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4:09 PM
Should talaq be a synonym of divorce?
2 hours later…
yeah, talaq=divorce should be synonyms. i'm actually surprised they're not already.
not sure why there's different tags for reciting and quran recitation. i'd need to go through the questions to see if they're different.
Is that the kind of thing I should raise on meta? Or is this okay in general?
if it's something obviously clear-cut, i'm don't mind this and i can just run the merge straight up (e.g. "talaq=divorce"). but anything that requires thinking, i prefer to see on meta first.
that's just me being me though. i'm poking my head into chat often enough to catch these things, but meta's more reliable if you want a mod to see it.
6:53 PM
@goldPseudo That's about what I figured. Should I raise the reciting/quran-recitation one on meta?
couldn't hurt. they're probably synonyms, i just haven't gone through the actual posts using them to know for sure.
7:46 PM
@goldPseudo Should I make one post with all the questionable synonyms I find, or one for each?
8:11 PM
@Mr.Bultitude hard to say. really depends on how much discussion is or may be needed for any particular synonym, or if they're all obviously synonymous.
A: Mods- please delete duplicate tags

goldPseudoOf the listed tags, the ones that have been actioned are as follows: sawm and fasting were already synonyms; I could merge them (and thus destroy one or the other) but given that both terms are likely to be used I feel it preferable to keep them as is. I have created a synonym for ramazan; I wa...

just to give you an idea of the sorts of synonyms i feel are obvious and the ones i feel may warrant further discussion.
on an unrelated note, i really am looking forward to this queue being tried, tested and polished and eventually added to here:
Q: Help Improve The Help & Improvement Queue!

Tim PostA short time ago, we introduced the new triage queue - a place where users can quickly sort questions into various categories, where one of those categories is 'needs improvement'. Until now, we've been alluding to a special place where questions that weren't quite ready for prime exposure could ...

8:54 PM
Yeah, that sounds awesome. Should prove helpful for pretty much all the SE sites.

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