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11:29 AM
Q: Should we have regular voting sessions?

infatuatedSince a lot of posts in this site don't receive their deserving voting (either up or down), should we specifically have a voting session where users are urged to cast their votes for at least half of the answers and questions posted at the end of each week? I know this and any other site policy ...

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7:07 PM
Q: Why is this user (Amin) banned for plagiarism?

muslim1I saw some posts of relatively new user and noticed he was banned till Aug 24 for plagiarism. I went through some of his posts (most upvoted and most down voted), did not see any answer that was marked as plagiarism. May I know Why is he banned for plagiarism? On what basis? Was he ever warned ...

3 hours later…
9:59 PM
I found this New York Times article very very strange. According to the first sentence, someone had spent two years translating the Koran when she suddenly came across a verse she'd never seen before. Surely any competent translator would try to be familiar with the text before starting on the translation? (The article later says that this "translator" doesn't speak Arabic, but can read it.)

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