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@Evinda as vzn wrote I put EEG on subjects and show stimuli, and from brainwaves I gather emotions. Anyway - seems easy, especially since I am not building eeg myself, but taking apart everything but CS - some spectral analysis is needed, coding theory, getting rid of errors, packing data, starting from sampling theorem there are some additional problems that occur during transmission and so on.
@Evinda but it was pure luck - I took some subjects without any usage, now I use them, I ommited some subjects and now I really need them. But when you ask about any particular subject - it depends who and how teach them, what you will use them for and how you feel them. For me some subject is easy, some is tough, but I do not really know how this helps you.
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So there is cross post on bst vs rbt...
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@EvilJS Thanks for pointing that out! This should get taken care of soon. In the future, if you want a faster response, feel free to flag the post for attention, and we'll take care of it (or you can flag one of the copies and ask the moderator on that site to close that copy). I tend to see flags quicker than I see chat messages.
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Hey guys
I need your help
Q: Gaussian elimination algorithm performance

Ilya_GazmanI am developing the quadratic sieve algorithm and I reached a new bottle neck: The matrix processing. I been reading quit a lot about this topic and I found many solutions Gaussian elimination: This perhaps the most common approach for this problem. It's running time is $O(N^3)$ above GF (2) M...

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Q: Button color in chat provides no contrast

RaphaelThe buttons in chat are colored so that they are hardly visible over the background and the logo is hardly visible on the button(s). A point can be made for solving 1) by using the b/w version of the background in chat (which may take some of the color-saturation punch out of it), but tha...

Q: Site logo in chat looks out of place

RaphaelIn the lower-right corner of chat we find the site logo: With the white rectangle, this looks awfully out of place. A different version should be used.

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If compression scheme returns 8 (constant) possible outputs, where one of them is perfect reconstruction of the original - can I still call it compression? It is 8 per file, no matter how long it is.

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