comics.
@jcolebrand I'm glad we settled that :)
@splattne Yes. Have to be intentional about hanging out with people, and not all of them nerds.
Archive is the nice way of say, "Never ever going to read this"
ah great, flash isn't working on this machine right now
8:34 PM
@random archive should be synonym of deleted :P
@Mvy euphemism
I like the @codinghorror on the wall monitor. I want to get one of those.
Something about it makes me think Max Headroom
It was pretty creepy when the camera was closer to the video wall, heh.
So far...
I think it's even more insidious than that - Facebook knows when you've viewed a page with one of their like buttons on it
8:38 PM
Wasn't there something to "like" things via link rel at some point?
Well I guess when facebook will release some kind of search engine based on "likes" spammer will appear magically
Agreed M'vy
+1 is from the Apache mailing list AFAIK
+1 Marco
I prefer ++
@balpha probably usenet pre eternal september
@KyleCronin as well as google analytics, but to the user
Facebook is all about recruiting the next generation of farmers
The real gain for facebook is they gain being "the ID" of the internet.
@Hogan So true
@hogan Facebook figured out how to make OpenID real
8:42 PM
@Hogan Facebook's gain is /firstworldproblems' loss of brain
Google pushes +1 in Adsense's dashboard.
google doesn't push +1 as often as they should
I use Disconnect to prevent Facebook, etc from tracking me with those embeds
> "Adding the +1 button to your pages allows users to recommend your content to friends and contacts on Google search. As a result, you could get more and better qualified traffic."
@KyleCronin Disconnect?
8:43 PM
@AgentConundrum it's a Chrome extension
A lot of people "like" in their talking
How does favoriting apply to my stackexchange / stackoverflow searches and results? Could it be used more?
@KyleCronin My conversion to Chrome is very slow going. Still very much on Firefox
@AgentConundrum I just figured it out! You're still living in 2005!
Surely you're not still on XP SP3?
8:45 PM
If it was really interesting to us, they wouldn't need ads
@jcolebrand Umm...
I mean, I have firefox 3.6 on my box still, mostly for firebug, but for everything else I've left it for chrome
Sounds like Facebook is the new OkCupid
@AgentConundrum firefox, winrar ...
Lol: everyone is liying about relationships!
8:46 PM
why is that bar talking?
I hope that kind of intelligence isn't being applied to my viewing of @codinghorror's Friendster profile. It's my homepage, okay?
@jcolebrand If it ain't broke...
woah... bring it to stackexchange.... shocking.
Hurray, Jeff. Relevance FTW :)
@AgentConundrum I suppose. I know I know, what works for you works for you, and I'm ok with that. Just so long as you know that there are new choices that most people consider "better" then that's what I'm at with this. I know people still using IE7 and quite happy. This is mostly just a good ribbing on my part.
8:48 PM
of course you have
register and participate
Unicorn up button?
Each "like" gives 1 point of rep ;)
Pay bounties with bitcoin!!!!111one!
Well ... thanks? for people that can't vote up only?
Or not.
8:49 PM
Would be annoying to be spammed by Thanks :D
Feel free to sent me a t-shirt when enough anonymous users have [thank-you'd] my post :-)
@jcolebrand I have a friend who constantly pushes Chrome on me. I'll mention FF and he'll "correct" me to have said Chrome. I think I keep FF largely because I've got it quite customized and I don't want to have to redo all that. It's the same reason I'm on 3.6 still instead of 4. Things I want/need weren't ready to go on release, so I delayed upgrading.
that is for a very good reason
You can leave comments....as answers :(
you can also flag them as not a real answers ;)
8:51 PM
Haha. I love Joel's, "Oh, you're one of those 'don't give people choices'...apple" interjection :)
@JonathanSampson I give your comment +1
Aren't users already logged in to Facebook and Google? :P
@Hogan I 'Like' this.
@AgentConundrum fwiw I'm still on 3.6
who is on the monitor in the background? Jeff Atwood?
8:52 PM
But not a live feed, obviously
Jeff Atwood? Or Dr. CLAW?
That would be His Jeffness.
It's a five second loop
8:54 PM
@AlexMiller "Adobe Audition" - is what Cool Edit turned into once bought
@ChrisF I see it move?
@Hogan It's a video loop
Speaking of Adobe
oh yeah... I see that now.
8:55 PM
Why does that seem vaguely creepy?
its like... Jeff is watching .. get back to work :-)
@mootinator It's creepier when you work in the office
I don't understand how you can compare a learning curve with a certain reputation level needed to perform certain actions.
maybe we've switched the topic and I didn't figure
hellban voting!
Jeff in the background is creeping me out. 1984 all over again.
8:57 PM
helleverything? hellflagging, helldownvoting, hellanswering :D
"North Korea" voting
Make the fake votes exchangeable for flowers and SO coffee mugs.
@JoelSpolsky Jeff recently referred to the the Favorites feature on SO as marking something that's "worth revisiting, for whatever reason", but isn't that just bookmarking? Since I don't think the feedback favoriting gives is utilised in any way, is favoriting even the right word? I kind of feel like "favoriting" implies it's in the same class as "Like" or "+1".
hellAnswer & hellQuestion would be a lot of lol
Or a punch in the gut randomly.
Just to keep gaming down.
8:58 PM
Users should form clans to pool votes to group vote
@splattne I was going with Venezuela
Like bitcoin pools
I don't know... hellban voting gives it a bad image. How about "Unicorn Voting"?
stuffed unicorns!
We need more "You're Welcome" posts
8:59 PM
Also like bitcoin, the minimum rep to vote, question, etc, should inflate over time
I would love to have a follow a person feature
Just kidding
Or maybe all question could have thank you harcoded at the end :D
@random lol
You already thanked everyone in this thread
8:59 PM
@RaviVyas I'd like that
@TimStone people use it in 2 different ways, one set of users use favorites as a bookmark, another set uses them to actively get notifications, more "following" of content
Well users won't get more than 200 rep/day anyway, so if you get a weird peak in one day, it won't affect them anyway.
Like github, want to follow users. And fork answers.
and have some social feature which lets me find my friends :-)
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