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1:04 PM
Oh yeah, that was a good one
@MARamezani I finally had the chance to review the chem-fail stuff... sooo funny somebody put it to practise
yes the one that is mysteriously gone....
I even wonder if they're serious!
@Martin Oh, good news: Your serif font is popular.
Oh, hey, did anyone try replicating those wacky glassware setups?
@ManishEarth These days I'm not allowed to our lab... :( :)
1:10 PM
@MARamezani what did you break? :P
@ManishEarth Or rather, what did I burn
@MARamezani Hahaha that could be me
@ManishEarth what are you talking about, the one on the new awesome background?
@Martin Hmm, I'm guessing you broke the spectrometer?
@Martin yes
1:12 PM
Hmm, maybe it was the electronic microscope?
Or even, some computer there? Maybe you played too much minesweeper...
I guess @Kurtis is back on the draw board and making adjustments
I hope so.
I can't wait for our graduation!
@MARamezani I once did melt an entire distillation thingy
well, not the whole thing but some parts of it
@Martin Acid? Hydrochloric?
It is not worth starring that :)
1:14 PM
later I told the supervisor he is an idiot
Hmm, when did you break it?
that got me banned for a day or two
about ten years ago
after that i had a nice little chat with the professor...
he agreed with my point of view
I was happy about that :D
@Martin That the supervisor is an idiot?
I bet the professor was someone like Lord.
I basically told my supervisor, that if he would have taken the five minutes to check my setup properly, then nothing bad would have happened... my tone was probably lightly enraged due to the damage
1:18 PM
@Martin hahaha
lol... no, not at all, usually very strict...
Imagining an enraged Martin...Please wait
you know how much that thing costs...
Is that you when you're angry?
i was a student
Oh... trust me, in another universe I would be the hulk
1:20 PM
Still imagining...
@Martin In another universe dolphins fly.
@MARamezani they do that already here, they are just too intelligent to show us that ;)
@MARamezani read your reply.
@Martin Hides in the closet
@MARamezani if you're referring to my previous comment, remember that I said that "it was just a possibility".
@ADG What reply? Where?
1:22 PM
especially in India
I knew that idea is not going to work anyways because people are already satisfied with good chemistry and maths sites.
@ADG I'm not getting inbox thingies.
talk of physics, there's another site named "physics homework" site is being created.
@MARamezani caise i'm not tagging, I don't want to a pinger (if this is correct english (english as a foreign language (again)))
"physics homework" and "entrance exams" are not sites that fit the SE model, really.
And I doubt they will succeed -- even if they reach beta, they won't have the quality of questions one expects from an SE site
@Martin OK I agrre that my $\Delta H<0$ was not good quality but your saying "not an answer" annoyed me, sorry. You could have said "explain more". Sometimes you get instant rages :D
@ManishEarth +1
1:25 PM
ohai @Gowtham
@ADG Well,
@ManishEarth well I really wish to know about your coming to stackexchange aka the beginning
@ManishEarth herro
6 hours ago, by Gowtham
i think the user who was flagged is a bit young and immature. and his language barrier is probably enraging him to post rude comments IMHO.
@ADG what?
1:25 PM
2 hours ago, by MARamezani
@Gowtham Indeed. But silence is a pearl.
@ADG I thought long and hard about that before I opted to put my delete vote on it. I even had coffe over it.
@ManishEarth how did you joined SE and how you've become such a reputed users etc.
@MARamezani how do you do that
@ADG I joined SE 5 years ago because I had a question about entropy :P
@Gowtham Easily.
1:26 PM
@Martin I'm not talking deletion, taaht's okay but the comment i'm talking bout
I used to be active on Wikipedia before then
@ADG We wanted to comment.
@ManishEarth really wikipedia? :D now you're doing?
@MARamezani teach me please
So that it won't go deleted without comment.
@Gowtham OK.... :}
1:27 PM
and on the science reference desk (where I hung out), my question on entropy didn't get an answer and I was suggested to try out physics.SE
@ADG ?
@ADG That is the standard comment, the SE network provides in these cases
@Gow Are you on a computer?
@ADG Currently I'm a student and I'm a volunteer core contributor to the Servo browser engine, and occasionally contribute to the Rust language
also stackexchange
@MARamezani ya
Also quora.
1:28 PM
@Gowtham When you hover over a message, you see a down arrow on the left, right?
@ManishEarth you work as a job?
55 secs ago, by MARamezani
Also quora.
@Martin I couldn't tell. then things are clarified, hope misunderstandings are clear.
@MARamezani thanks buddy
1:30 PM
@ADG nope. student
@ManishEarth in? colelge?
@ManishEarth your name matches with my cousin, I don't know if I told it before.
@MARamezani heh, don't really go there now. I visit SE every day on the other hand (though I usually keep behind the scenes handling flags and making sure everything is good)
you did
@ManishEarth I'm going there too maybe.
@ManishEarth Hmm, so it's not only Jonsca running this place? I only see his comments....
1:31 PM
got my mains result today.
@MARamezani I'm a tad more invisible :P
@ManishEarth You're exposed...
@ADG Outta?
@MARamezani ?
@MARamezani don't be stupid. (sorry)
@MARamezani 360.
1:32 PM
@ADG please be nice
@ManishEarth I'm gonna tell them you're invisible, and you'll be made to drink visibility ink down your profile pic...
@ManishEarth i don't get it i just said "don't be stupid" to "You're exposed...".
@ADG Don't be stupid.
@ADG yeeah, no personal attacks, please, even if they're mild
1:34 PM
@MARamezani sh
@MARamezani hmm.
@ManishEarth Just wanted him to realize how bad it is.
Just as I said
Silence is a pearl.
@ManishEarth Fun fact: Here in Iran, they say ssss.
yeah, got that
@MARamezani is 8 like 3?
(3 from 3lekom or however that's spelt)
oh okay
no 8
I don't feel bad when hearing "stupid". some people do this and there should be a little friendliness (friends talk a little informal, if yu're lalowing MAR's spam)
@ManishEarth I've heard IITB have people drinking ROH?
1:36 PM
@ADG You should get some reading done about the meaning of spam.
your usage was very poor i suppose
@ADG yeah, but you shouldn't do that until your sure it won't be taken the wrong way
@MARamezani he means a high volume of comments
Hullo emperor @ron!
Hello everyone
@ron sorry for argument over anti-markonikov
1:37 PM
\o/ @ron
BTW I'm just another guy, no emperor
!( ^_^)! @ron
You're another emperor guy?
@ADG no argument you were right
@ron sure about that?
1:38 PM
@MARamezani is really childish. (sorry but his comments are like that)
maybe an emperor penguin
BTW why did you put a show your work here chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/29429/…
I think it's okay?
@ADG No, but I don't insult people.
@ADG I thought that too, until I saw the last sentence.
@MARamezani as if I wish to always do that.
@Martin my youngest son married a native Japanese woman and lived in Hiroshima for a few years
1:39 PM
@ADG Do what?
@ron I was talking that I learned that rings need to be planar for aromaticity.
@ron Wow cool, I had the pleasure to go there on business
yes basically true, but they can deviate a bit from planarity
a very awkward place
it was a bad comment $\uparrow$
1:40 PM
@ADG grats on your jee ! i wish i got such a good score :<
@Gowtham you got.toPastTense() ?
@Martin yes, awkward, I bought a few books at the museum - terrible after effects
@Gowtham I have no idea what a good score is with this newfangled mains/advanced nonsense
@ron I was really depressed after the visit to the museum, but thankfully I went to that nice little garden close to the station to relax and get my mind back together again
@ManishEarth Oh, there's nonsense in India too?
1:42 PM
@MARamezani it's just an opinion.
@ManishEarth hmm , ya it has been 7 years , i dint think about that :D though >50% seems to be a good score
@Martin did you take the boat ride over to that sacred island with the Tori gates in the water?
@ron You mean the Hiroshima calamity?
@MARamezani world is a bloody naansense
@MARamezani yes
1:43 PM
@ron I guess the aftereffects haven't gone yet. :(
@ron Yes, that was fantastic. I had so much fun that day... although it was very japanese weather (=rain)
here is a list for All India ranks embibe.com/100marks/News/jee-advanced-marks-vs-ranks around 5M people give it.
@EroSɘnnin naruto?
@ADG I think it's like our Konkur, but less serious.
So, I agree that it's nonsense.
@MARamezani lol
@Gowtham trudat
@ADG Yeah. He was my student
1:45 PM
@EroSɘnnin Hullo!
Welcome to the chatroom!
Ola :D
@MARamezani maybe in some ways its good that the after effects don't go away completely - helps us remember
Thanks :D
@EroSɘnnin it's ended anyways (no spoilers) I haven't watched the end 50 epi
@ron recent earthquake here (maybe this fits)
@ADG Anime is boring now. Filled with useless fillers
1:46 PM
i gaveup on naruto around 480 or something , fuck fillerss
@ADG yes
@ron That sentence's deep - Now I wanna go ask an off-topic question: What can we do to remove the aftereffects of Hiroshima event?
@EroSɘnnin I watched almost all top 5 ranked ones and haven't watched them for 1 year (Yeah I'm saving them for a one go super delight)
@ron Need help on organic chemistry
Are you guys having a serious talk? I'll be a spectator then ^_^
@EroSɘnnin what do you like to talk about
1:47 PM
@EroSɘnnin I expert at not doing that :D
@EroSɘnnin They're dead serious.
@ADG Im here to relax, but now im curious
@ron (no doubts) but advice.
1:47 PM
@ADG Top 5? naruto, op, fma and then ? :P
@EroSɘnnin naruto (normal+shippu), op, dn,
@Gowtham I'm fine with anything :D
That's an auto-lol.
Better ping @santiago.
@MARamezani this is probably a million(or billion) dollar question ?
@EroSɘnnin many others (I don't remmber)
1:49 PM
@ADG Ah .. okay :)
@Gowtham Too broad, but I'll VTC as homework.
I wonder, will we be able to make @ron say lol?
I lol @Santigo 's thunderpants comments
@ron History: While preparing for JEE all students almost are taught almost all college orgainc chemistry and I was so interested int that so I read many books like Finar, Morrison, Solomons, Sykes, etc. Now after preparing inorgo and physicsal I have forgot many rxns annd when I revise, I say "I know this" and just flip pages, and you now what then happens ion exams :D
Bows down to @santiago
1:51 PM
@ron any advice :D:D
Lol I flunked JEE
@santiago hello
@EroSɘnnin are all EEpreparers a Anime fan?
@ADG no advice, sorry
@ManishEarth are you still her cause I have many curious queries regarding IITB :D
@ron well OK, I'll do practice questions then maybe
Has anyone heard from @Santiago today?
1:53 PM
Alrighty guys, gotta go it's already 11pm here... so good <insert your time here> and see you soon
@ron transcript says that is true
7:23 PM
@ron He had an operation - A successful operation. YAY!
@EroSɘnnin hey i did too , life moves on
what is a Haiku? @Martin
@ADG Umm.. Now that you pointed that out, I guess so :P
1:54 PM
@MARamezani Can we have better description of the room?
@Gowtham High five bruh B)
@ADG Japanese thingy.
@ADG We could, but we have to either ask the community or LordStryker.
@ADG Poetry
@MARamezani so make the description "Haikus are awesome / Chemistry is more so / pull up a chair" unbiased (OK)
Upper right corner, below "Periodic Table" is a haiku
1:56 PM
@MARamezani can you star second last message here---------------------------------------------------------------->
@ADG ish
Why? We could just ask him when he comes.
popping in and out
@MARamezani I believe you can't change description but can change stars (I know that).
@ADG I can change the descriptions.
1:57 PM
@ManishEarth OK tell me anything about IIT life? (Huge curiousnes)
Of any rooms I'm the owner of.
Which part of it?
@ManishEarth The nonsense.
@MARamezani Ok then change description and star the useful message at second last position -------------------------------------->
@ManishEarth a typical day maybe?
1:58 PM
@ADG Sheesh! I have to have Lord's approval!
It's rude to just change it like that.
Living conditions: bad. Lots of extracurrics to do, so you will be scrabbling for time to fit everything.
@ManishEarth You were planting a tree the other day.
@ADG Freshman: Get up, go to class for 3 hours, lunch, 3 more hours of class, then study or whatever. Senior: Don't get up. :P
@MARamezani OK why didn't you told in the first place (rude thing), but sorry (star)
Is that bad?
@ADG I did iirc.
2:00 PM
@MARamezani wut
@ManishEarth Da day before my chemistry olympiad - Something like 3 months ago.
ah okay
@ManishEarth would I have time to program my own games or play my electronic keyboard or have some time for drawing and enjoying?
but not time to satisfy all your hobbies :P
@ADG You'd have time to play tetris.
2:01 PM
Programming: just look at github.com/Manishearth :P
these are contradicting statements
Tell me some about this JEE though.
What is it?
@ManishEarth you have to pay for github
When do students take it?
@ADG wut? no
I just linked to that to show how active I was at programming
2:02 PM
later guys
@ManishEarth nothing interseting there. (-_-)
@ADG Github has to pay for Manish.
@ron Ba bye!
@MARamezani sorry again but copy my earlier comment (are you stu***)
@ADG A programming language and a browser engine to say the least :P
@MARamezani >Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an all India common engineering entrance examination which is conducted for admission in various engineering colleges and courses all over the country.
2:03 PM
@ADG What? for ba bye?
@EroSɘnnin HEY!
I could read wikipedia already.
@ManishEarth pretty basic things
Don't look at my personal projects, I don't have many large ones, I prefer collaborating
When do people take this exam?
@ADG what do you consider not basic? :P
2:03 PM
when they're 16?
@MARamezani whenever they wish to
@MARamezani generally 18
can be anything
2:04 PM
@ManishEarth So, it's a pre-university exam which defines where you go?
@MARamezani no it's your life.
@ADG Eh. I used to program games and all, but I found systems programming to be more awesome.
Don't get philosophical, pretty please.
It lets us choose universities, if qualified
2:05 PM
So, it is just like our Konkur.
@MARamezani now you're doing what I was doing before see?
@MARamezani never heard it.
@MARamezani can't find it too
I don't like our Konkur though.
@ADG Maybe cuz it's in Persian?
@ManishEarth really? how's that different.
@ManishEarth weel did you studied on your own for JEE?
Our "JEE" is filthy with petty shortcuts to solving nonreal problems.
I hate it.
@ADG Systems programming is more baremetal. I don't enjoy games so much because a lot of work goes into the graphics and all. Working on a compiler for a really nice new language -- that's pretty fun since I can work baremetal on something many, many people will use
2:07 PM
Is yours too?
Same goes for the browser engine. It's a research project, with lots of research problems to solve
@MARamezani yes
@ManishEarth sounds interesting, we'll I'll see after 24th May
@MARamezani i think questions are more application oriented and a bit hard to solve without good knowledge and understanding
Then I agree with @Manish that it's nonsense. Seriously this time @adg.
2:08 PM
I think the only non-systems programming I've done recently is this application which was really fun
@MARamezani well i don't care now since you've said it enoughtimes
Let's try to keep it civil here, please
@ManishEarth well how did you studied, please tell :)
Hmm, part of the enraging of @ADG in comments is caused by his always being frank and stating the obvious.
so now theres no AIEEE or is there ?
2:11 PM
@Gowtham there is
Why do your contractions always contain more than one Es?
@Gowtham government wanted to degrade the reputation or standard of IIT so wanted it to merge with AIEEE, so IIT agrred to create IIT Main (common) but that doesn't give admission to IIT you have get selected in Top 1.5lakh and then give IIT Advanced.
Long story short
basically back to the old format sorta
@MARamezani EEE=Engineering Entrance Exam.. (s or ination)
@ADG That question was a rhetoric.
2:13 PM
@MARamezani when will you star this---------------------------> (second Last)
@MARamezani rhetoric=?????
so is the iitmain now kinda easy , say compared to 7 years ago or something ?
@Gowtham Rhetoric is better in that case. Trust me. I'm picked on by a native speaker in ELL's chat.
@Gowtham IITMAIN same ease as the old AIEEE, IITAdvanced has the same ease as the old IITJEE
@ADG ah well
@ADG That means it wasn't intended to get answer.
2:16 PM
@ManishEarth you'r math to latex has minor errors
@ADG hmm?
I need to get around to rewriting that, but I never get the time (i.e. I have better things to work on usually :P)
wrote it years ago, then decided to rewrite it, but sort of dropped the ball on that
@ManishEarth i'm jealous :(
having better things to work on? :P
Don't be, it's a nightmare if you can onlly do a fraction of the things you want to
@ManishEarth you're now in which year?
@ManishEarth my brother got 900 and now is in last year of roorkeecs
he's interested in it security maybe
2:23 PM
@ManishEarth he's not aware of SE or maybe has a unknown username on SE. I've seen him on quora
I don't like quora
too much bickering; not a decent level of discourse; and a horrible signal-to-noise ratio
@ManishEarth bye, maybe I need to improve my results and need to study now PCM
@ManishEarth what does cool mean here? I don't get it? anyways I'm not thinking anymore. bye again.
just an acknowledgement
2:28 PM
@ManishEarth you're good with english too.
@ADG something like alright cya or alright okay
@ADG Cool means "that's in a range from OK to awesome*.
@MARamezani I know cool but couldn't get it's use there. anyways thanks both for your help without any asking (it's a compliment).
@ADG It's slang. I recommend watching English movies a lot.
2:31 PM
@MARamezani nvmthnx
@ManishEarth How many did you watch?
@MARamezani a lot is probably my reply...
@MARamezani none is my reply
ciao friends
2:35 PM
@MARamezani I was born and brought up in Boston. English is not the first language I learned, but it is the language I am best at
Double tatta!
o/ bye
@ManishEarth NICE!
@ManishEarth that explains much about your difference to comon people.
2:38 PM
@ADG Yeah. He's an alien.
No, I'm a lowercase greek letter. Obviously
@ManishEarth And with some gibberish written in blue next to it...Duh!
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