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1:54 PM
Q: Is there an inconsistency in notability requirements?

DVKI have observed in the past moderators closing the question because it is not notable enough, specifically posted on blog/social media that doesn't show much viewership. However, others seem to be considered perfectly OK. Recent example: Was Walt Disney a Freemason? The claim is sourced in a b...

2:39 PM
Q: Is "belief in the claim" part of notability time constrained?

DVKI was reading a Meta question about "Flat Earth" question, and the answers (at least one) seem to be predicated on a time constraint: Several people believe (note present tense) the claim I think it is obvious that plenty of people believed the Flat Earth claim in the past[citation needed]....

2:58 PM
This doesn't answer the question at all and only has a theorized (by the answerer) connection to the specific lacing technique being asked about
A: Is this shoe lacing technique effective at preventing blackened toe nails?

pericles316Shoe fit/comfort by lacing and subungual hematoma may be indirectly related per Bruggemann's 2006 comment that "Different shoe-lacing systems are one strategy to improve shoe fit" and it can also occur from wearing tight-fitting shoes which trap blood in the toes leading to an increased pressure ...

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4:58 PM
Q: What should be done about properly answered non-notable old questions?

DVKExample : Did Nazis use alternatives to Zyklon B? On one hand, it's NOT notable, by any stretch ("according to my dad") On the other hand, it's already well-answered, a while back. So the main reason to VTC as not notable (will distract site resources on non-notable claims) seems to not matter ...


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