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2:02 PM
@DHMO Later today, I'm busy right now.
@pentavalentcarbon thanks
2:13 PM
man, inorg is weird
everything we learned back in freshman year was a lie
chlorine can form five bonds
@etherealflux who said it can't?
even in high school now i am being taught that chlorine can form seven bonds
by expanding octet (which is a lie but whatever)
It's a tower of lies so that the poor mechanical engineers can survive gen chem
2:37 PM
Together we can make the world a better place.
Join the petition.
3:12 PM
That is SO old......
I'm not seeing any answers coming my way soon....
3:48 PM
sorry, electrochem not quite my forte, I have given up on it...
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4:49 PM
A: How is NH4Cl a salt?

ChantelI'm really glad everyone is nitpicking the tiny details of this question instead of actually answering what was asked. Obviously this person isn't a chemist, and is in the basic level courses in school. Maybe focus on what's being asked instead of being pretentious. I'm sorry, I don't know the ...

Especially @orthocresol is horrible nitpicking in comments. XD
5:06 PM
Q: Is ozone really a chemical element?

Taha AkbariIn our chemistry book is written that ozone ($\ce{O3}$) is a chemical element. Also our chemistry book gives a definition that agrees with that. But our teacher doesn't agree. His reasons: If ozone is a chemical element why it isn't in the periodic table? It is not true with the things ...

Oh, boy...
@Wildcat I think that is probably my highest upvoted comment.
@orthocresol You'd better actually answer what was asked! XD
@Wildcat flags own comment as not constructive
Too late, I'm afraid... :|
Actually, it seems like I have a comment with +29, but I can't find it.
The claims are not true, they are just rubbish pseudoscience misinformation. Google "reboiled water" and skip the websites that claim to be "natural" "healthy" "chemical-free" etc. Those people don't know what they're talking about but just like to fear monger. — orthocresol May 2 at 11:55
There it is.
And this has +10:
Draw the Lewis structures for $\ce{BF3}$, $\ce{NH3}$, and the adduct $\ce{F3B.NH3}$. Are you really sure boron has an expanded octet in the adduct? Are you sure that boron even has a full octet in $\ce{BF3}$? — orthocresol Nov 22 '15 at 14:50
5:19 PM
@orthocresol +30 now! :)
Still no Evernote client for Linux?! Seriously?!
@Wildcat Here's your most upvoted comment:
Q: What is the difference between electric current and electric charge?

RainAre electric current and electric charge the same thing? I'm just getting back into relearning chemistry, so a more in-depth answer about how electricity works in general would be wonderful. Edit: Thank you all for clarifying that this belongs to the Physics SE. That being said, I guess this que...

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs to Physics.SE. — Wildcat Jul 27 '15 at 9:05
Well, a bit unexpected. :D
This is joint highest:
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is not related to chemistry. — Wildcat 2 days ago
We like your custom close reasons :D
@orthocresol I guess, my most upvoted comment is on travel.stackexchange.com with currently +88. That site is more chatty than Chemistry. ;-)
5:47 PM
@Loong I can certainly imagine travellers being more chatty than chemists!
I wonder who's actually going to run for mod elections...
6:07 PM
@orthocresol @Rubisco :)
We have two available positions though, need one more!
And hopefully >1 more.. otherwise it is not much of an election, is it :p
@orthocresol than reinterpret my previous message as a list of two usernames. :D
@Wildcat Oh no, you've noticed that I'm power-hungry
@orthocresol typical Russian elections. XD
@Wildcat ah well, my home country is not that great either :(
6:15 PM
Hey all
Quick question
$NH_3 + NO_2$ to $N_2 + H_2O$
Hi @NoahP!
What on earth are the half equations for that?
I'm getting $NH_3 +3e^- \rightarrow N+3H^+$
$NO_2 + 4e^- + 4H^+ \rightarrow N+ 2H_2O$
Is that right?
Hi @Wildcat
1. Your $\ce{N}$ should be $\ce{1/2 N2}$.
Okay sure
2. Your first equation isn't balanced in terms of charge. NH3 (-3) is being oxidised to N2 (0), right?
(oxidation state in parentheses)
6:18 PM
So, your electrons should be on the RHS.
Hence the 3 electrons?
Oxidation being a loss of electrons.
Oh sorry thats a typo
I meant -
Ah, ok :) Apart from that, you are all set. Those are quite correct.
6:19 PM
What so theres just 7 hydrogens floating around?
It just doesnt seem nice
You need to add the two half-equations together and cancel out the electrons.
But those 2 half equations are right?
Oh, wait, this is in gas-phase, isn't it?
Because if you simply added the half-equations together, you would obtain...
$\ce{NH3 -> 1/2 N2 + 3H+ + 3e-} \tag{1}$
$\ce{NO2 + 4H+ + 4e- -> 1/2 N2 + 2H2O} \tag{2}$
and $4 \times (1) + 3 \times (2)$ would give you:
$$\ce{4NH3 + 3NO2 -> 7/2 N2 + 6H2O}$$
Yeah, those two half-equations are right.
6:22 PM
Thanks man
Whether it's in gas phase doesn't matter :) I was thinking that the protons wouldn't be happy in gas phase, but they cancel out anyway, as they should.
6:42 PM
@orthocresol The number of candidates on Physics was just reduced from 8 to 5: physics.stackexchange.com/election/3
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7:55 PM
now down to 4 (someone withdrew)
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