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12:14 AM
@DEAD it's not clear to me whether it's a proposal (the title is a question) or something already decided upon by a subgroup (mods, power users, etc) (everything is written in detail, in present and as authoritative)
my 2 cents here, which are probably worth much less given that I don't contribute much these days
this will lower the quality of contributions to the site and increase the number of unanswered question, which I view as one of the main issues of the site as it currently is
there's kind of a broken window effect: if the overall quality of questions is low, you won't attract high-quality contributors and high-quality answers. Writing tons of answers to simple low-level questions is not rewarding.
@F'x It's only his proposal, so I guess quite a bit of discussion is needed.
All major contributors should agree for such thing
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6:19 AM
@F'x In the past few months, people have closen everything that lacks research as homework.
That has caused some ruckus.
Some bad feelings.
We started redefining what homework is, but that seemed to take forever.
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7:39 AM
@DEAD I quite like your proposed experiment, worth a shot. Can't hurt..but I am not being too optimistic
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11:59 AM
So much pingz.
12:10 PM
Sigh. I found a wrong answer (without references for the wrong part) that was upvoted (+12) and accepted.
Oh nice. Link please?
A: What does lowercase r-s notation mean?

Greg E.This notation is used to designate so-called "pseudo-asymmetric carbons." This occurs in instances in which precisely two of the groups bonded to a tetrahedral carbon are structurally indistinguishable in terms of connectivity (i.e., the same atoms, bonded with the same multiplicity, and in the s...

It took me half a day to write a correction.
Let’s start a downvoting spree. (I humbly believe @IUPAC’s version to be accurate.)
Actually, I was looking from something else. I was looking for questions about how to assign R or S in 1,4-disubstituted cyclohexanes and similar symmetrical structures.
Surprisingly, we don’t have a question about it. It only occurs once in a comment.
Although this question suggests itself when you look at som of our "are these two compounds enantiomers?" questions.
But 1,4-disubstituted cyclohexanes are typically Cs-symmetric, aren’t they?
Unless of course we have !!img/1-(but-2-yl)-4-methylcyclohexane
12:22 PM
No result found.
Damn you, @chemobot D=
@Jan Yes, most examples are achiral. Nevertheless, they can have two pseudoasymmetric centers.
Hence, the question would be how to assign r or s.
An example with a real chirality center is 1-ethylidene-4-methylcyclohexane.
For example (R,Z)-1-ethylidene-4-methylcyclohexane.
@Chemobot, why can you process @Loong's request but not mine? D= *goes sulkking in the corner*
@Loong Yeah, that one is chiral, but it’s not what one would think of typically when hearing 1,4-disubstituted cyclohexanes, is it? ;)
12:29 PM
Yes, as I said, most examples are achiral.
But achiral molecules can have pseudoasymmetric centers.
For example, (1s,4s)-1,4-dimethylcyclohexane and (1r,4r)-1,4-dimethylcyclohexane.
And surprisingly, no one ever asked how to choose r or s in such cases.
I wanted to explain it in the above-mentioned question about 1-ethyl-4-methylcyclohexane.
However, since I had to correct some other misconceptions in the other answer, my answer already became long enough. ;-)
I can also understand why many people still prefer cis and trans for such cases. ;-D
*sheepishly puts a hand up* xD
And also it’s much easier to talk about syn-5-hydroxy-4,6-dimethylheptane-3-one than to think about the corresponding other descriptors.
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2:59 PM
Q: Why can't carbon form an ionic bond?

SMcCK My textbook says that a $\ce{C^{4+}}$ cation cannot be formed because it requires a lot of energy to remove 4 electrons. Formation of ionic bonds involve "removing" electrons and there seems to be enough energy there. So what's different for carbon? The textbook also mentions that a $\ce{C^{4-}...

3:46 PM
@getafix Even if the net gain is zero, we're gonna change the policy to one we did during the experiments. Not closing the same questions is always better than closing them if we were to choose one action.
@F'x Well, we obviously can't keep up the stats of the time you were very active, but people were concerned about this, and it's needed.
Note to self; I need to gather some stats right before the experiment starts, and after it ends.
@getafix Of course the results aren't going to be extraordinary or miraculous. But we need to do our best to improve experience on the site, not deteriorate it.
The whole point of closing is keeping users happy.
But a minority take offense to closure, but that's besides the point.
People these days take offense to everything.
@Jan Edited this
Part of it is because of unnecessary political correctness, which turns people into bomb triggers.
They're waiting for a reason to explode.
Like a diethyl azodicarboxylate.
4:01 PM
@Mithoron Edited what?
@DEAD Damn. I was just about to make that joke ;(
Part of it is because life has become too dull, and people don't deal with drastic situations like they did before.
@NotWoodward Next time, type faster.
I had to google to make sure it was actually shock sensitive. I've never had need to hit it with a hammer (yet.)
@Jan This question you commented, to be edited with mhchem
Oh that one xD I’ll check it in a sec ^^
4:03 PM
@NotWoodward How many times have you hammered chemicals in your life?
Why did your avatar change?
@Jan I can't believe this is the eleventh time I link a relevant post.
Q: Why is my profile image different?

LaurelWhen I first signed up on a Stack Exchange site and got a profile image, it was this one (see my current user card): Later, I got Area 51 and SEDE profiles, and my user image there was a different identicon. Because reasons I already know. I would have a picture of it, but that's the problem....

Oh, it's caching. Got it.
@Jan No, not caching.
It's an issue on gravatar's side.
It generates different avatars for different sizes when it only should be taking the hash into account.
Yeah, but I saw Mith's avatar being the 'normal' one in here, so if something is different, something's wrong, and I'll just blame caching.
4:21 PM
@Jan My avatar didn't change. I simply have another generated for other size as DEAD says
Whatever damnit ^^
Anyway, I answered the question you edited ^^
@Jan Whaaaat you would've nitpicked us to death if it were us
Naaah, I would've given up because other stuff xD
You know, it’s terrible. I keep having to offer bounties to make sure my chem rep doesn’t exceed my German rep D=
Why? Will you be running for mod soon?
4:31 PM
Highest rep community might mean commitment. Or in your case, affection.
I don't think that site'll have election any time soon xD
And it'll be damn hard to surpass Takkat …
Read: impossible.
In rep? Or awesomeness?
In rep. I don't judge awesomeness, it doesn’t translate well into numbers ;)
Well, every site has a bunch of heavyweights whose voice everyone respects.
Who's that in the case of German?
Takkat, Loong and Wrzl I would say … the mod team ;)
4:38 PM
Takkat's already a mod?
You're seriously competing with a mod?
I'm not even competing xD
I'm just competing agains my self on chemistry :p
@Jan Defeating.
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6:38 PM
@DEAD I agree with you; but for instance it would be best if we exclude those "ask and run" users..who sign up, ask a question, and are never seen or heard from ever again. ?
@getafix Then what difference would it make if we don't close their question?
This isn't meant to appeal to some users.
This isn't supposed to be less strict moderation.
This is moderation.
We're just changing the rules.
Well, I guess it would just be a better use of people's time; I feel it is better to focus on questions where the asker would at least be somehow involved in the discussion (even the question isn't that great to begin with)..simply because it is more likely to produce better content in terms of answers+discussion in comments
just my 2 cents..
@getafix That would work in theory.
In practice, what you say will only be true if we're certain that questions don't get the attention they deserve if we leave a couple of them open.
I have seen proof of the contrary.
ah okay fair enough
We're in a stage that there are many users but not as many posts.

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