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@DHMO in the second reaction second step, the arrow from the CO double bond needs to go to the oxygen, while the CH bond you are abstracting the hydrogen from builds the new double bond
12:39 AM
Q: Would adding images (for promo purposes) to popular questions be vandalism?

Melanie ShebelI proposed this idea a while back, where images describing a question could be created and used for social media promotion of the question and I was wondering if this was a direction we'd want to go. Recently, a post was made about the low number of answers to questions. I'm wondering if we drov...

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2:43 AM
Q: Deriving Thermodynamics equations confusion

juliodesaPlease explain: I have taken up to Cal 3 so I understand deriving but I guess because of how it is used in context of this class I am not understanding. In the thermodynamics equation: ( as an example) what is the difference in using dU = Cvdt VS. $\Delta$U=Cv$\Delta$T. This may come across as a...

This person's "deriving" is what we call "differentiating".
Replace all instances of "derive" with "differentiate" and this question suddenly makes a ton more sense.
Oh well...
I just hope I am not enabling this person's behaviour. "I'm sorry my question seems unclear, but [...] pretty ridiculous [...] The whole purpose of this forum is not to be rude" isn't an apology even though it starts out with "I'm sorry".
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3:55 AM
heya everybody
4:38 AM
I still haven't had time to work on my total synthesis project for my class, but my prof asked for me to decide on a molecule by tomorrow. I'm still thinking of going with the darwinolide (doi: 10.1021/acs.orglett.6b00979), as suggested by @Jan, despite its 5 stereocenters.
I was planning on using strategies from Oijima's catalytic asymmetric synthesis to figure it out as the semester goes one
I'd say I have intermediate organic chemistry knowledge, and decent TM-chem knowledge\
you guys think this is a good idea? or will I end up kicking myself later in the semester?
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8:52 AM
@gannex let's make nile red lol
aniline + EtOH -> N,N-diethylaniline
+ SO2Cl2, NaOH -> 3-(diethylamino)phenol
+ NaNO2, HCl, H2O
-> 5-(diethylamino)-2-nitrosophenol
and then react with 2-naphthol under DMF for 4 h
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10:46 AM
> o-chlorotoluene
what does this letter O mean?
o stands for "ortho" - the position of the Cl on the benzene rind with regard the methyl group (i.e. at the 2-position)
11:08 AM
@CowperKettle ortho means positions 2 and 6; meta 3 and 5; para 4
now guess why one of our bots are named 1,3-feeds
11:42 AM
@DHMO thank you!
I knew this but forgot
The chromatography table has four columns: product \ RT \ RRT \ R
I wonder what "R" means
and.. if in the chromatography results table I have a column titled RT (min. ca.) does that mean "approximate mininum" or "minutes, approximately"?
relative retention time, i guess @CowperKettle
RRT is relative retention time
I'm unsure about R
12:44 PM
@gannex Heh, that's ambitious. I wouldn't dare to look at such a molecule. But nothing wrong with being ambitious!
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Q: Does the green color represents existence of Copper in it

Dev Anand SadasivamWorld is full of green, because of plants. Does it really signifies existence of Copper, in particularly by leafs. I well understood that Prolific Tamarind Color Salt has base element Copper. More usage of Tamarind makes us dump as per Siddhas in India. Would like to know specifically that gree...

"More usage of Tamarind makes us dump".. um ok.
2:07 PM
@CowperKettle no idea sorry
Thanks for Agreeing! When it is Organic Mutation plays important role than in In-Organic. So while, other elements can be placed as part of mutation in it, however it is so pure. And as per Material Science nothing is pure so. — Dev Anand Sadasivam 7 hours ago
I don't understand this at all
> I have completed my schooling in Little Flower boys Higher Secondary School
Did they not learn chemistry there?
Probably botany only
2:35 PM
@CowperKettle I don't think he writes to be understood ;D
@CowperKettle Nah, "Little Flower" is one of those ubiquitous Indian (missionary) schools...not that they teach particularly crappily...but I guess this guy isn't exactly proficient in English ._.
@orthocresol Hahaha X'D
Can't stop giggling
@DHMO Why? O_o
@paracresol it is at the meta position.
Slaps self in the face
@DHMO You're sharp
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5:57 PM
@orthocresol hmm my prof. approved it. I guess he thinks it's do-able. I'll get back to you on it in a month or two...
6:31 PM
@gannex good luck!
6:53 PM
thx :-)

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