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4:12 PM
Well, should I post that as an actual meta post?
If you're satisfied with it, I think so.
I would just update the figure to shade the lower triangle
I'm just afraid that, as with everything before, it will just end up in nowhere.
Oh, you mentioned something about that earlier.
What's the criterion for action?
What do you mean exactly?
I mean, really?
Do we need to get some threshold of upvotes on the thing?
4:14 PM
Changing site policy needs a lot more consensus. People are going to have to use this new close reason to close stuff, instead of the old and familiar > homewrok questionasodfaieruh
Yeah, I think x number of upvotes.
@hBy2Py Nah
It's determined subjectively
Q: What does it take to have consensus?

M.A.R.Meta is an odd beast. Admittedly, I still don't understand parts of it. Typically, requests the community can respond to get the required attention. They get decided upon, and acted upon. Requests related to tags, chat events, policy deciding and so on. I don't exactly know or ever wondered how ...

i think, at the very least, I would like to run this by the other mods first
@orthocresol Sure
@orthocresol <nod>
@orthocresol Shade it like this:
@orthocresol Things end up in nowhere when they're too general
4:18 PM
Oh.. ok
Except obviously have the shading underneat the other stuff
And probably a lighter gray would be better
Our HW meta posts were usually general
That was the problem with them.
You read them, said, "Awesome. But what do I do now?"
This is different because it's policy stuff, and easy to implement if people agree
thats true
There, say what you like about apple stuff, but i'm really liking this ipad..
@orthocresol I'd say lighten the gray a fair bit more
4:23 PM
I should post this on UX.
The contrast between the text and that gray isn't high enough, I think
It would be good for the still-in-definition Technical Communication, too
@orthocresol You could use negative x values for "Pitches for your own personal theories or work". ;-)
Haha... hmm...
@Loong No, this diagram is only for questions posting about a specific question.
@hBy2Py See starting here.
Don't worry, Loong has been reading chat all day.
4:29 PM
Oh.. I thought he was reading the Blue Book all day.
Nah, he has been enriching uranium all day.
!!flip/Stalking L. Oong
(∿°○°)∿Sʇɐꞁʞᴉuƃ Ꞁ˙ Oouƃ
@orthocresol haha, no, we only want to order that stuff. We do not want to make it ourselves.
Q: Why there is no bichloride or binitrate ion like bicarbonate or bisulphate?

saatwik upadhyayI have been thinking lately that if there is bicarbonate why there is no bichloride or binitrate, please someone give an easy explanation.

4:33 PM
@orthocresol LIKE!
@orthocresol Is that green area the "Island of Stability"?
Stability towards closure...
@Loong "Island of Sanity"
@orthocresol Maybe that purple strip shouldn't be a rectangle?
◟(`ﮧ´ ◟ )Ԁ∩ᴚԀꞀƎ S⊥ᴚIԀ
4:35 PM
I guess it would be a triangle, opening upwards towards the top, but whatever.
As in, maybe it should get slightly wider toward the top?
it's all qualitative anyways
I'm lazy.
⁞ つ: •̀ ⌂ •́ : ⁞-︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿══╤─
I like the "Good Questions" highlight in there, too, I was thinking about that earlier
4:37 PM
I'm a seal, not a seahorse.
Therefore I can't be pregnant.
Assuming I'm male.
Now you need an "You are here" indicator on your graph for new questions.
@orthocresol This is actually a pretty reasonable ultra-beginner thing to wonder.
@hBy2Py Furthermore, I'm hesitant to downvote stuff that shows thought
Oh, I did not downvote or anything. I just found it funny.
Ok, I also want to make a very rough draft for the user guidance.
@orthocresol Collaborative Google Doc draft?
4:43 PM
Good idea. I will get back to you about that.
It doesn't have to be overly detailed, just a rough idea of what will be mentioned.
<nod>, outline-ish starting point
hm, a walrus just joined
I feel threatened
Haha, is that what I anonymized as?
now it's a kraken
I'll add that to my Drive and take a look later on.
4:47 PM
somebody's a camel
Probably me
@orthocresol btw, did you see my draft scheduling sheet?
@M.A.R. I think you're the kraken
I went in and out -- think I was the walrus first, am now camel
Oh cool
Wow, ok
I can't see a Kraken, so I gotta be the Kraken
4:49 PM
Buffalo and giraffe, now in scheduling sheet
Nyan cat briefly appeared, then vanished
Please suggest changes to the sheet structure &c.
It's really ugly and awkward with all those time zones in there
not sure how to do it better
think you can get rid of the non-DST, assuming we're gonna get this done within the next... 7 months?
See, this is the stupidest thing about DST. We have more time spent with DST on, than we do with DST off.
Yeah, let's just pick one or the other and stop having to explode everyone's sleep twice a year
Oh no, one day a year it's wonderful sleep.
One day a year it just sucks.
I'm going to have to be careful
Southern Hemisphere is backwards
I think São Paulo is non-DST currently...
@orthocresol Not when you have little kids
They both suck
Our boys are always sooooo grumpy for 1.5 weeks after the time change
Any key time zones or cities obviously missing?
as long as the article linked is relevant, of course..
it may have been added in by one of the authors of the paper
in which case it's self-promotion
but it's not like it's trying to sell a product - just drum up some citations.
5:38 PM
@MelanieShebel, thanks for the edit of my answer. One question; Is US english the "official" language for this site? I ask because my quoted text from Wikipedia used the British spelling "vapour", which you corrected to "vapor". It would be nice to know because I do a lot of edits, and I don't change British spelling to US. It actually seems particularly odd that we should do that for quoted text. Anyway, thx again and I eagerly await your input!
@airhuff Nah
British and American variations of spelling are both acceptable
If an edit changes British to American and vice versa, it's harmful and should be undone
@M.A.R. , thx, that's what I thought. I think that maybe the editor has their spell-check set to US English, so British spellings come up as misspellings. I know a lot of the different spellings, but there was one word, can't remember it now, I had been correcting until I realized it was coming up a lot. I found out it was just a British spelling and my ignorance thereof!
@airhuff Yep, and that is probably exactly the only reason Mel changed 'vapour' to 'vapor'
Q: American vs British spelling: Is there a standard? Should there be?

hBy2PyThe only mention of this that turned up in a quick search was a passing mention three years ago. I've just encountered a pending edit on this question where the editor tidied up the question with MathJax and such, but also proposed to change favored to favoured. My habit when I make edits is t...

<nod>, I would also assume it was accidental. Melanie's been around the site long enough that I figure she's aware of the 'leave it alone' policy on that
6:29 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's homework-like and an AMIRITE question, meaning it's too localized to be helpful to future visitors, and it can't have an exemplary answer considering the OP is both asking and answering in the question. — M.A.R. 4 hours ago
Relevant to our site @Ortho
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