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6:30 AM
Oh, it's tomorrow, not today.
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10:50 AM
+1 for this alone
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4:11 PM
Q: Help me graduate

Koen RijperI'm currently graduating in social sciences on the University of Amsterdam. For my final research project, I'm looking into virtual communities which share knowledge, just like StackExchange. I understand some aversion exists about these request, and the question is not related to your topic. B...

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6:38 PM
@MAFIA36790 Actually, I flagged it as spam.
@Loong Where did you find it?
A: What is the correct way to verify a structure's geometry, for example for benzene?

Martin - マーチンA deviation within the low picometres is nothing to worry about, there are many reasons for this. Primary literature, like peer-reviewed journals, will always publish an analysis of the obtained values along with any error bars, i.e. how accurate the measurement is. When you have disagreeing val...

@Loong /me deciphering Mart's new avatar
BTW why is he not in the Table these days?
'm missing @Mart ;/
Maybe if we ping @Mart enough times, he'll come.
Maybe he doesn't come because we didn't ping @Mart enough.
Maybe @Mart got a promotion to an uber-PhD or samurai chemist ninja master or something
@TIPS He is ENJOYING seeing us missing him T__T
6:47 PM
@MAFIA36790 Nah that's the Joker
@TIPS Oh yeah; I fear @Mart is turning to that ;((
@MAFIA36790 Even worse. The Mod!
!!flip/@Mart the supervillian
(∿°○°)∿@Wɐɹʇ ʇɥǝ sndǝɹʌᴉꞁꞁᴉɐu
Hmm, agreed
@Mart the MOD!!!
okay, goodnight @TIPS o/
That's like 5 pings. It should do.

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