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@MaryStar how did it go? were there other presentations? what did you think? what were the other topics?
re industry there are many areas of CS that are now applicable... are you saying you want to do a MS thesis that is close to something applicable in business/ industry?
unf there seems a lot of pushback against getting MS/ Phd topics from anyone not your own advisor. dislike this myself because think it is significant obstacle in the way of open science.
Q: Is it acceptable to ask a professor who is not your supervisor to give you M.S. thesis topic?

HannaI'm currently a M.S. student. My supervisor give me freedom to choose thesis topic. Since it is so hard for me, I decide to ask another professors whom I consider to be their PhD candidates in future. I have written an email to ask them. Is it a good idea to do so? And is my email appropriate fo...

Open Science

Proposed Q&A site for the "open science" movement to make scientific research, data and dissemination accessible to all.

Currently in commitment.

re topics lots of ideas on Tmachine blog... tell me what you think...
it would really help if you described some of your personal academic history, electives, extracurricular interests etc more to find "good fits"....
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9:42 AM
@MaryStar Talk to potential supervisors. Work on something you are interested in and that's fun for you.
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12:18 PM
Q: What are GEN and KILL statements in Data Flow Analysis?

kaitlynrutledgeIn data flow analysis, is GEN statement where a variable is used and KILL statement is where variable is redefined?

@Gilles @WanderingLogic I feel like this question deserves better tags. What do you think? , , , .... -- there are too many candidates that sound appropriate to me, but I don't have a good overview of the field.
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3:01 PM
@Raphael well, would be the obvious one
odd that we don't have
I guess we use with that meaning
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6:29 PM
@Gilles Having both, maybe as synonyms, would make sense, wouldn't it?
@Gilles Isn't there a larger family of analyses?
For the volume this field is getting, a slightly broader tag may be better.
@Gilles Hm, in my mind verification is not the same as analysis.
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9:00 PM
@Raphael looks like @Gilles beat me to the retagging.
@Raphael is a kind of . Two other kinds of static analysis are (for which we do have a low-use tag), and abstract interpretation, which AFAIK is just a slightly different way of thinking about data-flow analysis. Wikipedia also mentions , which you can use if you can figure out how to abstractly interpret the program as a finite state machine.

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