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12:42 AM
@Jan Unlike you, Loong is identifiable with information on his profile...
@orthocresol well, I found Jan using just his profile, without using mod powers
I tried several times, but couldn't. :(
Idk what I'm doing wrong.
You know, some people link to their own sites. Other people just drop names and expect you to find the names. But having dived a little deeper into what is written in Loong’s profile and the links therein, I am starting to believe that he has an unfair advantage xD
(Also, @Loong, a link has changed and the way it is written in your data leads to 404.)
:34002602 Grrrrr... that's the rest of today gone, then.
boots up super hacker network
12:56 AM
Actually, I'm identifiable now...
Come on, it’s early-ish, isn’t it?
It is, it's 8:30am.
So I have lots of time. ;D
You mean, because you added a location to your profile? xD
Nah.. website.
Tributyl stannane? =O
12:58 AM
If you find my Facebook profile picture, note that it's from 2010...
I’ma not on Facebook …
Thank goodness
Nice food =3
But why did you label food (albeit raw) as ‘not food’? =O
Some of it was nice. Haha
I like birds. So I don't eat them ;)
Hm, Googling my PI, I found his old website from the university of Berlin =D They apparantly never took it down (but it’s probably orphaned).
1:06 AM
Nov 19 at 16:33, by Loong
Ugh, I wrote a lecture script on reactor chemistry maybe more than ten years ago, and now I just wanted to see if it is still available on the internet. And then I found a Greenpeace study that is quoting from my script. :-(
@Loong Links to the wrong post ;p
1:34 AM
Oh well, I guess I wasn't looking hard enough ;D
Yello everyone :-)
So you found me?
Good seal =)
I've a quick question about Henry's law. Under the limitations of this law, my textbook writes "The gas shouldn't undergo dissolution in the solvent". Does this mean that I can't tack on the Van 't Hoff factor at the R.H.S of the formula and be on my way..?
@Jan I think I did.
What I mean is, in case of the Raoult's law, which states that $P_A=P^{\circ}_A \chi_A$ (For a component $A$ in the solution), if this component undergoes dissolution, I can simply multiply the RH.S of the above equation with the Van 't Hoff factor, $i$ and I'd get the correct answer.
1:41 AM
It took you about as long as it took me to write an email asking for counselling ^^'
Does this not apply in the case of Henry's law?
3 hours later…
4:18 AM
@Jan Google+? 3;D
@Kaumudi "... shouldn't undergo dissolution in the solvent ..." Where in T.N did you pick up that idea? O_o
Perhaps you meant "The gas shouldn't chemically combine with the solvent"?
Nope, that's not what I meant.
My textbook explicitly states that it shouldn't undergo dissolution. I know, it doesn't make any sense.
@Kaumudi Pinnae?
@Kaumudi Don't tell me that's the NCERT O_o
Lord, no, it's not NCERT.
Oh, crap, I misread dissociation as dissolution and that's what I kept using above :-/ God bless my eyes.
In any case, my original question was why I can't tack on the Van't Hoff factor at the R.H.S of the formula and be on my way. After all, Henry's Law is a variation of the more general Raoult's law.
4:35 AM
@Kaumudi You've got a thalla haven't you? If you come across (seriously) questionable content such as that, you first course of action would be to... ignore it :3
@Kaumudi @$$#*%!
@ortho o/
@paracresol A thalla? O.o Oh, u mean thala.
Yeah, the thing that supposedly sits on your shoulders ;P
No dissociation? Then certainly no van't Hoff factor ._.
-___- My textbook is very well known for screwing up by not explaining anything but it has never given me the incorrect idea about a concept. So I tend to trust it.
@Kaumudi All Indian textbooks are like that >.<
No, until 10th class, NCERT is excellent. Anyway, yeah, I don't understand why no dissociation.
4:41 AM
Upto 10th? pfff EVERY darned NCERT book is mediocre! MEDIOCRE you hear me! -_-
Have u studied in K.V at any point? No other schools are allowed to use the N.C.E.R.T up till 10th, so I doubt if u're really talking about the N.C.E.R.T books.
@Kaumudi What's the issue with dissociation now? Do you hear about dinitrogen "dissociating" in water? O_o
@Kaumudi No...not K.V. But I have seen the NCERT's 9th and 10th grade ones...horrible stuff >.<
@paracresol :-P No, definitely not. Alright, I'll come back and tell if I actually find s'thing.
4:46 AM
I don't remember our 9th/10th books but the books for primary children are excellent.
@Chemobot just flipped you ;)
@paracresol -___- Dyou study math? And dyou need to prepare physics just as much as an IIT aspirant must? If so, some of us have created a room.

 The JEE LaunchPad

We love Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. And we are prepari...
@Kaumudi Do you work part-time in the advertising industry? O_o
Anyways, I'm already taken :3
2 days ago, by Jan
@paracresol I love you, too, deary.
@paracresol -____- I was only being nice.
The JEE launchpad, huh?
4:59 AM
@Kaumudi But that sounds like it was rehearsed ;)
Unlike @Jan's feelings, which flow true and strong :3
Sigh. It seems that u have an inherent zeal for going against absolutely everything I say.
@Kaumudi With all due respect, a quick glance at the stuff there....and I know that place is messed up XD
Define "messed up".
@Kaumudi I wasn't programmed to contradict you...don't get too full of yourself ;D
5:02 AM
^ This is exactly what I was talking about.
@Kaumudi "Messed up" as a place where everybody-asks-questions-and-expects-answers-to-fall-out-from-the-sky ;)
That kind of messed up :D
Hey @Alan o/
Everybody shares questions and help each other to arrive at the answers. That's not messed up.
@AlanWatch Nothing, I just said 'hi' ._.
@Kaumudi I don't see any answers that have been arrived at ._.
how did you know I was here?
5:05 AM
You haven't looked properly, then. In any case, it's been sort of dead for the past few days.
@AlanWatch Have a look at the right ;)
@Kaumudi :'(
mobile chat lacks some features
@AlanWatch Ah! Sowwie
^ Nope.
^ o_O
5:07 AM
Wait, why do you get to be placed above me? That sucks!
I thought that window shows subscribed users and not the one that are active
Haven't u noticed that the person who has just spoken shifts to the front?
Aaaanyway. Gots to go, bye!
@AlanWatch Oh no! Just about anyone who's entered the room shows up there.
@Kaumudi \o/
I was reading a page on jet fuels but I couldn't find why more compressible fuels like kerosene are preferred?
jet fighter uses kerosene because it is highly compressible
5:54 AM
Q: Why does burnt hair smell bad?

AksaKWhen I use hot stuff like hair straightener on my hair, my hair begins to smell bad which is different from smell produced by burning other things. So what gas is produced in this process that's responsible for the smell?

6:15 AM
@paracresol Try asking a question there. Answers do fall out of the sky :).
6:37 AM
@Hippa Salut o/
Alors qu'est-ce que tu fais?
@paracresol \o
Just woke up
How very...anticlimatic ;D
6:41 AM
No result found.
A baguette (English pronunciation: /bæˈɡɛt/; French pronunciation: ​[baˈɡɛt]) is a long thin loaf of French bread that is commonly made from basic lean dough (the dough, though not the shape, is defined by French law). It is distinguishable by its length and crisp crust. A baguette has a diameter of about 5 or 6 centimetres (2 or 2⅓ in) and a usual length of about 65 centimetres (26 in), although a baguette can be up to a metre (39 in) long. == History == The word "baguette" was not used to refer to a type of bread until 1920, but what is now known as a baguette may have existed well before that...
I broke a tooth biting down into one of those -_-
Wat :o
How old was it
6:44 AM
@Hippalectryon It was supposed to be made on the same day ._.
I was in the 4th grade back then ;P
The inside's pretty soft, but the crust's like a rock >.<
Real baguettes aren't that hard
That was the last of my Milk Teeth ._.
Previously I broke one, trying to bite into an apple :P
I guess you just have glass teeth :D
Honestly, when the Germans attacked you guys, you should've used baguettes as ballistic missiles... far more devastating than the German V2 ;D
Welp I gtg, got work to do :(
@paracresol BaguetteMissile V1789
6:49 AM
@Hippalectryon Au revoir, mon ami o/
2 hours later…
8:49 AM
@paracresol Ukrainian Kawaii song of the Day:
Kitsune (狐, キツネ?, IPA: [kitsu͍ne] ( listen)) is the Japanese word for fox.
But in this Ukrainian song, it is not "kitsune" but "kitsunya" ("little cat" or "dear kitten"; an endearing form of the word).
"Kycia" is "little cat" (endearing) too
So there are two endearing, hypocoristic forms of the word

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