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4:41 AM
Q: Can we make sure to not throw away logic and rational?

masfenixI am a lurker (active on majority of the Science SE network as I am a graduate Applied Math student). I usually read the questions/answers here to help me understand Islam and bring me closer to it. That being said, it is in my opinion, the following question/answers should not be allowed on thi...

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2:40 PM
@infatuated he's over generalizing at some points, which I certainly don't agree with
Community's logo aint showing up on chat. I wonder why
3:25 PM
not sure. just tried refreshing the profile, no-go.
which says
> Content not found
to me
@JonEricson could you weigh-in?
same thing in private browsing
3:45 PM
@BleedingFingers, I agree that his points could be over-generalized.
i don't even remember what icon the RSS feed used before; was it the Community gravatar, or the I.SE logo?
I.SE logo iirc
goldPseudo has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
goldPseudo has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
i get the stackexchange logo now but not the i.se logo
4:00 PM
this feeds interface is clunkier than it probably should be.
goldPseudo has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
goldPseudo has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
This one is very interesting and useful. An academic lecture answering many popular misconceptions about origins, beliefs and practices of Ithna Ashari Shiites.
new feeds seem to be associating with the Stack Exchange user instead of the I.SE user.
and i can't figure out any way to change that short of "create new user"
oh, there we go, i can change the feed name.
@goldPseudo there's probably a meta that discusses that :P
maybe this was all done manually back in the day. it's been so long.
any ideas for a feed name more interesting than "Islam.SE"?
4:09 PM
iFeed ?
...fbcdn? isn't that facebook?
yeah, the old I.SE feed must've been configured manually.
yup, it's facebook
changed the "Islam.SE" feeds to the SE logo for now.
so we're at least not dealing with 404s on the gravatar.
goldPseudo has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
also added a feed to the Islam in Arabic proposal (not that I have much faith that it's going to last long at this rate :( )
4:22 PM
posted on November 09, 2014 by user122308

Question by user122308 for Islam in Arabic | سين جيم الاسلام

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5:29 PM
@BleedingFingers It looks like the image has moved. (It's not hosted on one of our sites.) But you can change it by editing "Image url" in the chat user profile: chat.stackexchange.com/users/-188/islam-se#
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7:11 PM
@Islam.SE Can somebody with meta edit permissions change "rational" to "reason" for me before I bang on the screen? I realize it's a second language issue and that's fine, it's the fact that I am helpless to fix it that bugs me.
@Caleb done
@BleedingFingers Thanks!
7:27 PM
@infatuated the misconception of adultery and spitting in the food I was aware of. It's not a recent one either. And some he didn't mention. The end of prayer misconception (Gabriel made a mistake, iirc) was hilarious and new to me.
7:47 PM
Oh, for me was the exact opposite! Had heard about the Gabriel's mistake charge but not some of the others! For me the most hilarious was that Shiites in Lebanon have tails looooool! What the hell, man! Now you know why those suicide bombers blow up themselves in Shiite communities in Iraq and Afqanistan to "embrace the Holy Prophet in Paradise!"
still, it's not reason to blow oneself and others up. Well that's my opinion. Oh yes that tail thingy was amusing too.

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