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2:24 AM
i answered another question! boo-ya
@PH13, @santiago: hey
@Onthewaytosuccess hi
2:33 AM
@santiago: what happened to HI
hydrogen iodide ,lol
@PH13: so hw was the day
@Onthewaytosuccess I have to write a lab report(?) but I am everything else than enthusiastic on it
@PH13: you also a chemist
2:38 AM
where u from>
what makes you think so?
is it true
@Onthewaytosuccess no, it's germany
so waht's the time there
04:40 a.m.
2:41 AM
in germany , is education is free ?
depends what mean by "free"
tution fees
not in schools unless you choose a private school and universities are nearly free unless again you choose a private one
but of course you have to pay for books etc.
how is it where you are?
2:50 AM
I am from ceylon
the sri lanka ceylon?
why do you call it ceylon? wikipedia says that it's name is sri lanka since 1972 ... that's a long time ^^
I like that name
I could have guessed that xD
3:03 AM
Hvae u visited here
no ... the farthest was egypt once during holidays
maybe in future when I'm rich ;)
When you'll get rich?
no one knows
do you know physics\
Newton's law of gravitation?
what's up with it?
3:10 AM
I have a question
I have stuck on it
then ask your question and we will see
what is your approach so far?
Forceds acting on M due to m1 and m2 are equal
then I can derive this
Afterthat what should I do?
Okay I solved it. Answer is second
Are u still here?\
@Onthewaytosuccess sure
3:21 AM
d u like chess
@Onthewaytosuccess so your first step is to set both forces equal and enter for each force the equation by newton, right?
Yup, but that way it is hard to get the answer
Check this
Dealing with proptionality is easy
m2 and r1 are constant
Are u still here?\
but if you have $\frac{m_1}{r_1^2}=\frac{m_2}{r_2^2}$ you only have to solve for $r_2$ and you have your solution
@PH13: do you know weightlessness
i guess so
3:28 AM
what is that
that a body has no weight
Then whatis the answer for 13 th question ahere
what do you think?
and what is your solution to your former question?
For the previous my answer is second one
but if you solve the equation you get $r_2=\sqrt{\frac{m_2}{m_1}r_1^2}$, right?
3:42 AM
Forget that question]
it's just that I don't think that your answer is the right one ... but it's your question not mine
I'll see it later, what do you think about the above question?
above = weightlessness?
what do you think?
3:48 AM
So first on is incorrect
so as second
what abiut 3 ?
maybe theatlantic.com/video/archive/2013/06/… helps you on that one
4:04 AM
Hey that is ana amzi ng
4:28 AM
@Onthewaytosuccess sry, if I'm not writing that much ... as I said I have to write a report
4:49 AM
@PH13: could you explain the third statement of that weightlessness question
I am confused abou it
what confuses you?
Everything in that senetence
It doesn't make any sense for me
did you understand what weightlessness means?
wightless means having no reaction force
Like when I jump, I feel it for few mili seecond
weightless means that when you jump you will not fall down but drift away from where you jumped
like what happens to the astronauts on the international space station. they can "fly" through the ISS due to weightlessness
4:59 AM
weightlessness means having no reaction acting on your body
Only weight of your body is acting , right?
Then first statement is wrong because they say weightlessness is due to the samll gravity
For second statement
Weightlessness doesn't affect for momentum, becasue momentum means mass into velocity
,are those right?
I'm not sure what they actually mean in B
They are saying there is an effect for momentum due to weightlessness
please explain me thrid statement
I can't help you on this more as with this candle stuff
5:13 AM
candle stuff
do you know what is natural convection, and how it happens?
natural thermal convection
that means that warm air rises high while cool air sinks to the ground
Is it possible in space>
5:18 AM
What are the conditions that should be satisfied to have natural convection?
Natural convection is a mechanism, or type of heat transport, in which the fluid motion is not generated by any external source (like a pump, fan, suction device, etc.) but only by density differences in the fluid occurring due to temperature gradients. In natural convection, fluid surrounding a heat source receives heat, becomes less dense and rises. The surrounding, cooler fluid then moves to replace it. This cooler fluid is then heated and the process continues, forming a convection current; this process transfers heat energy from the bottom of the convection cell to top. The driving force for...
there stands everything you want to know about this
by density differences in the fluid occurring due to temperature gradients
it happens
Because of this, the presence of a proper acceleration such as arises from resistance to gravity, or an equivalent force (arising from acceleration, centrifugal force or Coriolis effect), is essential for natural convection. For example, natural convection essentially does not operate in free-fall (inertial) environments, such as that of the orbiting International Space Station, where other heat transfer mechanisms are required to prevent electronic components from overheating.
5:22 AM
It means while free falling there can't be natural convection
So now I get it.
Aren't you a chemcial engineer @PH13
I'm no chemical engineer
so I am off
@PH13: Have a nice day, bye
you too
2 hours later…
7:00 AM
It should be propane-1,2,3-triol instead of Propan-1,2,3-triol. Because If there are are more then 1 hydroxyl groups, e is not supposed to be removed.(That's what my text-book says) — Freddy yesterday
Q: Why is the IUPAC name of glycerol expressed in the way that it is?

user17307I have come across the name trihydroxy propane for glycerol, which I think should've been Propan-1,2,3-triol. Why is it named this way? Is there any other rule of nomenclature working?

should write that as an answer
maybe user17307 is german, than without the e would be correct
Actually that can be added to current answer.
@PH13 Does German use different rules for nomenclature.
@Freddy they are essentially the same but we write the words not in english but in german if they exist
most time this only concerns this ending-e ... or alkyne = alkin
Oh I see. So, is there any German name for propane?
7:10 AM
yes, Propan ^^
propane-1,2,3-triol would be indeed Propan-1,2,3-triol ... but as this is an english site I think one should "convert" national versions into the english version that can be discussed here
I think I will point that out as different answer
Eeeek @PH13. You now remind me of the microbes in TV commercials about detergents.
and @M.A.Ramezani good morning
@Freddy this might be interesting
there are two nice examples near the end:

As can be verified in these two examples, in functional class nomenclature the words are separated by spaces in all five languages. This is not the case for German and some other Germanic languages:

For CH2(COOCH3)2, the translations of the English name dimethyl malonate are ES malonato de dimetilo FR malonate de diméthyle, IT malonato di dimetile, and PT malonato dimetílico, but in German (DE) it is Dimethylmalonat.

A slightly more complicated example in German is C(CH3)2(COOCH3)2: EN dimethyl dimethylmalonate, ES dimetilmalonato de dimetilo. FR
@Freddy and if you have access to it, this is also a nice overview of IUPAC translation stuff
7:26 AM
Hello! @M.A.Ramezani
Will you go to physics class today?
I couldn't go there last week and I 'll go there today for registering.
another question ,a Persian question
Do you have mobtakeran chemistry book?
I've read it though.
OK, forget about it.
You can buy it from Forouzesh. It's really close to where you wanna go.
7:41 AM
I have it.
K guys, I gotta go, Cya not so soon!
8:25 AM
seems to be a lot of homework questions lately
don't know why google fails so hard the last days
and worse, a member giving answers to a non-effort question
I know ... I didn't knew what to say on this ... that was hard
I downvoted the answer
here is another homework vampire chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/33682/…
I was wondering if they get punished for wrong or none homework that they are so eager to ask and get the right answers for "their" questions?
8:34 AM
they have got to put the effort in first
I know
there are some good homework questions
fr example - chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/33680/… - the questioner was quite clear in their thinking
hi @Martin-マーチン!
and this one improved chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/33669/… - i retracted my close vote and upvoted it
have i scared everyone off?
8:55 AM
@Martin-マーチン What shall be done with questions that are unanswered but the questioner was never seen again after asking the question?
@santiago nope, but I am currently chatting in a different language ;)
@PH13 Handle them like you would all other questions
If they are bad, downvote
consider flagging for low quality and or off-topic
if they are good, give them an upvote
@PH13 do you have anything specific in mind?
Q: Why is the sodium +1 ion larger than the neon atom?

Cynthia ElmWhy is the sodium +1 ion larger than the neon atom? The removal of the electron from sodium should cause the ion to be the same size as the neon atom.

Down vote! Down vote! Down vote!
Q: Minimum character change requirement during tag-edit

MixcelsI recently tried to edit An unkown substance present in urine with the empirical formula CH4N2O to remove the incorrect tag (it has been done now). While doing just a tag-edit (i.e. no changes made in the body), I get a notification saying edits must be 6 characters. But I didn't edit the body...

@PH13 This is a bad question...
this can be closed as off-topic
it should be down voted
9:07 AM
But that changes nothing regarding the question because she has never been seen again ^^
it is abandoned
the system will take care of low scored unanswered question
meaning deletion
especially when they are closed
automagically deleting black holes
@PH13 yes, that happens
9:31 AM
maybe there should be a chemistryhomework.se :D
there have been attempts on area 51 to create exam/homework based sites, but as far as I know they never lead anywhere
10:13 AM
Brace yourselves, finally, it is coming:
Q: Upcoming login changes

Anna LearAs y'all know, our current flavor of "global authentication" leaves a few things to be desired. It's flaky, requires a page refresh, etc. etc. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just sign in once and be automatically logged in across the network? We are ready to roll out Stage 1 of Project "Make...

10:27 AM
thinking of a question...
@Martin-マーチン can I throw a question by you?
make it a soft throw
why does milk cause rust in steel?
10:42 AM
I don't know...
full cream, rather congealed milk, with a teaspoon I found while cleaning a neighbour's apartment
the teaspoon within the congealed mess was rusted
good question?
I am thinking of "Could full cream milk rust a teaspoon?"
Sure why not
it'll be a weird question
Well then don't ask it ;)
It all depends on how you ask what, how much context you provide
My dad always said, there are no dumb questions
just lazy ones....
okay I will give it a shot
11:15 AM
user was removed ... lol ...lost 15 rep
@santiago Well, you know you don't have to tell me about new questions, I see them in the other tab right away ;) And in the feed of this chat...
there is a feed?
sorry about that
2 hours later…
1:26 PM
Q: Should we try to tune the level of detail in answers to the level of knowledge of the questioner?

BrianSomewhat related to this meta question, discussing the proper mix of high-level and common-knowledge level content on a technical SE site, I'm wondering about how we might best go about answering questions on different levels of technical sophistication. In particular, is it problematic when a h...

2:00 PM
wow, some people need reading comprehension classes
no one in here, just a cooment on my question
1 hour later…
3:21 PM
@santiago Tell me about it.
Foof, guys, I need help.
with what? @M.A.Ramezani
Make me forget my thirst.
This was a really tough Tuesday.
ragarding this theme, it's a bit like in Groundhog day with you ;)
Dunno what that is. I can't think or Google right now.
3:31 PM
my question is taking off - about 400 views already
What question?
but that probably won't help with the thirst
4:07 PM
K I got back from my cold shower.
Hullo @Levy!
How was class today?
Why are you asking that here?
On another note, it was good.
How many sessions is it?
4:11 PM
Dunno, I think 40-60.
Yeah. . . Yeah, something like that.
How was biking today?
It was enjoyable, wasn't it?
Yeah. . . My saliva's dried off, I'm dying.
But it's fun!
a bold fun!
Hmm . . . 27 mins to iftar.
4:16 PM
Nah, that's too colorful. I only drink water for iftar.
eftar or iftar
And some cherry juice.
@Levy Iftar is the correct form in English.
eftar is Persian, but iftar is turkish more.
Iftar is Arabic; and the English derived the Arabic form.
4:18 PM
Well, I'm living in an apartment, not a garden. But yeah, it looks something like that.
It is not possible to have an Arabic word without حرکه
And don't worry, you can't provoke me. Others tried earlier.
@Levy That حرکه of yours itself doesn't have حرکه.
not the written one, the pronounced one.
@Levy my point is, there's one standard derived form for foreign languages, and in this case, it's iftar. Period.
There is no حرکه for iftar.
4:21 PM
There needn't be, since it's in the Latin transcript.
so, What is the exact Arabic word??????
A lot of question marks.
I searched for eftar.
nothing except "breakfast".
Take a look at google.com/….
Iftar (Arabic: إفطار‎ ifṭār 'breakfast') is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. For Sunnis, it is at the time of the call to prayer for the evening prayer; for Shias, it is after the evening prayer. == Description == Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan and is often done as a community, with people gathering to break their fast together. Iftar is taken right after Maghrib time, which is around sunset. Traditionally but not mandatory, three dates are eaten to break the fast in emulation of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, who broke his fast in this...
so, How is إفطار pronounced?
4:28 PM
Iftar, because that's the Arabic version's pronunciation.
12 mins to iftar. OMG
try it.
google translate
I don't trust Google translate for anything.
افطار is similar to اخطار
so, there is a کسره
And how is کسره pronounced in Arabic?
It's more like i, rather than e.
Ding dong; someone forgot how people recite Quran!
It's not important how to recite.
The meaning is more important, Isn't it?
4:35 PM
That's the correct form, ignore it if you like.
No, I accepted that the Iftar is the right form
But, Eftar was better.
5 mins to iftar.
Go and prepare your cherry juice.
Hullo @Mamun! Welcome to the chatroom!
But, I think sour cherry juice is more delicious.
4:39 PM
Mine is sour cherry juice.
Cya! Go and drink some water.
But, not a lot
1 min to iftar.
Iftar in 10 seconds!
4:59 PM
Thanks! This is my first time in chat room.
Have a nice iftar. This is a blessing from almighty.
Oh, you a Muslim too?
Are you persian?
Cool. Your name suggests you're an Egyptian.
I'm actually Bangladeshi
@mamun I'm Turkish, but yeah, I'm Iranian.
5:01 PM
I know some persian, like Hala tun chetoree
Mebinamet (See you)
Hehe that's some spooky version of Finglish
I have some Iranian friends here
I am now in USA for my graduate study
I prefer to write in the Arabic transcript though.
@mamun Hmm.
5:04 PM
I can write Arabic on paper but can't type it

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